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Kim 1

Han Jun Kim

Professor Keely Mohon
English 109
9 September 2015
Relearning Korean
On one typical Saturday afternoon, my roommate and I were having our usual Saturday
lunch at Chipotle. My roommate and I had this kind of conversation frequently because it was
rising issue for us every year. That causes us to think about our language preferences often.
I think we are at the tipping point where English is becoming easier to say than Korean,
my Korean roommate said as he finished his last spoonful of burrito bowl.
Yeah, I think that's true for me too, I said
And do you know whats the worst part?
I stopped eating and looked up.
The worst part is that I am not even good at English. Its just so sad, man.
Yeah, you are right. It's like being in the best-of-worst world situation. We not fully
fluent in any of the languages we speak.
It has been about 4 years since I began studying America, first in Virginia and now Ohio.
Living and in United States for four years has pretty much changed my whole life. I did things
that I could never have done back in Korea and I experienced some hardship as well as some
great times. The single most important thing that changed about me is probably the language,
especially the way communicate and think. I faced some language problems. One might think
since both my roommate and I was in English-speaking country, that had problems with only
English. In actuality, we had problems with both English and Korean. I was in this worst-of-both

Kim 2
world situation, where I am not comfortable with both Korean and English and I felt very lost. It
felt like English and Korean both betrayed and left be sitting in the dark. These worst-of-both
world situations were present everywhere including school and my empty email prompt with just
blinking one vertical line
After about a year of being immersed in American culture and its language, I found no
need and opportunity to speak Korean anymore. I was stuck with a host family of four of mixed
race of Filipino and Caucasian. I had great fun living with them, going on a camping trips and
frequently going out to eat in Golden Corral. This was all good except for one problem that came
up during winter break. In my Sophomore year, I decided to spend winter break with my
relatives in Michigan. There were some paperwork that had to be done before I could travel, so I
tried to write an email to them in Korean but I just couldn't. I would have the words in my head,
but I couldn't transcribe them to written words. I thought at this point I might just as well use
google translator to translate English to Korean. This was a huge shock to me and made be think
if I was better at English than Korean. But then I remembered what my roommate said about
how he was more comfortable with English but not actually better at it. I guess he and I are in the
same boat. I was not that great in English either, especially in writing. I specifically remember
saying I hate writing essays when my English teacher assigned another unbearable written
assignment. I got Cs and Ds when classmates were getting Bs or higher. Because I knew was not
good at writing essays, I was unconsciously neglecting essay assignments just as I was
neglecting the fact that my Korean skills were getting worse and worse.
In order to stop my native language from feeling like second or some learned language, I
read Korean articles, watched Korean news, and listened to Korean radio stations. I started to use
proper grammar and words when I text since this is the only opportunity that I could write in

Kim 3
Korean. Even though there werent any breakthroughs in my Korean, I was able to maintain my
Korean level of reading and writing. What I learned from this is that I will eventually forget
things that I dont use frequently. So I applied this to English and even to history and sciences. I
read opinion sections of New York Times until I ran out of 10 articles I could read for free, then I
read some more from other sources. I paid more attention to written assignments from any
subjects. This not only resulted to increase in my writing assignments grades but also in my
overall GPA since most subject has some kind of writing assignment for every subject whether it
is a lab report or an essay on Roman Empire.
Obviously all of this did not happen in a day, a week, a month or even a year. The
improvements in my languages and ability to use them at my demand happened over the four
years and it is still happening today. As stated before, it is easy to forget the language if it not.
So, it is crucial to keeping using languages as often as possible because even if the language is
used everyday the language will begin degrade without constant participation in reading and
writing Consequently, stagnation in language in language leads to poor communications skills
which leads to miscommunication and misunderstanding and then can negatively influence ones
And this is a common struggle for many international students who stay in United States for a
long time. Just as my roommate and I experienced it, it feels like being left nomads land, having
no solid ground to stand on, feeling stranded in some kind of in-between area.

Han Jun Kim

Kim 4
Professor Keely Mohon
English 109
9 September 2015
Coca-Cola Company is the most recognizable brand with a worldwide customer base. It
has a long history of over 100 years and has been in the top of the game even with some close
competitions. It's famous for producing many creative commercials every year and for investing
in on countless advertisements This time around, Coca Cola made ad campaign to promote their
brand and awareness of internet negativity and cyberbully for this years Super Bowl
commercial, one the highest paid display of one-minute video. This isnt just a local TV
commercial with shoddy production budget. No, this ad had three teasers before the release along
with its own twitter thread. This ad is directed especially to young Americans whose life is part
of social media. According to Hamedy from LA Times, this ad hit a chord with the public's want
to do something about the negativity on the internet and was a huge success, reaching over a
million views (Hamedy).
Before getting started with rhetorical analysis, lets see how the ads story progresses.
The ad begins with a compilation of short bursts of movie clips of an anonymous internet user
writing hateful comments and the man at the other end crying while looking at the comment. As
the tension heightens in the background, the audience is taken to another troubled room with an
angry man violating, destroying his desk. The music heightened and the tension rises to the
highest, and then every thing halts. Now, the scene moved to a quiet data server room. An
employee accidently spills Coca Cola on the servers and magically the Coke reacts with the
electronics and creates Coca Cola themed sparkles. Then, it spreads like a virus to the bigger

Kim 5
servers and cables. While the Coca Cola sparkles rapidly spread through the internet Show Me
Love by Hundred Waters starts to play in the background. A man watching a video of people
arguing is showed, and after Coca Cola passes through it, it changes to laughing people. The
Same thing happens again; a boy riding a school bus looks at his phone and sees Nobody Likes
You, and then with Coca Cola magic it changes to Theres Nobody Like You (Coca-Cola).
The camera then zooms out to show the school bus and sun rising. The ad ends with a single
sentence saying, The world is what we make it, and a red Coca Cola bottle with
#MakeItHappy next to it (Coca-Cola).
The Coca Cola ad, rather than having a narrator or other speaker, just shows the progress
of Coca Cola bringing more happiness to the online community and, therefore, to offline
individuals and its society. Because Coca Cola does not have the ethos or the authority over any
social justice issue, they build up ethos. They show what their product, Coke, can do. Their
products can bring happiness, and the end messages says the audience can do precisely that by
tweeting #MakeItHappy, which in return helps to promote their brand even more while at the
same time increasing their reputation as society-friendly company that really cares about the
well-being of the world, more precisely its online community. This is a good tactic for companies
like Coca Cola to promote a product that is not necessarily good for people. Coca Colas ethos is
not only some big company making carbonated drinks but also a big company with a big heart.
This particular Coca Cola ad strongly appeals to emotions or pathos. The ad makes
people think about when they saw a hateful comment or negative feed on Facebook or Twitter.
This motivates people do something about internet negativity and cyberbullying which they have
also experienced at least once in their life. Thankfully, for the audience, Coca Cola has given an
easy way to do this by tweeting #MakeItHappy. The tweet changes a hateful comment to funny

Kim 6
picture of cat playing drums. The audience feels they have contributed to a positive change, and
feels good about doing something nice. The ad does not only have nice short story but also has
diverse people such as internet dwellers from Asia, a young woman in a bus stop stop crying, and
a middle-aged man in his bed using a laptop, and a schoolboy in a bus checking his social media.
The diversity in the video helps to appeal to broader audience and also gives an impression that
Coca Cola Company is a diverse company that sees talent not the looks of people. By appealing
to diverse group of people regardless of age gender, ethnicity, or race more people will feel heart
warmed by the ad and will feel more sympathy towards the Coca Cola ad campaign to stop
internet negativity and consequently towards Coca Cola which is what Coca Cola sought out to
The appeal to emotion does not end there. The short is filled with effective visual and
audio effects. The story begins with dark themed and rapid change of scene resulting in fear and
confusion. Then the audience is taken to quiet data center with comforting humming sound. The
audience, then, sees warm vibrant colors of red and orange which is also the easily recognizable
brand colors of Coca Cola. Moreover, the music in the backgrounds starts singing positive things
such as Dont le me show cruelty, though I may make mistakes. Dont let me show ugliness
though I know I can hate and then chorus of Show me love repeated three times (Coca-Cola).
The lyrics perfectly represents what is happening online. We are all capable of writing evil
comments intentionally or unintentionally. And the following lyrics show how we also the
victims of these internet negativity. Dont let me think weakly, though I know that I can break.
Keep me away from apathy, while I am still awake. And dont let me think too long of the one
Im bound to face (Coca-Cola). This shows we are capable of being both aggravators and the
victims of internet negativity thereby showing the last statement of the ad, the world is how we

Kim 7
make it, true (Coca-Cola). In sum, this emotional response has two effects. The superficial
effect of the ad is that it puts a spotlight on the issue of cyber bullying and negativity on the
internet and the hidden effect of Coca Colas increase in reputation as a more philanthropic
There was no obvious use of statistics about the cyberbullying or internet negativity
because this was intended for a wider range of viewers. However, this does not mean there was
no logos used in this ad. The subtle use of logos is clearly apparent and effective. First, the ad
shows that the world is what we make it, meaning we, the audience, can change the world
(Coca-Cola). And they can just do that, by using the #MakeItHappy to change the negative
comment to a hilarious cat with drums while promoting Coca Cola brand.
Coca Cola is not a charity organization, and ultimately it is a company with a board of
directors and shareholders; therefore, there is an irony in soft drink companies promoting
awareness of cyberbullying. Obesity is one of the leading factors that cause bullying and
cyberbully and obesity caused by kids drinking too much Coca Cola drinks. This shows Coca
Colas only purpose is to get pathos or emotion out of the audience to feel positive about its
company. It looks to an audience that Coca Cola is helping to shed light on one of the big social
justice issues of the modern digital times. This improves their image and perception of Coca
Cola as not just an emotionless company making sugar drinks, but a company that cares about
the society and wants to bring about change by sharing the tweet, #MakeItHappy. This kind of
advertisement relies on the fact that people watching super bowl ad from the homes do not intend
to or want to look deeper into the ad. They will watch it once and will never have second
thoughts about it. This is a good strategy for most companies who sell something that is
considered not healthy because most people will not make the correlation between obesity and

Kim 8
cyberbullying which Coca Cola is indirectly causing it. However, this is understandable for
companies such as Coca Cola because how would they be able improve their brand image if they
told the statistics about how carbonated drinks causing obesity among kids. Coca Cola is trying
to do what they sought out to do in the first place, that is, a business not a charity work.
Looking back at the ad, the ad has utilized the ethos, pathos, logos in a way that can be
most beneficial to company as well as conveying the message of Our company really care about
our society The ad convinces the audience to think different about Coca Cola and wants the
audience to think about the internet negativity and cyberbullying, thereby giving off more
friendly image. Whether this is their true intention or not it does not really matter. The
companys purpose was to share as many tweets as possible so that their brand can be promoted
and be known by even more people. After little more in-depth analysis came the irony sugar
drink company promoting awareness on cyberbullying. Although the ad campaign can be looked
as something good for the society, it can be also seen as a calculated marketing strategy of using
pseudo-philanthropic campaign showing the hypocrisy of the company. Most people will not be
conscious of any irony or ethos strategy Coca Cola used but be heart warmed by the message of
we change the world by eliminated negativity online.

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Kim 9
Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola - #MakeItHappy. Online Video. YouTube, 1 Feb. 2015. Web. 24
Sept. 2015.

Han Jun Kim

Professor Keely Mohon
English 109

Kim 10
9 November 2015
Dear Chris Yeadon, Director of Dining Services,

I address this letter directly to the director of Dining Services so that we both faculty and student
can change on-campus eating so that we all can be proud that Miami has the one of best dining halls in
the country. I tried out most of dining option in Miami University and I noticed one major problem in
Miamis dining options. I found that it hard to find food that is healthy and most options seriously lack in
quality and service and there was no flexibility in hours of operations. And I am not the only who thinks
this way. According to Miami Student news article in 2014, dining services seen more seen more
criticism in the last year than has been previously (Pochiro). This is clearly rising issue on Miami
campus. The lack of quality of food in Miami campus is one of the common issues talked about among
Miami students. I propose a change to improve Miamis dining halls and on-campus eating places. I hope
my proposal can be heard and implemented. This in fact happened in Wake Forest College, reported by
Brett Eaton where student input was heard and implement to meet the needs of the students (Eaton). I will
highlight the main problems of on campus eating at Miami and how it could be not top 36 dining halls in
the country but one of the best in the country.

The Problem
Western Dining advertises itself as advertises itself as being one of top 36 dining halls in the
country according to US News (Spoon University). The building itself is a new, modern looking building
with an ample space for students to eat and relax. The thing is that the quality of Western Dining
including other dining options fluctuates a lot. In some days have a wide variety of foods including curry,
fish, Mexican grill, and chief made pasta. And other days there are fewer options to begin with and on top

Kim 11
of that most of the foods are either extremely overcooked, too salty, or too bland. On these grim days, my
friends and I resort to eating fruits and salads. For anyone who is vegan or just want to eat healthy, there
are very few choices and even those lack in taste and quality. To sum it up, the quality and the consistent
good menu is the major problem here. If Miami University takes my few suggestions and implement
some of them, Miami dining, already having excellent dining hall buildings, can be most beautiful and
also the most delicious dining hall in the country.

Previous Solutions and Changes

The Miami Student article talks about a recent change that made students unhappy. The recent
changes at Armstrong to shorten the line time resulted in fewer choices and less menu to choose from
(Pochiro). This obviously resulted in backlash because the solution compromised the quality of the food
and food option to shorten the wait time. I do not think that helped at all. There still long lines at peak
times that it makes it impossible to eat there between classes at the risk of showing up late for a class.
Even though the article clearly states Miami University is open to suggestions and says it puts student
opinion high in the priority list, Miami dining did not know what students liked and only focused on the
complaints. Instead, Miami dining show look why Miami dining is doing great and find ways to do it
even better and also trying to fixing other apparent problems.

Other Institutions
Wake Forest University is a great example how dining halls can be improved with only a small
increase in price. They first of all improved their hours of operation which gives more flexibility in their
dining halls. Most importantly they added things Miami lacks, brand name restaurants such as Chick-Fil-

Kim 12
A on campus (Eaton). Princeton University went as far as to creating a special task force dedicated for
evaluating student dining experiencing in order to find way to make on campus eating better (Quiones).
A team consisted of student, faculty, and staff made a report informing the University president of current
state of dining halls on campus. Cornell University is another institution that really looked into student
dining services. After finding the dining foods are mostly fast food based food from big catering
companies Cornell University took it to another level. The university, according to Davis from Storying
the Foodshed a news organization projected dedicated food system, has hired 13 chiefs instead of rely on
big catering companies for the food (Davis). Miami uses catering companies for the majority of the food
found on Miami. This is why same not-so-delicious cupcake is found in Miami Ice as well as in Garden
Commons and Western Dining Common. Implementing more cooks rather bringing in already made food
will greater improve the eating experience found on campus. This can have more home-made feel to the
food and could have customized healthy options. These are the changes a lot of Miami student see in near

Now, I wanted to look for solutions that are more Miami specific and changes that needs to
happen now. Although the institution mentioned above are good example to follow, I have included
Miami specific solutions that can greatly improve Miami dining. First, I proposal to get rid of the asinine
system of taking 50% in dining halls and some other percentage off for non-dinning hall purchases. I just
cannot understand why would make up this complex system on campus student getting some percentage
off when the most of customers are going to be on campus residents It is very confusing for students and
the students are left blind not knowing how much they are really paying for a snack in market places or
other restaurants styled eating places. This is my personal account of the day I experienced this stupidity
and many will agree with me. I tried to order a stir fry from Armstrong Student Center and first of the

Kim 13
staff is not even there (hint hint, very understaffed). I finally order my stir fry and the funny thing is that
the cashier did not tell much it was. Thats unusual, I say to myself but that's okay, I will just check my
receipt. It prints stir fry, extra protein, plus egg. That's it. No prices for each item or the total. I felt baffled
and almost being tricked on for not knowing how much I paid. I found later that the only way students are
able to find how exactly he or she paid is my going to an online account, enter password, select date
section and then scrolling down to your most recent purchase. checking your bill there. The moral of this
story is that whether it is intention or not it seems like Miami Dining is encouraging us to be ignorant of
the prices and let students make an uninformed financial decision about one of the biggest expenses for
students which is food. Second, I beg the dining services to make better foods. I know it is easier said
than done but honestly, most foods are either blend, overcooked, undercooked, or just plain nasty to eat.
In addition, I noticed that they serve the same chicken breasts everyday and the hot wings go on 4 sauce
cycle. Chocolate milk is almost always gone and so as 2% milk. The skim milk seems to be the only full
every time. Third, hire more people for the peak times. Identify the peak times which are around 11 to 3
for Armstrong and 10 to 11 for pulley dinner at night and hire extra staff to keep the order going. It seems
like just nitpicking at these points, but these are the problems that cause 40 minutes for an order to come
up or to be lost in the chaos caused by understaffing. This is not single event either. This kind problem
above occurs regularly and encourages me to avoid on-campus dining whenever I could. Fourth extend
the dining hall hours and places to hear. Currently, it is really hard to find a place to just after 8 at night.
Only the pulley dinner and extremely overpriced McCracken Marketplace is open till late. And the places
to eat is very limited and hours are all different. Just what Wake Forest University did, Miami should have
at least two 24 hour places student can go anytime they want also bring in some brand restaurants such as
Subways, Chick-Fil-A, Panera Bread, Chipotle, instead of making fake and hastily made equivalents.


Kim 14
Out of all of the solutions listed above, none of them will not work if the students do not voice
their complaints to Dining Service. Student participate is crucial because it the students who use these
restaurants and dining services everyday. As mentioned above according Miami Student many students
are already very dissatisfied with Miamis dining services. Even though some changes are hard to make
and will result in little increase in meal plan options, I believe it is necessary change since eating on
campus is big part of student life and many students think food is overpriced for its quality. This change
will greatly improve Miami experience, who we very welcome change at Miami campus.

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Kim 15

Han Jun Kim

Professor Keely Mohon
English 109
2 December 2015
Explanation Essay
Considering the number of hours college students spend our time online, I believe that
online website was the best type medium to get to my audience most effectively. So, I created an
interactive website to promote change in dining halls on campus. The website will spread by
posting on Miami University Facebook and other social network media. In the homepage, there

Kim 16
is big red petition button that is lined to a page the name and email address to sign the petition
electronically. Once signed in, weekly process will be updated and sent via the email address.
The Future Dining section on the same page consists of how Miami dining can be improved as of
right now. Some of solution can implemented relatively easy some require more attention.
However, with the of the student body I am confident that faculties at Miami dining will listen
and change Miami dining. This website, therefore, will serve as middle ground for students and
faculties and create clear channel between Miami facility and students so that students voices
can be heard loudly and the faculty can know the students are serious about wanting a change in
Miami dining.
The students will be able to participate in the petition to change dining halls dramatically.
Its been clear that incremental changes have resulted in more criticism from the student body
than approval. The fact is that is the students of Miami campus who uses the dining halls on
campus the most.t They are not for high school trips that visit time to time. It is for Miami
students who more often then not frequently eat at on-campus dining halls. And the students are
like customers to a lot of colleges like Miami. We pay for housing, tuition, and meal plans. was
due to faultily lack of knowledge of students wants and executed the plan without students side
of the story. I am also a student of Miami University. I share the same burden as many students at
Miami University. I have, thus, experienced a lot of faults in Miami dining and some of them can
be fixed easily and some require more attention to fix.
From the perspective of a fellow student, students will be more inclined to join in the
cause since they all have experienced some kind of negative experience. The website includes a
comment and suggestions section so that we that the facilities of the dining halls can have a more
general understanding of the problem at hand. Because the petition is online, it can be easily

Kim 17
integrated to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Considering the number of
hours college students spend our time online, I believe that online website was the best type
medium to get to my audience most effectively. Creating a website that is both engaging and
attractive was a hard process. First of all, I wanted the website to be modern with industrial
design elements. Also, I wanted to put some school colors, white and red, in since this was an oncampus issue and was strongly related to Miami University. The images that are present in the
website was selected out of numerous photos taken and was selected as the ones that best carries
the message.
Beginning from the background image of the homepage I choose a little darker image of
the Western Dining to signify that Western Dining is not at best state yet but it could be improved
through some of the improvements listed in the website. The all the red color found in the
website are taken directly from the Miami University website using the digital color meter. It is
the exact same color found in Miami homepage. The color white selected for hands reaching for
the petition button to urge many students to click on it and petition for change. I wanted to
introduce who I am so that I can build up an ethos as a student of Miami. I wanted Miami
students to think that this is a legitimate website with legitimate goals and planned out solutions
that can actually be implemented.
Contrast to the darker homepage, the petition pages Western dinging common is in full
daylight with green grass and clear blue skies. The photo was chosen as the best out the ones I
have taken and was edited to portray the brightness and the vibrancy of the dining hall. In the
Future Dining section below I appealed to logic by highlighting some of the stupid problems in
Miami Dining and how it does not logical makes sense to have a receipt with out any dollar sign.
In Western Dining Common page, there is a text message dialogue to represent common

Kim 18
conversation for Miami students. The dialogue tries to evoke sympathy so that the student
looking at the website can be motivated to act click on the petition button and sign the petition.
This website will be effective in persuading students because it does not overburden the
students will too much information. I tried to keep the website simple and intuitive to look at and
use. The consistent flat industrial design helps the website look professional and organized. With
a lot of contact option such as comment box and More Info box the website will effective in
as being a communication hub for students and faculties.
In hindsight, there could more improvements on the organization and could have more
interactive elements such as clicking to find out different problems. But the website effectively
has connectivity among students and Miami dining and with a simple flat design it will look as a
professional website with real purpose and goal.

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Kim 19