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Performance Standards

Keeps accurate and complete records applicable for job role
Communicates effectively with a range of people about day to day things as required by job
Listens to and respects the needs of patients and/or colleagues
Applies appropriate communication methods using a range of verbal and non verbal skills
Treats everyone in a friendly and courteous manner
Presents a good image of themselves and where they work through their attitude,
behaviour, competence and professional appearance
Responds promptly to call bells, telephones and other requests for help
Can modify/simplify the content of conversation to suit a variety of situations
Role models the Trust's behaviour standard addressing/reporting the behaviour that is not
Personal & People Development
Takes an active part in the Trust appraisal process, which includes objectives and personal
development planning
Accesses any other learning activities recognised for job role and personal development plan
With the help of others is flexible about learning/developing skills to do current job better
and identifying if support is needed
Health, Safety and Security
Reports actual or potential problems that may put health, safety and security at risk and
suggests how they might be addressed
Supports and challenges others to manage risk at work
Maintains privacy and ensures confidential information is kept safe and secure
Undertakes work activity consistent with legislation, policy and procedures and assessment
and management of risk
Takes appropriate action to manage an emergency summoning assistance immediately as
Supports others in maintaining health, safety and security ensuring self and others are up to
date with mandatory training, hand hygiene procedures and any essential training in area of
Service Improvement
Alerts line manager/work team when service strategy and policies are adversely affecting
users of services or the public
Learns from mistakes and asks for support where necessary
Looks for better ways of working to achieve improvements and passes on ideas to enhance
the service
Ensures expected standards of performance/deadlines are met
Is flexible, adapts own practice as agreed and to time, seeking support if necessary
Possesses and delivers the full range of job-related knowledge and skills in order to carry
out their role, and ensures compliance with any occupational code and standards
Acts responsibly as a team member
Recognises the limits of their own competence and role and seeks help where necessary
Produces work of the quality and quantity required and to specified deadlines to provide an
effective service
Follows Trust, local and professional policies and procedures
Uses and maintains Trust resources efficiently and effectively
Reports any problems as they arise, solving them if possible, or reporting to line manager
Respects patients' and/or colleagues' time; apologises and provides explanation if they keep
people waiting

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Equality & Diversity

Listens to and respects the needs of patients, service users and colleagues
Understands that the Trust serves and employs people from varied/diverse backgrounds and
is able to adapt their communication style appropriately
Recognises the importance of people's rights and acts in accordance with legislation, policies
and procedures
Takes account of own behaviour and its effect on others
Identifies and takes action when own or others' behaviour undermines equality and
diversity, challenging bias prejudice and intolerance.

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