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PowerDMS enables Captain Kittles of the Greenwood County Sheriffs

ofce to reduce the time spent on inefcient tedious tasks by 25%.

By the Numbers:
74 Sworn Ofcers
8 Civilian Staff
CALEA Accredited

Captain Dale Kittles has been with the Greenwood County Sheriffs Ofce for 18 of his 30 years in law enforcement. In charge
of the agencys accreditation, policy, training, SWAT and animal control divisions, Capt. Kittles has a heavy workload. With so
many responsibilities, keeping everything organized is essential, and PowerDMS helps keep Capt. Kittles and the entire
sheriffs ofce manageable.
Before Greenwood County Sheriffs Ofce started using PowerDMS, all policies and memos were paper based. The agencys
policy manual was over 400 pages long, and each ofcer needed a copy, meaning the ofce had its fair share of papers to
track. Now that the agency has converted to PowerDMS, policies are easier to manage, and tasks are accomplished
signicantly faster than before. Capt. Kittles now estimates he has 25 to 30 percent more time to focus on important tasks
now that he doesnt have to hassle with printing, distributing and ling physical paperwork.
With PowerDMS, Capt. Kittles and the agencys staff can access the policy manual, training and reports quickly and easily
from any location, with any internet enabled device. When Capt. Kittles needs to add a new policy or update an old one, he
sends the document to his command staff for review via PowerDMS. With PowerDMS, his staff can make notes of suggested
changes and review how the policy has changed with a side-by-side comparison. After Capt. Kittles nalizes the policy
changes; he sends a mass distribution to all ofcers. This entire process is done in one, online location where Capt. Kittles
can easily track changes and communicate with his team. This process has also eliminated the need for unnecessary
back-and-forth paperwork. Additionally, when the nal version is ready for agency-wide distribution, all ofcers receive a
notication and the system automatically highlights for them what was changed. With PowerDMS, Captain Kittles can now
ensure that ofcers never miss an update.

Policies should provide guidance for employees to do their job in a safe and professional manner as well as
be easy to access, read and understand. With the ever-evolving issues in law enforcement, policies are
reviewed on a daily basis and in some cases will need to be updated or amended to adapt to changes in law
or procedure. It is important that employees are kept in the loop and advised of these changes as quickly as
possible and PowerDMS allows us to do that.

Dale Kittles


PowerDMS enables Captain Kittles of the Greenwood County Sheriffs

ofce to reduce the time spent on inefcient tedious tasks by 25%.

By the Numbers:
74 Sworn Ofcers
8 Civilian Staff
CALEA Accredited

In addition to a speedy distribution process, PowerDMS also keeps ofcers reliable. Through the softwares reports, Capt.
Kittles can easily track if and when ofcers have signed off on policies. Not only do the reports save Capt. Kittles time, it also
increases the agencys accountability. Before PowerDMS, Greenwood County Sheriffs Ofce experienced a few incidents
where ofcers violated policy but, the agency didnt have the documentation of whether or not the ofcers were informed of
policy updates. With PowerDMS, misplaced documentation is never an issue. Capt. Kittles can see which version of a policy
was used and when an ofcer signed off on it, protecting them during litigation.
PowerDMS has been nothing but benecial for Capt. Kittles and the Greenwood County Sheriffs Ofce. By converting from
a paper-based system to an electronic system, the agencys operations have become much more efcient, and their ofcers
are now more equipped than ever before.



Paper-based policy distribution was

slow and resource intensive

Electronic policy distribution is quick

and easy

Policy revisions were inefcient and


Policy revisions are easier with online

collaboration tools and automated

No way to hold ofcers accountable

to policy changes

Electronic policy and training are easy

to track and saves time, money and

Policy signatures were difcult to

track and maintain records of

All policy changes are tracked, and

signatures are reportable