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12 - January 20 2016
+ API: add SetProjectGrid(), SetMIDIEditorGrid()
+ API: add AddRemoveReaScript(), custom_action_register_t for reascripts
+ API: add ValidatePtr2()
+ API: fix AddProjectMarker() unique index creation for regions, auto-numbered
+ CD burning: fix CD burn support on 64-bit OSX
+ CD burning: fix possible incorrect error message on completed Windows burn
+ CD burning: remove old pre-XP cdrecord.exe burn method
+ Consolidate/export tracks: allow configurable channel count rather than simp
ly mono/stereo
+ Control surfaces: fix DM2000 HUI issues, improve HUI configuration window
+ Cues: fix unique marker/region indices for cues imported to project
+ FX: remember last preset name for offline FX
+ File copy: do not show status window for very short renders (also affects ap
ply FX, many other actions)
+ Freeze: obey tail preference
+ Glue: restored 5.1 channel count glue behavior, added new actions to glue wi
th increasing channel counts
+ Grid: Add action to use the same grid division (ignoring swing) in arrange v
iew and MIDI editor
+ Installer: cleanup of installer, make most functionality required
+ JSFX: fix gfxanalyzer frequency labels, phase display [t=169701]
+ JSFX: support UTF-8 in strings in IDE
+ JSFX: increase slider control refresh rate
+ JSFX: support adding and loading JSFX from project_path/Effects/
+ JSFX: show any project-local JFSX in browser, may require F5 refresh after p
roject load/switch
+ JSFX: improve super8 performance with low latencies and long loops
+ Managers: remember last view sort settings
+ Managers: allow sort by color in marker/region manager
+ Media Explorer: always allow close of window via Esc key when undocked [t=17
+ Mouse modifiers: fix shift+drag mappings for arrange view
+ Project bay: add FX offline support (menu item, or shift+click bypass button
+ Project bay: improve display of offline/bypass FX
+ Project bay: include input FX
+ Project bay: fix FX parameter sort order with FX that share names
+ Project bay: fix muting of items from item group view
+ Project bay: improve performance with large numbers of FX parameters
+ ReWire: improve behavior when using both bridged and unbridged devices
+ Recording: add support for FLAC/WavPack writing arbitrary bit depths between
16 and 24 bits (encoded as 24-bit)
+ ReaPlugs: re-send bank/program/CCs from ReaControlMIDI in response to sample
rate/block size changes
+ ReaPlugs: improve analysis accuracy in ReaXcomp, ReaEQ
+ ReaScript: support UTF-8 support in IDE
+ ReaScript: allow executing other ReaScripts via actions
+ Render: fix tail option for full project renders
+ Render: improve channel count detection when using render selected items/ren
der regions
+ Sends: fix mute envelope bugs when stopped [t=159486]
+ Subprojects: fix loss of certain sends when loading parent projects that nee
d a subproject render
+ Take FX: do not increase effective channel count when using non-audio FX
+ Tracks: fix cmd+select multiple tracks with certain options enabled on OS X
+ Undo: optimize undo point adding for large plug-in configuration blocks
+ VST: give status when scanning VST2 shell plug-ins
+ VST: improve name format of bridged shell plug-ins

+ VST: more detailed splash updates during shell plug-in scanning

+ VST: obey VST unload preference on OSX scan, exit
+ VST: improve detection of toggle parameters
+ VST: improve VST3 UI feedback for preset/program selection
+ VST: improve VST3 bus-disconnected notifications on stop/reset/channel count
+ VST: safer VST3 initialization sequence
+ Video: add YUV multiplier/desaturation preset
+ Video: add cheap brightness/contrast preset
+ Video: add gfx_procrect channel-processor
+ Video: allow gfx_mode 0x80000 for treating gfx_r/gfx_g/gfx_b as YUV values i
n non-RGB mode
v5.111 - January 12 2016
+ API: add Audio_Init(), Audio_Quit(), GetAllProjectPlayStates()
+ API: update GetSet_ArrangeView2() to support default arrange bounds
+ Docker: better handle focus on startup [t=169047]
+ JSFX: fix gfx_blit rotation behavior to match that of 4.75 and earlier
+ Mixer: fix for potential crash when shift+clicking [p=1619536]
+ ReWire: fixed issues when using multiple ReWire devices with varying track c
hannel counts
+ ReaScript: improve gfx_blit/gfx.blit rotation behavior to match JSFX
+ VST: improve behavior with SoundToys plug-ins on OSX
+ VST: fix default VST scan paths for case-sensitive filesystems on OSX
+ VST: always connect first bus on VST3 plug-ins
+ Video: fix multiple instances of audio-only video sources
v5.11 - December 25 2015
+ API: make TrackFX_SetPresetByIndex support factory and default user presets
+ API: extend OscLocalMessageToHost to support actions/fxparm bindings, simple
state (current track, etc)
+ Audio Units: fix Cocoa UI display issues
+ Audio Units: improve generic UI scroll-resize behavior
+ Audio Units: do not show scrollbars for non-generic UIs on OSX
+ Batch converter: fix support for Audio Units
+ Batch converter: fix support for MIDI in FX chains
+ Batch converter: support MIDI-to-audio conversion in FX chains
+ FX browser: add option to clear folder view on close
+ FX browser: faster initial load after reboot
+ FX browser: fixed video processor/ReWire default preset issues
+ FX browser: scroll selected tree item into view when restoring view state or
+ FX browser: improve keyboard behavior in search field, add select all key
+ FX browser: properly restore view state when viewing VST folders
+ FX: put effects in a temporary offline mode when loading projects in recover
y mode, do not require manual online of all plug-ins before saving
+ FX: allow controlling/modulating FX parameters with track MIDI events/monito
ring via parameter modulation
+ FX: improve support for Waves plug-ins on OSX
+ FX: improve handling of frozen take FX on save-as with copy and trim
+ General: increase default track panel width on new installs
+ General: fix crash when clicking last mixer hardware output and MIDI output
enabled [p=1609656]
+ General: use time selection when inserting SMPTE/click sources
+ General: better handling of non-looped take start offsets when reversing tak
+ General: improve display update during mouse drag/move/scroll wheel on OSX 1
+ General: improve various display issues on Japanese editions of Windows
+ General: support up to 64 worker threads (up from 32)


Glue: better support take FX on multichannel tracks

Glue: generate audio when a MIDI item has take FX that can produce audio
MIDI editor: add CC/mousewheel action to adjust swing grid strength
MIDI editor: add actions to set grid division preserving grid type [p=160354

+ MIDI editor: add actions to set grid type (straight, dotted, triplet, swing)
+ MIDI editor: fix previews when stopped and 'run FX when stopped' is disabled
+ Media explorer: add context menu item to remove selected files from database
+ Media explorer: add custom/editable database tag
+ Media explorer: apply tempo match and pitch settings when dragging mutltiple
files to the project bay, arrange view
+ Media explorer: allow drag and drop of files and directories to database sho
+ Media explorer: obey the option 'Enable looping when inserting selected port
ion of media' on drag and drop to project bay, arrange view
+ Media explorer: obey preserve pitch settings on drag and drop (render) to th
e arrange view
+ Media explorer: adjust minimum docked width based on customized left pane si
+ Playback: improve output accuracy when stopping playback at end of loop sele
+ Playback: fix stop playback at end of region when playing regions in region
+ Playback: only send MIDI clock for active project
+ Playback: fix ReWire looping related issues in master mode
+ Subprojects: support embedding projects within projects
+ Subprojects: add action to move tracks to subproject
+ Subprojects: add action to move items to subproject, effectively non-destruc
tive glue
+ ReaPlugs: fix ReaControlMIDI slider feedback for incoming channel pressure m
essages [t=168996]
+ ReaPlugs: improve ReaSynth tuning at high octaves, make old style tuning opt
ional, off by default, on in legacy presets
+ Recording: disable default fades when gaplessly switching recorded files
+ Recording: enable auto-new file switching for background recording projects
+ Recording: fix filename format not always being used when recording [p=15993
+ Recording: obey synchronized tab playback option when starting recording
+ Render item as new take: added new 'Render items to new take' action which i
mproves handling of MIDI and channel counts with take FX
+ Render item as new take: renamed previous 'Render items to new take' to 'Re
nder items to new take (preserve source type)'
+ Render: fix $user and $computer wilcards with non-ASCII characters on Window
+ Render: allow control of full-project render area with markers named =START
and =END
+ Render: allow encode of literal =START/=END cues into files using \=START an
d \=END
+ Render: optionally embed tempo for rendered items that have constant tempo,
even if the project contains tempo changes [p=1598553]
+ Render: options to include tails when rendering
+ Render: transform rendered cues by project playrate
+ Render: use stereo/multichannel stem rendering when encountering take FX on
mono items
+ Stretch markers: fix peak display inaccuracies
+ Stretch markers: improve behavior of 'Loop section of audio item source' wit
h stretch markers
+ Stretch markers: improve behavior of linear transitions when reversing takes
+ Stretch markers: stretch markers affect item media cue/regions

+ Tempo map: fix behavior when cropping during a linear tempo change
+ Tempo map: fix snap to grid following a linear tempo change that does not fa
ll on a grid division
+ VST: improve VST3 resize behavior
+ VST: improve VST3 channel count negotiation
+ VST: improve VST3 preset support
+ VST: improve OSX Cocoa UI resizing behavior
+ VST: improve generic UI scroll-resize behavior
+ VST: improve plug-in UI drawing behavior on Windows
+ VST: improve bridged/embedded UI drawing behavior on Windows
+ VST: support VST3 preset files in FX preset API
+ VST: do not show scrollbars for non-generic UIs on OSX
+ Video: add image overlay preset
+ Video: default sinks to project dimensions
+ Video: fix crash when encoding .gif from RGB sources
+ Video: fix potential crash when using video processors and resizing video so
urces to preferred video size [t=170182]
+ Video: fix various multichannel file issues with mono/force stereo playback
+ Video: fix end-of-video flush when using ffmpeg/libav encoding
+ Video: support FFmpeg 2.8.x (v56), remove support for outdated v52
+ Video: improve LCF accuracy, add LCF render support
+ Video: improve video processors to allow colorspace override, alpha channel
use in RGBA
+ Video: improve support for start timestamps as stream start when using VLC
+ Video: improve timing accuracy when writing high-framerate GIFs
v5.1 - November 15 2015
+ API: add GetTakeStretchMarkerSlope, SetTakeStretchMarkerSlope
+ API: fix TrackFX_SetPreset() return value
+ API: support spaces in section names for SetProjExtState()
+ Actions: add apply track FX to items as new take (multichannel)
+ Actions: add toggles for ripple per-track and all tracks
+ Actions window: use logical description sorting
+ Actions window: allow executing single visible action without first selectin
+ Actions window: enable enter in filter window to run action on Windows
+ Actions window: allow configuration of closing after run for doubleclick/ent
er, for docked and undocked states
+ Actions window: prevent truncated custom action names in the editor [t=16680
+ Batch converter: support writing markers/regions
+ Cues: support cues/regions for reversed takes, section takes
+ Cursors: added arrange_stretchmarker and arrange_stretchmarker_rate
+ Directory cleanup: improve support for very long filenames and UTF-8
+ Editing: fix replace media item source via drag and drop [p=1594810]
+ Explode multichannel audio: handle start offsets, stretch markers, and loopi
ng items correctly
+ FX browser: allow inserting single visible FX without first selecting
+ FX browser: fix recent filter list when clear filter on close set
+ FX browser: allow switching from filter to list via enter, arrow keys
+ Freeze: automatically remove silent media from disk
+ Freeze: fix silence detection (which was inadvertently disabled in 4.16)
+ Freeze: improve render region detection for complex routing [t=168221]
+ Freeze: better handle unfreezing duplicated frozen items [t=165138]
+ Glue: add preference to loop glued items [t=167870]
+ Glue: improve glued item filename generation, make item labels consistent wi
th files
+ Audio/midi devices: improve device error notification window, preferences to

+ JSFX: improve mouse behavior with touch screens or multiple mouse buttons pr
+ JSFX: improve parameter text editing behavior (enter to commit)
+ JSFX: add export_buffer_to_project()
+ JSFX: add new 8-channel MIDI-controlled synchronized audio looper, Super8
+ JSFX: support __memtop() builtin function to query script memory size
+ JSFX: support options: maxmem=xyz up to about 32 million items
+ Keyboard: support F12-F24 keys
+ Localization: fix various localization issues, make new template LangPack av
+ MIDI: fix event corruption when handling MIDI with mixed note-on/note-off me
ssages for the same note at the same time
+ MIDI: add option to disable pitch/CC reset on looped playback
+ MIDI: add options in Preferences/Playback to reset CC/pitch on playback star
t, stop
+ MIDI: make all-notes-off/pitch reset options in preferences/MIDI Devices onl
y affect MIDI hardware devices
+ MIDI: add options for hardware reset for play/stopped modes
+ MIDI: fix relative editing of 14-bit CC pairs in editor
+ MIDI: ignore MIDI message receive after close of some buggy win32 MIDI input
+ MIDI: improve win32 output device shutdown sequence, notify user when a devi
ce has hung
+ MIDI: do not reset pitch at end of items
+ MIDI: chase to pitch of previous items
+ MIDI: option to disable MIDI note-on chasing
+ MIDI: remove option to reset CC on playback start
+ MIDI: send only necessary note-offs when a track is un-record-armed or un-mo
+ MIDI: support CC multiplies/divides by non-whole values [t=168580]
+ MP3: display ID3 tags in source properties
+ Media Explorer: improve support for .LNK files, hidden/system folders on Win
+ Media Explorer: allow configuration of column order and visibility
+ Media Explorer: improve UTF-8 support on Windows [issueid=5271] [issueid=506
+ Media Explorer: improve playback/preview behavior in various configurations
+ Media Explorer: increase shortcut list customization
+ Media Explorer: use a better layout when small width set
+ Media Explorer: support metadata in databases (ID3 tags, RIFF LIST-INFO, BWF
+ Media Explorer: search improvements
+ Media item properties: do not reset take start offset when enabling section
with specified position
+ OSX: improve drawing quality on on 10.10+
+ OSX: fix action support for F17-F19, NumPad enter
+ OSX: workaround various 10.11 issues
+ Parameter modulation: add option for free-running LFO (does not reset on see
+ Performance: improve project/undo state loading performance
+ Project bay: use logical sorting
+ ReaScript: improve gfx mouse behavior with touch screens or multiple mouse b
uttons pressed
+ ReaScript: support __memtop() builtin function in EEL to query script memory
+ ReaScript: use deterministic command ID string when adding scripts as action
+ ReaVerb: fix prompt for test tone when deconvolving on OSX [t=74360]
+ Render: when rendering selected media items with tails, prevent rendering th
e start of the following media item

+ Search: do not treat back-tick as a quoting character, handle unterminated q

+ Search: support ^foo, foo$, and "foo" for matching start/end/words
+ Stretch markers: support for linear rate transitions between markers
+ Stretch markers: add action to manually edit stretch rates
+ Stretch markers: add mouse modifier context for marker rate, various rate-en
velope-like behaviors
+ Stretch markers: add mouse modifier context for stretch marker double click
+ Stretch markers: adjust media item length automatically when editing stretch
+ Stretch markers: fix quality issues with 0ms stretch marker fade
+ Virtual keyboard: improve behavior when switching channels, octaves while no
tes are being played
+ VST: improve VST3 sysex handling
+ VST: prevent reset/delay on playback with Vienna Ensemble Pro VST2 [iid=5532
+ VST: add option to not send notes-off or pitch-reset messages on stop/reset
+ VST: improve VST3 UI threading issues
+ WAVE: display RIFF LIST-INFO metadata in source properties
+ Windows: use current locale for date formatting
+ Windows: support drag and drop of file URLs
v5.04 - October 1 2015
+ API: add ClearConsole()
+ Audio Units: fix compatibility with various plug-ins
+ JSFX: fix double-click selection in IDE [p=1576193]
+ JSFX: improve handling of tabs, indentation, and line endings in IDE
+ MIDI editor: prevent invalid position/length values in note/event properties
+ OSX: fixed combo-box related issues in 10.10+
+ ReaScript: fix double-click selection in IDE [p=1576193]
+ ReaScript: improve handling of tabs, indentation, and line endings in IDE
+ ReaScript: add preference to clear console before running script
+ Render: add $timelinecount wild card, to number rendered items in timeline o
rder [t=166675]
+ Render: correctly support limiting rendering to realtime when rendering subs
equent regions
+ Render: show overall realtime/estimated time statistics when rendering regio
v5.03 - September 24 2015
+ AU: fix crash with certain plug-ins introduced in 5.02
+ JSFX IDE: preserve indentation when pasting
+ Performance: prevent increasing memory use when stopping under certain circu
mstances [t=166728]
+ ReaScript IDE: preserve indentation when pasting
+ ReaScript: add preference to not clear console on ShowConsoleMsg("")
v5.02 - September 22 2015
+ Actions: make solo and mute actions obey grouping
+ API: add EnumerateFiles and EnumerateSubdirectories [t=165856]
+ API: add GetProjectTimeOffset, GetMediaSourceParent, IsProjectDirty
+ API: add OpenColorThemeFile, GetLastColorThemeFile, OpenMediaExplorer
+ API: enable MIDI_SetEvt for channel messages [t=166494]
+ API: enable GetSetMediaTrackInfo and related function support for P_MCP_LAYO
UT and P_TCP_LAYOUT (get/set track layout names)
+ Audio Units: improve handling of plug-ins with variable channel counts
+ Control surfaces: make mute and solo obey grouping
+ Control surfaces: add MCU surface option to ignore global surface offset
+ Envelopes: add action to manually edit envelope point at cursor
+ FX: optimize/harden parameter automation notification code

+ HMSF: correctly handle negative HMSF project offsets when parsing HMSF strin

Items: fix weird volume knob appearance on very small media items
JSFX IDE: detect/prompt to reload JSFX that have been modified externally
JSFX IDE: use Ctrl+R for open import lines, fix tab insertion
JSFX IDE: update selection/cursor when indenting block text
Lua: support popen on OSX [t=166043]
MIDI: detect and convert legacy Latin-1 encoded text events on export
MIDI: export text events using UTF-8, Latin-1, or ASCII
MIDI: fix Latin-1 string filtering bugs with UTF-8 codepoints U+100-U+7FF
MIDI: convert Latin-1 text events to UTF-8 on .mid file import [t=166423]
MIDI: fix truncated events in list view editor when source MIDI extends beyo
nd enclosing media item bounds
+ Preferences: fix option 'Show splash screen on startup' being ignored in cer
tain instances
+ Project settings: rename "use cursor" to "set 0:00 to cursor", make behavior
closer to that of REAPER 4.x
+ ReaComp: support manually editing envelope points with proper formatting [p=
+ ReaScript: fix Latin-1 vs UTF-8 character set issues in console
+ ReaScript: use Ctrl+R in IDE for open EEL import lines
+ ReaScript: fix tab insertion for EEL editor
+ ReaScript: detect/prompt from IDE to reload scripts that have been modified
+ ReaScript: update selection/cursor when indenting block text in IDE
+ ReaScript: allow editing scripts with external editors
+ ReaScript: encode HTML entities when generating ReaScript documentation
+ ReaScript: sanity check Undo_BeginBlock/Undo_EndBlock and PreventUIRefresh
+ Selection: fix marquee item/envelope point selection not obeying some lockin
g options
+ Selection: fix actions to select all tracks/envelope points not obeying some
locking options [p=1538248]
+ SoundTouch: update to 1.9.0, allow stretch rates up to 1000x, up to 64 chann
+ Time display: fix measures/beats time display when in preroll before time 0.
+ Track manager: improve selection state tracking when reordering tracks
+ Track manager: fix auto-scroll when adding tracks on Windows [p=1533564]
+ Track manager: fix scroll issues with reordered columns on OSX [p=1564036]
+ Track manager: prevent flashing selection state when reordering tracks
+ Track manager: support sorting by custom track color
+ VCA: fix reset of master envelope when applying single-point volume envelope
s to slaves
+ VLC: fix native decoding to RGB/YUY2
+ VoiceOver: always allow VoiceOver fader/knob changes even with new 5.0 defau
lt ignore-mousewheel setting
+ VST: improve keyboard support
+ VST: send VST2 note-off velocities
+ VST: convert MIDI channel pressure messages to VST3 aftertouch
+ VST: fix numpad keyboard issues for certain Windows VST3 [t=165729]
+ VST: REAPER Extension API made available to VST3 plug-ins
+ VST: support VST3 plugins that implicitly detect sidechains [p=1572212]
+ Windows: support more UTF-8 characters in various combo/edit boxes
v5.011 - September 11 2015
+ Fades: fixed S curve issues from 5.01 on OSX/i386 (ICC bug workaround) [p=15
v5.01 - August 26 2015
+ Audio Units: fixed ReaMote issues

+ Audio Units: fixed issues with renamed plug-ins

+ Elastique: updated to v3.0.11
+ Elastique: workaround for clicks when using formant preservation modes
+ FX: fixed incorrect ordering when drag and dropping multiple FX to the end o
f a FX chain
+ FX: now support parameter modulation/linking for take FX
+ Item colors: fixed option to auto-color new takes [p=1557756]
+ Item labels: fixed option to draw labels over solid background with default
theme [p=1558540]
+ JSFX: fixed FFT Splitter [p=1563823]
+ Live FX multiprocessing: fixed issues with muted folders and record armed ch
+ Localization: various fixes, new template langpack
+ MIDI: fixed visual jitter when editing unlooped media item edge
+ MIDI: improved editor preview behavior with anticipative FX
+ MIDI: quantize note ends prevents creating 1 tick notes [p=1563426]
+ MIDI: allow sending MIDI clock without SPP/continue messages, for certain de
+ MIDI: fixed midi peak issues with inactive takes
+ Mixer: fixed display of send indicators when 0dB volume max [p=1562238]
+ Multimonitor: fixed hand scroll behavior with arrange view spanning tracks
+ Parameter modulation: MIDI/OSC learn for LFO phase
+ Parameter modulation: fixed copy/paste of FX with parameter linking
+ Performance: optimized channel mixing, media item fades
+ Project bay: improved collapsed FX parameter display
+ Render: added $namecount wildcard, to count items or regions with the same n
+ Samplerate conversion: optimized sinc interpolation, especially on C2D and e
arlier CPUs
+ Samplerate conversion: renamed good to medium, better to good, best to bette
r, and Extreme to HQ
+ Samplerate conversion: added a new Extreme HQ mode
+ VST3: fixed multichannel/sidechain issues
+ VST3: improved compatibility and performance
+ VST3: improved keyboard support
+ VST3: support plain-text parameter display for envelope point editing
+ VST: allow restoring default name to plug-ins by renaming to an empty string
+ WASAPI: i/o latency estimation, limited by WASAPI API
+ WASAPI: loopback support
+ WAV/AIFF: improved 8-bit support (9+ year old bug) [t=165394]
+ WAV: RF64 read/write support
+ Windows: fixed WaveOut bug from 2011 that caused Wine problems starting in 4
.76 [t=158190]
v5.0 - August 12 2015
+ API: added Envelope, Tempo Map, Project Extension State, improved MIDI and T
oolbar APIs
+ Actions: added propagate take and propagate item actions
+ ASIO: support for up to 512 channels of input and output
+ Automation: increased automation recording speed by 3x
+ Automation: internal changes and performance improvements to FX parameter au
+ Automation: more consistent behavior when changing FX preset
+ Automation: new volume envelope mode that mimics track fader scaling
+ Performance: updated default worker thread scheduling logic for lower CPU us
+ Performance: disabled anticipative FX processing on tracks with open MIDI ed
itors, by default
+ Performance: automatically disable anticipative FX in routed-to tracks for o
pen MIDI editors


Configuration import/export: optionally include media explorer databases

EDL: support for VIDEO media type in Vegas EDL TXT
FX: per-take FX automation and parameter modulation
FX: browser smart folders (filter-folders)
FX: browser options to view JSFX by description and/or filename
FX: support for parameters with inverted ranges
FX: VST3 support, including sample-accurate automation
FX: inform VST plug-ins of offline rendering state, by default
FX: duplicating Take FX copies channel counts
FX: user-adjustable parameter modulation LFO phase
JSFX: sample-accurate automation support
JSFX: added support for inverted slider ranges
JSFX: editor improvements (scrollbars, multiple editing panes, Ctrl+Mousewhe
el font size change)
+ JSFX: fixed potential crash from gfx_circle() with bad parameters [p=1467110
+ Localization: language packs can specify scale for dialog windows using (for
example) 5CA1E00000000000=xsc ysc
+ Localization: all codec (wav, video, mp3, etc) dialog boxes and related stri
ngs can now be translated
+ Localization: new template LangPack
+ MIDI: do not automatically enable MIDI vol/pan faders when creating MIDI-onl
y sends/receives [t=94841]
+ MIDI: note-off velocity support in piano roll and list view editors
+ MIDI editor: added mouse modifiers to edit note edges ignoring selection
+ MIDI editor: changed default note edge mouse modifiers to match default medi
a item edge modifiers
+ MIDI editor: optionally display project tempo and time signature markers in
the ruler
+ Media Explorer: added option 'Play through selected track'
+ Media Explorer: search in subfolders
+ Media Explorer: improved accessibility/tabbing navigation
+ Media Explorer: fixed various UTF-8 issues on Windows [issueid=5271][issueid
+ Media Explorer: fixed issues when using preserve-pitch and tempo-match optio
+ Media Explorer: fixed MIDI/OSC action binding
+ Metronome: configurable beat patterns
+ Metronome: improved count-in behavior/quality
+ Mouse: ignore mouse wheel on all faders, by default
+ Multichannel media: support Ambisonic WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE .wav files
+ Multichannel media: improved zero crossing navigation
+ Multichannel media: improved tab-to-transient behavior
+ Multichannel media: improved support for chained OGG Vorbis files
+ Opus support: full decode/encode support for OGG <a href="http://www.opus-co">Opus</a> files
+ Project Bay: new tab for managing FX parameter envelopes, modulation, and MI
DI learn
+ Project Bay: fixed replace FX in project [issueid=5324]
+ Project Bay: fixed source/item/fx deletion and undo issues [issueid=5315]
+ ReaPlugs: improved touch-automation behavior for various check/combo/edit co
+ ReaPlugs: improved ReaInsert behavior in many real world scenarios (PDC, loo
ping, heavy load)
+ ReaScript: integrated development environment (IDE) for running, editing, de
bugging scripts
+ ReaScript: IDE supports syntax highlighting, multiple editing panes, watch l
ists, structure matching, and more
+ ReaScript: integrated Lua 5.3 scripting support
+ ReaScript: EEL and Lua scripts can query various information (incl. MIDI/OSC

input values) via get_action_context()

+ ReaScript: EEL/Lua graphics/UI API (gfx*) extensions
+ ReaScript: toggle state support (script toolbar buttons can have on/off stat
+ Ripple editing: removing time in one-track and all-track mode better respect
s timebase:beats preferences for markers, items, and envelopes
+ Ruler: improved display for frame grid and HH:MM:SS:FF
+ Ruler: absolute frames time display mode
+ Stretch Markers: improved behavior when changing tempo map/moving items acro
ss tempo maps
+ Default theme: extra fancy new theme
+ Default theme: many layout choices for different uses (small, large, meters,
live recording, media, item)
+ Default theme: better track panel and item tinting appearance
+ Theming: added theme tweak window (and removed outdated preferences pane)
+ Theming: improved theme color tinting support (requires 'version 5' in rtcon
fig, themes can override tint/peaks preferences via rtconfig 'tinttcp' and 'peak
+ Theming: scrollbar_2 and scrollbar_3 images can override scrollbar images fo
r arrange and MIDI editor respectively
+ Time Map: better behavior when changing time signatures
+ Time Map: improved behavior when inserting/removing time in project (fixed a
uto-create of new time signature markers)
+ Time Map: improved time signature behavior when moving/copying regions
+ Toolbars: up to 16 general and 8 MIDI toolbars
+ Track grouping: VCA slave track group setting
+ Undo: options to include envelope point selection in undo state
+ Undo: improved FX envelope undo behavior
+ Video: massive improvements to video support
+ Video: allow user configurable video decoder priorities with per-file-extens
ion controls
+ Video: configurable video output display latency
+ Video: dockable video window
+ Video: per-source option to not decode audio for video files
+ Video: pooled audio decoders, reducing RAM use for heavily edited videos
+ Video: project framerate is used instead of media framerate to determine dis
play timing
+ Video: projects can now specify preferred video width/height/colorspace, res
izing options
+ Video: real-time programmable (EEL) effect processors insertable as track an
d item FX
+ Video: support for AVFoundation video encoding/decoding on OSX 10.7+
+ Windows: fixed color picker potentially appearing offscreen
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