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Bharat Operating System Solutions

(c) C-DAC Hyderabad


Product from NRCFOSS
Linux distribution developed by C-DAC for enhancing the use of Free/Open
Source Software in India.
Made specifically for the Indian environment , it consists of a pleasing
desktop environment coupled with Indian language support and other
packages that are most relevant for use in the government domain.
The ultimate goal is to localize in all Indian regional languages. So this
benefits non-English speakers to reach technology that bridge digital divide
in India.

(c) C-DAC Hyderabad

BOSS DVD - Contents

All variants of BOSS DVD contains below sections

Live session


Lets the user to boot BOSS OS from RAM and work on all the
applications in BOSS

Lets the user to install the OS in the harddisk


Consists of add-on packages that can be installed in BOSS for
some specific applications like web server, education tools, open
office language packages etc.
(c) C-DAC Hyderabad

BOSS Variants • • BOSS is derived from Debian . a popular and influential Linux distribution. BOSS GNU/Linux is available as (a) Desktop version (b) Education version (c) Server version (d) Notebook version (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

0 (Tejas) – released in September 2008 • Latest stable version – BOSS 4.0 (Tarang) – released in January 2006 • BOSS 2.32 and 2.6.BOSS Releases Desktop Releases • BOSS1.4 • Libreoffice 3.0 (Anant) – released in September 2007 • BOSS 3.30 desktop • Openoffice 3.0 (Savir) – released in April 2011 • • Kernel – 2.2 • GNOME Desktop 3.6.2 Current Development version – BOSS 5.0 (Anokha) • Kernel – 3.39 • GNOME 2.4 (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Draw. Edutainment. Migration tool.released in June 2010 • EduBOSS 2. • Includes authoring tools. SCIM • EduBOSS 1. Graphics. • This is aimed towards the education sector and would include popular educational tools. • Features enhanced presentation tool.comprising of word processor. Maths.4  Libreoffice 3. Presentation. Database.0 released in Apr 2011 • Current development version EduBOSS 3.0 . spread sheet. Social • Bundled with Productive application suite – BharateeyaOO .BOSS Releases Desktop Release for Schools .2  GNOME 3.EduBOSS • BOSS Linux customized to School domain.4 (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .0 with  Kernel 3. Science.

DNS servers .0 released in 2010 • BOSS Advanced Server – current version Notebook Version . (c) C-DAC Hyderabad . DHCP servers . Proxy servers. • BOSS server 1.BOSS Releases Server release • BOSS variant for Intel x86 and Amd machines consists of all necessary servers including web server .NetBOSS • Light weight BOSS designed specifically for Notebooks having lower configuration.

X-chat • Multimedia support • LSB certified (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .BOSS Features • User Friendly Graphical Installer • Indian version of OpenOffice – BharateeyaOO • EAL4 recommended BOSS security Features • 3D Desktop • Auto detecting of devices • Better usability for digital cameras. Iceweasel. Icedove. • Auto mount of all Hard disk partitions • Localization support for desktop in 22 Indian languages • Smart Common Input Method • Migration tool . TV tuner.Bulk document converter • Internet tools – Pidgin. printers. scanners. Bluetooth.

BOSS Desktop Version Screenshots (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

6/18/12 (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

6/18/12 (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

6/18/12 (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

6/18/12 (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Geo .an interactive geometry software • Tuxmath .math game for kids with Tux (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .Suite of educational games for young children • Tux Paint . • Dr. gcompris . • Programming IDEs.EduBOSS Applications • Words – a typing tutor • Alphabets – An application that helps kids to learn alphabets • Childsplay..a paint program for young childern • gbrainy – brain teaser game. compilers etc.

archimedes principle.Molecular Graphics and Modelling System • Stars . • EasyChem & Xdrawchem – Chemical Structures Editor • Avogadro .EduBOSS Applications • Fractions .A graphical desktop planetarium. Kalzium – Chemistry . (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .Provides exercises related to Fractions • Multiplication Puzzle • • Edukator – Physics .Kalzium is a program which shows you the Periodic Table of Elements.Contains animations that explains about optics.

EduBOSS Screenshots (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

EduBOSS Desktop (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Avogadro Molecular Graphics and Modelling System (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Alphabets An application that helps kids to learn alphabets (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Gcompris Activities for Children aged 2 to 10 (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Kalzium – Chemistry Periodic Table of Elements (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Tux Paint A paint program for young childern (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

TuxMath (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

BOSS Upstream Development Activities  BOSS Presentation tool  BOSS Bulk Document converter  GNOME and Openoffice Localization in 22 Indian languages  BOSS Security feature to harden the desktop  Onscreen keyboard with Indian languages support   SCIM keyboard interface for 11 Indian languages with different layouts Several other bug fixes in different applications (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

…BOSS Vs Commercial Equivalents Features Printer Drivers Support BOSS Yes Commercial Equivalents Yes Scanner Drivers Support Digital Camera Drivers Support Editing Still Picture Bluetooth Support TV Tuner Support Presentation Tool Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes* No Bulk Document Converter Yes No (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Japanese. Manipuri International Languages Supports Asian languages like Chinese. Hindi. 19 languages including international languages Versions (c) C-DAC Hyderabad USA Non free . Tamil. Telugu. Marathi.3 Debian Package Management system OpenOffice 2. Tamil. Bodo.2 with Gujarati.04 Asianux 2. Maithili.0 BharateeyaOO 2. Urdu.0 Office suit Package Management System 3. Punjabi. Gujarati.0 Red Hat Package Management System OpenOffice 2.04(Hardy Heron) Origin Cost No. Konkani. Kashmiri. Bengali. Sanskrit.Japan. Oriya. Malayalam.0 Red Hat Package Management System Language support Assamese.Korea) Non free One DVD One CD Two CD 8. Kannada.Comparison of BOSS with other Linux Distributions Red Hat(Desktop Version 5) Features BOSS 4.0 East Asia(China.0 (Savir) Ubuntu 8. Malayalam. Oriya. Korean. Kannada. of CD/DVDs for Installation India free Africa free Asianux 2. Punjabi. Telugu and Urdu Debian Package Management System Five CD Red Hat Desktop Version 5 OpenOffice 2. Hindi. Marathi.

Bengali.04(Hardy Heron) Asianux 2.pps.Comparison of BOSS with other Linux Distributions Features BOSS 4. Gujarathi. Punjabi. Message Sending Application Yes kannel – An application to send SMS Ubuntu 8. Kannada. Yes Supports the display of pdf.ppt. odp. Hindi.0 (Savir) Yes 1) Supports Tamil. Telugu 2) Onscreen Keyboard User can change the support keyboard layout. Malayalam. directory containing BOSS Presentation images as Tool presentations.0 RedHat(Desktop Version 5) No No No No No No No No No No No No (c) C-DAC Hyderabad . Yes Migration tool for converting a set of BOSS Bulk Document documents from one Converter format to another.

AMD64 BOSS detects Windows Detects Windows and Detection of existing and other existing Linux other existing Linux Detects existing Detects existing partitions partitions partitions Windows partition Windows partitions BOSS Bulk Document Document Converter Converter No Converter No Converter No Converter Browser Firefox 3.AMD x86_64.Comparison of BOSS with other Linux Distributions Features BOSS 4. the Since BOSS is maintenance and Since developed Since developed developed in India.04(Hardy Heron) Asianux 2. the support cost is too outside India.0 Firefox 3. Intel x86(including Intel Architectures pentium. Ubuntu India is maintenance and maintenance and Support and support cost drastically the official Indian local support cost is too support cost is too maintenance reduces.5 (c) C-DAC Hyderabad . Intel x86(32 bit). the outside India.Intel supported AMD Athlon) Intel x86.0 RedHat(Desktop Version 5) Since developed outside India.AMD x86(64 bit). community team high.0 Beta Firefox Mozilla Firefox 1. high.Celeron and Intel x86_32.0 (Savir) Ubuntu 8. the maintenance and high.

(c) C-DAC Hyderabad . Configuration management. Web interface.application hosting.BOSS Meghdooth BOSS Meghdooth Cloud stack that facilitates fully automated deployment of cloud environment with features like resource scaling through elasticity.API support. Storage integration.

PaaS For establishing cloud.Meghdooth Modules Certificate Programs in Cloud Computing Offers IaaS. Develop and deploy Applications in cloud Enhaced open source cloud middleware End to end Security Solutions (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .SaaS.

Features of Meghdooth Open source Software based on Open Standards and open data formats Create and deploy Private. Public or hybrid cloud Ease of management and maintainance Security and Quality of Service Interoperable Providing interfaces and functionalities Control on resources and distribution of services Vendor lock in can be avoided Compatible with most platforms to provide Maximum freedom to users And developers Maximum abstraction resources (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

BOSS Cloud Stack (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Cloud42. application hosting. storage.Cloud Stack Features • • Base OS with virtualization technology enabled and Remus installed on node machines for High Availability Cloud middleware with several enhancements that supports On-the fly demand for the infrastructure resources. • Monitoring of resources using Hyperic • Load balancing with HAProxy • Security tools like AF-console and HIDS.consoles • Support for third party tools like Hybrid fox.Typica (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

in bosslinux@cdac.Interested to get BOSS DVD or Trainings Reach Us @ Toll Free Number for Support : 1800 4250 455 (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .

Desktop ?? Server ?? Notebooks / Laptops ?? Cloud ?? School Learning ?? Thus BOSS GNU/Linux Serves all your needs. (c) C-DAC Hyderabad ....

Thank You (c) C-DAC Hyderabad .