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In pursuing a business endeavor, the main objective of its entrepreneurs
would definitely be the generation of profit. Conducting the business itself would
not be limited to aspects such as its profitability, for it would also affect other
sectors as discussed in the succeeding pages and shown in Figure xx
With the advocacy for a greener environment, continuous efforts are made
to promote awareness among people to utilize resources available within the
locality. The implementation of this project would encourage everyone to continue
to discover new ways and means to make use of those materials considered
waste already. This would also contribute in the reduction of the disposal of
waste materials in the environment.
The realization of the proposed project would help the local community by
providing employment opportunities. It would help them in sustaining their basic
needs. Eventually, it would enhance their quality of living in the long run. It would
also improve their social relations with each other through interaction in the work
Tax, being the lifeblood of the nation, is essential for the government to
generate revenue to fund its expenditures. Taxes are collected from various
businesses within its jurisdiction. Thus, as new business rise, additional sources

of funds are expected. With this, the implementation of the project will help the
government, particularly the Local Government Unit, through payment of taxes,
permits, and licenses.
Ultimate Consumers
Providing the consumers with an innovative variety of product would give
them satisfaction. The implementation of the proposed project would also
promote the wellness of the consumers through its health benefits. Affordability of
the product is also an important consideration.
Related Industries
The proposed project when implemented, could not sustain its operation
without the help and support of the following related industries:
Supplier of Raw Materials
Watermelon rind is the main raw material used in the proposed project.
With this, fruit vendors selling watermelon would have additional income coming
from the demand of these rinds.
Food Industry
Pickled watermelon rind is an innovation in the food industry. With the
implementation of the proposed project, the creation of new flavors and viands
are encouraged. This promotes diversification in the industry that aims to satisfy
the needs and changing wants of consumers.


contribute in the
reduction of the
of waste

healthier / greener



source of income of its

personnel to sustain
basic needs


additional income
through taxes

increse their funds to

support more projects
for better public service

Ultimate Consumers

provides cheap but

nutritious appetizer

customer satisfaction
and healthy living

Related Industries

increse demand of their

product and their

better profitability and

possible business

A Proposed Production and Distribution

of Pickled Watermelon RInd to
Barbecue and Lechon Chains in Cebu


Supplier of Raw

Food Industry

Figure _ _