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Product data sheet

Alarm Bell Range

The B6-24 is a traditional range of fire alarm bells,
rugged in construction and producing a clear ringing
sound, for many years associated with fire detection
and alarm systems. The units are reliable, well proven
and have been used extensively as general purpose
alarm sounders.
Stylish in appearance, the range features 150 mm di-
ameter (6 inch) and a 200mm diameter (8 inch) sizes
for indoor applications, together with a 150mm (6 inch)
electronic, weather proof version, all with red, stove
enameled gongs, making them suitable for either new
installations of traditional design, additions to exist-
ing systems, or in buildings where electronic sounder
devices are used to signal other emergencies.
The bells can be easily installed in any type of location,
fixed to a standard conduit box or mounted directly
onto a wall or partition. Models designed for indoor
installation feature a multifixing back plate with 2.5
mm2 terminals for both positive and negative, in and
out connections. The weatherproof version is installed
using a weatherproof gasket box. Traditional sound output
Operation is based on a high efficient, motorised, striker Low current consumption
movement, developing in excess of 93 dBA at 1 metre.
Motorised striker movement
Current consumption is only 25 mA, for the 150mm (6
inc) models and 28mm for the 200mm (8 inch) version. IP 65 electronic weather proof version
Sound output frequency complies with the recom- Multifixing back plate
mendations of BS 5839 Pt1. The units provide a dis-
tinctive tone and excellent attenuation through most
building structures, enabling sound levels of 65 dBA
to be achieved uniformly throughout the protected
premises, using the minimum number of sounders.
Rated at IP 41, (IP65 for the weatherproof version), the
bells are suitable for installation in most commercial
and industrial applications.


Model Amm Bmm Weight IP Rating

B6-24 150 63 105 41
B8 -24 200 63 205 41
B6-24WP 150 100 * 220 65

Wiring Diagram
2 core sounder wiring To next alarm device
from panel
-ve in
-ve out
+ve in
+ve out

Alarm Bell

Model No. Description B6-24WP Indoor or outdoor installation
B6-24 6 inch motorised alarm bell EN60529 rating
B8-24 8 inch motorised alarm bell B6-24 IP41
B6-24WP 6 inch weatherproof alarm bell B8-24 IP41
B6-24WP IP65
Mounting Multifixing back plate. B6-24WP by
weatherproof gasket box Temp range -25OC to +80OC
Wiring 2 wire Humidity range 20% to 95% RH (non condensing)
Monitoring Polarised input EMC CE marked (EEC89/336)
Operating voltage 24 volts DC Construction
Current (alarm) B6-24 25mA Material Gong - pressed steel
B8-24 28mA Back plate - polycarbonate
B6-24WP 25mA Gasket box - polycarbonate
Environmental B6-24 Indoor installation Dimensions See table above
B8-24 Indoor installation Colour Gong – red
Back plate – black
Gasket box – black
Weight See table above

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