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Proposal Statement:

Please outline the reasons why Monash should award the scholarship to you and your potential to be a Monash ambassador
( 500 words)This can include your personal and academic achievements to date and details of previous community participation or leadership roles

As soon as I finished my secondary studies, I promised myself that my academic life, as well my personal and
professional life, were going to be driven by three key aspects: commitment, passion and courage. I thought: when it
comes to my goals, I have to be as committed and as passionate as I can, and I have to be brave enough to overcome
with enthusiasm every defiance.
I believe that each of the following achievements has been a result of this combination between courage, passion and
commitment. And I am looking forward to embrace every challenge to come with the same spirit.
Academic background.
I have just finished my Licentiate Degree in Letters at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) with a Grade Point
Average of 9.1/10.
In the last four years, I have applied to and I have been accepted in three Institutional Recognition Research Projects
at the university. During these projects, I have conducted four investigations supervised and I have completed four
comprehensive essays on the fields of Cultural Studies and Art Theory.
I have also finished a Specialized Writing Programme at Casa de Letras, which involved two years of coursework with
one final creative writing project.
Professional and leadership experience.
I have been working as a Creative and Communications Advisor and/or Coordinator for the last three years; and I
have been working in the fields of Editorial and Creative Writing since I was nineteen.
In 2012, I began to work as Sub-Coordinator of Communications at the Innovation Office of ANSES (National Social
Security Administration). Simultaneously, I started working as a Communications Advisor at Ortega & Gasset Institute. At
the moment, I hold a position as a Communications Coordinator and Advisor at Luana Hervier Health Coaching.
In 2015, I was named Professor at ITBA University; where I enjoy teaching Communication and Discourse Analysis for
Engineers and Spanish as a Foreign Language for International Graduate Students.
Volunteer experience.
In 2012, I started volunteering as a Coordinator of the Press and Communications Team at La Usina Asociacin Civil,
a not-for-profit organization that promotes equal opportunities for the disabled population.
As I am particularly interested in the Arts & Culture scene, I recently started volunteering as a Coordinator of the
Reading & Music Festival "Todos los cuentos el cuento", which is carried out at the Independent Cultural Centre La
Gran Jaime.
Monash Ambassador: spirit, background and qualities.
I believe that the three aspects with which I face every challenge that I pursue passion, commitment and courage,
combined with my academic studies and my working experience as a team leader and coordinator, contribute to build a
strong profile. I also find rewarding the very idea of interacting with very different persons, each of them coming from
diverse backgrounds and pursuing different (but equally inspiring) dreams. Last but not least, I am always ready for new
challenges; always looking for experiences that allow me to keep learning and growing as a professional, as a student
and as a human being.