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the gateway device is decoupling the IEC 61850 station bus from the IEC 60870-5-101/104
WAN via a process image (PI)
Advantage: only services for control model interaction need to be mapped
the PI is organised according the data model of IEC 61850 (LDs, LNs, CDCs)
IEC 61850 client /GOOSE subscriber is used to update the PI with process data made
available by the IEDs
IEC 61850 server/proxy used to
make process data coming from remote devices available for IEDs inside the
Retrieve data model for
IEC 61850 clients inside substation (e.g. HMI)
IEC 61850 clients outside substation (e.g. future control centers)
existing control centres using IEC 60870-5-101/104 for WAN
communication by using additional services (e.g. SCL extentions or web
IEC 60870-5-101/104 controlled and controlling functionality make use of the attributes of
CDCs in a defined way to build up ASDUs to communicate with control centers or devices on
the network using WAN communication based on IEC 60870-5-101/104 (including redundant






In 2007, the DNP Technical Committee released a new 8 volume specification,

which included an update to the Device Profile Document
The Steering Committee has also approved a stimulus plan to fund the
creation of the first several outstation DNP XML files.
Send me an email if you are interested in having the DNP Users Group
create a DNP XML Device Profile for your device and we will select a
group of devices that represent a good set of example files that can be
posted on the web site.


Organized into 4 sections

Configuration section has 4 columns
Current value and configurable
methods not shown
Protocol capabilities indicate options
Current value indicates which option
above is active


Points List
Scaling and Units
Text Description


Implementation Table
Data types, function codes, and
qualifier codes supported


Map IEC 61850 object identifier string to

XPATH reference in DNP XML file
Additional information used to correctly
describe the device in terms of an
accurate IEC 61850 model
61850 data type
functional constraint
common data class
trigger options
enumeration values


How can IEC 60870-5 and DNP XML fit into the IEC 61850 Substation
Configuration Language (SCL) Engineering Process?
Combine generic IED files with substation template and instantiate to obtain a
central database for a specific substation.
Can then split off a file to configure each IED (or its PC based configuration


IEC 60870-5 mapping parameters are already stored in the ICD file.
DNP Technical Committee is considering a proposal for a standard DNP
Private field in the ICD file


Tools that understand DNP3 XML and IEC 60870-5 private tags can use or
update the information, others are required to pass it through unchanged.
ICD editor or System Config Tool adds DNP3 or IEC 60870-5 data mapping
information to SCD file
Inside substation: IED config tool splits contents to IED specific CID files out of
the SCD and uploads it to IEDs (gateway IED needs, compared to other IEDs
the 60870-5/DNP signal mapping information out of the SCD file in addition)
Outside substation: The SCD file can be used an an input for a Control Center
specific Engineering tool to avoid duplication in data point engineering