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English 101 Essay 2: A Glimpse at the Landscape: The Major Disciplines

For your first assignment of the semester you were able to reflect on why you are in college and
what your personal and professional goals are. In doing so, you were able to think about what
discipline you may be studying in college. For this second assignment you will be exposed to
learning about the three major areas of disciplines in the university which comprise the liberal
arts core curriculum: humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences. While we will not have
time to delve deep into the many subject areas that lie within these broader disciplines, you will
be learning about the perspectives and conventions utilized in these disciplines.
First, we will build our context knowledge by learning about the general content and writing
conventions of these three disciplines. Our textbook offers a variety of information that will
assist in this.
Next, we will read three academic case studies centered around one topic but written from three
different perspectives. These perspectives will include a humanistic, social science, and physical
science approach. In class we will read and discuss each article in depth noting the differences
we see amongst the perspectives.
Finally, you will write a 3-4 page essay that compares and contrasts the writing perspectives and
conventions of two of the disciplines of your choice (humanities, social sciences, and sciences)
one of which must be the discipline your major/potential major falls in.
Your essay should consider the following between the two disciplines you choose:
the differences and similarities in the style, conventions, and perspectives used in the
why you think each discipline has these specific conventions?
why you think you are well suited to major in/pursue a career in what you wrote about
in essay one based on the perspective of the discipline. For example, how does it fit with
your views, understandings, interpretations?
Form: This is a persuasive essay. As you know from our class discussions and readings that
means it is an argument. You also know I think every piece of communication is an argument.
And every good argument has an introduction, thesis, support, and conclusion.
Thesis: Your thesis will be a version of one we come up with us a class after we read the essays,
and before you start writing. Together, with my guidance, we will choose one thesis statement
that you will all use in your essays. You may think this will result in everyone writing the same
essay; you will find that is not the case. Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions that will
support and argue the thesis in different ways. This will help you learn to craft a strong thesis
and support it before writing your own. Obviously, you will have to adapt the thesis statement to
fit the specific two disciplines you are writing about, but we will come up with the general
argument together.

Audience: Your audience for this essay is incoming first year college students who are
undecided in their major. Your writing will help them understand the major areas of study, and
what they might be suited for.
Brass Tacks:

3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12pt readable font

Narrative form
Follows formatting guide in syllabus