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The polls are in!

Canada has just been voted one of the greatest countries on

the planet! Wait… Canada? Why Canada? How could Canada possibly be one of the
greatest countries? Good afternoon honorable judges, officers, family, friends, and
fellow cadets, I’m F/Sgt. Gannon, and I have decided to share with you a few secrets
that make Canada such a great country.

To start off, I think we have to begin with the most obvious of the obvious.
We are THE peace keeping country, of course! No other country is as gentle and
level headed as ours. We look out for other countries backs, and are nice about it to
boot. If Afghanistan is having problems with their government, or Haiti is in absolute
destruction, our men and women are there by their side building hospitals, schools,
and shelters, as well as trying to strengthen their political aspects. It may be a gong
show out there, but imagine the CHAOS and MAYHEM there would be, if we didn’t
jump in to restore stability and calm.

Another obvious reason is our government. We are a democracy, as everyone

should know. Many countries may seem to be free, but in reality, they aren’t. Some
countries have no say in what happens to them. They just agree, or else. Canada,
on the other hand, WE are the government. Not literally, of course, but think about
it; Most of us pay taxes, most of us vote and decide who represents us, and we are
the demand. Everything in Canada is based on what the people need and want. Our
country has been stable for 143 years. In comparison, Russia had a totalitarian
state, North Korea is currently communist, and people have been rebelling for
something better for a long time. We are FREE. This is why people came from far
and wide to start a newer and better life on our land. People came from Africa,
China, Russia, Poland, and Ukraine, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We have
opportunity, freedom and fresh air. There’s no such thing as slavery here, the deal
was if you can farm land, you can come live in Canada. We don’t go around making
everyone become Canadian, and discriminate other countries because they aren’t
one of us. We accept EVERYONE as equal, and if someone decides to become a
citizen of Canada, we welcome them, appreciating their background, and
encouraging them to share it with everyone else. The government doesn’t ban them
from speaking their language, and they also don’t force us to wear brown dresses
and government issued uniforms. We’re not forced to be a certain religion; we have
the freedom to believe whatever we want. We have the freedom of speech and the
right to vote. We have HEALTHCARE. If someone happens to be having a liver
failure, we don’t have to pay $25, 000 before doctors try to help us.

A not so well known reason for why Canada is so great is because of our
Canadian forces. Basically, we have a peace keeping military now, but in almost
every major conflict of the 20th century, we were the best of the best. Vimy Ridge.
How can anyone forget that outstanding accomplishment? Our ancestors conquered
Vimy Ridge in less than a week! Britain and France both failed, and when Canada
stepped in, everyone laughed. No one actually thought that an amateur army made
of militiamen could stand up to Germany, a strong, war-like country that lived for
the battlefield. They were ALL wrong. Thorough, timed, second-by-second planning
was nothing anyone had seen coming, and when they captured Vimy Ridge,
Canada’s Army was known as the storm troopers. If you mention the name to
anyone in Germany today, they know exactly who we’re talking about.

A reason that we can all agree on is our nationalism. For example, the 2010
Olympics were recently on in Vancouver this past winter; we may have had a
grudge against another province, territory, or even another race, but when it comes
to an event like this, it doesn’t matter whether were from Ontario, or if we’re African
American, We cheer for EVERYONE. When the Canadian women’s hockey team
played, we didn’t criticize the fact that they were women; we cheered them on all
the way. When it comes to competition, especially sports, we are COMPLETLEY
behind Canada to win, and that’s what makes us so strong.

Why is Canada’s greatness such a secret? We’re a first world country, we’re
as free as it can get, and there are so many beautiful things about Canada that are
underestimated by near, neighboring countries. We have so much room, and yet
countries like Germany which have a smaller space, have a denser population per
capita, so why is Canada so empty? We are keeping our greatness a secret! We
have to be proud of what we have! When we complain about our government, or
the weather, we make it seem so negative, but we are everything BUT negative! We
have to spread the word and get people to realize the opportunities we have here!
We are the country of diversity and we should be proud of that! Be proud of great
Canadians in the past, present and the future.

In conclusion, I would just like to remind you all of how lucky we are to be in
such a diverse, free country as Canada, and don’t take any of the opportunities
thrown at us for granted. Our economy, government and beliefs can take us to so
many places, just think of the possibilities! I’m sure you’ll agree, when I say Canada
is truly the BEST country in the world!!!

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