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Universitas Jember

Program in Physics Education

Mobile: +62 85250648215

Jalan Kalimantan No. 37, Kampus Tegalboto


Jember, East Java, 68121


Agusta Danang Wijaya

Department of Physics Education, Universitas Jember, Undergraduate


Developing Student Worksheet to Measure the Age and Distance of Star Cluster Using VIREO (The
Virtual Educational Observatory) on Astronomy Lecture.

Research Experience
I have conducted several field research e.g. the relation between physcis learning and religion, STEM
education, energy literacy education, astronomy education (my thesis), disaster education. I conducted
those research with my collegues in Universitas Jember. Several our research has been published on some
conference proceedings and also journal. Research grants for Student from Directorate of Higher
Education Ministry of Research Technology and Higher education really helped us to conduct the

Awards & Grants

Research grants for Student from Directorate of Higher Education Ministry of Research Technology and
Higher education in 2010, 2011, and 2012.
Winning Astronomy Olympiad in 2007 and 2008 (District).
Winning Physics Olympiad in 2006 (District).

Skills & Activities








Pedagogy and Education, Curriculum, STEM Education, Teaching and


Indonesian, English, Javanese.

Social Movement, Teaching, Physics Student Association, Research.

Journal Publication
Pandu J. Sampurno, Yessi A. Sari, and Agusta D. Wijaya, Integrating STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, Mathematics) and Disaster (STEM-D) Education for Building Students Disaster Literacy,
International Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 73-76, June 2015. DOI:

Conference Proceedings
Agusta Danang Wijaya, Iradatul Hasanah, Rizky Maulidiyah: Integrating Energy Literacy Education in
Indonesias School Curriculum for Sustainable Development. 4th Annual International Conference on
Education & e-Learning in Bangkok (Eel 2014) (25-26 August 2014).

DOI: 10.5176/2251-

Lailatul Nuraini, Adila Jefiza, Agusta Danang Wijaya: An Innovation of Disaster Mitigation Based On
Physics Learning Using Earthquake Media Model in Improving Students' Scientific Literacy and Disaster
Awareness. The 6th Conference of Indonesians Students Association in South Korea. July 2013.
Agusta Danang Wijaya, Fikroturrofiah Suwandi Putri, Sefrina Cahya Dwiastuti: Implementation of Seven
Habits of Highly Effective People in Physics Instructional for Constructing the Leadership of Student. The
11th International Conference on Developing Real-Life Learning Experiences in Bngkok. May 2013.
Mohammad Abdul Azis, Yusnida Furoida, Agusta Danang Wijaya.. UNEJ Mengajar: Innovation of Social
Student Movement from University of Jember Based on Education that Aims to Alleviate the Illiteracy in
Jember Indonesia. International Conference on Innovation and Challenges in Education 2013 in
Kutahya Turkey. 26-28 April 2013. (Abstract Book)
Agusta Danang Wijaya, Andika Kristinawati, Supeno. Physics Based on Disaster Management: Innovation of
Physics Instruction that Integrates Between Physics and Disaster Management for Constructing the
Awareness of Preventive and Responsive. 2nd Earth Resilience Symposium in Berlin. 2-3 March 2013.
Poster Presentation. (Abstract Book)
Winang Surya Utama, Agusta Danang Wijaya, Febri Galuh Maharani. Animal Instinct for Disaster
Mitigation (ANIMATION): Innovation of Early Warning System for Disaster Mitigation Based on Animal
Instinct. 2nd Earth Resilience Symposium. 2-3 March 2013 in Berlin. Poster Presentation. (Abstract

Agusta Danang Wijaya, Fitria Rahmawati, Achmad Ridwan, Mohammad Abdul Azis, Hawin Marlistya.
Pembelajaran PBDM (Physics Based on Disaster Management) sebagai Upaya Inovatif-Solutif dalam
Menumbuhkan Soft Power Secara Dini Terhadap Kesadaran Preventif dan Responsif Kebencanaan.
National Seminar of Physics Education and Physics in Yogyakarta. 2011.
Agusta Danang Wijaya, Lailatul Nuraini, Fitria Rahmawati, Sefrina Cahya: Penerapan Pembelajarn Fisika
Berbasis Religi dengan Menggunakan Pendekatan Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) di
Madrasah Aliyah. National Seminar of Education in Jember. 2010.