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2 Issue 1

January 2016


Hakbang para sa
Ni Clyde Lagunoy at Christian Dela

Noong ika-24Setyembre
2015, nagkaroon ng eleksyon para
sa muling pagtatatag ng Pamahalaang Pangmag-aaral sa paaralan
ng CCFT.Ayon sautos ng Department of Education (DepEd), kinakailangan ng bawat paaralan na
mag karoon ng isang organisasyon
na mag lalayon sa mga estudyante
na maranasan kung papaano bang
magpatakbo ng isang gobyerno.
Maliban sa pamumuno, itinatag
muli ito upang makatulong sapananatili ng kaayusan sapaaralan
at paramahasa rin ang kakayahan
ng mga mag-aaral bilang isang huwarang lider.
Bago maganapang pangangampanya at ang eleksyon, una
salahat, bumuo muna ng Commission of Students on Election o
COMSELEC nanagpatupad at namahala ng mga kalakaran noong
halalan.Iilang mag-aaral lamang
ang mga naengganyong tumakbo
at lumapit sa student government
adviser nasi Mr. LounielNale
upang mangalap ng mas malawak
naimpormasyon ukol dito at kung
ano-ano ang mga dokumentong
kailangang ipasasa COMSELEC
para makatakboPage 2

An Upswing of Last Year's

By: Colline Yong
The Coronians had witnessed
different kinds of performances, which
highlighted folk dances that were
showcased by the CCFTians in cooperation of the annual celebration of the
Feast of Saint Augustine last August
26, 2015.
Celebrating his feast every
August 28th of the year is a tradition
of the people of Coron. It is to honor
his contributions and recognize him as
one of the most quoted figures in
Christianity for centuries. Augustus
died at the age of 76 but his legacy
continues to shape the face of the
church and people up to this day, especially the Coronians.
Upholding this feast, every
school, including Children's Chance
for Tomorrow Foundation (C.C.F.T),
was scheduled to have their own
nights before August 28, 2015 wherein
students were given a chance to showcase their talents and perform for the
Coronians. As discussed by the school
principal and the event coordinators,
CCFT was scheduled to perform on
August 26, 2015 with two hours allotted time for the whole show in Coron
ColiseumPage 4
Page 1



Photo by: Kristin Tuazon

From left to right(1st row):Leomar Cabug, Clyde Lagunoy, Leah May Cabug, Colline Yong, Emily Schulte,
Micah Tianga, Kezia Garcia, KC Lagunoy (2nd Row) Leander Calbentos, Lexis Co, Sophia Valerio, Cassandra
Co, Trixie Datul, Ainsley Calo, Miguel Co

CCFT Faces New Changes and Challenges

By: KC Lagunoy

Hopes up and fingers were crossed as

Childrens Chance For Tomorrow (CCFT)
opened their classes for the School year 2015
-2016 last July 6, 2015. Everybody was not
just excited, but also worried about what will
happen this year and how CCFT will become.
Aside from welcoming back some
familiar faces, they also gave their greetings
to new students, faculty members, and to
some challenges.
CCFT has a total of 13 teachers including the principal. The school still maintains a maximum classroom capacity of 25
students or pupils only. Compared to last
year, CCFT has lesser students enrolled this
year. With that, the teacher-student ratio was
still maintained. During the first semester, the
number of teachers was inadequate for the
subjects that they need to hold. As what some
of the teachers have said, this resulted into
the overloading of each of them. According
to Mrs. Meriam Pagalan, the school principal,
There was no overloading with the teachers.
Each of the teachers needs to spend a total of
360 minutes in classes a day. The problem is
that some of the teachers handle subjects
which are not their major.
Mrs. Meriam shared some of her
plans for the school. Right now, Im constructing a proposal about the rules and regulations in terms of resignation and the contracts for the teachers. I believe that teachers
must have dedication to their service. I am
also looking forward to the administration on
how they will address to this particular issue
about the teachers she said. Like some
CCFTians had observed, she also thought that
there are a lot of things to be improved in this

school. She also said that students must aim

more and exert more effort to achieve something good. Your grades depends you. Do
not just settle or be contented with mediocre
or not so good results of your work. Think
of this nice opportunity you have to be able to
go to school and learn. Do not let other people say that everything in CCFT is just below
their expectations she said. She also seeks
for more help and support from the parents
regarding the students learning. As of now,
Mrs. Meriam is preparing CCFT for senior
high school in 2017.
As issued by the Department of Education (DepEd), the new grading system is
now standardized and competency-based.
Each learner is graded based on their written
works, performance tasks, and quarterly assessments.
Last September, the school decided to
establish the Student body government again,
which was supervised by Mr. Louniel Nale.
It was composed of two departments:the Supreme Student Government (SSG) in high
school and the Supreme Pupil Government
(SPG) in elementary.
The school will have its new and revised version of the students handbook to be
published and released soon.
For the activities this school year, the
school calendar was also changed. Some of
the activities that CCFT used to have were
removed or replaced. There would also be
new activities that the students will have for
the first time, which all of us will find out
later this year.
Throughout this school year, everybody
should expect more changes and challenges.
Hopefully, CCFT will overcome these problems
and will keep soaring high like a golden eagle.
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

A Day of Gratitude for the Teachers
By: Clyde Lagunoy
October 5, 2015- Students and
teachers from CCFT-CIS celebrated the annual World Teachers Day. The Supreme
Student Government (SSG) and Supreme
Pupil Government (SPG) organized an

Photo by: Leomar Cabug

event for the teachers as their first project

wherein each of the ideas of the officers
was put together that resulted into many fun
games and activities.
After a few days of preparation, the
celebration for the Teachers Day has come,
which was held at the schools pavilion.
Leahmay Cabug and KC Lagunoy were the
hosts of the event. The students presence
was also asked for support and to make the
event more special. To start the activity, an
opening prayer was led by Jennalyn Cortina
and preceded by an intermission number by
the Grade two pupils.
The teachers were divided into three
groups, which were consisted of three to
four members. The members of the group
one are Sir Niel, Ms. Joanna, and Ms.

Continuation of Page 1...Matapos

ang ilang araw, kakaunti pa rin lamang ang
nagsumite ng kanilang mga Certificate of
Candidacy (COC) sa dahilang naninigurado pa sila kung talaga bang sila ay handa
sa mabigat na responsibilidad na kanilang
matatanggap kung sakaling sila ang
Sa sekondarya, meron lamang
tayong dalawang partido at ito ang The
VAMPS (Veracious Attentive Mindful
Passionate Students) at ang partidong
MAC (Make A Change) na parehong nais
manalo. Sa departamento ng elementarya,
meron tayong dalawang partido na tinatawag na Students Empire at Childrens
Republic. Pareho din ang kanilang mga
layunin gaya ng sa mga partido sa mataas
na paaralanang mamuno upang makatulong.
Matapos ang ilang mga proseso,
sumapit na ang panahon ng pangangampanya na nagtagal lamang ng dalawang
araw. Binigyan ng pagkakataon ang bawat
partido upang mangampanya sa bawat
klase. Tulad ng mga pangkaraniwang
kalakaran sa pangangampanya, binanggit
ng bawat kandidato kung ano-ano ba ang
kanilang mga plataporma at plano para sa
paaralan. Ito rin isa sa mga paraan nila
upang makuha ang atensyon at boto ng
bawat mag-aaral ng CCFT.
Dumating na ang pinaka hihintay
na araw, ang araw ng eleksyon. Kaba ang
nararamdaman ng bawat kandidato dahil
sa araw na iyon malalaman ang desisyon
at hatol ng mga mag-aaral sa kung sino ba
Page 2

Mercy. The group two was Ms. Xam, Ms.

Maricel, Ms. Jonabelle and Ms. Jeanne. For
the third group, we have Ms. Meriam, Ms.
Ched, Ms. Amor, and Ms. Marissa. These
will become their groups until the event
The first game was the quiz bee.
This is one of the most interesting
games because this will test not only
their intelligence but also their memory. Before the game started, the students were asked to keep quiet and
the usual rules are also imposed: No
cheating and coaching. In the easy
round, all teams got a perfect score.
Next was the average round, which
contains questions that were a little
bit harder compared to the first
round. On the end of the difficult round, the
Group two was announced as the winner,
second was the Group one, and third was
the Group three.
The next game was the Paper Plate
Relay, which is a challenging but a very fun
game. The Group one hopped as fast as they
could just to win regardless of how funny
they could look like. The place was filled
with laughter and cheers. The third game
was the Popsicle and Coin relay wherein the
players must have the right strategy, balance, and coordination. Once again, the
Group one won the game. Throughout the
games, the teachers nervousness disappeared and was replaced with happiness and
excitement instead. The last game was prepared by the SPG wherein every group must

have one representative who will be blindfolded and was challenged to find their assigned balloon to pop it with the help of
their group mates by shouting different animal sounds assigned on them. Overall,
Group three placed third, Group two placed
second, and the winner was the Group one.
After all, this was not a competition. This was just few hours of fun and
games for the teachers to experience despite of all the stress they are bearing. Before the event ends, the SSG officers asked
all of the teachers and students to still remain sitting for the distribution of letters
that the students wrote for them. There was
really a bunch of letters which surprised the
teachers! Some letters were also read
aloud. All of the students beautiful messages, gifts, and most especially their effort
were all whole-heartedly appreciated by the
teachers. The teachers and especially the
SSG officers are all tired, but they did not
mind it because it all paid of. This is their
way of saying thanks for all of the teachers
efforts and sacrifices.
Having an event like this is not the
only way to give gratitude to the teachers.
Teachers feel better when they see their
students giving importance and exerting
effort in studying. They are happier when
they are able to see the fruit of all their
hardships through their students high and
passing grades, achievements, and when
they are able to imply everything theyve
learned in real life.

ang gusto nila at sa tingin nilay karapatdapat manalo na magiging mga lider na
gagampanan nang tama, maayos, at may
dedikasyon sa kanilang mga tungkulin.
Ayon sa naging resulta ng botohan,
para sa SSG (Supreme Student Government) ng mataas na paaralan, ang naihalal
na pangulo ay si Colline Yong, bisepresidente naman si Leahmay Cabug, sekretarya si Leomar Cabug, tagapag-ingat
yaman si Clyde Lagunoy, business manager si Micah Tianga, auditor si Emily
Shulte, Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.)
si Kezia Ruen Garcia, at peace officer naman si KC Lagunoy.
Sa SPG (Supreme Pupil Government) ng elementarya, ang inihalal sa
pagka-presidente ay si Leander Calbentos,
bise-presidente si Lexis Co, sekretarya si
Ainsley Venit Calo, tagapag-ingat yaman
si Gabriel Sadang, business manager si
Sophia Balerio, auditor si Cassandra Co,
P.R.O si Tricia Datul, at peace officer naman si Trixie Datul.
Sa kanilang pagkapanalo ay magkaka-boses na sila sa mga bagay na gusto
nilang baguhin sa ating paaralan. Bagamat
nagmula sila sa magkakaibang partido,
nananatili pa ring matatag ang kanilang
mga hangarin upang pagandahin ang
paaralan ng CCFT sa pamamagitan ng
pagkakaisa at pagtutulungan.
Ano-ano nga ba ang kanilang mga
dahilan at hangarin sa pagtakbo sa kanikanilang mga napiling pwesto para sa
paaralan ng CCFT?

Colline: Dahil mula ako sa MAC party,

ang layunin ko ay gumawa ng pagbabago,
to make a change, lalo na kung mas maganda ang pagbabago para sa mga estudyante ng CCFT. Bilang isang mag-aaral ng
CCFT, siyempre maapektuhan din ako
kung hindi maaayos ang mga maling
pamamalakad. Naniniwala akong dapat
gawan ang mga ito ng aksyon.
Leahmay: Tumakbo ako dahil huling taon
ko na dito sa CCFT kung kayat gusto ko
rin magkaroon ng kakaibang karanasan.3
Leomar: Tumakbo ako dahil gusto kong
gamitin ang aking mga nalalaman upang
mas mapaganda ang paaralang ito ayon na
rin sa aking mga naoobserbahan. Gusto ko
rin ng pagbabago sa paaralang ito.
Leander: Nais kong maisaayos ang ating
paaralan. Gusto ko ring makatulong sa
pagpapalaganap ng disiplina dito sa CCFT
at mapatino ang mga pasaway.
Lexis: Gusto kong makatulong sa kapwa
ko mag-aaral at magagawa ko ito sa
pamamagitan ng pagiging tapat at responsable.
Ainsley: Naniniwala akong mahalaga ang
pagkakataong ito upang mapaunlad ang
ating paaralan. Nais kong makatulong sa
kapwa ko mag-aaral upang magsilbing
isang modelo lalo na sa mga bata.
Sa abot ng kanilang makakaya na
may halong dedikasyon sa kanilang tungkulin at kooperasyon mula sa kapwa nila
mag-aaral, tingin naman nila ay magagampanan nila nang maayos ang kanilang mga
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

The First Ever CCFT Sports Fest 2015
By: Leah May Cabug
For the very first time in history of
Children's Chance For Tomorrow
(CCFT), the students had their first ever
Sports fest last October 7-9, 2015 with the
theme Good players inspire themselves.
Great players inspire others." The Sports
fest was also the basis of who will be
competing for the Palarong Pambayan
which occurred last October 22-24, 2015.
Excitement filled the air for there
were numerous sports event to choose
from. "I can't imagine how exciting it'll
be!" One high school student said.
After the registration for the different
sports, classes were shortened for a week
for the athletes to have the opportunity to
practice and improve their selves in their
chosen sports.
The day has come, October 7, 2015.
The program started with a parade that
was conducted around the campus, then
with a vigorous opening program led by
the emcees Leomar Cabug and Clyde Lagunoy. The schools marching band also
performed an exhibition as an opening
presentation for the event.
By 9:00 a.m., the Volleyball competition for boys started. There were two different teams who competed and it was
thrilling. Well, there was a bit of "not so
nice words" that were said by some players that showed their unsportsmanlike
conduct. But somehow, everybody tried
their best to stay calm.
Of course, there was also a Volleyball
competition for girls. Even though it
rained for a bit, it did not become a hindrance. "The show must go on" as what

Photo by : KC Lagunoy

the girls volleyball players said. Everybody was watching the game carefully as
they support their bets. The game was
really tough because every player was
very determined to win but in the end, all
the volleyball players sportsmanship was
witnessed. On the afternoon, the Sipa and
Patintero were held. The students really
enjoyed this part! First, everyone had the
chance to enjoy and second, the students
were able to experience how it feels like
to play these Filipino games, which nowadays are not commonly played.
On October 8, 2015, another batch of
activities was scheduled. The Badminton
tournament is one of the sports events for
the day. Well, even though the players
who were really good at the sport were
easily noticed, the determination that the
other players had were still appreciated. It
Page 3

was inspiring. Due to the large number of

players who joined the Badminton tournament, it was decided that it would be continued the next day. The Chess tourna-

cates. The players who were chosen for

each sport for the Palarong Pambayan
were also announced. Even though a
player got a gold medal, it does not that
mean that he or she
will be the one to
compete on the Palarong Pambayan. Attitude is still more important. These medals
only symbolize the
athletes' hardships
and discipline during
the games.
It was very visible
that everybody had
Photo by : KC Lagunoy
fun! Aside from that,
the students learned
ment was also held. The Chess competi- to value cooperation, patience, discipline
tors used astounding tactics which left the and most specially sportsmanship. They
students hanging. The way they think improved their selves without even knowabout every move they make, made them ing it.
look like professionals in a way. By late
afternoon, it was the Swimming CompetiEditorial Writers
tion. The swimmers showed their steadfastness in achieving the first place. The
competition was exciting. What's funny Overall Editor-in-chief:
KC Lagunoy
during the competition was that some
swimmers do not know what the rules are
and were disqualified. Everyone humbly Literary Editor:
Colline Yong
accepted their defeat, which was great.
The fun really never ends! There were
three Filipino games scheduled for that Section and Copy Editor:
Leah May Cabug
day, which were Luksong tinik, Luksong
Baka, and Ubusan ng Lahi. The rain
Opinion Article Writers:
poured again and this made everything
KC Lagunoy
more enjoyable! Seeing the students play
Colline Yong
these games under the rain will make you
want to become young again.
News/Feature Article Writers:
October 9, 2015 was the last and the
Clyde Lagunoy
most awaited day. This was the day for
Emily Schulte
the culmination of the Sports fest. The
Maan Calbent
Basketball tournament was held on this
Christian Dela Cruz
day. The basketball game was a bit tough
James Dadaya
for the players but they had their perseverKristin Tuazon
ance and somewhat their teamwork to
successfully overcome the challenges in Sports Article writer:
the game. The continuation of the BadJonas Monte
minton tournament also occurred. Students also played some relay games like
School Publication Adviser:
Pasahan ng Kalamansi, sack race, and the
Mr. Louniel Nale
tough Filipino game called Agawan ng
Buko. These games made the students reCreative Department
alize how fun it is to play Filipino games,
but it does not end there. Students were
Leomar Cabug
divided into four groups; the Blue, Red,
Yellow, and the Green Team. These teams
are for the Water Bomb game, the event Official Photojournalists and
where every student is excited about. Graphic and Layout Artists:
Leomar Cabug
When they started the game, the rain
Micah Tianga
poured again and soaked the students in
Kristin Tuazon
water. It was delightful to see the students
cherished the moment. The smiles were
real, and they were left with memories Editorial Cartoon Artists:
Ara Islam
and lessons they can treasure and share
Kezia Garcia
with others in the future.
John Loi Dano
By the end of the day, the culminatKC Ormido
ing activity and awarding were conducted.
Livinia Caling
There, the winners of each sports event
Victor Caling
were awarded with medals and certifiThe Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

Buwan ng Nutrisyon 2015: Timbang iwasto, sa tamang nutrisyon at ehersisyo

naging tema ng buwan ng nutrisyon ngayong

taon. Iyan ay dahil sa nakatutok ang National
Nutrition Council (NNC) sa biglaang pagdami ng mga mamamayang Pilipinong kulang at sobra sa timbang. Ang hangarin ng
tema ngayon ay matulungan at maipabatid sa
mga mamamayan ng Pilpinas kung papaano
sila makakaiwas sa pagiging kulang o sobra
sa timbang. Makakamit lamang ito kung
mabibigyan sila ng sapat na kaalaman at im-

Sa panahon natin ngayon hindi lang
mga matatanda ang naapektuhan ng labis na
katabaan at kakulangan sa timbang, kundi
lalo na ang mga bata. Sa pag-lipas ng panahon, pabata na nang pabata ang mga nakakaranas ng ganitong kaso. Hindi ito nakabubuti para sa kalusugan dahil maaari itong
mauwi sa mas malalang sakit tulad ng pagtaas na presyon ng dugo, kidney failure, diabetes at marami pang iba. Magandang maagapan agad ito sa pamamagitan
ng pag-eehersisyo, kahit 30
minuto lang kada araw, pagkain ng balanse, at sapat na
pahinga at tulog.
Lahat ng estudyante ng CCFT
ay dumalo sa naganap na selebrasyon ng Buwan ng Nutrisyon.
Pinangunahan ni G.
Edwin Arnulfo Santie ang pagsisimula ng programa. Tinalakay niya ang pagkakaroon
ng magandang kalusugan at
ang kahalagahan nito sa ating buhay. Ito ay
malaking tulong sa kaalaman ng bawat indibidwal upang magkaroon ng malusog na
pangangatawan at mas maayos na buhay.
Matapos ang pangunahing pandangal ay nagsimula na ang mga paligsahan tulad ng slogan making at poster making contest na sinalihan ng lahat ng mga mag-aaral ng CCFT
kung saan parehong mag-aaral mula sa ika-10
baitang ang nanalo para sa high school de-

Page 1...Due to the preparation for the Kasadyaan festival, the principal had set a reasonable schedule for both academic activities
and practices. Mr. Louniel D. Nale was assigned to organize each of the presentations.
The other teachers were also assigned to
teach and assist on the different performances.
The show started at around 7:00 pm at
the Coron coliseum when everything was
already set up. We could obviously see each
of the performers felt nervousness and eagerness to perform at the same time. The parents, relatives and as well as the guardians of
the students attended to support and cheer
them up. The night was hosted by Ms. Lorlina Pamintuan, Ms. Jeanne Lou Aquino,
Colline Yong of Grade 10, Clyde Lagunoy
of Grade 8, Emily Schulte of Grade 7, and
Sean Levine of Grade 6.
As the hosts welcomed the audience,
the night begins. It all started with an invocation and preceded by the performances of
grades one, two, and three, which lifted the
flag of the Coronians as they sing and dance
to the tune of some Cuyonon folk songs:
Kingking, Tarinting, and Layang Pasyak.
Another impressive performance was witnessed by the audience as the selected students from the high school department
danced Ragragsakan, an Ilocano folk dance,
wherein the dancers should be able to balance the baskets on their heads. It has been
followed by the intermission numbers of the
trio performers, Aimee, Ainsley Calo, and
Mydel Abrea, who sang Price tag by Jessie
J, then Colline Yong, a 10th grader, who
soulfully sang "Only hope by Mandy
Moore. The selected high school and elementary department gracefully executed the
dance Lapay, which mimics the graceful

movements of the Lapay or Seagulls. An- singing performance of July Ruth Smith
other intermission numbers had blown the which made the audience clap to the beat of
audience away when Janice Jabuen, a 10th the song Cups by Anna Kendrick. Ainsley
grader, sang the famous song Love Me Like Calo and Aimee Enriquez next performed a
You Do by Ellie Goulding, and Micah duet as they sang the song Paano ba ang
Tianga, another 10th grader, who sang The magmahal popularized by Sarah Geronimo
Scientist by Coldplay. Next was the Fan and Piolo Pascual. The last but not the least
Dance that was skillfully and gracefully per- was the Flash Mob which reunited the curformed the by grades five and six. To sing a rent students of C.C.F.T. wherein they
song that will light up the dark night, Ara grooved into the different dance crazes from
Islam of Grade nine and Ainsley Calo of different generations that were chronologiGrade six sang the song Flashlight by Jessie cally arranged.
J. It was then followed by another intermisThe show was ended by the Pete's Ark
sion number by Aimee Enriquez and Mydel dance at around 10:00 pm. According to one
Abrea. They sang the very touching song A of the audience, the program of this school
thousand years by Christina
Perri. The night was filled
with enthusiasm as the dancers of the lower elementary
department danced Zumba.
The night became cooler
when Jireh Resco, Fitney Pe,
and Cassandra Co sang the
song Let it Go from the
Disney movie Frozen. It
was preceded by the Samba
of the selected High school
students which showed Photo by: Kristin Tuazon
Chemistry between the
dancers. It was a really big hit that night con- year's CCFT night is better than the previous
sidering the fact that they have done compli- years. Even though it was a success, there
cated steps very well. To serenade the audi- are still a lot of things to focus and improve
ence, a solo singing performance was done on.
again by Aimee Enriquez as she sang All of
The audience stayed there until the end of
Me by John Legend. The audience became the night that proved everyone that all the
lively as Ainsley Calo had sung the song efforts of the CCFTians had not been in vain.
"One Last Time by Ariana Grande". The They made their supportive guardians, parlower school, middle school, and the high ents and teachers their inspiration to unleash
school grooved as they performed their mod- their real abilities and the critiques to have a
ern dances which were really awaited that better change that night.
night. It was then followed by another solo

Ni: Clyde Lagunoy

Hulyo 31, 2015- Ayon sa taunang
selebrasyon ng Buwan ng Nutrisyon, nagkaroon ang paaralan ng Children's Chance For
Tomorrow (CCFT) ng isang pagdiriwang
ukol dito na may temang Timbang iwasto,
sa tamang nutrisyon at ehersisyo. Sa araw na
iyon, nagkaroon ng ibat ibang mga palaro at
paligsahan na sinalihan ng mga masisigla at
malulusog na estudyante ng CCFT. Kung
mapapansin niyo, tungkol sa timbang ang

Photo by: Leomar Cabug

Page 4

partment. Sa departamento naman ng elementarya, ang nanalo ay si Maria Carmela Anuhan mula sa ikatlong baitang.
Ang jingle making contest ay ang
pinaka-aabangan ng lahat dahil dito makikita
ang husay ng mga mag-aaral sa paggawa ng
sarili nilang awitin na dapat ay base sa tema.
Ang mga unang nagpakita ng galing sa pag
awit ay ang mga mag-aaral mula sa ika-apat
hanggang ika-anim na baitang. Magaganda at
magagaling ang kanilang ipinakitang pagtatanghal ngunit hindi nagpatalo ang ika-pito
hanggang ika-sampung baitang dahil kahit
kakaunti lang ang oras nila para makapagensayo ay napabilib pa rin nila ang mga
hurado pati na rin ang mga manonood. Napapalakpakan ang lahat sapagkat hindi lang sila
namangha sa ipinakitang husay ng bawat baitang kundi pati na rin sa mga mensaheng gustong ipaabot ng mga awitin nila. Sa pagtatapos ng jingle making contest, itinanghal sa
pang-apat na pwesto ang ika-walong baitang,
pangatlo ang ika-pitong baitang, pangalawa
ang ika-siyam na baitang, at kampyon ang ika
-sampung baitang.
Sa pagwawakas ng selebrasyon ng
Buwan ng Nutrisyon ay dumalo ang CCFTCIS sa isang parada sa bayan na nagsimula sa
sports complex at nagtapos sa plasa ng bayan.
Dahil sa biglaan at nahuling abiso mula sa
kinauukulan, tulad noong nakaraang taon,
hindi na nakapaghanda ang mga mag-aaral
gayun din ang mga guro para sa mga patimpalak na pwede nilang lahukan.

The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

Palaweos: NO to Coal-fired Power Plant in Palawan
By Leahmay Cabug
On May 28, 2015, the Palawan Provincial Government approved the controversial 15-megawatt coal-fired power
plant proposed to be built by D.M. Consunji Holdings Inc. (DMCI) Power Corporation in Barangay Bato-bato in Narra,

Palawan. DMCI Power Corporation is

owned and controlled by the family of
David Consuji. The Consuji family controls about 92% of coal mining business
in the Philippines.
The coal power plant in Palawan was
first proposed to be built in the coastal
barangay of Panacan in Narra town in
southern Palawan, but the citizens of the
community opposed. Then, DMCI Power
Corporation proposed to relocate it in
Aborlan, Palawan and just like the citizens of Panacan in Narra, they rejected it.
Then at last, the Palawan Provincial
council approved to relocate the coalfired power plant back in Barangay Bato-

Bato in Narra.
The Coal-fired power plant has been
fiercely opposed by Palaweos since
2013. They believe that, the power plant
is likely to pollute its surroundings leading to loss of wildlife and health problems for communities. The municipal
council of Narra, back in 2013, issued a
resolution opposing the DMCI Power
Plant. Environmentalists are also worried that the plant could harm populations of the critically-endangered Philippine Cockatoo locally known as the
Katala which forage in a marine protected area in the town. The province is
one of the last remaining habitats of the
Philippine cockatoos, which are also
found in limited numbers in other parts
of Palawan. Apart from environmental
concerns, the harmful effects of the
power plant to the health and livelihood
of people in the nearby fishing village
and farmland in Narra, which is considered as the rice granary of Palawan, is
also questioned by different environmental groups.
Coal-fired power plants may bring a
lot of troubles. They contribute a lot in
global warming because it cannot be denied that coal leaves by-products upon
combustion cause pollution. The emission of harmful substances to the environment like mercury, sulfur dioxide,
carbon monoxide, selenium, and arsenic

The Effects of Internet to Humans

By:Emily Sampaguita Schulte
According to internet, the total number of worldwide
internet users from the year 2000 up to
2015 was more than three billion. From
four million users, it was really obvious

that there was a sudden increase to 3.17

billion, and still counting.
The Internet can affect the lives
of people in multiple ways. It can either
be positive or negative, depending on
how a person uses it.
The Internet helps us learn. It provides us knowledge about new things and
even lets us to be aware about the current
events on our world faster. It also serves
as a communication tool. The internet
gives us fast connections to our friends,
Page 5

family and loved ones via Facebook,

Skype, and etcetera. In short, it makes
everything easier and faster.
In spite of the advantages, maybe
what we have in the past would be somehow better for us now because it is not
that addicting and it has no too
much of violence. The Internet
has also a lot of disadvantages.
Its negative effects are total
opposites of what it has as advantages. Irresponsible use of
the internet can affect our studies, social life and our relationship with our family. It can be
a source of bad influences that
may even cause humans harm.
As I have personally observed,
many people inside and outside of my social circle seem
to be as if they would not survive not having internet. They would yell
at their gadgets, smash them onto something, and would really feel bad about it.
They feel sad if they cant post anything
on Facebook, and reach a hundred likes
for their new profile picture. Is that what
really matters now? As students, the
Internet can be a distraction to your studies. If you do not use the Internet wisely
and without discipline, it may lead us to a
bad future.
With control, these problems are

can cause acid rain and other kinds of

pollution that are very harmful to humans.
Since Palawan was once again
hailed as the top island destination in the
world in a poll by an award-winning US
travel magazine, environmentalists
gained another reason to fight for the environment. This is an evident on how
beautiful and gifted Palawan is. Many
environmentalists are going hand on
hand to save Palawan and just recently,
Climate change Commissioner Naderev
Sao had joined the campaign too. He
urged local policy makers to go green
instead. "Palawan is our last bastion of
biodiversity and should continue to be a
model for sustainable development. Setting up a coal power plant in Palawan
will endanger its ecosystem and crowd
out the opportunity to develop renewable
energy resources" Sao told the Inquirer.
Now, the question is, are the
Palaweos ready to sacrifice the beauty
of Palawan or will they cooperate to stop
the coal-fired power plant to conserve its
reputation as the country's last ecological
frontier? May the Palaweos realize the
effects of the coal-fired power plant and
be able to reflect from it. Which would
you rather have, efficient electricity with
the risk of destroying the environment or
the beauty that beholds Palawan?

avoidable. Too much anything is unhealthy. Use the Internet and anything
else with moderation. For students, know
your priorities first like doing your home
works before using the Internet. Dont
waste your time using the internet and
forgetting all your responsibilities. Discipline is also important. In social media,
you should remember that not everybody
of your friends there are your real
friends. Be sure not to be involved with
anybad-influential people and do not just
accept friend requests from anybody
whom you dont really know. It's not being anti-social; it's just being extra careful and not forgetting the people you
really know.
Use the Internet wisely and remember who your real friends are. There
is no problem to use the internet when
you need it for studies, work, or sometimes for leisure. Everybody can use the
Internet, but like anything else, it has
limitations. Even adults, teenagers and
especially the younger ones should be
under proper guidance and supervision.
Not everything we read, see, and hear in
the internet is appropriate to everybody.
All I want to say is to know your
limits. Control yourself when using the
internet and dont let the internet control
you. Know your responsibilities and be
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

My Most Remarkable Gift
By: Mary Angeli Calbentos
Graduations are very special occasions for every student. As I end my elementary life last May 2015, I have entered
another life journey again.Honestly, I reallydid expect a gift from my parents. I was
a bit curious when I found out that its not
going to be a material thing. I became
more excited and interestedwhen I heard
them talking about some stuff like plane
tickets,travelling, and etcetera. That's the
time when I knew that my gift will be a
tour vacation with my family in Manila,
Iloilo, and Cuyo!
Our first destination is Manila, the
capital city of the Philippines. We stayed
there for 2 days only to visit some of our
relatives. By May 14, 2015, we had our
flight going to our second destination,
which is Iloilo. Iloilo used to be a province
before but later on, it became a city in the
island of Panay in Western Visayas. We
went there to attend a wedding and of
course, to tour around the province. During our town tour, we went to different

The second time around

By: Sean Levine

Ever since I knew that my parents

had planned the trip to Hong Kong (HK), I
was already very excited! It has been so
long since the last time I've been there. I
was still young during the first time we
June 8, 2015 was the day of our flight to
Hong Kong. The flight took us about two
hours from Manila going there. When we
arrived in Hong Kong International Airport, I was already a bit exhausted and
also eager for new adventures at the same
time. We stayed in Ramada Hotel where
we also stayed during the first time we
were in HK. Their service was fine and
finally, I was able to get a rest. Well, I totally needed it for our exciting trip the
next day, which I was very thrilled about.
June 09, 2015, we woke up with a
positive energy knowing that we will have
a blast during that day. We needed to take
a subway and then ride a bus going to
Hong Kong Ocean Park. Overall, it took
us about three hours to reach it. We passed
through different establishments and diverse kind of living until we finally arrived in our destination. At the ocean
park, we rode a cable car all the way to
the top of a mountain. The view was incredible. It may be a bit scary because it
was really high, but then it was all worth
it. Then, we also rode a rollercoaster.
Since that was the first time I rode a rollercoaster, I was really scared and nervous at the same time. I was freaking out,
to be honest. But my older brother, Noah,
assured me that it was no biggie. This rollercoaster was quite small so it was a
good one to start out in. As the ride went
on, I felt less scared and more confident.
HK Ocean Park is not just an ocean park,
but an amusement park. It also features
other animals like penguins, wolves and
Page 6

churches in Molo, Jaro, and Miag-ao.

Molo church is known as the feminist
church; it is one of Iloilo citys finest
Spanish-colonial churches and heritage
sites. Jaro church gives a nostalgic feeling. It was built on year 1864 and it is the
first and only cathedral in Panay. We also
went to the church of Saint Thomas of
Villanova, commonly known as Miag-ao
Church. It is the Roman Catholic parish
church of the town of Miag-ao in Iloilo
After 4 days in Iloilo, we went to an
island named Cuyo which is a remote island in the province of Palawan that
springs forth in Sulu separating Panay and
Palawan islands. We spent our two-week
vacation there. We swam almost every day
in the famous Capusan beach, the largest
beach on the island that turned our skin
darker. I also spent my birthday there!
Cuyo also has a small town wherein the
market is just a few walks away. There are
a lot of beautiful places to go there like

Danielles Place or the citadel of the Filipino soldiers during the Spanish time.
Their airport was extraordinary because
its grass and not pave. Its a little bit
scary but its awesome! Another funny
thing was that cows there are just scattered everywhere in the grass fields! We
also went to Cuyos so-called Little Baguio. They also have a Station of the
Cross going up to Mt. Aquado. We also
went to Anino retreat which is located in
Brgy. Lucbuan, Magsaysay. There are a
lot of beautiful places that you can find in
Magsaysay, Palawan, which can be
reached within 20 minutes only from
Cuyo. I super enjoyed our vacation even
the internet connection in Cuyo is very
slow and limited! Cuyo is a very beautiful, peaceful, and quiet place.
My vacation was a blast! Having a
nice experience travelling to different
places with my loved ones is just simply
awesome. Perhaps, this was the greatest
present I have received in my life so far.

foxes. I really enjoyed each moment we able to live and thrive underground. Seehad there. Those were unforgettable.
ing the way they had to live give me a
June 10, 2015 was the day that we've all new sense of respect for the Vietnamese.
been waiting for; were heading to Hong
By July 8, we were ready to go back to
Kong Disneyland! The first ride that my the Philippines. We were able to go to
older brother and I wanted to try was the three countries: Hong Kong, Vietnam and
"Space Mountain". It was a
good ride, but it did not seem to
be as the best ride as we expected it to be. Once again, we
rode a roller coaster. I was
really afraid during that time,
but life is all about trying and
exploring new things, and
The last time we were in Disneyland, we didn't stay for the
fireworks display. But this time,
we did. The fireworks were
amazing and there was also music accompanying it. We have
also watched the all-time favorite Disney characters dance on
an incredible light-parade.
Its time for us to leave Hong
Kong. June 11, 2015, we took a
boat ride to Macau which was
roughly four hours long. We
went to Museum de Macau and
I will never forget it. We saw a
lot of old Chinese artifacts and Photo by: Ms. Analy Levine
pictures where I did learn a lot.
It was like I was also part of the history. Macau. That trip gave me new ideas
We went to Hanoi, Vietnam on June about the people and culture of those
14, 2015. The last time we were in Viet- places. Not only I was able to read it from
nam, we went up north to Sapa. This books, but also able to experience it.
time, we decided to go south to Saigon. Throughout the trip, there were countless
Along the way, we passed through vari- challenges but in the end, we were able to
ous towns and cities. We also had the enjoy and work together as a family. The
chance to visit the tunnels that were used best part of the trip is that I was able to
by the Vietnamese during the Vietnam spend quality time with my family, which
War. It was heartbreaking to see the way made it very special. I had a lot of new
they had to live in those tunnels. With the memories that I know I can keep for a
constant threat of death outside, they were lifetime.
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

An overview of the National Career Assessment Examination
By: Kristin Tuazon
National Career Assessment Examination or NCAE
is taken up yearly by every
Grade nine students here in
Philippines in both public and
private schools. This is necessary to help each aspiring student to determine their abilities on different career fields
that might help them to
choose the best course that
will suit on them. It was originally taken up by fourth year
students, but Department of
Education (DepEd) recently
announced that the third year
students will take the examination instead. Before the actual exam, every school must

prepare their students but

without pressure. Some
schools really review and do
dry runs to train the students
on how to take the exam. For
students who will take up
NCAE, you don't really need
to study or review intensively
because from the name itself,
it is just an assessment that
will serve as your guide in
choosing what track or course
you will take in senior high
school or in college. Just prepare and know what you
really want.
NCAE is designed to discover the skills, aptitude, and
intelligence of every student.
NCAE tests students' general

academic knowledge and also

their vocational aptitude,
some occupational references
and entrepreneurial skills.
Some people are asking if
NCAE and NCEE (National
College Entrance Examination) is different. Well, they
are both educational aptitude
examinations and intended to
measure students potential
and interests. But, NCEE is
different because as its name
suggests, it is a college entrance examination, which
every senior high school student must pass in order to
continue to a university. Once
they failed the exam, they're
only allowed to take voca-

tional courses and not any

college courses.
NCAE results are recommendatory. It can be one of
the requirements in the application of scholarships like in
Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and TESDA.
It may also be a requirement
for enrollment in any college
and university courses as well
as in a two-year vocational or
technological course, and
other short entrepreneurial
courses. This wont dictate
you on what course should
you take but it is useful in
minimizing career mismatch
among the high school students entering college.

sayaw. Ang magkapatid na

ito ay parehong masayahin.
Maraming tao ang humahanga
sa kanila dahil sa pagpapakatotoo nila. Naniniwala sila na

at pusa" subalit sinabi rin nila

na "kami ay palaging nagaaway ngunit pagkatapos ay
mag-uusap kami na para bang
walang nangyari". Sinabi nila
na mahalaga ang pagiging
malapit sa isa't-isa sapagkat maari mo na sabihin
ang mga lihim na initinago mo sa mahabang
panahon at nakakatulong
din ito upang mas maging
kampante kayo sa isat-isa.
Matatanggap din nila sa
positibong paraan ang
mga pamumuna ng isa'tisa at susubuking baguhin
ang mga iyon. Pinagtitibay nila ang kanilang relasyon bilang magkapatid
sa pamamagitan ng pagkain, panunuod ng mga
pelikula, at pakikipagbuno. Hindi kapanipaniwala, di ba?
Tinanong ko sila kung
paano nila pinapasaya ang
kanilang mga magulang, ang
sabi nila "sa pamamagitan ng
pagsisikap sa pag-aaral, pagiwas sa away, at pag-sunod sa
lahat ng mga pinag-uutos nila,
dahil alam naming para rin
naman iyon sa ikabubuti ng
aming kinabukasan. Kahanga
-hanga talaga ang mga sagot
nila. Totoo nga na sila ay mga
responsableng estudyante at
anak sa kanilang mga magulang.
Tulad ng inyong mga natuklasan hindi ko rin inaasahan ang
mga bagay na aking nalaman
tungkol sa kanila. Ganun pa
man alam kong lahat tayo ay
talagang may iba't-ibang mga

Ang Magkapatid na Cabug

Isinulat ni: Colline Yong
Ang magkapatid na
Leah May Cabug at Leomar
Cabug ay ilan lamang sa mga
napili upang itampok sa unang
isyu ng pahayagan ng The
Sentinels para sa taong 2015.
Ito ay dahil sa kinakikitaan
sila ng naiibang mga katangian at sa pagmamahal na
inilalagay nila sa mga bagay
na kanilang ginagawa.Ang
layunin ng pagpapakilala sa

Photo by: Kristin tuazon

mga estudyante ng CCFT ay

upang mapatunayan sa lahat
na ang bawat mag-aaral sa
C.C.F.T. ay may iba't ibang
mga katangian ngunit may
iisang layunin at hangarin.
Sila ay mula sa Dasmarias, Cavite. Lumipat ang
Page 7

kanilang pamilya dito sa

Coron, Palawan dahil sa
hanap-buhay ng kanilang mga
magulang. Isa na ring naging
dahilan ng kanilang paglipat
ay ang pagkakaroon ng hika ni
Leah May. Hindi tulad doon
sa kanilang pinanggalingan,
hindi gaanong matindi ang
polusyon dito. Ang kanilang
ina ay isang Bicolano na mula
sa Naga, City samantalang
ang kanila namang ama ay
mula sa Maynila. Sabi ni
Leah May at Leomar, masaya raw tumira sa Cavite
dahil nandoon ang
karamihan sa kanilang
mga kamag-anak, maraming mga pasyalan at aktibidad ang kanilang kinagigiliwan, at marami
ring mga masasarap na
pagkain kaya't lagi silang
Ang magkapatid na ito
ay masuwerte sa pagkakaroon ng isang buo at masayang pamilya na nagudyok sa kanila upang
magtiyaga sa buhay at
mapahusay ang kanikanilang mga talentong
ibinigay sa kanila ng
Poong Maykapal. Sa
kanilang palagay, sa
ganoong paraan nila
maaaring matugunan ang
mga inaasahan sa kanila ng
kanilang mga magulang at pati
na rin ng mga tao sa kanilang
Si Leah May ay mas
nakatatanda kaysa kay Leomar. Sila ay kilala sa pagiging
mahusay sa paaralan at lalo na
sa pagiging magaling sa pag-

Photo by: Leomar Cabug

ang pagiging totoo sa iyong

sarili ay makatutulong upang
mapabuti mo ang mga bagay
na mayroon ka. Maaari rin
itong makatulong sa iyo upang
makamit ang iyong mga
minimithi at magsilbi ring inspirasyon sa iba.
Ang parehong kinahihiligan nilang magkapatid ay
ang mga pagkain, lalo na ang
tsokolate. Tulad rin ng iba
pang mga mag-kapatid, may
mga bagay din silang pinagaawayan, gaya ng pagkain,
kanilang mga pag-uugali, at
kahit ang kanilang telebisyon
dahil magka-iba ang gusto
nilang panooring palabas.
Kaya inilarawan nila ang
kanilang relasyon bilang "aso

The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

Kilalanin si Leah May Cabug
Isinulat ni: Colline Yong
Si Leah May Cabug ay ipinanganak noong Mayo 16, 1999 sa Dasmarias, Cavite. Siya ay nasa ika-10 baitang

sinusubukang matupad ang kanyang mga

tungkulin bilang isang estudyante. Alam
niyo ba na nagkaroon ng hika o Asthma
dahil sa mapolusyon at mataong lugar sa
dati nilang tinitirhan, kaya naman naging
isa sa mga dahilan ito ng paglipat nila
dito sa Coron. Umaasa silang sa sariwang hangin dito ay maiibsan ang
karamdaman ni Leah.

Dahil nanggaling sila sa Cavite

nakahiligan ni Leah ang pagkain ng Bicol Express lalo na kapag luto ng kanyang tatay. Siyempre lahat naman tayo
ay hindi makantanggi at mapigilan ang
sarili sa tuwing naamoy natin ang nakahahalinang amoy ng luto nga ating mga
ama. Ito'y dahil daw sa masarap ito at
may kakaibang lasa. Gusto niya ang mga
taong tapat, matapang at mapag-bigay.
Sabi ni Leomar, si Leah May ay maganda, mabait at mapagbigay na kapatid.
Inilarawan din siya ng kanyang mga magulang bilang isang mabait, responsable,
masunurin at mapagmahal na anak. Siya
rin ay aktibo sasocial media dahil siya ay
nagnanais na maging konektado sa kanyang mga minamahal sa buhay na malayo sa kanya, katulad ng kanyang kuya
Photo by: Leomar Cabug na nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa. Ngunit
hindi naman inaabuso ni Leah ang pagsa CCFT-CIS. Siya'y isang matalino at
gamit nito.
mahusay na mag-aaral. Kahit na minsan
Naniniwala siya na hindi dapat
ay nakalilimutan niya ang ilan sa kanmadaliin ang lahat ng bagay dahil
yang mga responsibilidad o gawain binagiging sanhi ito ng pagkasira ng mga
lang estudyante, palagi pa din niyang
na anak ngunit may maikling pasensya.
Kilalanin si Leomar Cabug
Mahilig siya sa mga aso at kinahihiligan
Isinulat ni: Colline Yong
Si Leomar Cabug ay ipinanganak rin niya ang pagluluto para sa kanyang
noong ika-31 ng Agosto, 2001 sa Coron, mga magulang. Ang paborito niyang pagPalawan. Si Leomar ay nasa ika-walong kain ay ang Sinigang na baboy lalo na kabaitang na sa CCFT-CIS. Siya ay isang pag sobrang asim nito. Tulad ng kanyang
kapatid na si Leah May, si Leomar ay aktibo din sa social media. Sinabi niya na
pinapanatili nito ang kanyang kaalaman
sa mga bagay na nangyayari sa kanyang
kapaligiran at nakakatulong din ito sa
kanyang pakikipag-usap sa iba lalo na sa
kanyang mga mahal sa buhay.
Naniniwala si Leomar na napakahalaga ng oras. Tunay ngang mahalaga ito
at hinding-hindi mabibili ng salapi. Naniniwala siyang dapat ibigay natin ang lahat ng ating makakaya sa mga bagay na
ating ginagawa dahil hindi na tayo makababalik pa sa nakaraan upang itama ang
ating mga pagkakamali. Dapat daw nating
pahalagahan ang oras, sa katunayan nga
ay ang bawat segundo nito.
Noong tinanong ko siya tungkol sa
babaeng kanyang hinahangaan, ang sinabi
niya ay "Gusto ko ng isang babaeng simple at matalino dahil perpekto na ito para
aking paningin."
Ang prayoridad ni Leomar ay ang Diyos
Photo by: Micah Tianga
dahil siya ay lubos na kahanga-hanga at
mabait, madaldal, at palakaibigang tao. dahil siya ang gumawa sa kanya, sa ating
Sabi ng kanyang kapatid na si Leah May, lahat, at sa mundong ito. Hindi ito pangsiya raw ay mabait at masipag ngunit karaniwan para sa isang kabataan na katukung minsan ay may pagka-sutil. Maliban lad niya na isipin at unahin ang ating Disa mga sinabi ni Leah May, ang sabi na- yos. Maaari ko nang masabi na lumaki
man ng kanyang mga magulang ay si Le- siya na totoong anak ng Diyos. Nag-aaral
omar ay isang masunurin at mapagmahal siya ng mabuti dahil sa kanyang palagay
Page 8

bagay-bagay at ang lahat ng ito ay may

mga kaukulang tamang lugar at panahon.
Tulad ng iba pang mga babae, nais din ni
Leah May ang isang taong tapat at responsable upang masigurado niyang siya
ay nagmamalasakit sa kanyang kinabukasan. Sa pamamagitan noon, palagay
niya na ang taong iyon ay mapapagkatiwalaan niya ng kanyang pag-ibig. Ginagawa niyang inspirasyon ang kanyang
mga magulang upang makamit ang kanyang mga pangarap. Tinanong ko siya
kung paano siya nakakakuha ng matataas
na grado at sabi niya "Ito ay sa pamamagitan ng pag-pasa ng mga gawain sa
eskwela nang maaga at pagbigay ng aking makakaya sa lahat ng aking ginagawa." Isa siyang tunay na magandang
modelo para sa mga kabataan.
Sa henerasyon na ito kaunti na
lang ang mga mag-aaral na katulad niya.
Matiyaga, at nagsisikap para sa kinabukasan ng kanyang mga magulang. Alam
nating lahat na sa modernong panahon
ay mas kinakailangan ang mas matatag,
mas matalino, at mas responsable na tao
upang harapin ang mga problema sa
kanilang buhay.
Si Leah May ay naiiba mula sa
mga kabataang kilala natin ngayon. Dahil
dito, maaari kong sabihin na sa likod ng
mga pagsisikap at sakripisyo niya, alam
kong isang maliwanag at matagumpay na
hinaharap ang kanyang masisilayan.
na mahalaga ang bawat oras. Ginagawa
niya ito upang mapasaya ang kanyang
mga magulang. Tinanong ko siya tungkol
sa estratehiya niya sa pag-aaral at ang sabi
niya "ako ay palaging nakikinig sa tuwing
magsasalita ang mga guro sa aming harapan at binabasa ko ang aking mga sulatin
sa kwaderno dalawang beses sa isang
linggo." Kahanga-hangang bata talaga
itong si Leomar Cabug sapagkat walang
sawa siyang nagpupursige sa kanyang pag
Maliban sa pag-aaral ng mabuti ay
pinapasaya niya rin ang kanyang mga magulang sa pamamagitan ng pagtulong sa
kanila sa mga gawaing bahay, at paghalik
sa kanila bago umalis ng bahay upang
magpakita ng ppagmamahal at respeto.
Ang paghalik sa mga magulang ay isang
kaugalian ng mga Pilipino na unti-unti
nang nawawala sa bawat henerasyong lumulipas.
Tinanong ko sa kanya na bakit sa
tingin niya ay isa siya sa mga napiling itampok dito sa diyaryo ng CCFT. Ang sabi lang
niya ay "Sa tingin ko ito ay dahil sa mahabang panahon kong pag-aaral dito". Siguro
nga oo, pero para sa akin, hindi talaga iyon
ang dahilan. Alam nating lahat na kaya sila ay
isa sa mga napiling itampok ay dahil ginagawa nila ang mga bagay na lampas sa mga
inaasahan ng lahat ng taong nakapaligid sa
Nakatutuwa talaga siyang makausap
dahil marami kang matututunan sa kaniya.
Katulad ng kanyang kapatid, alam kong magakakaroon din siya ng isang maliwanag na
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

Student on Profile featuring: Inhan Kang
By: KC Lagunoy
Inhan Kang is a Korean born on
February 8, 2007 and he is now eight
years old. He is a grade two pupil and a
transferee in CCFT. Inhan is a middle
child; he has an older sister and a
younger brother. He only speaks Korean
(Hangul) and understands a little bit of

Photo by: Kristin Tuazon

English. Like his teachers, at first, I also

had a semi-hard time talking to him because I am not sure if he really understands what I am saying. Everything

seems hard for him because of the language barrier. Thanks to Sir Louniel, his
class adviser, who was there to help me!
When Inhan also answers our questions
continuously in Korean which we cant
really understand, we just ask him to
draw them on a paper or just simply reenact it. Talking to him is so much challenging but also fun.
According to him, this was his
first time to visit the Philippines and he
was easily amazed with the beauty of
Coron, Palawan. Inhan admires the clean
waters of Coron and how its ecological
beauty was preserved. Their family business, the W-divers Coron, is based in
here. This is the reason why they are now
living in Coron and why he also knows
how to dive. Even at his young age, he is
brave enough to swim with some sea
creatures! He had also experienced diving in Tubbataha Reef, a UNESCO
World Heritage Site located in the middle
of Sulu Sea and 150 kilometers away
from the southeast of Puerto Princesa
City, Palawan. His favorite sea creatures
are the sea turtles and the jellyfish. He
told me that he also wants to be a professional diver someday like his dad.
Kim chi is his favorite Korean
dish, which is the National dish of Korea.
It is a traditional fermented Korean dish
made out of vegetables with a variety of
seasonings. Aside from this, Inhan also
loves Sinigang, which is one of the most

Student on Profile featuring: Emily

By: KC Lagunoy
Emily Sampaguita Schulte is one
of the best students in CCFT. She is a pure
German and was born on February 13,
2003. Emily is a 12 year-old seventh
grader. She started going to school when
she was five years old. Ever since she was

Photo by: Kristin Tuazon

in Kindergarten, she is already studying in

CCFT. She is a loyal CCFTian actually.
This is also the reason why she is so familiar with the most of us. Even though some
Page 9

of us have seen and met her for so long

already, we havent really known her that
much yet. What made her stay here for so
long? I like the place and the people. The
atmosphere is so tranquil and stress-free
she said.
Emily understands and speaks English, German, and Filipino. She had already been to several countries in the
world and the Philippines is her most favorite among them. The places here are
really beautiful. I love the food, the atmosphere, and the people especially in Cebu
and Tagaytay she stated. She also added
that they are here in Coron Palawan, because of their family business; they own
the Rocksteady Diving Center located at
Brgy. Bancuang, Coron, Palawan. She
loves Coron but she also thinks that there
are still some things which need development and improvements.
Emily is fond of reading books and
watching animated movies. She believes
that those activities are more enjoyable
when you have some food to munch on!
Like what she has seen on different movies, she is afraid of wars and chaos in reality. Who would have wanted wars? We
are all seeking for peace and orderliness,
Badminton and soccer are her
sports. She has also won on some badminton tournaments before. Doing physical
activities is definitely better than playing
so much of video games. It is healthier,

known Filipino viands.

He is also such a talented kid. He
knows how to dance, dive, and draw.
During the CCFT Night last August
2015, he had three dance presentations
and he also sang three Cuyonon folk
songs with his classmates. Just imagine
how challenging it is for a pure Koreanspeaking child! He knows the lyrics and
he can sing along with the music. As a
kid, Inhan is very curious about a lot of
things around him especially that he is in
a place wherein everything seems new to
him. He is also very energetic and enthusiastic.
Inhans favorite subject is
Mathematics and he does well on it. According to his teacher, Inhan is very creative, organize, and systematic. Even if
the language is a barrier for him, it never
stops him to learn, have fun, and make
friends. With patience and perseverance,
his adviser uses different approaches in
order to teach him more effectively. As
of now, he can somehow read and understand Tagalog words, and also speak a
little bit of English! He plays along with
his classmates and schoolmates. He
doesnt distant himself from the other
kids who sees him as different. This just
shows that friendship is not only about
what you have in common but also about
accepting ones differences.

more enjoyable, and you are able to gain

something good from it.
Playing piano is just one of her talents. I was surprised when she told me
that because I only saw her sing or dance at
school. Well, now we know. Maybe she
will show us some of her piano skills
Emily is a very shy girl but when
you get to know her more, she is fun to be
with. As described by some of her friends,
Emily is chatty and very jolly. As a daughter, she is very obedient and caring. She
also treats her siblings as her best buddies.
She may be ill-tempered sometimes but
overall, she is friendly and kind. She dislikes people who are arrogant and boastful.
As said by her classmates and teachers,
Emily is very active and attentive in class.
She really pursues to reach her dreams and
goals in life. Emily has her goal to finish
her studies and be a professional photographer.
Be careful and be wise with the
people around you. Our society is very
different right now. You cant trust everybody she said as I asked her to give an
advice to her fellow teenagers. As I can
see, she serves as a good role model especially to the younger ones. Even if she is
just a seventh grader, she has the willingness and courage to lead. In fact, she was
just recently elected as the auditor of the
schools Supreme Student Government.
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

Pahayag Ukol sa Delubyong Hatid ng Malakas na Lindol
Ni: Mary Angeli Calbentos
Kamakailan lang, naging laman ng mga balita ang mga
katagang The Big One.
Ano nga ba ito? Ang tinaguriang The Big One ay isang
pinangangambahang lindol na
may tinatayang lakas na magnitude 7.2 na maaaring
makasira sa buong Maynila at
mga probinsyang malapit dito.
Ang mga kalamidad,
katulad ng lindol, ay imposibleng mahulaan nang
basta-basta lang kung kailan
ito maaaring mangyari.
Subalit ayon sa makasaysayang talaang ginawa ng
Philippine Institution of Volcanology and Seismology
(PHILVOLCS), napagpalagay
nilang hinog na ang West
Valley fault na maaaring gumalaw anumang oras at maging dahilan ng isang napakalakas na paglindol.
Ang west valley
fault ay may lawak na halos
100 kilometro na tumatawid

sa malaking bahagi ng Metro

Manila, ilang parte ng Quezon
city, Region- IV A, Bulacan,
at iba pang nalalapit na mga
lugar dito.
Ang lindol na ito ay
maaaring makapinsala at
makasira ng milyun-milyong
kabahayan, imprastraktura,
matataas na gusali, mga linya
ng kuryente at tubig, at higit
sa lahat ay ang kinatatakutang
kamatayan ng libo-libong tao.
Ang ganitong klaseng
mga delubyo ay talagang hindi
maiiwasan ngunit kayang paghandaan.
Ika nga, Ang
maagap na paghahanda, nalalayo sa sakuna. Tulad ng nabanggit kanina, maaaring
tumama ito anumang oras,
ikaw man ay nasa opisina,
paaralan, lansangan, o kahit
saan pa.
Ito ang ilan sa mga dapat gawin at tandaan kung sakaling mangyari ang pinangangambahang lindol. Una sa
lahat, maging alerto at huwag

Sa Nalalapit na Eleksyon
hindi pa rin mawawala
Ni : James Dadaya
Malapit na ang pambansang halalan ngayong
taong 2016. Palagi na itong
laman ng mga balita at napaguusap-usapan na ng bawat
m a m a m a ya n g P i l i p i n o .
Madalas na muli tayong
makarirnig ng mga campaign
jingles at makakakita ng mga
kaliwat kanang mga poster
ng mga kandidato na nagsisilbing hudyat na ng panahon
para sa pangangampanya.
Maraming mga
bagong kandidato ang nagnanais mahalal at maupo sa
kani-kanilang mga napiling
posisyon. Isa na dito ay ang
posisyon ng pagka-presidente.
Ang pinaka kaabang-abang sa
darating na halalan, ay kung
sino ang hahalili sa ating kasalukuyang pangulo na si G. Benigno Noynoy Aquino III.
Pinamahalaan niya ang ating
bansa sa loob ng halos anim
na taon. Kasama niya ang iba
pang mga pinuno na namahala
sa ibat-ibang parte ng ating
bansa na nagsumikap upang
mapaunlad ang mga lugar na
kanilang mga nasasakupan.
Nagpatupad sila ng mga
proyekto na talaga namang
nakatulong sa atin lalo na sa
mga kababayan nating hirap
sa buhay. Sa kabila ng mga
naihandog nila sa ating bayan,
Page 10

mga taong naniniwalang hindi
naging maayos ang kanilang
pamumuno. Naging mali ang
pamamaraan nila sa pagpapatakbo ng ating bansa ayon
sa opinyon ng ibang tao. Gayunpaman, marami pa rin ang
naniniwalang naging matagumpay ang kanilang
Itinakda noong ika 1216 buwan ng Oktubre 2015
ang paghahain ng mga Certificate of Candidacy (COC) sa
Commission on Elections
(COMELEC). Sa linya ng
pagka-pangulo, humigit kumulang lampas sa isandaang
kandidato ang naghain ng kani
-kanilang mga katibayan. Sa
kabuuan, halo-halong mga
personalidad ang naghahangad
ng kanya-kanyang posisyon sa
ating gobyerno, mayroong
mga karaniwang tao lamang at
mga kilalang personalidad.
Sa politika, hindi talaga maiiwasan ang mga katanungan ng
bawat mamamayan lalo na
kung ito ay tungkol sa katiwalian, mga suliraning hinarap ng ating bansa, at maging
mga personal nilang problema. Minsan, may mga taong
magaling lamang manghusga
nang dahil sa mga kamaliang
nagawa ng ibang politiko. Gayunpaman, subukan naman

matataranta. Ang takot, at

pagiging wala sa sarili sa
panahon ng kapahamakan ay
walang saysay at maaaring
mas maging dahilan lang ng
iyong pagka-pahamak. Pangalawa, kung kayo ay nasa
loob ng isang gusali, pumunta
sa ilalim ng isang matibay na
lamesa at protektahan ang ulo.
Pangatlo, kapag tumigil na
ang lindol, kumilos nang
mabilis papunta sa open area
nang nakatakip sa ulo ang kamay. Pang apat, manatili sa
ligtas na pwesto dahil posible
pang magkaroon ng mga
aftershock at kung maari ay
humingi ng tulong sa eksperto
na nasa paligid niyo. Pang
anim, pumunta sa evacuation
center na malapit sa inyo.
Ayon nga kay MMDA (Metro
Manila Development Authority) chairman Francis Tolentino, ang bawat isa ay kailangan maging shock proof sa
mga maaaring mangyayari.
May mga malalaking

gusali ang nagsagawa na rin

ng isang malawakang earthquake drill na pinangunahan
ng MMDA na isinagawa sa
buong kamaynilaan. Itinampok rin ito sa ilang istasyon ng
telebisyon tulad ng Abs-Cbn,
TV 5, GMA at iba pa.
Bilang isang mamamayan ng Pilipinas kailangang
maging handa na tayo sa mga
sakaling mangyayari. Ang lindol na ito ay hindi bastabastang usapan lamang.
Handa na nga ba tayo sakaling
mangyari ito? Kakayanin kaya
natin ito? Tulad ng paulit-ulit
na mga paalala sa atin, tayoy
maging mapag-masid, laging
umantabay at maging alerto sa
mga balita, matutong sumunod sa mga paalala at babala,
at higit sa lahat, huwag kalilimutang magdasal. Sa mga
panahong tulad nito, ito at ang
pagiging handa lamang ang
mga tanging sandata natin sa
ano mang kapahamakan.

nating tumingin sa mga mabubuting bagay na nagawa

nila para sa ating bayan, kung
mayroon man.
Habang nalalapit na
ang halalan, nauuso na rin ang
mga siraan sa pagitan ng
bawat politiko. Kan ya kanyang mga paraan ang ginagawa ng bawat kandidato
upang gumawa ng isyu laban
sa iba, totoo man o hindi.
Ayon sa aking mga natanong,
napaka-laki ang posibilidad na
may mga taong kumakandidato na ang tanging hangad ay
ang kanilang mga pansariling
kagustuhan lamang; ang magkaroon ng kapangyarihan at
hindi ang pagsilbihan ang ating bayan. Kapag nakuha na
nila ang kapangyarihang
kanilang inaasam ay magagawa na nila ang kahit anong
gustuhin nila. Ang ganitong
mga bagay ay hindi na maituturing na lihim sa mga
mamamayan sapagkat ang
mga ito ay sadyang kapansinpansin.
Sa darating na halalan,
nararapat lang na isaalangalang ng mga mamboboto ang
pag-pili nang mabuti sa mga
kandidatong kanilang ihahalal.
Piliin yung mga taong responsible, tapat, yung gagampanan
ang kani-kanilang mga responsibilidad nang buong

puso, at yung maaaring makapagpabago sa ating bansa

tungo sa kaunlaran at katiwasayan. Iwasan ang masilaw sa
salapi o anumang mga bagay
na binibigay nila kapalit ng
mga boto dahil sa bandang
huli, tayo rin ang mapeperwisyo. Maging tapat at wais sa
pagpili at kung maaari pa nga
ay kilatisin sila nang maigi.
Marami sa mga kumakandidato ang meron lamang matatamis na salita pero wala naman talagang nagagawa.
Nililigawan nila ang mga
mamamayan gamit ang
kanilang mga pangakong
nauuwi lamang sa wala, kaya
dapat ay madala na tayo sa
mga sitwasyong kagaya nito.
Kaya sa darating na
eleksyon sa taong 2016, pagisipang mabuti kung sino-sino
ang mga kandidatong nararapat ihalal. Mahalaga ang boto
ng bawat Pilipinong nasa wastong gulang na sapagkat
katumbas nito ay ang mga
taong mamumuno sa ating
bansa sa loob ng ilang taon
kaya huwag natin itong sasayangin. Nakasalalay ang kapalaran ng ating bansa sa ating
mga kamay. Pag-isipan muna
ito nang mabuti upang hindi
pagsisihan sa bandang huli.
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

What is the Real Situation of CCFT?
By: KC Lagunoy
Having an organization like the
newspaper team or the student council is
not just for extra-curricular activities.
Each organization may be different in a
way, but has the same purposes and goals.
The newspaper is a medium to express,
inspire, and inform through either writing
or drawing. Through campus journalism,
the students will have a voice that aims to
be heard.
The Campus Journalism Act of
1991 talks about the freedom of press even
at the campus level. It supports the freedom of expression of every student, not
only for themselves, but also to address
the different issues of the school.
In CCFT, most of the students has
remained silent and act like they dont
care about certain issues that the school
has. They know that there are problems,
but they are afraid to speak out. I asked
them why. Its not because were afraid.
Its just, they often do listen and have
these promises, but they never fulfill it a
student said. So, if theyre just going to
stay like this, theres nothing good will
happen. CCFTians, YOU NEED TO
WAKE UP! Do not be blind and mute. Do
not pretend like you know nothing. This
article does not aim to put the school at
stake, but to inform all of you that the
school needs help. Everybody needs actions, and not just false promises. Dont be
afraid to speak out especially if its for the
better. Being concerned and complaining
are two different things, mind you.
CCFT was built on year 2007.
There are some students who are still
studying here for more than six years already and have witnessed almost everything that the school has undergone
through the years: the changes, improvements, and challenges. As most of them

had observed, the school experiences the

same problems over and over again and at
the same time, becoming worse. It was
like a roller-coaster ride wherein the students were the ones who were greatly affected.
I have asked several students about
their concerns about this school and they
all have the same feedbacks. Most of the
students and also some of the parents are
now asking, Whats happening? This
article is not based on rumors or hearsays.
This is according to their experiences and
The school almost has complete
facilities, but the question is Are the students able to get all its advantages? Before, everything in this school seems to be
so wonderful. The students were able to
enjoy the privileges they should have as a
student of this school. Its just sad to
think that everything now is not right. Is
the school already suffering financially?
is just one of the most commonly asked
questions. This did not simply come out of
their curiosity. Just look at the facilities
condition. The playground equipments,
the doorknobs, locks, and faucets in the
comfort rooms are broken, which makes it
very inconvenient to use. There also used
to be a school nurse in the clinic. Let us
use the library as another example. The
students cant do enough researching because of limited books and other resources. The school used to have sets of
working computers not only for the students to use, but also for the teachers. Is
the library not a priority? It may not be the
greatest priority, but what kind of a private
school or a so-called international school
doesnt prioritize it? If the schools Book
Lovers club wasnt established, perhaps
the library would not be as organized as it
is right now. For the students, keep in

mind that the library is not a hangout place

for people who just do nothing there. Its a
good thing that there are people who are
working on it now. The food being served
in the school canteen is also one of the
problems. I eat hotdogs or eggs for lunch
almost every day unless I bring packed
lunch. I have no choice; those are often the
only viands they sell in the canteen. Its
very unhealthy one student said.
Aside from the facilities, there are
also some complaints about the books,
some of the teachers, and more. The problems are not just all about those mentioned
above, but theres no need to elaborate and
state everything. Maybe, those are already
enough to inform and make you realize
that there are problems. This article does
not mean that its just either of the school,
students, or parents alone should be
blamed. Its just, everybody should be
aware of what is truly happening right
now. Open communication between all
parties is also lacking. It is sad to think
that if the administration will just ignore
this and nobody will move to fix things
up, everything that this school has will
eventually be gone in just a snap. In Tagalog, sayang at nakakapanghinayang naman. Do not waste the schools nice beginning and reputation.
What was the real purpose on why
CCFT was built? Was it just purely about
business and personal interests? As our
previous teachers have told us before, this
school has vision, mission, and goals. If
the school is really concerned about their
students, they must fulfill their promises
and take actions. Dont take this negatively or think of this as a threat, but as a
plea instead. The school is like every students second home. The experiences and
memories that each CCFTians will have
here should be worthwhile.

CCFT Night 2015: Its not great, just better

By: KC Lagunoy
It was not a secret that CCFT
Night had been horrible last August 2014
and become a huge disappointment to everybody. The student-performers and even
the name of the school were dragged down
by embarrassment and frustration. Because of what happened last year, the students of CCFT were not eager to join and
cooperate with this years show.
In spite of all the worries, the students, along with the teachers, still pursued to have a better show. Theres always
a room for improvements, right? I hope
that everybody learned something from
last years downfall. We should blame nobody but ourselves. The success of the
show is in the hands of the performers and
The parents and guardians of the
students, the staff, and most especially the
performers were really nervous about what
will be the outcome of the show. Before
the show started, there were only few people in the audience and its like there was
Page 11

no sign of anything amusing. The venue

was filled with tension yet everybody was
hoping and praying for that night to be a
successful one. It was obvious that this
years show was better than last years.
The audience clapped, cheered, sang
along, and quite enjoyed the whole show.
By that, I can say that all their efforts were
somehow worth it.
Everybody exerted effort for each
of their performances. They practiced, prepared their costumes, props, and everyt hing else. T her e was open communication between the students and
the teachers. I personally think that coordination of the parents is also a must. They
should also be included with the planning
and organizing the event. Now, the question is, was it enough or are there still
things lacking? Sometimes, our best is just
not good enough.
As a performer and also as one of
the audience during that night, I was personally still wanting for more. I cant
really say that I am satisfied, and so with

some of the audience. To be honest, there

were still presentations that are boring. I
want to see performances that are not the
usual and typical, which would really wow
the crowd. I know that CCFTians are capable do more and not just simply singing
and dancing. Its just sad to hear from
other people that watching us perform is
just a waste of time. Let us prove that they
are wrong. Well, everybody has their own
opinion about anything. Some of those
should just be ignored while some should
also make you realize your faults.
I believe that it may not be a very
amazing night, but it was enough to prove
that CCFTians are strong-willed and that
they could rise up again after stumbling.
We should take criticisms as motivations
to become stronger and do better. Were
not just a team, but perhaps a one big family. CCFT aims to stand strong and tall in
spite of all the challenges that the world
can throw. I am sure that everybody, and
not only me, is hoping to have absolutely
amazing shows on the succeeding years.
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

The True Essence of Sports fest
By: Colline M. Yong
The CCFTs annual
Education Week has been replaced with a new event,
which the CCFTians will
have for the very first time
the Sports fest. The main
purpose of this is to develop
the athletes into their full potentials. This event was a
really big help in enhancing
the skills of the players who
represented the school for the
District meet.
Though changing the
Education Week into Sports
fest is better, the outcome of
the whole event was unorganized. The preparation for each
activity is still lacking compared to the Education Week
last school year. Maybe, these
were all the effects of the disagreement of the majority of
the teachers about pursuing
this event.
The teachers
should have had not just the
intelligence or the ability to
teach, but the determination,
perseverance, and most especially the heart to improve the
students abilities. The school
must pay close attention to
the mistakes that they have
committed. It is visible that
the value of teamwork in this
organization is starting to disappear.
The event that they
have made reflects their perception about teaching, which
is not good. They should have

made this as a memorable

event for the students. The
Sports fest should have
taught the students not just
how to win but also how to
value patience, hard work,
discipline, respect, teamwork, and most importantly
The Sports fest
should have challenged the
students not just to be active
in the field of sports, but
also it should encourage
them to unleash their real
abilities and develop different values. It should also
change their perception
about winning in the activities and help them to learn
about what real success is.
Aside from having the heart
and the ability, a true athlete
accepts defeat as well.
Everyone should
know that winning in the
sports events or other activities is just a secondary significance or purpose for
having these kinds of activities in our school. It is because a school that needs to
be renewed in order to develop its quality needs not
just quality education, but
attitude as well. Having respect and practicing good
behavior is necessary because it helps everyone to
have a genuine victory,
which could be carried into
any aspects of life.

CCFT Needs an Overall Change

By: Colline Yong
The CCFTians welcomed another pack of challenges this school year 20152016. As the new and old faces
of students come to meet,
CCFT is gaining more chance
to be a school it used to be. We
hope that together with the
new and old teachers, CCFT
could rise from its ashes. But
with this administration, you
should really expect the unexpected.
The classes have
started already yet there is no
sign of a big change. I don't
know how the administration
will make a change, but I hope
not just one person is acting or
working on it. Everyone
should act, even the students.
Complaining wont help to
correct the mistakes.
Discipline is a major
Page 12

Panawagan para sa Epektibong Pannunungkulan

Ni KC Lagunoy
Sa loob ng ilang taon,
walang naging opisyal na pamahalaang pangmag-aaral ang
CCFT. Walang nangyaring pangangampanya at eleksyon noong
nakaraang taon. Ngayong ibinalik na muli ito, hindi maiiwasan ang mga pag-aalinlangan ng
mga mag-aaral tungkol sa pagkakatatag nito sa dahilan na
iniisip nilang wala naman talaga
itong maihahandog sa ating
paaralan. Sa mga nakaraang administrasyon ng pamahalaang
pangmag-aaral, bilang na bilang
rin lamang ang kanilang mga
naitatag na proyekto. Sa kasalukuyang administrasyon, nakikita
ko na may kaunting pangangamba at takot silang nararamdaman dahil sa mga matataas na
inaasahan sa kanila. Gayunpaman, nakikita ko ang hangarin
nilang pagbabago at pag-unlad
ng paaralan.
May kasabihan nga
tayong upang maging isang mahusay na pinuno, kinakailangan
mo muna maging isang mabuting taga-sunod. Ang isang
pinuno ay dapat nagsisilbing
modelo sa kanyang mga nasasakupan. Siya rin ay dapat mapanuri, isang mabuting tagapakinig, umaaksyon, may isang
salita, handa sa kung anumang
kalalabasan ng kanyang mga
desisyon, at marunong tumanggap ng kanyang mga pagkakamali.
Naniniwala ako na ang
pagkakaroon lamang ng hangarin ay hindi sapat. Paano nga

problem in this administration

because they are not strictly
following the rules and regulations that should have been a
contribution for the welfare of
the students. During the previous years, they have tolerated
the misbehavior and disobedience of some of the students
for a very long time. So, it's a
good thing that they have
brought back the student council. Now, even the students and
pupils can contribute for the
welfare of the school. It would
be a really big help in disciplining the students and pupils
if they will cooperate and help
to have a better place for everyone. This would happen if
the teachers would also give a
helping hand.
We are known as an
'international school', but most
of the teachers and students

are not really speaking in English, which would have really

helped the students to be globally competitive. The quality
of education is undoubtedly
below standard. The way that
some of the teachers teach the
students isn't like we are really
an international school. What
the students, as well as the
teachers, need is an overall
change. The best thing they
could ever do is to be united
and to do everything to meet
the expectations of the people
around them.
For the second time,
the school will release its new
and revised student's handbook. I hope it is better, justifiable, and most importantly its
rules and regulations should
not just discipline and guide
the students, but will enlighten

ba nila maisasagawa ang

kanilang mga hangarin para sa
ikabubuti ng ating paaralan kung
ang mismong mga nasasakupang
mag-aaral ay walang kooperasyon? Paulit-ulit silang naghahanap ng pagbabago ngunit
sila rin mismo ay ayaw umaksyon. Madalas rin sa mga tao
ang pagiging ningas-kugon o
yung palaging sa simula lang.
Paano mo masasasabing may
pagbabago at kaunlaran kung
ang rurok nito ay hindi pa nga
naaabot? Ito ay dapat ginagawan ng aksyon, pinagsisikapan,
pinagtutulungan, at pinaninindigan. Wika nga nila, kapag
gusto ay may paraan, kapag
ayaw ay maraming dahilan.
Huwag puro reklamo, pagaalinlangan, at huwag lahat iasa
sa kung sinumang kinauukulan.
Kung napapansin niyo nang
kailangan ng kahit anong uri ng
aksyon, kung alam niyo sa sarili
niyong kaya niyong tumulong,
kayo na mismo ay kumilos.
Ang nais ko lang ipahiwatig ay dapat matuto tayong
making at sa halip na isa-isip
lamang ating mga gawain ay atin
itong isa-puso. Maging tapat
tayo sa ating mga sarili. Ang sinasabi ko ay hindi lamang para
sa ikabubuti ng ating paaralan
pero higit sa lahat, para sa
ikauunlad ng ating mga sarili.
An g p agb ab ago at
kaunlaran ay hindi naman minamadali. Hinay-hinay lang sa pag
-hakbang at ang ating layunin ay
makakamit rin. Kailangan lang
natin itong sikaping simulan sa
ating mga sarili.

their minds to do what is good

for their future. But as usual,
not everything there will be
followed because they are being less strict about the policies that they are implementing in the school.
There are changes and
improvements at the same
time, but those aren't enough
to prove to everyone that
CCFTians are moving on and
starting to regain everything
they have lost because of the
mismanagement of the past
Everybody wants action and not just words. CCFT
would surely be a better
school if there is unity and if
they put passion for their mission, which is to be the
Children's Chance for Tomorrow.
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

My Best friend
By: Ina Ponet
It has just been days since we met
Yet we already treat each other as family
I love her and she loves me
She's already my best friend, forever
we will be.
Every time I feel sad and alone,
My best friend knows how to make me
I know for sure that if I'm in trouble,
My best friend is always there for me to
depend on.
Way back during the time when she is
not yet here,
I find it hard to wake up early in the
Even my alarm clock is just so useless
But just a lick on my face from my best
friend makes me awake.
Her lick, her bark, everything the way
she is
It's kind of special that I will count on
her always
You are my golden retriever, my
doggie, my defender
In my heart youre my best friend, my
Claire forever.

Whats a friend?

There's no place like home

By Leander Anderson Calbentos

A friend is someone whos beside
you when you're happy
Will stay while you laugh, oh so
Because you can afford to let him
Enjoy, have fun, eat, and play!

By Colline Yong
"Were on Board"
A flight so short,
Excit ement running
through my veins,
As we go down from the

Then the world seems to be so

He will join you all the way he
For when he stays away, he will
never have,
What fortune you share with him
with love!
But when time gets rough, youll
feel alone
For no one is there beside you.
He stays with you but not for you,
But for all the things he can grab
from you.
A true friend is beside you when
you cry,
Will stay with you until your tears
would run dry
And now you found someone who
can stay with you,
Not because of everything you have
but the real person in you.

ni KC Lagunoy
Ipinakita mong ako ay para lang sa iyo.
Tinanggap mo maging sino man ako.
Walang halong pagdududa at panghuhusga,
Pinahalagahan mo ako at iyon ang mahalaga.
Masayang mga tawanan,
Pinagsamahang 'di malimutan,
Kapag naala-ala, abot tengang halakhak,
Tila ba ako ay nagagalak.

Ngunit isang araw, tila ba'ng lahat ay nagbago

Paghanga mo sa'kin ay tuluyan nang naglaho.
Sapat na ang kasinungalingan kaya't
tapatin mo na ako,
At pawang katotohanan lang ang
sakiy ipahiwatig mo
Panlabas lang ba na anyo ang tunay na
Hindi ba ang laman ng puso at tunay na
Nakakita ka lang ng mas maganda, sa akin ay
pinagpalit mo na.
Nananawa ka na ba sa akin kung kaya't ayaw
mo na akong makita?

Kapaligiran ay ating
ni Febrie Ann Buag
Kapaligiran natin ay ingatan,
Sapagkat ito ay ating kayamanan,
Kayamanang para sa atin,
Kapaligirang ating pagyayamanin.
Masakit mang isipin,
Mga kababayan pa natin
Ang sumisira sa kapaligirang
Sa kapaligirang dapat mahalin.
Kaya't pagdating ng trahedya,
Walang makalalaya,
Sa delubyong ating nilikha,
Wala tayong magawa.

artificial materials that

cover the field,
All was a question, how
were they built?

As I walk through the

I realized this place is
Now I know I have a just like a maze.
I was trapped by the bait
To have all the extrava- For as I continue, it was
no longer great.
Smell of food and a good
I miss how the sun
And all the gorgeous makes my skin tanned
venues I can have a And making crafts
using my hands.
It was all natural like the
As I stare through the fresh air I breathe.
Now, I want to go and
It is the opposite of the leave.
The concrete and

ni Kristin Tuazon
Una ko itong narinig sa aking mga kaklase,
Ito daw ang kanilang nilalaro 'pag walang
Marami ring naglalaro nito sa kalye,
Kaya nga't naengganyo akong sumali.
Ito nga ay aking sinubukan,
Hanggang sa ito ay aking naging libangan,
Ibinibigay ko lahat tuwing laban,
Kaya nga't sa aking klase ako ay
Iba't ibang pangkat ang aking winawasak,
Dahil dito, ang mga grado ko ay bagsak.
Parang ako na tuloy ang wasak na wasak,
At pag bigayan ng grado ay parang sinaksak.
Sana nakinig na lang ako sa kanilang gabay,
Na ang edukasyon ay malaking bagay.
Ngayon ko lang naintindihan ang kanilang
Na ang mataas na pagtutok sa pag-aaral ay ang
susi sa tunay na tagumpay.

Ang Pag-ibig ko Ni Madel Bacarac

Ang pag-ibig ko sayo ay walang hanggan.
Kahit mawala man ang buwan,
Ikay hinding-hindi iiwan,
Lagi mo itong tatandaan.

Tayo'y magkapit-bisig
At kaligtasa'y mananaig,
Kapaligiran ay gawing kahaliTila 'di bukal ang pagmamahal mo sakin noong halina,
Sa pagtapon ng mga basura,
Kaya't madali kang nahulog sa iba.
Sa tamang kinalalagyan nila.
Malungkot mang isipin, pero iyon ang
Katotohanang taglay ng salaming walang malay.

Sa umaga't gabi, ikay laging nasa isip,

Kahit sa panaginip koy ika'y nakasilip.
Ano na nga bang nangyari sa akin?
Tila wala sa sarili pagharap sa salamin

Lumipas na ang panahon at mga pagkakataon,

Marami na ang nakakita sayo't nakaagaw
Ngingiti sayo at hahawiin ang buhok,

Lahat tayo ay may karapatang magmahal,

At dahil ito sa Poong Maykapal.
Nais niyang lahat tayo ay magmahalan,
Pagmamahal na totoo at walang hanggan.

Page 13

Hindi ko lubos maisip,

Ika'y aking panaginip.
Ano nga ba ito,
Pag-ibig kayang totoo?

The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

Kailan nga ba?

Ang buhay ng mga tao sa


Ni KC Lagunoy
Tayoy may kasabihang may tamang panahon
ni Rea May Bertillo
Para sa lahat ng bagay at pagkakataon.
Ang isang umaga ay isang panibagong
May natatanging rason at angkop na dahilan
Na kung minsay di natin lubos maintindihan.
Para sa mga taong patuloy na nagsisikap
at umaasa,
Sa bawat pag-tik-tak ng mga kamay ng orasan,
Upang buhay ay bumuti at sila ay lumiSegundo, minuto, at oras ang lumilipas.
Ano bang mahalagat saan ka may
Pagsisikapan ang tagumpay hanggat ito
ay kaya.
Puso o isip ba? Ang tanong na walang kupas
Ano ba ang dapat gawin, maghintay
na lang ba?
Hintayin ang panahong wala kang mapapala
Di alam ang mararating na tila isang bala
Bala ng isang baril na puno ng pangamba
Tamang panahon yan ay kailan ba talaga
Ngayon, bukas, o wala namang itinalaga?
Ikaw o ako, sino bang nakakaalam?
Kailan ba makakamit ang ating inaasam?

Taksil na Kaibigan
ni Jennalyn Cortina

Ang mga taong walang pagsisikap ay

walang kinabukasan,
Walang mararating at buhay ay walang
Kaya't bawat oportunidad ay malaking
kawalan kung pababayaan,

Kaya't magsikap upang tagumpay ay

iyong makamtan.
Ang buhay ng tao ay parang gulong,
Kaya't magsikap pa at sa isang bagay ay
'wag magkulong,
Lakasan ang pagsabi ng 'tagumpay' at
huwag lang ibulong,
Kaya't tayo nang sumulong at 'wag uurong.
Kapag may pangarap pagsikapan itong
Gawing inspirasyon ang mga mahal
Mga trabaho'y atin nang mahalin,
At magkaroon ng mabuting hangarin.

ni Mark James Dadaya

Aking mga kaibigan

ni Ella Jordan
Sila ang aking kasama
Sa kalungkutan man o ligaya.
Sila ang karamay sa bawat problema,
At saan man pumunta, sila ay kasa-kasama.

Sila ang kasama sa bawat pagsubok,

Oh, Nasaan ka na
Magtatawanan sa kahit saang sulok.
Noong mga oras na kailangan kita?
Kahit minsan ay may kaunting tampuhan,
Nagsasawa ka na ba sa aking presensiya?
Hindi ito naging hadlang para magtulungan.
'Di ko maintindihan, bakit biglang naglaho ka?
Hindi buo ang aking araw 'pag hindi sila
Nang madama kong wala ka nang talaga,
Nanaig ang galit at gustuhing siraan ka,
Nakababagot 'pag 'di naririnig kanilang mga
Para makabawi man lang kahit saglit,
Sa mga oras na ako'y iyong minaliit.
Kaya't malungkot ako 'pag wala sila,
Tila ba tahimik, matamlay, at walang sigla.
Ang mga bagay ay akin nang naunawaan,
Na hindi ka pala isang tunay na kaibigan,
Aking mga kaibigan sadyang mahal ko,
Kung kaya't ako ay nagiisip ng paraan,
Kapatid ang turingan, karugtong na ng buUpang makabawi at ika'y layuan at iwasan.
hay ko,
Kaya salamat sa Diyos nakilala ko kayo,
Ngunit salamat pa rin sayo kaibigan,
Mga kaibigan kong tapat at talagang totoo.
Sa mga ala-alang iyong iniwan.
Ngayon ay akin nang natutunan
Na hindi ka na dapat pinagkatiwalaan.

Tiwala Lang
Ni Kezia Garcia
Ang buhay ay sadyang ganyan,
Maraming pagsubok na tatahakin
sa daan
Na susubok ng katatagan,
Kaya maging handa ano pa man.
Kahit gaano karami ang problemang dumaan,
Sige lang, kaya mo yan!
'Wag kang susuko, ituloy ang laban,
Upang makamit ang bunga ng
Kaya laging pakatandaan,
Pagkabigo't alinlangan,
Pagsubok lang iyan,
Nandiyan ang Diyos upang ika'y

Page 14

Batas ng Pag-ibig
ni Sugar Ray Buensuceso
Sa tanghalang pinto ng pag-iibigan,
May dalawang puso na nagmamahalan,
Ngalan ng lalaki'y si Kapighatian,
Si Ligaya naman yaong paraluman.
Masasaksihan ang magsinggiliw,
Na tila sa pagmamahal ay nababaliw,
Ang kanilang sumpa ay isinasaliw,
Sa isa't isa sila ay naaaliw.
Lumipas na ang isang linggo,
Ngunit pagmamahalan ay di parin nagbabago,
Parang ang magkasintahang si Juliet at Romeo,
Dahil sa pagmamahalan nakalikha ng paraiso.
Ngunit isang araw nagbago ang pagmamahalan nila,
Pinilit ng minumutuang ina,
Na ipakasal ang dalaga sa binatang may-kaya,
Ngunit ano mang pagtutol ay 'di na makakaya.

Tayo nang mangarap,

Tuparin nang may pagsisikap,
Upang tagumpay ay makamit,
Sa mga inspirasyon natin tayo ay
Ang buhay ay mapaglaro,
Kaya't huwag kang susuko,
Loob mo ay lakasan,
Dahil kailangan mo itong paghirapan.
Kung ikaw ay walang wala na,
Huwag kang mag-alala,
May taong gagabay,
At sa iyo ay aagapay.
Mga hirap at pagtitiis,
Ay siguradong masusulit,
Ikaw lang ay maghintay,
At makakamit ang tagumpay.

Ang Guro
ni Maan Calbentos

Sino nga ba ang hahalili sa mga batang

loob ng eskwelahan sila ay laging
Pagtuturo ng mabuti laging nasa isipan,
Kaya't mga bata malinaw ang kaisipan.
Guro nating mapagmahal ang laging
Nagsisilbing patnubay at gabay sa paaralan,
Kaya huwag natin silang kalilimutan,
Sila ay daan upang mga minimithi ay
Sa lahat ng propesyon, sila ang mahalaga
Sakripisyo araw-araw walang kadudaduda,
Kaya't huwag maliitin kanilang kakayahan,
Sapagkat sila ay ating kailangan.
Sila ay pahalagahan
At ating pasalamatan
Dahil sila ang nagbigay ng dagdag na
At sila ay susi sa magandang
The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

Tomato and Potato Love story By: Kezia Garcia

Ironic By: Ara Islam

Pananaw By: Victorino Caling

Page 15

The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

Mr. Soda and Mr. Hotdog

Kunwari lang pala

Illustrared by: Kezia Garcia

By: Ara Islam

Ang Batang Pilosopo

By: Kezia Garcia

By: Johnloi Dao

The Clever Snowman

Attention readers!
Greetings CCFTians! Do you
have essays, poems, stories, or
perhaps an open letter for a
friend that you want to share?
Finish it up and dont be shy to
show it to us, and get a chance
to let your works be featured!
Whether its in English or Tagalog, just feel free to submit your
works to Colline Yong or Leahmay Cabug of Grade 10, or send
it to The Sentinels official
Facebook page (see link below)
through a private message.
Thank you!

By: Livinia Caling

Page 16

The Sentinels

Vol. 2 Issue 1

January 2016

Ang Hamon na Hinarap ng CCFTians
Ni Jonas Monte
Noong ika-22 at 23 ng Oktubre
2015 ay naganap ang pinkabagong Palarong Pambayan sa distrito ng Coron, Palawan. Sa kaganapang ito ay masasaksihan
natin ang pakikipag-tunggalian ng bawat
manlalaro ng ibat ibang paaralan sa
Taon-taon ay nilalahukan rin ito ng
mga ilang mag-aaral ng Childrens Chance
For Tomorrow (CCFT). Nagsimulang sumali ang CCFT sa palarong pambayan
noong taong 2011. Dito nadiskubre ng
CCFT ang mga talento ng kanilang mga
estudyante sa larangan ng palakasan
Bago magsimula ang mismong palarong pambayan, nagkaroon muna ng isang
parada ang mga manlalaro na nagsimula ng
1:00 ng hapon sa Coron Coliseum. Nagtapos
ang parada sa Coron Sports Complex kung
saan nagtitipon-tipon ang lahat ng mga
manlalaro. Nagbigay-pugay ang mga manlalaro sa watawat ng Pilipinas at nanumpa na
magiging mapagpakumbaba, manalo man o
matalo sa gaganaping palaro. Pagkatapos ng
panunumpa ay nagsimula nang magtalumpati ang ilan sa mga namamahala sa
pamahalaan ng Coron.
Sa bawat larangan ng paligsahan ay
may kanya-kanyang itinalagang lokasyon
kung saan gaganapin ang mga ito. Matapos
ang pagtitipon at paunang programa sa
Coron Sports Complex, ang mga kalahok ay
tumungo na sa kani-kanilang mga lokasyon
kasama ang kanilang mga tagapagsanay.

Ang larong badminton, kung saan maraming

magagaling na manlalaro ang CCFT, ay ginanap sa Coron coliseum. Ang volleyball at
basketball naman ay ginanap sa sports complex, ang table tennis ay sa isa sa mga silidaralan ng Coron School of Fisheries (CSF),
at ang swimming naman ay ginanap sa
paaralan ng CCFT.
Tumagal ang palarong pambayan ng
sunod-sunod na tatlong araw. Hindi dinaing
ng mga manlalaro ng CCFT ang nararamdaman nilang pagod dahil sa mga taos-puso at
bigay-todong suporta sa kanila ng kanilang
mga magulang, kaibigan, guro, at kapwa
manlalaro, CCFTian man o hindi.
Sa hindi inaasahan, natalo ang
karamihan sa mga manlalaro ng CCFTat
ang iba pa nga ay nadiskwalipikado. Sa
kabila nito, may mga nagwagi at nagtaas
pa rin ng watawat ng CCFT. Sa larong
Badminton para sa lebel na sekondarya,
sina Christian Paul Dela Cruz at King
Molina ay ang mga itinanghal na kampyon
para sa kategoryang Badminton doubles at
si Clyde Lagunoy naman ay pumangalawa
sa kategoryang Badminton singles. Para sa
larangan ng elementarya, ang mga magaaral mula sa ika-anim na baiting na sina
Ainsley Calo, Gabriel Saddang, at Christian Caling ay nakuha ang ikalawang puwesto. Silang tatlo ay mula sa kategoryang
Badminton singles. Para sa table tennis,
nakamit ni Jedameg Ratificar ang ikalawang pwesto. Sa larangan ng paglangoy,
nanalo sina Jennalyn Cortina, Katrina Sil-

Ni Jonas Monte
Sa halos limang taon niyang karanasan sa paglalaro ng Table Tennis, si Jedameg
Ratificar ay maituturing na isa sa mga pinakamahusay na manlalaro sa bayan Coron. Kamakailan lamang ay nakuha niya ang pangalawa sa pinakamataas na puwesto sa Palarong Panlalawigan sa larangan ng Table Tennis.
Ang table tennis ay nag simula pa sa
bansang England na kumalat at nakilala na sa
ibat ibang bansa tulad ng Pilipinas. Si
Jedameg ay taon-taong sumasali sa palarong
pambayan. Dahil sa siyay isang magaling na
manlalaro, nakasali na siya sa palarong panlalawigan at pati na rin sa palarong pambansa.
Maraming humahanga kay Jedameg dahil sa
mura niyang edad ay naabot na niya ang ilan
sa mga pinapangarap ng iba pang mga manlalaro tulad niya.
Ang pagkakaroon ng pagkakataon
upang makapanayam at mas makilala pa nang
lubusan si Jedameg ay isang pribelehiyo.
Si Jedameg Ratificar ay labing apat na
taong gulang na at nasa ika-walong baitang sa
paaralan ng CCFT. Siya ang bunsong anak
nina Pablito S. Ratificar Jr. at Marilyn M.
Ratificar. Si Jedameg ay mahilig at magaling
maglaro ng Table tennis.
Kung mapapansin natin, si Jedameg
ay nakasuot ng hearing aid. Siya ay mayroong problema sa pandinig kung kayat
ganoon na rin ang paghanga ng mga kaibigan
niya at pati na rin ng ibang tao sa kanya. Ito
raw ang naging epekto nang nagka-tigdas ang
kanyang ina noong nasa sinapupunan pa lamang si Jedameg. Sa kabila ng kanyang kakulangan, hindi niya ito hinahayaang maging

isang hadlang upang maabot ang kanyang mga

Ilan sa mga taong naging daan upang
maabot niya ang kanyang mga pangarap ay
ang kanyang mga magulang dahil sila ang nag
-bibigay ng lakas at tibay ng loob para harapin
ni Jedameg ang mga bagay na kinatatakutan
niyang gawin. Si Jedameg ay mayroon ding
hinahangaan sa paglalaro ng table tennis at ito
ay si Erika Yvette Lopez, isang kasamahan
niya rin sa paglalaro. Si Erika ay nasa ika10 baitang na at dating nag-aaral sa CCFT.
Si Erika rin ang tumulong kay Jedameg
upang makipagsabayan sa ibang manlalaro
hanggang sa nabuo na niya ang tiwala sa
kanyang sarili. Hanggang ngayon, malapit
pa rin ang loob ni Jedameg kay Erika dahil
sa mga pinagdaan nilang dalawa.
Noong unang beses pa lang sumali
si Jedameg sa palarong pambayan ay kinakabahan rin siya tulad ng mga ordinaryong
manlalaro. Sa kabila nito, hindi pa rin siya
nagpadaig sa takot dahil alam niya na ang
Diyos ang bahala sa kanya sa larong kanyang lalahukan. Naniniwala si Jedameg na
hindi lang pagsasanay ang kailangan ng mga
manlalaro tulad niya kundi pati na rin ang determinasyon, disiplina, at tiwala sa kakayahan.
Simula nan naranasan niyang manalo,
palagi na siyang nananabik sa tuwing siyay
maglalarong muli. Masaya rin siya dahil nagkaroon siya ng maraming pagkakataon upang
dalhin at iangat ang bandila ng Coron sa larangang sports. Sa kabila man ng kanyang kapansanan, alam niyang may naiambag siyang
karangalan para sa bayan.
Si Jedameg ay nakasali na sa palarong
panlalawigan noong siya ay nasa ikatlo hanggang sa ika-apat na baiting. Hindi man siya

vano, Victorino Caling, Jonas Monte, at

Aldrin Dela Cruz para sa sekondarya. Sa
elementarya naman, sina Klaus Wollenweber, Leander Calbentos, Chezlee Dawang,
Tricia Datul, at Sophia Valerio ang mga ittinanghal na panalo.
Marami mang natalo na CCFTians,
hindi pa rin mawawala ang pagmamahal
nila sa larangan ng sports. Sabi ni Victorino Caling na nagpahayag ng kanyang
damdamin noong panahon ng palarong
pambayan, Gusto kong magpasalamat sa
Panginoon at sa mga gumabay sa amin
patungo sa kinalalagyan namin ngayon at
para sa lahat ng aming mga nakamit. Dahil
sa inyo, nabigay namin ang aming buong
lakas at kumpiyansa sa sarili noong nakaraang palarong pambayan. Sa ngalan ng
bawat manlalaro, maraming salamat sa
Ang ilan sa mga manlalaro ng CCFT
mula sa ibat ibang larangan ay nakapasok
rin sa Palarong Panlalawigan, na isang mas
malaking hamon. Ginanap ang Palarong ito
sa Brookes Point, Palawan noong Disyembre 7-11, 2015. Sa pagkakataong ito, ibat
ibang mga delegado mula sa bawat sulok ng
Palawan ang kanilang mga nakatunggali at
ang mga napiling manlalaro ng Coron ay isa
ng koponan. Sina Jennalyn Cortina at
Katrina Marie Silvano para sa larangan ng
paglangoy, si Gabriel Saddang para sa badminton, at Jedameg Ratificar naman para sa
table tennis ang mga nagdala ng watawat ng
CCFT tungo sa mas mataas na antas.

Biyayang Talento ni Jedameg Ratificar

Page 17

nakasali noong siyay nasa ika-anim na baitang, bumawi naman siya noong siya ay tumungtong na sa ika-pitong baitang at magpahanggang ngayon.
Si Jedameg ay naniniwala sa kasabihang kahit ano pa man ang itsura mo, may
kapansanan ka man o wala, ang pag tingin ng
Panginoon sa atin ay pantay pantay. Ang
bawat tao ay mayroong kanya-kanyang
kakayahan upang ipagmalaki sa buong

Courtesy of Jedameg Ratificar

mundo, tulad na lamang ng mga talentong ipinagkaloob sa atin ng Poong Maykapal na

maaari pang maibahagi sa ibang tao.
Ang pag lalaro ng Table tennis para
kay Jedameg ay malaking bahagi ng kanyang
pagka-tao dahil sa paraang ito, naipapakita
niya na kailangan nating ipagpasalamat sa
Panginoon ang lahat ng ating mga tagumpay
at biyayang natatanggap. Lagi niyong tatandaan na hindi masama ang mangarap basta
marunong kang mag-sikap at namumuhay ka
nang walang tinatapakang tao. Ayon nga kay
Jedameg, Mahalin at pag-sikapan mo ang
mga bagay na gusto mong maabot.
The Sentinels