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MAHLE Original finned cylinders and cylinder

If subdivisions of dimension groups are required by

liners have, in accordance with the requirements of

the engine manufacturer (e.g. colour coding or let-

the engine manufacturer, a finished (honed) or

ters), these have been retained with corresponding

semi-finished cylinder bore.

coding in the kit sets.


Fitting recommendations

Wet cylinder liners (WN)

The location bores and particularly the running surfaces in the cylinder block must be cleaned carefully, and they must be undamaged. Corroded surfaces must be reworked (use flange liners and
outer diameter oversize liners). As this is done,
make sure that the liners move in easily and that
they take up the correct position (the projecting
length of the liner must be in accordance with the
regulations of the engine manufacturer). After the
liner has been installed with the seal rings that
belong to it (use slip agent), the cylinder diameter is
to be checked particularly in the region of the seal
rings so as to determine whether any deformation
has been caused by pinched sealing rings. Using
the wrong sealing rings (wrong diameter/wrong
material) can cause a narrowing of the cylinder,
which can lead to engine damage. The cooling
system should be pressure tested after the liners
have been installed, so as to determine whether
there is any leakage before the engine is started.

MAHLE 2007

Technical information
Pistons n Piston rings

Cylinder liners/finned cylinders


Dry cylinder liners

Before the liner is installed, the locating bore in the
cylinder block must be cleaned carefully, and must
be checked to ensure the accuracy of the dimensions and to determine whether any distortion has

Out-of-centre or damaged bores can be reworked

for the installation of oversize liners. It is important for
this that the locating bore is cylindrical, as this is
what determines the geometrical shape of the
inside of the pressed-in, thin-walled liner.

Semi-finished cylinder liners (WV)

Finished and honed cylinder liners (WT)

The surface which supports the flange must be

These cylinder liners either fit exactly into the bore

vertical to the location bore and it must be suffi-

of the cylinder block, or they have a slight overlap.

ciently and evenly bevelled. If the liner flange is

The location bore in the block is to be measured

unevenly supported it can tear off.

exactly before the liner is installed.

After the installation of the liner, which is only semi-

It is a basic principle that no oil or grease is to be

finished in its inside diameter, this cylinder boring

used for pressing in the liners, since this becomes

is finely bored and then finished by honing until it

coked and hinders the flow of heat. Special slip

has the specified dimensions or, in the case of a

agents, such as molybdenum disulphide, are bet-

finely bored liner, it is only finished by honing


(tolerance according to DIN/ISO H5).

After the liner has been pressed in, the cylinder
The surface of the liner must be flush to the sealing

diameter is to be measured with a cross head at

surface of the cylinder block; if necessary, the

several levels (at the very least at the top and the

block surface and the liner must be finished by


surface grinding.

MAHLE 2007


Finned cylinders (WR)

In accordance with the instructions from the engine manufacturer, cast iron cylinders or light alloy
cylinders are used. Light alloy cylinders (e.g. with
running surfaces made of NIKASIL or SILUMAL)
are separated into several groups due to the small
installation clearances in the standard cylinder

The following example for three dimension groups shows how the separation into groups is done for a
standard dimension.
503 81 00

503 WR 27

Kit sets
503 81 92

Dimension group identification Diameter

94.919 94.923

A 95.000

94.933 94.937

B 95.013

AB 94.923 94.933

Pistons Cylinders
AB A and AB B

MAHLE 2007

Technical information
Pistons n Piston rings

Cylinder liners/finned cylinders

Fitting recommendations

The MAHLE Original kit set is ready for installation

without any reworking and consists of pistons with
piston rings, piston pins, circlips, cylinders and the
necessary seals. Please be sure to check that you
assemble the MAHLE Original kit sets correctly
before installation:
Putting the cylinders in the place of pistons and vice
versa can lead to engine damage.

MAHLE 2007