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Questionnaire - English Version

Dear respondent,
My name is .. I am attending my postgraduate degree in the field of
Business Administration at St. Mary University. Currently, I am conducting a study
on The relationship between patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction: This
study is purely academic research. Your genuine response is highly valuable to
conduct this study and then to arrive at legitimate results. I hereby request you to
fill this questionnaire and give me back the earliest time possible. Therefore, all
your responses will be kept confidential. I would like to thank you for your
willingness, effort and precious time to fill the questionnaire.
Part I Organizational Information
Name of NGO (local or International Pact
Year started in Ethiopia ___________
Number of Employees ___________
Number of professional employees __________
Annual budget ______________
Number and type of projects __________________________________________________
Questions for human resource department
1. How many staff have you recruited in the last three years?
2. How many professional staff have you recruited in the last three years?
3. How many of those have left?
4. How long had they stayed by the time they left?
5. Where did each of them go?
6. What reasons did they give for leaving?
7. What is your opinion of why they left?
8. Did you conduct formal exit interviews and were they documented?
9. What corrective measures have been taken as a result?
10.Are there other measures that can help prevent avoidable staff turnover?
11.Does the organization have a capacity building plan?
12.What capacity building support are you receiving from a service provider?
13.How is the capacity building effort helping make employs want to stay on?
14.How do your conditions of service compare with those of similar
Part II Questions to the staf

1. Personal information
Unit/department ____________________
Position _________________


Age of respondent ____________

Marital status _____________
Number of dependents ______________
Professional training institution and qualification_______________________
Previous employers_____________________
Period of tenure on each past job_____________________
2. Detailed questions to stafs
Rating scale : 0 5
0 = non existent
1= weak
2 = there but not used
3 = fine but needs improving
4 = effective
5 = exceptional
2.1 How does the organization compare with other similar organizations in terms of
compensation and conditions of service?
2.2 How clear are the vision and mission of this organization? Is where the
organization going and what it stands for clear?

2.3 How free are individuals to express their true feelings or speak against the way
some things are done in this organization?
2.4 How are the relationships between employees and between employees and
2.5 How can you describe the leadership style in this organization?
2.6 What values are practiced in this organization?
2.7 How are decisions made in the organisation?
2.8 How facilitative are the policies, systems and procedures? Which ones
2.9 How does the organization encourage self or personal development?
2.10 What factors motivate you to stay on in your job?
2.11 What factors (starting with the most important) would make you leave your job
for another one?

2.12 What should this organization do in order to retain staff?