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Bree Olson

Rachel Marie Oberlin (born October 7, 1986), best known by her stage name Bree Olson, [1][2][3] is an Amer- ican pornographic actress and Penthouse Pet. She per- formed in over 280 adult films from 2006 to 2011. [3][5]

1 Early life

Olson was born in Houston, Texas. Olson’s maternal grandparents were Ukrainians who emigrated to Texas, then Fort Wayne, Indiana, when she was two years old. [6] She has stated that her biggest hero is her grandmother, who was a concentration camp survivor. [7]

Her first summer job was working as a corn detasseler; she later worked as a busgirl at a local restaurant. Af- ter graduating from high school, she applied to Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne intending to become a doctor, but she dropped out of the university. [6]

2 Career

but she dropped out of the university. [ 6 ] 2 Career Olson at AVN Adult

Olson at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2011

Olson entered the adult industry in November 2006, [8]

and initially worked for a variety of companies including Digital Playground, Elegant Angel and Red Light District Video. [9] She was a contract performer with Adam & Eve from 2007 to 2010. [8][10]

Olson’s stage name came from the first name of a high school friend combined with a variation on the last name of the Olsen twins. [6] Olson initially intended to continue attending college along with performing, but when her grades slipped she dropped out. [6] According to Olson she had wanted to be a porn star since she was young, and only waited until she was nineteen and a half because she had been in a four-year relationship until then. [7]

Olson has performed in over 280 adult movies. [3] She was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for March 2008, [11][12] appeared on the cover of Hustler, [13] was on the cover of the May 2011 issue of Penthouse, and on the cover of the August 2011 Playboy magazine. In 2010, she was named by Maxim as one of the 12 top female stars in porn. [14]

Olson appeared in an episode of the E! reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, [15] in which she was hired as a nanny but fired on her first day after matriarch Kris Jenner objected to her state of dress and behavior as inappropriate. She has also made appearances on Opie and Anthony, [16] The Howard Stern Show, [17] Insomniac with Dave Attell, [18] the Spike Guys’ Choice Awards, The Glass House, [19] Tosh.0, [18] James Gunn’s PG Porn, the movie Purgatory Comics, and the music video for Flo Rida's "Zoosk Girl". [20]

In October 2011, Olson announced that she had retired from shooting pornography, and that “she hasn't done an adult film in over a year.” [5]

In 2013, Olson was confirmed as a member of the cast of the horror film The Human Centipede 3 (Final Se- quence) [21] and Adam Rifkin’s Director’s Cut. [22] In 2015, she played Divatox in the short film Power/Rangers.

2.1 Kickstarter campaign

In January 2015, Bree Olson launched a Kickstarter cam- paign which raised $38,357 to cover the production costs of her web series Bree DOES Comedy. [23]




3 Personal life

Olson is a vegan and was named by PETA as an honorary “Lettuce Lady”. [24] Olson identifies as bisexual. [25][26][27]

On March 1, 2011, Olson was reported to be living with actor Charlie Sheen. He referred to her as one of his “goddesses” (as Sheen calls his live-in girlfriends). [1] The relationship ended in April 2011. On June 17, 2015, Ol- son posted an open letter on Twitter advising women to avoid the adult film industry. [28]

In February of 2016, she began non-nude modeling on the popular streaming site

4 Awards

2007 NightMoves Award – Best New Starlet (Edi- tor’s Choice) [29]

2008 AVN Award – Best Anal Sex Scene (Video) – Big Wet Asses 10 (with Brandon Iron) [31]

2008 XRCO Award – New Starlet [32]

2008 XRCO Award – Cream Dream [32]

2008 F.A.M.E. Award – Favorite Female Rookie [33]

2008 NightMoves Award – Best Female Performer (Fan’s Choice) [35]

2008 Adam Film World Guide Award – Starlet of the Year [36]

2009 AVN Award – Best New Web Starlet – [37]

2009 NightMoves Award – Best Female Performer (Fan’s Choice) [38]

2010 AVN Award – Best All-Girl Three-Way Sex Scene – The 8th Day [39]

2011 NightMoves Award – Best Social Media Star (Editor’s Choice) [38]

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