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Organizational culture refers to a system of shared meaning held by members that

distinguishes the organization from other organizations. It is more concerned with how
employees perceive the characteristics of the organization culture.
Organizations dont have uniform culture there exists a dominant culture that expresses
the core values that are shared by the majority of the organization's members. There also
exist mini cultures within an organization, typically defined by department designations
and geographical separation.
According to the company, L&T opens doors of opportunity and equips its employees to
walk through those doors.
L&T employees share one common feeling - of being part of one big family and of a
winning team. There is a sense of pride in belonging to a fine organisation - where
professionalism is a way of life, where talent is encouraged and skills honed, where
individual and organisational goals blend for mutual success.
L&T offers employees more than a job - it offers them a lifetime career with challenging
opportunities for continuous development and growth in diverse fields of business.
The company recognises good performers. The leadership programmes like MLP (for
management areas), ELP (for Execution related areas) and TLP (for technology areas).
Top talent is given focused attention in terms of growth opportunities, compensation,
challenging roles and assignments.

A few testimonials from L&T employees:

"L&T has a people-friendly culture. It is alive to employee issues. There is a lot of
empowerment. Finance department is a small team of about 25 people across levels.
This lends a very open and lucid culture to it. The team is young and dynamic.
Significant responsibility is assigned from the early stages and due visibility and
recognition is given across the company."
-Alekh Gupta, IIM Lucknow, Batch of 2003
"People (in L&T) are candid and approachable. Targets can be set by the individual
for self and initiative is encouraged."
-Amit Upadhyay, SCMHRD Pune, Summer Intern 2004
"L&T believes in long-term employment. Hence, all the processes are designed as

per this assumption. Once an employee has spent some time here and created an
impact, the response from the organization is also positive."
-Capt. Shibu Warrier, XLRI Jamshedpur, Batch of 2003
"Professionalism, warmth and humility sum up L&T Culture for me. Creativity is
encouraged; performance is rewarded with more responsibility. Ideas are supported.
Management normally makes you responsible for building on your ideas and
implementing. People are open and give you consistent and constructive feedback."
- Farrukh Siddiqui, XLRI Jamshedpur, Batch of 2003
During our interaction with employees at L&T it was observed that employees were
happy and seemed to enjoy their work. Though senior management could only be
accessed by mails. Employees were motivated to think out of the box and come up with
innovative solution but risks had to be managed. Deadlines in the organization had to be
adhered but they were adjusted as per the team feedback. Employees even if they didn't
contribute to major decisions but were kept in loop and wherever possible employees
were involved. This meant all employees were very well informed about decisions taken
at any level in the organization. Team Building activities like team outings and team
parties are a constant feature.