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Kimberly Goodyear

Delray Beach, FL 33483

Mobile (561) 633-7992

Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Operational Leadership

Project planning and execution

Real estate development

Skilled at analyzing a situation, problem or opportunity and finding the right people, the right method
and right technology to complete the envisioned goal. A highly skilled negotiator able to find common
ground leading to successful results for all parties. Effective strategic leader and direct
communicator able to manage large construction projects, contract negotiations and compliance with
credibility and clout.

Improved cash flow by securing quality tenants for a mixed-use building of 8000 sq ft by seeking
out appropriate businesses, screening potential tenants and negotiating leases.
Researched and implemented green energy solutions such as Living Machines Systems sewage
treatment to process waste on site reducing water usage.
Project managed the land acquisition and construction of a $55M hotel and restaurant in Taos,
New Mexico over a 4 year period overseeing design, bids, construction, hiring staying on budget.
Oversee the opening of the 80 employee hotel managing interior designers and the purchase of
all furniture, fixtures and equipment to achieve expected quality standards within budget.
Property managed a multi-faceted portfolio of high-end rental properties including a 7000 acre
ranch, and 27 single family homes with a 60% occupancy rate.
Re-developed 7 acres in downtown Delray Beach by building mixed-use and a residential inn
which includes a historical restaurant to increase the property value
Project managed the development and construction ($5M budget) and staffing of a K-12 private
school on a 3 acre site to promote the use of alternative teaching methods in Taos, NM

Provide operational leadership, identify business opportunities and spearhead strategic global expansion
and growth plans for the companys entire business ventures including nonprofit, real estate holdings,
hospitality, ranching and environmental companies focused on water treatment. The company has
operations in Florida, Virginia and New Mexico. Position reports directly to the owner and visionary,
Thomas Worrell; manages 5 general managers and 15 indirect reports.
Key Responsibilities and Accomplishments:
Approached 15-20 property owners in an 11 mile radius over a 2 year period successfully
negotiating real estate acquisitions followed by re-zoning and re-developing parcels and selling
some parcels for a profit.
Negotiated a joint venture as General Manager of the newly built resort in New Mexico eventually
leading to a sale.

Convinced a reluctant seller to sell by identifying and meeting their needs including relocating
their tenant, identifying alternative properties for the buyers, and hiring movers which for the
expansion of the resort to increase profitability.
Negotiated contracts with multiple contractors for the construction of a $55M resort; monitored
compliance to contract leading to project completion on-budget and on-time.

Hired and maintained a responsible vendor list for ongoing property maintenance by obtaining
recommendations and interviewing prospective candidates ensuring quality control.

Ensured that properties were protected, preserved, and maintained to high level specifications by
walking the property identifying needed repairs and maintenance.

Vetted, hired and monitored a property management company for a 7 acre multi-use and multitenant properties ensuring quality service and terminating non-performing company when

Lead the re-zoning and community buy-in efforts in the development of a K-12 private school over
an 18 month period.


El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa

Taos, New Mexico
Responsible for purchasing and developing real estate to build a $55 million dollar resort based in Taos,
New Mexico. Worked directly with the Project Manager to complete the opening of the hotel. During the
construction process responsible for hiring hotel staff and insure timely opening. Served as the General
Manager while locating a hospitality company to partner with and expand the hotel to reach profitability.
Real Estate Management and Development
Taos, New Mexico
Prior to the construction of El Monte assisted in purchasing approximately 40 historic properties that
required renovation. Supervised the construction and coordinate zoning changes with the town.
Obtained New Mexico contractors license to gain knowledge in the industry.
Sundy House
Delray Beach, Florida
Supervised and reported to the owner on the renovation progress of the Historical Sundy House which is
currently a 14 room Inn with a restaurant located in a botanical garden. Recruited and hired a hospitality
organization to operate the facility. Negotiated and completed the sale of property.
Rectory Park
Delray Beach, Florida
Assisted the owner in negotiating and purchasing eleven acres in downtown Historic Delray Beach.
Oversaw the renovated property with the help of an onsite property manager to respond to daily
maintenance issues.
Worrell Enterprises, Inc.
Business and Risk Manager for Worrell Enterprises, Inc. As Business Manager responsibilities included
overseeing the familys businesses including an overseas residence and an extensive fine art collection.
As Risk Manager purchased and monitored insurance for 2,500 employees in the publishing business.

Extra Involvement/volunteering
Impact 100 Palm Beach County
Arthur Marshal Foundation for The Everglades
Executive Women of the Palm Beaches
Cornell University Ithaca, New York
Executive Hospitality Program
Darden Charlottesville, Virginia
Executive Program
Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida
B.A. Business Administration Marketing

Blueprint reading
Zoning law compliance
Contract interpretation
Real Estate negotiations
Commercial and Residential Real Estate contracts
Lease negotiations; lease terminations
Contract terminations