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Introducing Daniel Scot

Daniel Scot was born and educated in Pakistan. He excelled as a student and in time became a
Mathematics Professor in University Colleges in Pakistan. He has been involved in sharing his faith with
Muslims since 1965 when he was in high school.

It was the active sharing of his faith that resulted in him being the first individual to be charged under
Pakistan’s infamous Blasphemy Law (295C) in 1986. Some Muslims used this law in an attempt to
silence Daniel. He was hunted by a large number of people who were intent on killing him. However,
God used the situation to bring Daniel and 120 other church leaders face to face with Late General Zia
ul- Haq who was not only the initiator of the Blasphemy Law but also the President of Pakistan. During
this time Daniel declined all invitations to accept Islam, an action, which would have spared him from
persecution and the risk of death.

Daniel was delivered from the life-threatening situation that he found himself in and was able to flee
Pakistan, followed by his family two and half years later. In Australia, Daniel began to teach
mathematics in 1988 to 1994, after six years of teaching and research at the University of Queensland,
he saw the need for inter-faith dialogue to eradicate misunderstandings between Christians and Muslims.
Since that time Daniel has devoted himself to religious matters - teaching Christians about Islam and
Muslims about Christianity & Islam (many Muslims know very little about what the Qur’an and Hadith

The Board of Directors of Ibrahim Ministries International Inc. (IMI) has appointed Daniel and Mariat
Scot as directors. Ibrahim is the name of Abraham from the Bible, a name that Jews, Christians and
Muslims consider to be pivotal in their respective religions.

Daniel and Mariat teach in many different Colleges and Seminaries in Australia and overseas. They
strongly believe that people ought to live out their faith with a clear understanding of what their faith
teaches. As a result, they have been involved in full-time research and teaching on Islam since 1994
throughout Africa, Australia, America, Asia and Europe.

In 2002, Daniel was charged with vilification of Muslims for teaching Christians about the Qur’an,
Hadith, Life of Muhammad and how to explain Christianity in a way that Muslims will understand; he
was found guilty by a judge at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). In appeal to the
Supreme Court, three judges found the VCAT judgment to be in gross error and awarded Daniel half the
costs. The case lasted for five years and four months but both parties came to an agreement out of court:
“The right of each other, their communities and all persons, within the limits provided for by
law, to robustly debate religion, including the right to criticise the religious belief of another, in
a free, open and democratic society.”

Increasingly, Daniel’s advice is being sought by politicians and other civic and church leaders,
throughout the world. He spoke a group of police offices and sheriffs in California concerning Islam. He
has addressed members at the House of Lords, and the House of Commons in London, when they were
considering the introduction of Religious Vilification type laws ‘Hate Crime’. He has also addressed
politicians and very senior national politicians and their advisors in the Netherlands, USA, Sweden, and
Australia. Just over two years ago, Daniel addressed the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva in
March 2007 on the rights of freedom of religion and speech for minorities groups. In April at a three
days ‘Deliberation Australia’ he was on a panel in the Old Parliament House in Canberra where some of
the sessions were chaired by Bob Hawk, the ex-Prime Minister of Australia. Daniel is an accredited
pastor with the Assemblies of God and also serves as the advisor on Islam for Christian Solidarity
Daniel currently has published work (A Summary of the Qur’an, ISBN: 0-646-43900-6); (Share the
Gospel with Muslims, ISBN 9-780-980 324419) and four other books are due for release by the end of
the year God willing.

Some of the courses that Daniel teaches:

♦ Middle Eastern Culture and how to explain the Gospel (National Christian Leaders).
♦ Introduction to Islam: One Week Intensive course (Master level).
♦ Introduction to the Qur’an: One Week Intensive course (Missionaries to Muslims).
♦ Understanding Islam to Reach Muslims: Two Weeks Intensive course (Missionaries to
♦ Apologetics: One Week Intensive course (Master level).
♦ Introduction to Islam: Three Days intensive course (Post graduate).
♦ Introduction to the Qur’an: One Day intensive course.
♦ Introduction to Islam: One Day intensive course.
♦ On Islam –Practical Aspects: Two Weeks intensive course (Post graduate).
♦ Understanding Islam to Reach Muslims: Nine Weeks (Diploma level).
♦ A Christian Introduction to Islam: Twenty Weeks (Lay people and Missionaries).
♦ Ministry to Muslim Women: One Week course (25 Lectures)
More sensitive institutes are not listed; a sample of Institutes where courses have been taught since
♦ Haggai Institute, Singapore & Hawaii, USA [1997-2003].
♦ Summer Institute of Muslim Studies, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA [1999].
♦ International Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, UK [1995, 1996].
♦ Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio, Philippines [2000].
♦ Youth With A Mission, Brisbane and Canberra, Australia [1998-2005].
♦ World Harvest Institute, Southern Cross College, Sydney, Australia [2001-2004].
♦ Queensland Baptist College of Ministries, Brisbane, Australia [1998-2006].
♦ Jubilee International Christian College, Brisbane, Australia [1996-1999].
♦ Bible College of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia [1999-2002; 2007].
♦ Ibrahim Ministries International, Brisbane, Australia [1998-2006].
♦ Harvest Bible College, Melbourne, Australia [2002].
♦ International Christian College (previously: Asian Pacific Institute), Brisbane, Australia
♦ Conferences and Seminars arranged by Arabic Christian Prospective based in Anaheim
California [2000-2009].
♦ And many others.
References are available upon request.

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Ph: 61 7 3357 8853 (W); Fax: 61 7 3357 3820