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Spellfire Channeler:

Spellfire wielders have the powerful ability to absorb spells/effects cast at them as magical energy to be
used later. The spellfire wielder can use his power to send a gout of arcane fire at his enemies, heal
himself, or gain additional powers. A spellfire channeler can also absorb magic from non-artifact items,
gaining spell levels equal to the caster level of the item (permanent items drained in this way are
magically suppressed for 1 day, single use items are destroyed (potions turn to water, scrolls to empty
Using a readied action, a spellfire channeler can absorb energy (from either a spell, power, or other
source) that is discharged within his square (a spellcraft check at a -4 is allowed to extend this range
5ft, no further extension is possible).
A spellfire channeler can absorb 100% of the energy that targets him directly; if the channeler is the
target of an area effect, he can absorb 50% of the levels expended (protecting himself completely) but
cannot end the effect. To absorb a spell or effect, the channeler must spend a readied action; this limits
the channeler to one effect per round, unless hasted or under a similar effect.
Once absorbed, the channeler can use this energy in several ways:

The channeler can emit the stored energy as emission of raw arcane energy, in either a ray, line,
burst, or 20ft radius ball. The damage is equal to 1d6 per level expended; the channeler cannot
spend more levels than he has character levels. He can fire as many blasts per round as he has
natural attacks.


The channeler can convert the stored energy to heal himself; each level so expended heals
1d4+1 points of damage. The spellfire wielder can attach severed limbs within 1d4 minutes at
the cost of 10 spell levels.


The channeler can spend spell energy to fly at spd 20. Each level expended grants 10min of


At the cost of 1 spell level per attack, the channeler can deflect ranged missile attacks. This
expenditure can be done during the turn of an opponent or ally. The Channeler can also choose
to spend 10 points per round to be immune to all missile attacks, this does not apply to spells.


At 7th level, the channeler gains the ability to store a number of levels deep within him, hidden
from himself and others. He does not radiate magic, and this cannot be detected by means other
than a True Seeing spell or greater.


At 9th level, the channeler gains the crown of fire ability: for a cost of 5/levels a round he is
surrounded by a nimbus of white light that provides the following benefits: Magic
Resistance equal to 50% plus 2% per character level, (max 80%) and cannot be damaged
except by +1 weapons or better.

As long as the channeler has at least one spellfire level remaining, he can use the following
cantrips/spells at will: Prestidigitation, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Dancing Lights, Detect Magic,
Amanuensis, Wizard Curtain, Silent Portal, Read Magic, Arcane Mark, Light, and Mending.
A Spellfire channeler is a living battery of raw magic and is able to regenerate spellfire energy without
the necessity of constantly drawing upon spells or magic items. In the same way a sorcerer recovers her
spell-slots, after sleeping for 8 hours a spellfire channeler regains a number of spellfire energy levels
equal to her Constitution score (thus a spellfire channeler/sorcerer would begin the day at his max spell
points +Con).
The channeler's capacity for storing spellfire energy levels is multiplied by the listed value. However,
spellfire energy levels in excess of the channeler's Con score is dangerous, with different effects
depending upon the number of levels stored:
Con +1 to Con x2: The channeler's eyes glow brightly and any creature, magic item, or spell effect that
touches the channeler causes 1 spellfire energy level to be discharged as a harmless burst of light.
Once/day the channeler must make a Constitution check at a -1 or take 1d6 points of damage as one of
her spellfire energy levels is consumed and backfires.
Con x2+1 to Con x3: As above, plus the channeler's skin glows (shedding light as a candle), a touch
releases 1d4 spellfire energy levels as light, and the channeler must make the backfire Constitution
check every hour at a -2.
Con x3+1 to Con x4: As above, except the channeler sheds light equal to a torch, feels a burning
sensation within her body (treat as if distracted by non-damaging spell, constitution check at a -3 to
concentrate), and must make the backfire Constitution check every minute at -3. A touch releases 1d6
spellfire energy levels as a flare spell against the channeler and all creatures within 5 feet of her.
Con x4+1 to Con x5: As above, except the character radiates a palpable (but non-damaging) heat to a
radius of 20 feet, is in pain (treat as if distracted by a non-damaging spell, constitution check at a -4 to
concentrate), and must make the backfire Constitution check every round at -4. A touch releases 2d6
spellfire energy levels as a flare spell against the channeler and all creatures within 5 feet of her. The
channeler must make a Wisdom check at a -5 every round or be forced to expend a maximum-strength
blast of energy at a random target within 30 feet in preference to any action.

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