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Math Exam Review 2013


1. Verify that (1,6) is a solution to the follow linear system,

5(x - 3) + 2(y + 4) = 10
3(x+4) 4(y + 3) = -21

2. The sum of two numbers is 42 and their difference is 12. What are the two numbers?

3. Write out the first four terms of the sequence defined by the recursion formula;
T =2 t -n,t



4. The follow table shows four series of numbers. One of these geometric, one of these is
arithmetic and the other two are neither geometric nor arithmetic.

a) Complete the table by stating the type of series that is shown.

1 + 11 + 111 + 1111 + 11111 +
1+ 3/4 + 9/16 + 27/64 +
0.9 + 0.875 + 0.85 + 0.825 + 0.8 +
1/2 + 2/3 + 3/4 + 4/5 + 5/6 +
b) For the arithmetic series,
State the common difference.

Type of series

For the geometric series,

State the common ration.

5. Solve algebraically for x and y.



= 20

x +1
3 +

= 4


6. Mr. Cane jelly beans at $4.40/kg with salt water taffy at $8.00/kg resulting in at 80kg
candy mixture worth $4.80/kg. How many kilograms of each candy are in the mixture.

7. Tim rows his boat 36 km upstream in 3 hours. It takes him 2 hrs to return downstream.
Determine his speed in still water and the speed of the current.

8. Write down the formula for tn and use it to find the indicated term:
a) 9, 1, -7, -15,. t46

b) -3, 15, -75, 375, ; t8

9. For the series 2 + 7 + 12 ++92 , determine:

a) the number of terms in the series

b) the sum of the series.

10. For the series 3 + 6 + 12 ++768, determine:

a) the number of terms in the series

b) the sum of the series.

11. The third of a geometric sequence is 18 and the seventh term is 1458. Determine the first
3 term of the sequence.

12. The fifth term of an arithmetic series is 16 and the sum of the firs terms is 145. Determine
the value of the first term and the common difference.

13. Classify each sequence or geometric, then determine the value of the variable
representing the unknown term in each case.
a) 3 ,7 ,11 ,15, x

b) -5, 15, -45, 135, y

14. A sequence is defined by the recursion formula;

t1 = 1 , t2 = 2 , tn = 3 x tn-1 2 x tn-2 , n= 3
a) Determine the first 5 terms.

b) express tn in terms of n.

15. Solve the follow systems of equations algebraically.

1 x - 4y = 5

5x + y = 2

16. Write a word problem that can be modelled by

the linear system shown on the right.

x + y = 8000
0.05x + 0.09y = 580

17. A car and a truck leave Edmonton at the same time. The car head to east white the tuck
heads west. the truck drove 10km/h slower than the car . in 8 hours the truck was 1840
km apart. Fine the speed of the car and the speed of the truck.

18. The third term of a geometric sequence is 12 and the sixth term is 96. Calculate the first
term and the common ratio.

19. Find the sum of positive terms of the arithmetic sequence 85, 78, 71,

20. Write a linear system of equations that will intersect (5, -2).

21. An arithmetic series has a first term of 2 and a fifth term of 30. A geometric series has a
common ratio of 2 . The sum of the first two terms of the geometric series is the
same as the second term of the arithmetic series. What is the first term of the geometric

22. Factorise fully.
a) 2x (x + 5) + 7(x + 5)

c) x2 100

b) x2 9x + 20

23. Solve the follow equations using the most appropriate method. Give exact answers in
simplified form.
a) (x - 2)2 = 36

c) x2 8x = 0

b) x2 + 3x 10 = 0

24. Given the follow quadratic equation, determine the number of real roots without solving
the equation.

25. Factorise fully.

a) 18x3 + 60x2 + 50x

b) 2( x - 2)2 x + 2

c) 6ax + 3bx + 4a + 2b

d) 9x2 (x - 3)2

26. Solve the follow equations using the appropriate method. Give the exact answers in
simplified form. x C.
a) 3x2 + 3x = 18

c) 5(x + 2)2 + 20 = 0

b) 3x (x - 4) = 2(x - 1) + 3




27. What value(s) of k will give this quadratic equations one real root?

3 x+2=0

2 x + kx + 8 =

28. A picture that measures 10cm by 8cm is to be surrounded

by a mat before being framed. The width of the mat is to be
the same on all sides of the picture. The area of the mat is to
equal the area of the picture, what us the width of the math,
to the nearest tenth of a centimetre?

29. Solve. Give exact answers in simplified form. x C.

a) x2 - 3

3 x +6=0

b) x4 5x2 36 = 0

30. If a bus travelled 10km/h faster, it would take 2 hrs les time to make a 315km trip. What
is its speed?

31. Three numbers form an arithmetic sequence, the common difference being 11. If the first
term is decreased by 6, the second number is decreased by 1, and the third number is
doubled , the resulting numbers are in a geometric sequence. Determine the numbers that
form the arithmetic sequence.

32. Graph each of the following quadratic relations on their respective grid.
a) y = (x + 5)(x - 3)

b) y = 1/2 (x - 5)2 2

c) y = -3(x + 5)2 + 8

d) y = (x + 3)2

33. Determine the equation of the parabola in each case.

a) Has x-intercepts of 0 and -6
and passes through the point

b) has a vertex at (-3,2) and has a y-intercept

of 20.

34. If (-2,7) is the maximum point of the parabola y= -2x2 4px + q, determine the values of
the constant p and q.

35. describe the transformations that are needed to map the graph y = x2 onto the graph of
y = -3x2 +7 .

36. Consider a quadratic relation. The vertex is at (2,1) and the y-intercept is at p (0,13).
a) Write down the equation of the axis of symmetry.
b) The equation of the relation can be written in the form y = a(x - h)2 + k . Write down the
value of h and k.
c) Write down the value of a.
d) Write the equation of the relation in the form y = ax2 +b x +c .

37. In a test-your-strength booth, at a fair a pad is struck with a hammer. This projects a
weight up a vertical slide- to ring a bell if you have hit the pad hard enough. When the
pad is struck with just sufficient force to ring the bell, the height of the weight, h , in
meters , t , seconds after the pad is struck is given by h = 8t- 5t .2
a) How high is the weight second after the pas is struck?

b) How high is the bell?

c) How long after the pas is struck does the bell ring?

38. A parabola with the equation = x2 is vertically stretched about the x-axis by a factor of
3/2 and reflected in the x-axis, and then translated 3units to the right and 2 units up. State
the equation of the transformed parabola.

39. Determine the equation for a parabola that goes through the points (2,3) and has zeros at
(4,0) and (1,0).

40. Find the follow for the quadratic relation y = -(x - 7)2
i) Direction of opening
ii) Axis of symmetry

iv) x-intercept(s) and y- intercept

v) maximum or minimum value and where it occurs

41. Two numbers have a difference of 24. Determine the number if the results of adding their
sum and their product is a minimum.

42. The gate to the entrance of a fenced-off garden is bordered by a parabolic shaped arch.
The inside dimensions of the arch are 2m wide and 3m high.
a) Determine the equation of the parabola that models the inside shape of the arch.
Clearly state where you are placing the origin of the axes.

b) How wide is the arch (between the inside edges) at a height of 2m above the ground.
(round your answer to 2 decimal places)

43. The parabola y = 2x2 + bx + c passes through the points (0, -2) and (1, -3). Determine
the vertex of the parabola. .

44. The diagram shows a plan for a deck which is to be built on the corner of a cottage. A
railing is to be constructed around the four outer edges of the deck. Given that
AB= DE = m, BC = CD = n, and the length of the railing is 30 meters,

a) Show that the area of the deck is given by the expression

A = -3m2 + 30m .
b) Find the dimensions of the deck which will have the maximum area.