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The corruption logbook " The seventh report " January 2016

138 corruption incident in January 2016..and The Ministry of Health

is on the top of the list
Within the framework of "The Corruption Log book" , "Partners for Transparency" PFT
continues publishing the monthly reports of observing and following-up the corruption
incidents , and here is the seventh report published by the foundation which concentrates on
observing and analyzing the legislative and procedural developments related to fighting
corruption, as well as spotting the incidents addressed by various media during January 2016.
January 2016 witnessed the release of the report of the Commission of Inquiry established by
the President of the Republic to investigate about the numbers mentioned in Hisham
Geneina's releases ,which were launched in December 2015, which estimated the cost of
corruption in Egypt with 600 billion pounds in four years, as the Commission concluded in its
report that the facts are inaccurate and referred the whole matter to the House of
Representatives as it is the supervisory jurisdiction and the issue has not been resolved yet.
The same month witnessed the release of the annual Corruption Perceptions index from
Transparency International which showed a progress in the Egyptian order which ranked from
94 to 88 globally , also this month witnessed statements of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
included assurances on the state's determination to fight corruption.
The legislative measures to fight corruption during January 2016:
January 2016 witnessed a number of seminars , training workshops , and meetings in some
governorates and ministries to emphasize the state's plans and efforts in fighting corruption, as
well as the statement of Mr. President, "Abdel Fattah al-Sisi," during the anniversary of the
25th of January revolution in which he asserted that the Egyptian government will make all
necessary efforts to fight and eliminate corruption administratively or financially , uphold the

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values of accountability , preserve the public money ,and fight corruption within the state
agencies , what has been observed in this regard is presented bellow : Saturday,2nd of January :in the General Secretariat of the Arab League headquarters in
Cairo , the agenda of the first Conference of the member states of the Arab Convention against
Corruption was launched over two days with the participation of heads of the Arab national
agencies and committees concerned with fighting corruption.
Monday,4th of January : the Administrative Prosecution Authority organized the first
session of the developed specialized units at the National Center for Social and Criminological
Research, supported by Dr. Nasrin Baghdadi the director of the center, to improve the
performance of members of the prosecution in order to complete the investigations of
corruption issues.
Tuesday, 5th of January : the Nile Center for Media in Toor Sinai held a seminar entitled
"The fight against corruption is a national duty" in order to identify the most important steps
taken by the State in the fighting corruption at all levels.
Wednesday,6th of January : Judge Ahmed El-Zend, the Minister of Justice, announced the
negotiate with 15 accused of illicit gain ; to reach an agreement upon payment of all state
benefits in exchange with pausing those issues.
Saturday,9th of January : the legal adviser Mohammed Rashwan announced that the law of
sanctions from the Minister of Transport and Communications decision 1999 which is applied
on staff of the Postal Authority requires to refer the staff who committed crimes of
embezzlement and bribery to disciplinary trial, explaining that the penalties of Article 118 are
weak and open the door for the return of the embezzlers to work again .
Sunday, 10th of January : the Attorney General , the President of the National Committee to
recover funds and assets smuggled abroad, ordered the Office of International Cooperation and
the illicit gain authority to prepare a legal memorandum on the status of former President
Hosni Mubarak and his two sons Alaa and Gamal,to send it to the ministry of foreign affairs ,
so that it could send it to the official authorities in the States which paused Mubarak and his
two sons balances.
Wednesday,13th of January : Dr. Hossam Moghazi , the Minister of Water Resources, said
that the Ministry is going ahead in fighting corruption in all its forms , and any case of
corruption, no matter how large, will not be tolerated and will be forwarded to the courts
immediately so that justice can occur, calling on all employees of the ministry to report any
suspicion of corruption in any location quickly .
Wednesday,13th of January : the local unit of the center and the city of Paris in New Valley
organized, in coordination with the Nile Center for Media, extensive media seminar entitled

combating administrative corruption and methods of its treatment for employees of the
government departments and bureaus in the Center and villages.
Thursday, 14th of January : The head of the Administrative Prosecution Authority assured
that the statement of counselor Hisham Genena the head of the Accountability State Authority
about corruption reached beyond 600 billion pounds is being examined from many sides, and
that the response of the prosecution with negative or positive will not be now and added that
there is a whole prosecution restructuring to fight administrative corruption in all its forms.
Thursday,14th of January : some deputies in the parliament requested calling Hisham
Geneina the head of the ACC and the commission of Inquiry set up by the Presidency to
investigate about what has been published about the amount of corruption in Egypt .
Thursday, 14th of January : Ihab Khouly, a member of the Legislative Committee of the
House of Representatives, recommended a modification of the internal regulations of the House
of Representatives to allow the formation of a new committee to fight corruption in Egypt,
according to the articles of the Constitution No. 215 till 221, which is for regulatory agencies in
the state.
Saturday, 16th of January : a government source announced that the Ministry of Finance
sent letters to international financial institutions, especially the World Bank and the African
Development Fund, to emphasize on the prior agreement to fight government corruption
according to the administrative plan of reform which ends on 2030 . The source pointed out
that those correspondences and letters come after receiving friendly inquiries from the
World Bank about the reality of Hisham Geneina statements that the government corruption
index in 2015 reached 600 billion pounds, the source revealed that the government
assurances included the emphasis on the non-validity of those statements.
Sunday, 24th of January : President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stressed on fighting corruption
during his speech at the ceremony of the anniversary of the 25th of January revolution, saying
"the Egyptian state will remain making all necessary efforts to fight and eliminate corruption ..
administratively or financially .. uphold the values of accountability .. and preserve public
money .. and to ensure safe, stable and attractive investment environment. "
Tuesday,26th of January : Transparency international called the Foreign Ministers of
Member States in the EU to keep the sanctions imposed after the Arab Spring in 2011 on the
two discharged presidents : the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Tunisian Zine El
Abidine Ben Ali, and provide technical assistance to the Tunisian and Egyptian authorities to
pursue their investigations and trial of the discharged and their followers and the recovery of
the stolen money.


Wednesday, 27th of January : Transparency International released its annual Corruption

Perception index of 2015, which provides that Egypt progressed 6 ranks to occupy the 88th
place globally, compared with 94 globally in 2014 and the tenth Arab wise .

The general features of the incidents of corruption during January 2016:

First, the incidents of corruption, according to the different sectors:
The sector

No. of

The sector

No. of

Ministry of Health


Ministry of Investments

Local Authorities


Ministry of Information

Ministry of supply


Ministry of Water Resources and


Ministry of Education

Ministry of Antiquities

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Interior

Regulatory agencies

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Ministry of Housing

Ministry of Transport

Ministry of Social Solidarity

Presidency Authority

Business Men

Ministry of Endowments

Ministry of Petrol




The distribution of the corruption incidents based on the sector





The previous data indicate that the Ministry of Health has received the largest share among the
facts of corruption during January 2016 with 23 corruption incident , followed by the local
Authorities with 20 incident of corruption, then comes the Ministry of Supply with 18 incident
of corruption, followed by both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Agriculture with
9 incidents of corruption, followed by the Ministry of Interior with 6 incidents of corruption
then come the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of youth and Sports, Ministry of transport, and
Presidency Authority with 5 incidents of the corruption for each, then come the Ministry of
Endowments, Ministry of investment, and Ministry of Information with 4 incidents of the
corruption for each, then the Ministry of water resources and Irrigation, Ministry of
Antiquities, Ministry of environment, Regulatory Agencies with 3 incidents of the corruption
for each, then come the Ministry of culture, Ministry of housing, Ministry of social solidarity
and business men with two incidents of corruption and finally comes the Ministry of Petroleum
in the last place with one incident of corruption only.


Second: the corruption incidences according to the stand of cases :

Stand of case

Number of cases

Under investigation


On trial


It has not been investigated


It has been adjudicated



The distribution of the corruption incidents according to the

stand of the case


The previous data suggest that the facts under investigation rank first among the facts of
corruption during January 2016 with 89 incident, followed by the facts that were not
investigated with 24 incident, then come the facts on trial with 22 facts and,finally come the
facts that have been adjudicated in last place in January with 3 facts only.
The most important incidents of corruption during January 2016:


1. Arresting a bakery official for seizing 127 tons of flour in Alexandria. (Veto -1 January
2 .The Administrative Prosecution referred a senior official of the warehouse Administration
of the central administration of books of the Ministry of Education to trial on charges of
wasting public money and forging bills exchange for textbooks. (Veto - January 1, 2016)
3. Sources from the Ministry of Education assured that the current minister prepares to
overthrow 5 leaders because of their poor performance in their assigned tasks . (Veto -1
January 2016)
4 .The administrative Prosecution referred the Director General at the General Authority for
Adult Education to Disciplinary High Court after being found guilty with administrative
irregularities. (Veto 2 January 2016)
5.The supply Investigation was able to seizure a gas station manager before selling 11
thousand liters of petroleum products in the black market in New Cairo. ( Veto 2 January 2016)
6.The security chief of Cairo decided to suspend a police officer of work until the end of the
investigations conducted by the public prosecutor in the light of charges against him of taking
bribes from citizens. (Veto -2 February 2016)
7 . The investigations of the public funds prosecution in Alexandria ,which is responsible for
the violations of the International Garden and Down Town Inc., reveled the involvement of a
number of former governors of Alexandria and several other officials of the government in
Wasat district in wasting half billion pounds and facilitating the seizure of the territory of the
state. (Veto - January 2, 2016)
8 . The public funds prosecution arrested an employee in Azhar general bureau of the Red Sea
for seizing 1,000,500 pound from citizens to use them in scrap business with fixed monthly
benefit. (Tahrer -1 January 2016)
9. The head of the Egyptian association for Human Rights in Menoufia filed a complaint to the
Attorney General in which he accuses the Minister of environment of wasting public money
after the minister's decision to establish a new factory for recycling garbage after the first
factory, which cost 10 million pounds and is just 3 kilometers from the new one, failed. (Tahrer
- January 2, 2016).
10. A manager of a state bank , two employees and a businessman remained in custody after
accepting the prosecution appeal for their release. (Tahrer - January 2, 2016)
11.A committee formed upon president Sisi's orders confined the investigation about the
statement of Hesham Genena about 600 billion pounds as the range of corruption to around 20
billion pounds so far as wasting public money in the Ministry of Local Development

Operations ,faking operations for paving roads and rebuilding sidewalks and issuing bills to
contractors for work they did not do in several governments. (El-Sabah -3 January 2016)
12.The committee formed upon President Sisi's orders to investigate in Hesham Genena's
statement about 600 billion range of corruption confined corruption in the Ministry of
Agriculture as the disappearance of food commodities which have been donated from several
countries to Egypt like UAE, Kuwait with approximately 2 billion pounds and incidents of
encroach on agricultural lands for the benefit of high business men with 3 billion pounds .
(Sabah -3 January 2016)
13. The committee formed upon President Sisi's orders to investigate in Hesham Genena's
statement about 600 billion range of corruption confines corruption in the Ministry of
Endowment as rewards from the Minister Mukhtar Juma who decided those rewards for
himself and his top aides in violation of the law. (El-Sabah -3 January 2016)
14. The commission of inquiry , which is formed by the president 's orders , confined the
corruption in the Radio and Television union wasting the union's EU funds in the Media
Production City and spending money up to 20 million pounds last year. (El-Sabah -3 January
15. The Administrative Prosecution referred the general manager of the readers' services in
the National Library and Archives and a female staff member to disciplinary trial for
committing big financial and administrative violations. (Veto -3 January 2016)
16. The Administrative Prosecution referred the General director of protecting land in the
Department of Agriculture in Dakahlia to trial for publishing building licenses on agricultural
land. (Veto -3 January 2016)
17. The security Director of the Presidency stated that seizure 3 closed bags leaked from
Ahmed Abdel-Atti the director of the discharged president's Office and they were kept inside
a room in Abdeen Palace and then delivered to the concerned authorities in the trial of the
isolated President Mohamed Morsi on charges of spying with Qatar. (Veto - January 3, 2016)
18 . Qaliubiya government is suffering from sewage problems, as the percentage of the
"sewers" in the villages doesn't exceed 25%, which carries additional efforts on the citizen
month as they use Sweeping water cars . (Alwafd- January 3, 2016)
19 .The Chairman of the Administrative Prosecution Authority decided to open an urgent
investigation about the incidents of corruption, neglect ,and harm the health of citizens through
refrigerators of the Ministry of Health, which is behind the corruption of vaccines . (Veto -3
January 2016)
20. Investigation of Supply in Alexandria was able to seizure large quantities of rotten meat
and poultry with a number of dealers. (Al-Ahram -3 January 2016)

21.A ferry in Sendyon village of Kafr El-Sheikh governorate sank and resulted in the death of
15 people and the investigations reveled the discharge of the officials from the incident and
that the boat is not licensed. (Al-Watan - January 3, 2016)
22 .Responsible sources in the Health Ministry revealed that the award of the industrial dairy
supply tender for newborn babies to the Egyptian Dairy Company for the second time
consecutively , despite the cancellation of the tender by the ministry in the first time that was
recently introduced after detecting the corruption of its products. (Youm 7 - January 3, 2016)
23. Proved by documents , the Agriculture Ministry wasted public money also the movement of
the permanent changes in the ministry is not subjected to the regulatory authorities to the
regulator investigations. (Al-Badel - January 3, 2016)
24.The residents of the area "B" division in Aswan complained from the encroachments on
state property of the Nile where the President of the Housing association and his deputy
maintained a land of 450 meters claiming that they are protecting it. (Al-Wafd - January 3,
25. The trial of former President Mohamed Morsi and 10 other defendants began in the case
known in the media as "spying with Qatar." ( Veto 4 January 2016)
26 . The Ministry of Justice referred the Head of the Central Department of Legal Affairs of the
Public Transport Authority in Cairo and one of the lawyers to trial for committing major
financial and administrative violations . (Vito - January 4, 2016)
27 .People of the Albderman village are suffering from the neglect of officials of the Ministry
of Health towards El-Tawfeki Medical Center, where there is mandatory doctor three days a
week and the rest of the week has no doctors. (Youm 7 - January 4, 2016)
28 .The public funds prosecution in northern Giza referred the Secretary of Health
Administration store in Oseem to the Giza Criminal Court for being accused of embezzling the
contents of his custody estimated half a million pounds. (Al-Ahram -4 January 2016)
29. El-Harram public fund prosecution ordered arresting Mohammed Fakharani, retired police
general , on charges of forgery in official documents that caused the exclusion of police officer
from work for 14 years. (Al-Ahram - January 4, 2016)
30. The local unit of the center and the city of Fashn, south of Beni Suef, managed to remove
20 cases of building on agricultural land and property of the state and legal actions were taken
against infringers . ( veto - January 4, 2016)
31.Supply Investigation of Menoufia managed to arrest the responsible of a packing store with
five tons of sugar from an unknown source. (Veto - January 4, 2016)


32. Dakahlia governor made a surprise visit to the hospitals in the governorate and decided to
refer 32 director , a staff members and a worker to investigation due to their severe negligence
in work, in addition to a 10 days bonus of for the staff Dekerness General Hospital. (Youm 7January 4, 2016)
33. The staff of Petrotrade company are suffering from the corruption that pervade the
company, where they demanded to implement the founding Regulations of 2001 which the
minister signed it in 2011, so the Administration stopped 165 workers, and the Labor Office
did his work and sent them back to work and a complaint was filed against the workers for
pressure and intimidation. (Al-Wafd - January 4, 2016)
34. The first secretary of the Ministry of Supply in Sohag referred 11 inspector to general and
administrative prosecution on charges of negligence and corruption. (Youm 7- January 5, 2016)
35. The governor of Luxor Mohammed Badr is upset from the incident of Closing the
Insurance compound of Tiba city , which was opened a week ago, calling the incident "a
scandal , corruption and waste of public money." (AlWatan - January 5, 2016)
36 .The Administrative Prosecution in Giza ordered to call the Acting Director of the
Directorate of Veterinary Medicine in Giza for investigation on charges of covering up selling
rotten meat and wasting public money. (AlWafd - January 6, 2016)
37.The regulatory agencies in the Directorate of Health Affairs in Sohag seized large
quantities of dead birds slaughtered before they are sold on Christmas. (AlWafd 6 January
38. The first Attorney General of prosecutions of public funds in Alexandria called officials of
the central district and the governorate to question them in the waste of 300 million pounds of
state funds in the contracts of the land of the International Garden . (AlWafd 6 January 2016)
39. The parents of students in Rawda Primary School in Sinbillawain center Dakahlia
Governorate are suffering from the presence of cracks in the walls of the building, which
threaten the lives of children. (Youm7- January 6, 2016)
40. Revealing a report issued by the ACC for wasting public money in Minia Governorate
which detected the waste of nearly 73 million pounds. (Veto - January 6, 2016)
41.The Administrative Prosecution referred the head of El-Tall El-Keber city to the Supreme
Disciplinary Court after being found guilty of grave financial and administrative violations
represented in the approval of building four residential buildings on the territory of
Endowment Authority. (Veto - January 6, 2016)
42.The public funds prosecution decided the innocence of the Council of El-zohor club
administration after saving the complaints made by the Ministry of Youth and Sports against

club officials in the administration of wasting public money. (Veto - January 6, 2016)
43.The first trial sessions of the incident of killed citizen inside Luxor police station in which 9
were accused including four police officers and five undercover sergeants at the Criminal
Court of Qena. (Veto-8 January 2016)
44.The Administrative Prosecution in Hurghada decided to refer the general manager of AlAzhar Red Sea area and the security officer on trial for having committed grave financial and
administrative irregularities. (Veto -8 January 2016)
45.The residents of the village of Kafr Sarem El-Bhary in Smonod Center in Gharbia
governorate are suffering from accumulated piles of garbage on the streets in addition to that
drinking water is unfit for human use which the Ministry of Health approved . (Al-WafdJanuary 8, 2016)
46. The governor of Menoufiya referred an incident to the public prosecutor which is filling a
complaint to ACC that a previous school director in Masr El-Horra language took over the
school's car owned by the state since the last November 5 l (Veto - January 8, 2016)
47. The Court of Cassation filed the appeal made by the former President Hosni Mubarak and
his two sons on the judgment against them of three years in prison in a re-trial in the case of
corruption known by the media presidential palaces, for the issuance of the decision. (Veto January 9, 2016)
48.Cairo Criminal Court is considering Salah Hilal , former Minister of Agriculture ,trails with
three other defendants in the bribery case of the Ministry of Agriculture. (Veto - January 9,
49 .People of Okhtab village in Dakahlia are suffering from administrative corruption and
waste of public money in the local unit saying that some citizens received a building permit for
violating floors with utilities and other of setting technicians with violating the law . (Al-Bayan
- January 10, 2016)
50. Dakahlia governor decided to dismiss the manager of Beni Obeid Central hospital and
referred other 27 workers, nurses and doctors to investigation for committing administrative,
technical and medical irregularities (Youm 7January 10, 2016)
51." Emsk Keresh" campaign revealed an incident of corruption in funds of quarries in the
seven governorates in which the annual funds may reach 20 billion pounds but the Ministry of
Finance and the State Treasury doesnt know anything about them . (AlBawbah News January 11, 2016)
52.The public prosecutor ordered the investigation in the complaint submitted by Hisham
Ibrahim Mustafa, a lawyer, against the media figure Ibrahim Issa and the journalist in

"AlMakal" newspaper Samer Ahmed on charges of insulting the judiciary. (Veto -11 January
53.Water plant in AlMotea in Assiut stopped working after one year which is considered a
waste of public money." (Alshourok- January 11, 2016)
54.General Habib al-Adly, former interior minister, is facing a new issue of wasting public
money in the case known in the media as "the corruption of the Ministry of Interior" in which
he is accused and others about amounts estimated by the investigations with one billion and
800 million pounds. (Youm 7-11 January 2016)
55. Sayeda Zeinab misdemeanor court decided three years imprisonment in absent to three
reporter photographers and in presence the President of the electronic Journalists' Syndicate
who is accused of spreading false news and joining the group established against law. (Veto January 11, 2016)
56.Bab El-Sherea prosecution began investigation about the break of oxygen pipe in Sayed
Jalal hospital which led to the deaths of three infants . (Veto - January 11, 2016)
57.The public prosecutor ordered an extensive investigation about the collapse of a building in
Minya El-Kamh and tasked the Attorney General of South East to quickly take necessary legal
action and stand on the causes of the incident. (Veto - January 12, 2016)
58.Department of Health Insurance in Beni Suef witnessed facts of corruption and waste of
public money, including the waste of 204 thousand pounds. (AlBawabah -12 January 2016)
59. The department of health insurance in Sohag has witnessed a hunger strike by some staff
members because of their exposure to obscene insults from management director. (AlBawabah
News -12 January 2016)
60.The fall of the gang working on fraud treatment decisions at the expense of the state, and
medical certificates, in Fayoum General Hospital. (AlBawabah News -12 January 2016)
61.Attorney General received a complaint against Saad Eddin Ibrahim, the founder of Ibn
Khaldoun center for Development Studies, calling for banning him from travel and
referring him to criminal prosecution for applying foreign agendas. (Veto - January 12, 2016)
62.Administrative Prosecution referred three officials in the diabetes Research Institute of the
Agricultural Research Center for trial on charges of grave financial and administrative
violations . (Veto -12 January 2016)
63. Bulaq Dakrur prosecution decided to arrest a female engineer in Faisal accused of forgery
in official documents. (Al-Ahram - January 13, 2016)
64.The Governor of Suez decided to refer the Director General of Health in Suez and director
of the medical center in Arab Ammarin village Legal Affairs for investigation. (Al-Ahram January 13, 2016)
65. The Commission of inquiry published a final report , about corruption issued by the ACC
which was issued by Hisham Geneina that the extent of corruption in Egypt amounted to 600

billion pounds, that explains that Hisham Geneina statements are not credible and mislead the
truth. (Nogoom Egypt - January 13, 2016 )
66.Board of Directors of Ahli club is studying filling a complaint to the Attorney General
against the former board headed by Hassan Hamdi accusing them of wasting public money and
causing a crisis that dissolved the current board. (MasrAlekhbaria- January 13, 2016)
67. The general Administrative Prosecution for antiquities referred three officials of the Grand
Egyptian Museum to immediate trial accusing them of negligence and waste of public money.
(AlMogaz -13 January 2016)
68. The River Nile violations reached 50 thousand and 399 case until December 2015 during
only one year in addition to the thousands of small factories that throw its sewage in the Nile.
(AlWafd -13 January 2016)
69.The citizens of Qanter El-Khaireya are calling for help as the thugs are digging and
attacking the railway station of the old Qanter El-Khaireya which may lead to accidents and
this is raising panic among the people of the region. (Youm 7 - January 14, 2016)
70.The people Mahalah Al-Amir village affiliated to Rashid Center in Behera governorate are
suffering from the main streets which turned to pools of water and wetlands as a result of poor
water and sanitation infrastructure of the village networks. (Youm 7 - January 14, 2016)
71.Residents of Meet Ghamra in Dakahlia are suffering from the accumulation of trash in
front of General Meet Ghamra Hospital outside clinics within the ignorance of the officials
about the dirtiness of the government building. (Youm 7 -14 January 2016)
72.The first secretary of the Ministry of Health in Gharbeia discovered the largest two issues of
corruption in the history of the department, and decided immediately to forward them to the
prosecution which decided to punish violators so two million pounds of stolen state funds by
some of the doctors returned to the government. (Almasry Alyoum -14 January 2016)
73 . Traffic officers arrested the owner of a company and technical engineer in Cairo Traffic
licenses Unit, on charges of fraud and bribery in exchange for the amount of 2,000 pounds . (Al
Masry AlYoum -14 January 2016)
74. Administrative Prosecution referred the Director of Public Relations at the Ministry of
Education and signatures' official to trial after being found guilty in organizing Umrah trip
without the approval of the Minister ( Veto - January 14, 2016)
75. General Directorate of public funds Investigation was able to arrest the director of a
company and an employee in a bank for falsifying documents to obtain credit facilities which
worth a million pounds. (Veto -14 January 2016)
76.Administrative Control Authority was able to arrest the director of fighting Customs
smuggling administration in port of Alexandria as he was caught red-handed while taking 250
thousand pounds as a bribe from the owner of one of the companies. (akher alanbaa -14
January 2016)


77.An MP in Samalout Center filed an Urgent statement to the President of the House of
Representatives about the Samalout hospital and the poor health service in it after the decision
to move the hospital and the waste of public money. (Rose Alyousef- January 14, 2016)
78. A complaint with documents was filled to the Attorney General proving corruption in
vaccines and veterinary vaccines Institute which includes 6 Proceedings of corruption and
waste of public money. (Veto -15 January 2016)
79. The Ministry of Investment is conducting an investigation about suspected facts of waste of
public money in the Sharkia Tobacco Company. (AlShourok- January 16, 2016)
80.Second department of the economic Court is holding the trial of businessman Mohamed
Nabil Sharaf, accused of recruiting funds from more than 7,000 citizens. (Veto- January 16,
81.Supply investigation in Gharbia seized 680 kilos of cooking oil unfit for consumption in
second constituency of Tanta . (Al-shourok- January 16, 2016)
82. Misdemeanor Court of Dokki sentenced a nurse and a receptionist of a government hospital
a year for being accused of manslaughter and negligence. (Veto -16 January 2016)
83.Administrative Control Authority in Assiut arrested the President of the pavement section in
west of Assiut district after being charged 100 thousand pounds as a bribe to finish an action to
one of the business men . (Dot Masr, January 16, 2016)
84.The Director General of the Department of Education in Dirb Negm of eight observers to
investigation by the Legal Affairs, for violating exam instructions. (AlWatan -16 January
85. The people of ElBehera are calling for help from the officials from the deaths of large
quantities of fish, which floated on the water's surface in Mahmudiya, as a result of pollution of
the Nile by oils and sanitation. (Youm 7 January 16, 2016)
86. Documents revealed multiple aspects of corruption in Warraq Hospital in Imbaba, which
represents a glaring example of the waste of public money with wasting 17 million pounds.
(Aldostor- January 17, 2016)
87.Administrative Prosecution decided to refer the director of the Islamic cultural center in the
Ministry of Endowment and director of the Islamic Cultural Center in Nour Mosque in Abbasia
for trial for their acts of manipulating the exams and committing grave financial and
administrative irregularities . (Veto -17 January 2016)
88. Supply Investigation launched a campaign in Behera and resulted in the seizure of 17
different Supply issue. (Veto -17 January 2016)
89.People of Motobas center in Kafr El-Sheikh are suffering from and the presence of more
than six kilometers of the international road has no asphalt and there are frequent accidents
permanently, explaining that this road leads to a school. (AlWafd - January 17, 2016)
90.Minya governor decided to close 16 diverse non-governmental medical clinics for different
medical specialties in Minya. (Al Masry ALyoum January 17, 2016)

91.Administrative Prosecution Authority decided to open an urgent investigation about

officials in the Red Sea Agency dividing 66 housing units for the resettlement of Bedouins
project on those who are working in the Agency . (AlWafd -17 January 2016)
92 The head of the consumer protection agency referred 6 satellite channels on charges of
misleading and fraud advertising . (Youm 7 - January 18, 2016)
93. The move of a subway train, from Ain Shams station in the direction leading to Marg
station, without closing its doors because of severe overcrowding by citizens that could have
resulted in disaster in the absence of officials. (Youm 7 - January 18, 2016)
94. Cairo Criminal Court continues the trial of businessman Ahmed Ezz and the former head
of the Industrial Development Authority in the case known in the media as the "iron licenses."
(AlWafd- January 19, 2016)
95.The report of ACC in Assiut requested the end of the paving project and demanded the
transfer of financial assets to the governments balance because of the illegality of the project
and waste of 4 million 824 thousand and 350 pounds. (Al-Ahram - January 19, 2016)
96.Supply Investigation arrested the owner of bakery seizing 114 thousand pounds of support
funds in Marg. (Veto - January 19, 2016)
97.Supply Investigation arrested the owner of a bakery for seizing 45 tons of flour in Cairo.
(Veto- January 19, 2016)
98. A judicial report revealed an issue of financial and administrative corruption committed by
the First secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Dakahlia Governorate and 5 of his
assistants resulted in waste of public money. (Veto -19 January 2016)
99.Investigative judge deputized from the appeal court decided to call Hesham Genena the
head of the ACC on 31 January, for investigation and the Attorney General prohibited
Publishing. (Masr AlArabeya - January 20, 2016)
100.Qaliubiya Governor referred the head of the local unit of the Moshtohor affiliated to
Tookh to investigation and issued a decree to stop him from work until the end of the
investigation , for his faliure in his work. (Veto- January 20, 2016)
101.The ACC revealed wasting public money in the Egyptian Company for wholesale after the
reports proved the waste of 274 million pounds. (AlBadeel-20 January 2016)
102.Supply Investigation was able to seizure tons of spoiled shrimp in a refrigerator in
Qalyoubia. (Veto -21 January 2016)
103.Supply Investigation was able to seizure expired meat and poultry structures within the
Hyper in AlOubor . (Veto- January 21, 2016)
104.Supply Investigation was able to seizure 1700 kilos of rotten meat in Minya. (AlWatan-21
January 2016)
105.The residents of Talkha City in Dakahlia Governorate, and the neighboring villages are
suffering from of high emissions , and fumes rising from the fertilizer and chemical factories .
(Youm 7 -21 January 2016)

106.People of Tama Center are suffering from negligence within the Tama Central Hospital, in
the government of Sohag from aging infrastructure and poor service. (Youm 7 -21 January
107.The Court of Cassation postponed consideration of the appeal submitted by former
President Hosni Mubarak, in the case of the killing of demonstrators to a session on April 7.
(Veto 21 January 2016)
108. Investigation of Giza ordered to investigate in the issue of corruption and forgery of
official documents for 14 thousand square meters of land belonging to the Ministry of
Agriculture, where an employee in one of the companies of businessman Suleiman Amer and
Mohamed Hawary is accused. (Masry AlYoum -21 January 2016)
109.Public Funds Investigations arrested a government employee while taking bribes from a
citizen in exchange for a contracting his company with one of the holding companies for Food
Industries for mobilizing of sugar. (youm 7 -22 January 2016)
110. The Administrative Prosecution Authority referred eight officials at the Ministry of
Antiquities and the Egyptian Museum to an immediate trial on charges of involvement in the
damage and distortion of King Tutankhamun statue. (Youm 7 -23 January 2016)
111.The Minister of Agriculture assured that the number of files that have been sent to the
regulatory agencies for verification reached to 338 files and proved involvement of some
engineers in the fraud of 37 of them, which are investigated with some officials . (Masr
AlArabia 23 January 2016 )
112 .Investigation of Supply revealed the involvement of three senior officials of the Egyptian
Company for wholesale in an issue of corruption for bribes from financial companies for the
continuation of the contract with them. (AlBawabah News -23 January 2016)
113. Investigation of Supply in Abu Qurqas in Minya were able to seizure slaughtered bullock
in a car in the village infected with FMD. (AlMasry AlYoum -23 January 2016)
114.Investigation taxes and fees managed to seizure 44 cases in the field of public taxes, sales
tax, and implement 20 court ruling . (AlMasry ALyoum -23 January 2016)
115. The Administrative Prosecution referred five officials in the Artistic House for Folkloric
and Performing Arts of the Ministry of Culture to trial after proving seizing public money.
(Veto -23 January 2016)
116. Deputy Attorney General in Minya ElKamh Center in Sharqia decided to release
engineering management director and a female engineer designer in Minya AlKamh center
with a bail 1000 pounds each, pending further investigation into the collapse of a property in
Minya Kamah. (Veto -23 January 2016)
117.Sharkia Governor referred the members of the committee responsible for supplying
machines and equipment for the educational process of public education and technical
education in the Directorate of Education to public prosecutor. (Youm 7 January 24, 2016)


118.criminal court resumes trial of Zakaria Azmi, the former President of the Presidency
119.Investigation of Supply in Gharbia was able to seizure spoiled goods in markets , arrest
price manipulators and file 22 complaint for different supply violations . (Al-Ahram -24
January 2016)
120. MP of Road Farag constituency in Shoubra requested questioning Galal Said the
Governor of Cairo, in front of Parliament, about the waste of public money after the
deterioration of Shubra tunnel, which was opened about a month ago . (Youm 7 -24 January
121.The Chairman of the Administrative Prosecution Authority decided to open an urgent
investigation about the publication on assigning the restoration of Baron Palace to an Office
specialized in cement. (Veto -24 January 2016)
122.Referral of six leaders of the Egypt Environmental Affairs Agency to trial in the case of
financial and administrative corruption, resulted in the waste of public money. (Veto -24
January 2016)
123. Supply Management in Manfelot in Assiut Governorate was able to seizure a large
amount of meat slaughtered outside the slaughterhouse and unfit for human consumption.
(Veto -25 January 2016)
124. Police General Directorate of Supply and Trade was able to seizure 33 thousand pieces
for Medical Supplies from an unknown source in Sayeda Zeinab. (Veto -26 January 2016)
125.The Administrative Prosecution Authority referred officials in navigation river to an urgent
trial for being acussed of serious administrative irregularities that led to the sinking of a ferry
accident in Kafr el-Sheikh. (Youm 7-26 January 2016)
126. Investigative judge deputized from the appeal court is investigating with Hisham Geneina,
president of ACC, on charges of insulting the judiciary . (Veto -26 January 2016)
127.Report of the ACC in Menofia revealed a model of corruption and waste of public money,
where a number of officials appointed 100 teachers and employees since 2011 in the
Directorate of Education and they receive salaries from the state estimated by 43 million
pounds without any right. (Al-Ahram -26 January 2016)
128.Attorney General began an investigation about a corruption scandal whose hero is the
national football team for the Blind, who sent a fake team to participate in the World
Championships in Poland last year. (Mohhet dotcom -26 January 2016)
129. First October prosecution referred two police officers from deportations Authority to
criminal prosecution on charges of exploiting their influence and taking financial bribe worth
20 thousand pounds. (Youm 7 -27 January 2016)
130. People of North Sinai are suffering from the waste of public money and poor services in
Arish general hospital. (Al-Ahram -27 January 2016)


131.Investigation of Supply in Minia Governorate arrested the responsible for the distribution
of meals, "Kawen Wagbetak" with 20 kilos of frozen meat from unknown source. (Al-Dosotr 27 January 2016)
132.Cairo Criminal Court resumes the trial of Mohammed Ibrahim Suleiman, the former
Minister of Housing, and 6 other officials in the case known in the media by"the Green Belt."
(Al-Dostor -28 January 2016)
133.Investigation of Supply was able to arrest the head of Supply office and the owner a
supply shop for acquisition of support funds in Basateen. (Veto -28 January 2016)
134.Fayoum governor decided to refer of the financial and administrative irregularities in the
distribution of fertilizers shares in one of the agricultural societies in Babshoay to prosecution.
(Vito -28 January 2016)
135.Second Mahala investigation is investigating in the waste of 250 thousand pounds in the
Shooting Club in Mahla . (Youm 7 January 29, 2016)
136.A number of governors referred around 3500 employees in the sectors of local units and
directorates of service to the public prosecutor, administrative prosecution and legal affairs.
(Youm 7-30 January 2016)
137. The Administrative Prosecution referred the Director General of Legal Affairs in Giza
Governorate to trial after proving that he hide the judgment of the disciplinary court to punish
him for the purpose of renewal his leadership position unjustly. (Veto -31 January 2016)
138.Misdemeanors court in Sohag Centre decided to renew the imprisonment of storekeeper at
Takamoli hospital in Gezert Shandaweel village 15 days pending investigation on charges of
theft of medical devices. (AlBawabah News -31 January 2016)