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Naif Alqahtani

Current company LSS

Logistics Solution Services (LSS) is a leading logistics provider in Saudi Arabia
offering storage, distribution, and supply chain management services. Despite its
booming oil and consumer-based sectors, Saudi Arabia lacks premier logistic firms
equipped to store and distribute sensitive industrial material. Naif Al Qahtani has
set a new benchmark by providing high quality warehouses and distribution
services tailored to the specific needs of the petrochemical and
telecommunications industries. LSS operates state-of-the-art warehouse
technology and has achieved international logistics standards.
Naifs experience working in logistics at DHL Saudi Arabia revealed to him the
inefficiencies plaguing supply chain management in Saudi Arabia. His industry
expertise and ambition to become the leading Saudi logistics provider attracted
early investment from holding entities in the industrial sector. LSS prides itself in
serving some of the most significant clients in the region, including Halliburton,
DB Schenker, and Saudi Aramco.
Unlike most warehousing firms in Saudi Arabia, LSS has achieved ISO standards in
supply chain management. It is the only civil defense-approved company licensed
to store petrochemical goods in eastern Saudi Arabia.

Loai Naseem
Current company Lomar
The thobe, a traditional robe-like garment worn by Arab men, is coming into
modernity thanks to Lomar, a Saudi fashion house led by Loai Naseem. Fed up
with the shapeless, uniform cloth he was required to wear for business and social
occasions, Loai decided to apply his eye for design to create more trendy options
for Arab men.
Loai is a native of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Unhappy with his business studies, he
quit school after three years and began launching businesses with his father. In
1994 Loai travelled to the US to study graphic design at the Art Institute of
Houston. He went on to work for advertising firms, and won several international
awards for his designs.
By 2002, Loai was frustrated with the limited thobe options on the market. He
designed a more fashionable thobe to fit his style, but no one would produce it.
Finally in 2004, he received orders for the thobe, and launched Lomar in 2005.
Many disapproved of Loais modern interpretation of the national dress. However,
he believed that he had an attractive product for the Saudi market.
Lomar seeks to revolutionize the way men wear traditional Saudi clothing by
focusing on comfort, utility, and modern designs. Further, it recently launched a
Ready Made concept in Mecca. To engage clients, Lomar innovates with new
designs every two months. Loai is a role model for other Saudi entrepreneurs who

seek to break out of the traditional industries, pursue their passions, and develop
innovative products and services.

Amr Madani
Current company TalentS

TalentS is working to improve the quality of science, technology, engineering, and

math (STEM) education throughout Saudi Arabia. Saudi 12th graders recently
ranked 37th out of 42 nations in the Trends in Math and Science Survey and just
3% of Saudi students perform to international math standards. To reverse the
trend of poorly trained teachers who lack exposure to recent educational
developments, Amr and Saeed founded TalentS in 2007. TalentS has developed
creative, hands-on, and engaging methods for teaching STEM at robotics
competitions and science fairs.
The entrepreneurs are now applying their expertise to additional STEM-related
learning opportunities, including managing STEM museums, designing exhibits,
organizing corporate social responsibility events, and training teachers and
students. The company has received the backing of large corporations, public
foundations, and private schools. Amr and Saeed have developed their in-house
techniques in conjunction with premier global educational institutions.
The absence of any private management model for science centers and museums
in Saudi Arabia makes TalentS well-positioned to seek contracts for STEM-related
projects. The company earned a contract for US$20 million from King Abdullah
City for Atomic & Renewable Energy to design the nations first sustainable energy
science center, called Mishkat. Additionally, TalentS recently won a US$1 million

contract to run STEM outreach programs for Saudi Aramco targeting 1,000
teachers and 2,000 students. As a culmination of their evolution of services, the
entrepreneurs now seek funding for their own TalentS STEM-focused school for K12.