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“We love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from a job well-done.”
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LTD. automating various workflow processes such as tasks. phone calls. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. Uttam Nagar. | www. calendars and alerts. Our dedicated support team is always available to assist you over the phone. Ltd. chat or mail. A-59. or location-bas e d services. Company Values Global Experience We ensure to understand our client business so that project outcomes fully support their business aims. based on over 3 years of experience and constant advancement in software development and web products. depending on system capabilities). and giving managers the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system. Our Track record shows 95% Customer satisfaction level Over the years. we are successfully working in many parts of India. is an ethical company that values commitment.hidigits. Mohan Garden.  Geolocation technology. Currently powering over thousands of websites worldwide. hidigits IT services Pvt. HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. we’ve rendered our services to clients in India to various Global organizations and Industries.Company Policy hidigits is efficient provider of non-cloud and cloud-based platform solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online. We believe and guarantees you to receive a world-class service. should you face any hic-cups on your way to becoming a leading online business. independence. The other main functions of this software include recording various customer interactio ns (over email. at affordable prices and in the least amount of time. Common features of CRM software include:  Marketing automation. Our CRM software consolidates customer information and documents into a single CRM database so business users can more easily access and manage it. Our comprehensive customer interface allows you to establish a strong presence for yourself. social media or other . teamwork for self and client satisfaction.  Sales force automation. DK ROAD.  Contact center automation. excellence.

responsiveness. and decision making Get personalized access to apps on any device – for optimal usability and enterprise-wide engagement Choose from 3 deployment options (cloud. on premise. A-59. HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. This integrated suite acts as a foundation for business innovation no matter your industry. view business opportunities with predictive analytics. or as a hybrid deployment. delivering simpler it and a personalized user experience across your lines of business      Innovate without disruption and boost business value with a global suite of real-time apps Combine transactions and analytics on a single in-memory platform – for simplified IT and low TCO Gain instant insight-to-action to improve agility. on premise.Our Services BUSINESS SUITS APPLICATION IN REAL TIME Drive your entire business in real time with business suite applications available in the non-cloud/ | www. Uttam Nagar. clients. however CRM software systems are also used in the same way to manage business contacts. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. DK ROAD. GF. allowing businesses to gain actionable customer insights with a backend analytical engine. hidigitss’ CRM software is highly scalable and customizable. CRM software is commonly used to manage a businesscustomer . Mohan Garden. contract wins and sales leads. streamline operations and personalize customer service based on the customer’s known history and prior interactions with your business. LTD. or hybrid) delivered by our partners HIDIGITS’S CRM SOFTWARE’S CRM software is designed to help businesses meet the overall goals of customer relationship management.

FINANCIAL M ANAGEM ENT Complete budgets. CM S DEVELOPMENT We allows you the flexibility and option of changing every face of your website by its open source content management system development. word press Mu and Word Press that provides you the freedom of doing more than just controlling the words and pictures. Mohan Garden. reduce energy usage. ENTERPRISES RESOURCE S PLANNING Our ERP system is a complete body of integrated applications that can manage the entire business operations from . and your financial close significantly faster with financial solutions designed for businesses of any size. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. Joomla. management reporting. LTD. We have teams specializing in Drupal. Available in industry-specific editions. DK ROAD.ENTERPRISES ASSET MANAGEMENT EAM is the most configurable enterprise-grade asset management solution on the market. Uttam Nagar. PHP. A-59. it also gives you unparalleled flexibility to zero in on the specialized. It gives you the power to improve capital asset management in ways that increase reliability. W EB DESIGN AND DEVEL OPMENT We provides SEO friendly professional web designing and development services which a company requires to seek an online identity. and support sustainability initiatives. ensure regulatory compliance. industry requirements that can turn your company’s asset management into a competitive advantage. enhance predictive maintenance. accounting and consultancy to manufacturing and sales.  Gain insight across all financial processes HIDIGITS IT SERVICES | www. GF.

unlock new opportunities and build new models for creating richer. analytics. more meaningful customer experiences. Uttam Nagar. and internal control content Make better commercial decisions to drive profitability Automate your processes for .      Manage risk and compliance across accounting and treasury Embed IFRS. accurate reporting Harness the latest technology – including cloud. DK ROAD. | www. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. and mobile Simplify the user experience on any device SUPPLY CHAIN M ANAGEM ENT Sense.        Anticipate and manage sudden changes in supply and demand Provide vital business information to key stakeholders across your network Improve collaboration across multiple lines of business Centrally manage and optimize inventory. LTD. A-59. and execute to meet demand – with Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions Fulfill demand on time – every time – with Supply Chain Management (SCM) software. global enterprises become intuitively digital by using the cloud as part of a foundation to derive new insights. GF.hidigits. shipping. plan. and ultimately keep your operations running efficiently and profitably. HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. inmemory. and order fulfillment Make decisions in real time and execute them across your supply chain Ensure your supply chain’s integrity and manage supply chain disruptions Simplify the user experience on any device CLOUD COM PUTING We’re helping today’s largest. Our integrated supply chain solutions will help put the customer at the center of your business processes. Mohan Garden. connect internal departments with external partners.

DATA M ANAGEM ENT Data Management Solution that Delivers Rapid ROI For businesses large and small. In these HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. At the same time. Uttam Nagar. GF. build and manage a cloud infrastructure using your choice of innovative cloud services. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | . DK ROAD. LTD. and more reliable regulatory compliance. including improved customer service. Cloud strategy and consulting Let hidigits guide you in identifying business and it drivers for cloud strategies. more efficient resource utilization. the current fiscal environment is one in which huge frontloaded investments in IT infrastructure are beyond the budgets of most organizations. CLOUD MANAGEMENT SERVICES Discover the most efficient ways to provision and manage cloud resources. defining a cloud roadmap. A-59. Mohan Garden. more sharply targeted marketing campaigns.  Cloud infrastructure services We can help you plan. and selecting the right cloud platform. extending or building them on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms. and in which even smaller investments are under pressure to deliver a rapid return. the potential rewards of effective data management are many. to name just a few. CLOUD SOFTWARE SERVICES Discover how hidigits can help you leverage process-led functional solutions delivered via SaaS models. CLOUD APPLICATION SE RVICES We can help you transform your applications by | www.hidigits.

fully-featured data integration and application integration platforms. hidigits offers a seamless migration path to subscription-based enterprise | www. our solutions are unrestricted in the scope and duration of their use. Mohan Garden. enterprise products provide team collaboration tools. and support for delivering data management operations as a SOA web service. with two types of product offerings: Fully functional. A-59. GF. For organizations with enterprise-scale data management needs. hidigits data management solution is the ideal means to bring the benefits of advanced data management technology to any organization that desires those benefits. and master data management (hidigits software for MDM). makes hidigits open source enterprise management solutions far less costly than comparable HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. hidigits makes the benefits of powerful data management technology available to organizations of all sizes. Subscription-based enterprise data management solutions. Rapidly gaining popularity since first launched in 2014. Far from being mere “trial-ware”. and deliver rich features including an Intuitive graphical development environment and more than 400 built-in connectors to help you easily integrate nearly any type of data source or target data .hidigits. which supplement base products with additional features specifically for the needs of mission critical projects. hidigits offers robust solutions for data integration (hidigits software for Data Integration). LTD. Hidigits Data Management Platforms: The Cost-Effective Solution hidigits is the one of the effective provider of open source middleware. For example. Our pricing model. data profiling (hidigits software for Data Quality). Available right now for free download. Uttam Nagar. hidigits CRM solutions now have good number of users. real-time load balancing. including innovative. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. based primarily on the number of developer seats. DK ROAD. massive distributed scalability. no-cost data management solutions.

this means delivery of relevant. hidigits solutions are unique in their ability to help you extend and evolve your data warehouse investment so that your organization can discover deeper insights at a lower total cost of ownership. hidigits first-rate technical support and professional services are also available with our enterprise line of solutions. DATA W AREHOUSING hidigits Data Warehousing: the engine for making data . appliances and more to meet today’s needs. DK ROAD. A-59. LTD.hidigits. HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. timely insights faster than ever before. our integrated solutions help you quickly add nextgeneration database technology. Designed to make the most of your existing solutions. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. hidigits can help you meet the needs of today and position for the future. As a pioneer in infusing cognitive Capabilities into its data warehouse strategy. Alternative delivery models—including software. faster The business environment has become instantaneous. For IT organizations. Our objective is to provide clear starting points that you can leverage to redesign your architecture. Uttam | www. cloud options— help drive faster time to value.proprietary software. Mohan Garden. Users need very rapid access to more insights and they cannot afford to wait—else they lose a competitive edge. GF. appliances.

HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. Mohan Garden. search. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. GF. Uttam Nagar. Easy navigation – products should be w ellorganized w ith categories. if the inv entory is large enough. and an effective search feature helps customers find exactly w hat they need using search terms. fonts. Unique. Promotional messages – an ecommerce site w ith promotions and deals should adv ertise them front and center. such as in the homepage slider or in the header. A-59.” W HAT MAK ES HID IGITS EC OMMERC E W EBSITE D E SIGN S IN SPIRATION AL?     Quality product photos – product photography is equally important to the look of an e-commerce w ebsite as the layout and graphic .hidigits.E-COM M ERCE For e-commerce websites the design and layout of the site can have a huge impact on sales because of usability. DK | www. we recommend hidigits. textures. A well-designed e-commerce site will provide the user with a much more pleasant experience and will make it easier for them to browse. LTD. in addition to just the importance of making a good first impression with new visitors. and complete the checkout process. A pop-up sign up form for new sletters can also help w ith conv ersions. stunning layout – show casing the products effectively will bring better results in conv ersions as w ell as original touches like beautiful graphics. etc. “If you’re looking to build your own e-commerce website.

and how to select a BPM solution to complement your ESB foundation. Ltd. DK ROAD. 4. Black Thread Clothing ( | www. LTD. Go in-depth with BPM solutions:      Business Process Management Overview How an ESB can complement BPM Best practices in selecting BPMs and ESBs hidigits ESB as a complement to BPM Selecting a BPM solution to use with hidigits ESB HIDIGITS IT SERVICES BUSINESS PROCESS M ANAGEMENT IM PROVE BUSINE SS PRO CE SSE S. how to design your solution. ORCHE STRATE SYSTE M S Using ESB technology as a foundation for BPM ESB? BPM? The alphabet-soup of middleware solutions can often be confusing. A-59. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions solve different PGS Group Ltd ( Shop and Pick Enterprise (shopnpik. but have complementar y strengths when utilized correctly. Learn more about where each is Kashmir Dial Pv t. 3. GF. Mohan Just Khatoon Enterprise (justkhatoon. .in) Fiber Kage Clothing (fiberkage.Some of our designed websites listed below: 1. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. Uttam Nagar. 6. (Kashimirdial.

and the depth and quality of our long-term consultative relationships with clients. We strive for excellence.. performance. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits.. professionalism...Company Vision “Our purpose is to enrich the lives of people we touch.. We work hard to enhance continuously our reputation for | www. DK ROAD. Our culture is based on an unwavering belief in integrity and fair dealings. LTD.. Mohan Garden. sales growth. A-59.. We endeavor to be valued as an industry leader in client satisfaction. treating our clients and each other with dignity and respect. GF. we help individuals and employers fulfill their responsibilities and build better tomorrows. We take prudent risks and work together to assure our success and profitability in the future. product performance. Uttam . By providing highest performing financial products and services that reduce risk and increase assets. HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. We meet the needs of the markets we serve.hidigits. financial strength and profitability”..

Instrumentation and Packaged Shop “n” Pik (Shopnpik) is an emerging eCommerce Company a part of PGS Group Delhi. Hidigits Provide the Kashmir Dial a Complete solution for CMS and Backend . Ltd Proudly use powerful CMS system for their backend process and web data Management for the Site Kashmir Dial is the Jammu and Kashmir’s leading free online business promotion and classifieds platform focused on emerging markets in J&K.Solsys. Inventory Ltd.Our Clients Some of Clients and Services used by them. Solsys Pvt. Also the Unique and easy solution provided by hidigits to Solsys makes it for them to manage emails. 2. Solsys Pvt. Uttam Nagar. DK ROAD. Ltd. is one of the Leading Company in Delhi and Gurgaon that provide Various Solar Power Solutions. HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. Mohan Garden. Kashmir Dial (www. CMS. both mobile and online. (www. Digital Marketing. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. 3. Today. Solsys operations span four key industries: | www. Solsys Pvt. Social Media Content Management.hidigits. Also Complete Client details are maintained in the Database designed by hidigits. We also provide them email and cloud services for their site maintenance. Hidigits is providing them a complete solution for their backend and frontend management for their e-Commerce site. PGS Group (www.kashmirdial. LTD. Control Panels. Also hidigits provides complete solution for customer base. A-59. GF. Projects Undertaken and running.

4. Carpenters.hidigits. CMS. Gardeners and ) Black Thread is a Clothing brand in Delhi that deals in men’s Coats. formals. Social Media Content Management. Anil Multi Services (www. Plumbers. DK ROAD. LTD. 7. AC Technicians. Hidigits is providing it a complete solution for their backend and frontend management for their e-Commerce site. Digital Marketing. Hijaabs.YAS Holidays. Painters. Burkas. We help Subway to maintain their client base queries and CMS of their site. Mohan Garden. HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. 5. We also provide them email and cloud services for their site maintenance. IT Technicians. Custom Jackets Winter ware for men under the same brand name. Digital Just Khatoon is Not only Clothing Brand but also Concept to serve Women Communit y .com . We also provide them email and cloud services for their site maintenance. Social Media Content Management. CMS. So Far this is one of the Success story of hidigits. Custom Winter ware for men under the same brand name. Inventory management. Hidigits proudly handle all their database management and has designed a unique CRM tool where they can maintain their Customers data. Also hidigits provides complete solution for customer base. YAS Holidays is a Tour and Packaging Group in Kashmir which deals in tours and Travels in various parts of the state like Ladakh. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits.JustKhatoon. Jammu and Srinagar. A Unique Concepts by Anil Electrical Multi Service AMES which provides one-stop Home Repair Solutions by a team of well-trained Electricians. Just Khatoon (www. A-59. Hidigits is providing them a complete solution for their backend and frontend management for their eCommerce site. Black Thread (www. Just Khatoon is a Clothing brand in Delhi that deals in women’s Abays. Also hidigits provides complete solution for customer base. Inventory management.blackthread.anil multiservice. formals . YAS Holidays (www. Uttam | www.

A-59. Hidigits Provide the Jus Tip Top a Complete solution for CMS and Backend Management.KabirS potTech.poloschocolato. Uttam Nagar.OnlineRupiya. GF. Also Complete Client details are maintained in the Database designed by hidigits. . Kabir Spor Tech (www. LTD. DK HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. Polos Chocolato ( Online Earning Website | www.justi ptop. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. Jus Tip Top (www. Online Rupiya (www.hidigits. Mohan Online Transport Directory for India.

hidigits. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits. 2. Uttam Nagar. HIDIGITS IT SERVICES | www. hidigits proudly is about to deliver the fully functional CRM with full BI (Business intelligence) features for report generation. 3. Digital Marketing. Mohan Garden. DK ROAD. LTD. SS Vision Optical (www. Also our maintains their all Client base and customer data around the globe with high functional abilities. (www. Chester Studio (www. CMS. We also provide them email and cloud services for their site We have done it with Shop “n” Pik (Shopnpik) and we are in Process doing it with This company deals in E-Commerce photo and digital process.LensLane. The site management and CMS is completely designed and maintained by . GF. Chester studios has recently tied up as Digital partner with hidigits. Inventory management. Social Media Content Management. A-59. Hidigits is providing them a complete solution for their backend and frontend management for their e-Commerce site. Lenslane is an e-Commerce Concept a part of SS Vision Optical Delhi.Some of our Current Projects: 1. analysis and task management. Vishakha Containers Pvt.chesterrstudi os. Also hidigits provides complete solution for customer base. A Container terminal company which have client base around the world.

GF. Mohan A leading company which is dealing in Production of generators for Eitcher Company. And many more…… HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. 2. Jammu and Srinagar. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | info@hidigits.maasgenerators. We have been proposed to design and maintain their client base queries and CMS of their site. Mass Generators. Uttam Nagar.Proposed Projects | www. LTD. Sky Starling Travels is a Tour and Packaging Group in Kashmir which deals in tours and Travels in various parts of the state like Ladakh. A-59. hidigits has been proposed to redesign their complete website with all latest features which met the technology. (www. DK . Sky Starling Travels Enterprise.

hidigits. Pin: 190001 PHON E N O Mob: +91-9050786620. A-59. Mohan Garden. We've a great product and a w onderful client roster. LTD. The final component that brings it all together is our team. problem solv ers. communicators. Delhi-59 +91-9050786620 | E-MAIL: info@hidigits. We w ill go the extra mile to giv e our customers and our implementation partners throughout the w orld all the support they require to realize all their online goals and v AD D RESS: Delhi office: A-59. Uttam Nagar New | www.Our Team “We believ e that people really are at the heart of our success.hidigits. DK Road Mohan . Our team takes serv ice delivery personally. B(C) 7(3) Sonwar Bagh Srinagar. GF. DK ROAD. We hire the v ery best and the brightest. Pin: 110059 Srinagar Office: Plot No. Uttam Nagar. innov ators.” CONTACT U S C OMPAN Y W EBSITE: www. 9990714713 Landline: 0194-2466928 HIDIGITS IT SERVICES PVT. GF. Near Jamia Masjid J&K.

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