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Audition Date:
Saturday June 6, 2015
Location: Place des Arts (1120 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam)

About Place des Arts:

Place des Arts is an established non-profit arts centre and music school in Coquitlam offering high quality arts
education for all ages and abilities. Celebrating over 40 years of excellence in arts education, we offer private
and group music, dance, visual arts, theatre arts and creative writing classes. Our Artisan Shop and galleries
support local emerging artists, and our events and performances make us a cultural hub, drawing diverse
members of the community together to experience the arts.

About the Companies:

Place des Arts Theatre Company and Musical Theatre Company are performance training classes made up of
actors or triple-threats between the ages of 13 and 17. The focus of the Companies is on skill building.
Students will study a variety of theatre techniques while working to develop performance pieces for public
presentations shown in December and May. Reviews are conducted mid-season to assess students attendance,
commitment and progression. Company members are expected to be fully committed to the team and conduct
themselves in a respectful manner towards teachers and other company members.
Theatre Company Rehearsal Schedule:
September 17, 2015 until May 21, 2016

Thursdays 7:00-8:30pm & Saturdays 10:30am-12:00pm

Theatre Company Performance Dates:

Saturday December 5 (3:00PM) at Burquitlam Lions Care Centre (Touring Winter Presentation)
Friday December 11 (5:00PM) at Place Maillardville (Touring Winter Presentation)
Saturday December 12 (2:30PM) at Dufferin Care Centre (Touring Winter Presentation)
Tuesday December 15 (4:30PM) at Coquitlam Public Library: City Centre (Touring Winter Presentation)
Sunday May 15, 2016 at Evergreen Cultural Centres Studio Theatre (Spring Showcase)
Musical Theatre Company Rehearsal Schedule:
September 19, 2015 until May 21, 2016

Saturdays 2:45-5:00pm

Musical Theatre Company Performance Dates:

Saturday December 12 at Place des Arts (Winter Showcase)
Sunday May 15 at Evergreen Cultural Centres Studio Theatre (Spring Showcase)

About the Performances:

The winter presentations are smaller-scale and focus on showcasing the skills and techniques learned from
September to December. The Theatre Company will tour a short 20- to 30-minute-long piece in December. The
Musical Theatre Company will host a cabaret performance at Place des Arts on December 12. The season
culminates in full-scale presentations in May performed under the bright lights of the Evergreen Theatre,
complete with sets, props and costumes. Scripts are determined by the Directors in consultation with Place des
Arts after auditions have taken place and will be carefully chosen with learning outcomes in mind. Additional
performance opportunities may also be extended to all Company members throughout the year. Please note it is
the students responsibility to arrange transportation to and from all rehearsals and performance venues.

Why join a Place des Arts Performance Training Company?

Place des Arts Theatre and Musical Theatre Companies provides an exciting opportunity for young actors to
work with experienced professionals and learn various techniques and skills while developing and presenting
captivating performances. These programs aim to enrich the aspiring actor in building a well-rounded set of
foundational skills, techniques and performance exposure that can transfer to and benefit post-secondary
education and future job opportunities. Youll collaborate with peers in your community and be a part of an
ensemble of teens with the goal of creating great theatre. It is possible to be a member of both companies.

How do I prepare for my audition(s)?

Fill out the Audition Form and return it to Place des Arts by mail, fax, e-mail or in person by May 31, 2015 to:
Jessie Au, Theatre Arts Programmer
Place des Arts
1120 Brunette Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3K 1G2
E-Mail: | Fax: 604.664.1658
For those auditioning for the Theatre Company, youll also need to memorize one of the monologues provided
in this Audition Package. Pick the one that interests you most. It is highly recommended you do background
research on your character and read the script your chosen monologue is from prior to the audition.
For those auditioning for the Musical Theatre Company, prepare to perform a song of your choice in the group
audition. You may choose to bring a backing track on a CD to accompany your song. Then, youll be given some
scenes to act out on your own or with others, and a short choreography piece to learn.

You may audition for acceptance into both companies.

Audition Day Details:

For Theatre Company Auditions:
Come prepared with your monologue memorized. Each audition slot is 15 minutes long. Arrive 10 minutes early
to allow for sufficient time to check in and warm up. When you arrive at Place des Arts, please check in with the
Audition Coordinator by the main entrance. Youll audition for the Director and the Technique Coach of the
Theatre Company. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback at the end of the audition.
For Musical Theatre Company Auditions:
Come prepared with a song of your choice for this group audition. Arrive 10 minutes early to allow for sufficient
time to check in. When you arrive to Place des Arts, please check in with the Audition Coordinator by the main
entrance. Youll audition for the Director of the Musical Theatre Company. There will be an opportunity to ask
questions at the end of the group audition.
Relax, have fun and enjoy the experience!

Company Faculty for 2015-2016:

Tim Perez, Theatre Company Director
Tim has a Masters of Fine Arts from NYU. He began his career working off Broadway
at the New York Shakespeare Festival appearing in nine main stage productions with
such artists as F. Murray Abraham, Morgan Freeman, John Leguizamo and Helen Hunt.
His credits include A Midsummer Nights Dream, Henry IV Part I and II, Taming of the
Shrew, Gonza The Lancer, Blood Wedding, The Death of Garcia Lorca and The Milagro
at The New York Shakespeare Festival. Regionally, he has performed in Floating
Islands (Mark Tapor Forum), Santos and Santos, Dreamlandia, Dark Rapture (Dallas
Theatre Center) and The Screens (The Guthrie). Tim has over 40 television and film credits. They include guest
starring on Alcatraz, ER, NYPD Blue, Jag and Smallville. He has also written a play called The Fidel Project
which premiered in Vancouver 2013 and Los Angeles in 2014.
Cristi Lowis, Theatre Company Technique Coach
A professional actor at the age of eight, Cristi grew up doing commercials, films, voice-over work and had
featured roles on Canadian television staples like The Beachcombers and Danger Bay. Her favourite local
theatre roles include Peggy Sawyer in 42nd Street (Royal City Musical Theatre) and Helene in Sweet Charity
(Theatre Under the Stars). As a director and choreographer, she has worked with Metro Theatre, Theatre Under
the Stars and The North Shore Light Opera Society, among others.
Upon receiving a Bachelors of Education from Simon Fraser University and becoming a member of the British
Columbia College of Teachers, Cristi became a full-time member of the Theatre Arts Department at St. George's
School in Vancouver, where she taught drama at both Junior and Senior Schools and directed numerous plays
and musicals. Since leaving St. George's School, she has taught theatre and musical theatre across the Lower
Mainland, including at Arts Umbrella, and coaches privately.
Erika Babins, Musical Theatre Company Director
Erika first fell in love with the performing arts through dance. She has completed
her Advanced 1 Royal Academy of Dance exam in ballet and has extensive training
in Jazz, Tap and Contemporary dance. Erika then earned her diploma in Musical
Theatre from Capilano University. She has performed in musical productions
throughout the province including the Kootenays and Vancouver Island. Erika now
teaches dance and theatre throughout the Lower Mainland and has her hand in
writing, directing and producing shows as well.
Some of Erika's choreography credits include: Bunked! (ASP), Little Women, Pippin and Lucky Stiff (Arts
Umbrella Troupe), Once on This Island (URP) as well as developing her own show NET that premiered at the
Victoria Fringe Festival in 2013.
Her favourite performance credits include: Shrek: the Musical (Align Entertainment), Cinderella (Exit 22),
Oklahoma! (RCMT), Victor/Victoria (Metro), The Sound of Music (Gateway), Smile! and Dracula: the Musical?
(Awkward Stage Productions), The Gold Fever Follies (Rossland, BC) and the 2012 Fringe Tour of My Aim is True.

Please complete and hand in with your rsum (if you have one)

I am auditioning for: Check all that apply

Theatre Company
Musical Theatre Company
General Info
Name: ________________________________Birth Date (MM/DD/YY):_____________
Current Secondary School: _________________________ Current Grade: ____________
Gender: ________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
City: _________________ Province: ______________ Postal Code: _______________
Home Phone: __________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________
E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________
Health Concerns: ______________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name: __________________ Parent/Guardian Phone:______________
Parent/Guardian E-Mail: _________________________________________________
Previous Experience and Formal & Informal Training: Check all that apply
Performance/Training Rsum Attached
Acting Experience: Please list your most recent productions
Play/Show Name


Formal and Informal Training (include type, years, instructor and school)
Special Skills (include type, level of ability and years practiced)

Theatre Company Rehearsal Schedule:
September 17th - May 21st, Thursdays 7:00-8:30pm & Saturdays 10:30am-12:00pm
Theatre Company Performance Dates:
Saturday December 5, 2015 (3:00PM) at Burquitlam Lions Care Centre
Friday December 11, 2015 (5:00PM) at Place Maillardville
Saturday December 12, 2015 (2:30PM) at Dufferin Care Centre
Tuesday December 15, 2015 (4:30PM) at City Centre Branch Coquitlam Public Library
Sunday May 15, 2016 at Evergreen Cultural Centres Studio Theatre
Musical Theatre Company Rehearsal Schedule:
September 19th - May 21st, Saturdays 2:45-5:00pm
Musical Theatre Company Performance Dates:
Saturday December 13, 2015 at Place des Arts
Sunday May 15, 2016 at Evergreen Cultural Centres Studio Theatre
Anticipated Conflict? YES / NO
If Yes, list date(s) and reason(s):
Why do you want to be a Company member?
How did you hear about the Place des Arts Performance Companies?
Please return this completed Audition Form to Place des Arts by May 31, 2015. Students accepted into the
Company will be contacted by phone or e-mail no later than Sunday June 14, 2015. Upon acceptance,
information regarding registration and course fees will be provided to you.

Audition Material for Theatre Company

Please choose one to perform at your audition

Of the Fields, Lately by David French

Male, Drama
BEN (talking to the audience)
He rushed out the door and down to the schoolyard, the first game he had ever come to, and my mother put his
supper in the oven, for later ... I hadnt reminded my father of the game. I was afraid hed show up and
embarrass me. Twelve years old and ashamed of my old man. Ashamed of his dialect, his dirty overalls, his
bruised fingers with the fingernails lined with dirt, his teeth yellow as old ivory. Most of all, his lunch pail, that
symbol of the working man. No, I wanted a doctor for a father. A lawyer. At least a fireman. Not a carpenter.
That wasnt good enough ... And at home my mother sat down to darn his socks and watch the oven ... I
remember stepping up to bat. The game was tied; it was the last of the ninth, with no one on base. Then I saw
him sitting on the bench along third base. He grinned and waved, and gestured to the man beside him. But I
pretended not to see him. I turned to face the pitcher. And angry at myself, I swung hard on the first pitch,
there was a hollow crack, and the ball shot low over the shortstops head for a double. Our next batter bunted
and I made third. He was only a few feet away now, my father. But I still refused to acknowledge him. Instead, I
stared hard at the catcher, pretending concentration. And when the next pitch bounced between the catchers
legs and into home screen, I slid home to win the game. And there he was, jumping up and down, showing his
teeth, excited as hell. And as the crowd broke up and our team stampeded out of the schoolyard, cleats clicking
and scraping blue sparks on the sidewalk, I looked back once through the wire fence and saw my father still
sitting on the now empty bench, alone, slumped over a little, staring at the cinders between his feet, just
staring... I dont know how long he stayed there, maybe till dark, but I do know he never again came down to
see me play. At home that night he never mentioned the game or being there. He just went to bed unusually

The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

Female, Drama
ANNE (The following monologue is from a scene near the very end of the play. Peter Van Daan, a quiet and
unhappy seventeen year old has just rushed into his little room in despair. Anne, displaying a developing
maturity, is trying to console him. It is the last time they are together for the scene immediately precedes the
entrance of the Nazis.)
Look, Peter, the sky. (She looks up through skylight.) What a lovely, lovely day! Aren't the clouds beautiful? You
know what I do when it seems as if I couldn't stand being cooped up for one more minute? I think myself out. I
think myself on a walk in the park where I used to go with Pim. Where the jonquils and the crocus and the
violets grow down the slopes. You know the most wonderful thing about thinking yourself out? You
can have it any way you like. You can have roses and violets and chrysanthemums all blooming at the same
time ... it's funny ... I used to take it all for granted ... and now I've gone crazy about everything to do with
nature. Haven't you?

The Last Bus by Raymond Storey

Male, Drama
ROBERT (The death of a childhood friend brings Robert back to his home town where he forms an uneasy
relationship with his dead friends outcast girlfriend. Together they try to come to terms with past, present and
future. Here he talks to his dead friend.)
You were standing on the other side of the highway. There was a picnic or a field day or something, I was
trying to hold on to my mom. I was hot. She was wearing shorts and stepping on me. Tripping over me. She
didnt want a mammas boy underfoot. Didnt look good. When they said that there was going to be a race for
boys my age and prizes, I didnt want to. I was the shortest and I knew Id lose. Im running across this field.
Its rough and bumpy and sometimes theres rocks and the other boys are away, away ahead of me. And I know
I cant win. And I cant keep running, so I throw myself on the ground. Everybody came over. They all thought I
was hurt, because I was crying. So I figured I better pretend that I was. They gave me a rubber man on a tractor
so that I would feel better. I could see in the set of Moms face that she knew I was faking and she said, Come
on. Ill take you home. And I started crying and limping more so that she would know that I really was hurt.
And the other kids and mothers were following us, saying is he okay? And my mom is getting red in the face
and yanking me by the arm. Yanking me forward, not looking at me, and I hated her. And I hated those other
kids. Pressing. And those other mothers. My moms yanking me by the one hand and I got this stupid green
rubber man on a green rubber tractor in the other hand and I just wanted to fold into myself until no one could
see me anymore. And then she let me go. Everybody let go of me. They forgot about the falling down kid with the
green rubber tractor and they went to the edge of the highway. Because somebody yelled that a little boy had
gone across. People were yelling. Get back here where you belong. And I saw you. Marty. Hair like corn silk.
Trucks barreling past you. Yanking the air, pulling at your hair and your clothes, almost tugging you along with
them. And you looked at me and smiled, like as if to say, Ive done it once, we can do it again. You and me.
You were looking at me. Why did you do that? Why did you pick the falling down kid with the green rubber
tractor? Why did you take him in, just to shove him out again? Why did you hold us here?

Youre A Good Man, Charlie Brown by Clark Gesner

Male, Comedy
CHARLIE BROWN (Charlie Brown is one with low self-esteem; thinking that hell never fall in love. Having lunch
by himself, he looks over at Paddy.)
I think lunchtime is about the worst time of day for me. Always having to sit here alone. Of course, sometimes,
mornings aren't so pleasant either. Waking up and wondering if anyone would really miss me if I never got out
of bed. Then there's the night, too. Lying there and thinking about all the stupid things I've done during the
day. And all those hours in between when I do all those stupid things. Well, lunchtime is among the worst times
of the day for me. Well, I guess I'd better see what I've got. Peanut butter. Some psychiatrists say that people
who eat peanut butter sandwiches are lonely...I guess they're right. And when you're really lonely, the peanut
butter sticks to the roof of your mouth. There's that cute little red-headed girl eating her lunch over there. I
wonder what she would do if I went over and asked her if I could sit and have lunch with her?...She'd probably
laugh right in my's hard on a face when it gets laughed in. There's an empty place next to her on the
bench. There's no reason why I couldn't just go over and sit there. I could do that right now. All I have to do is
stand up...I'm standing up!...I'm sitting down. I'm a coward. I'm so much of a coward, she wouldn't even think
of looking at me. She hardly ever does look at me. In fact, I can't remember her ever looking at me. Why
shouldn't she look at me? Is there any reason in the world why she shouldn't look at me? Is she so great, and
I'm so small, that she can't spare one little moment?...SHE'S LOOKING AT ME!! SHE'S LOOKING AT ME!!

(he puts his lunch bag over his head.)

...Lunchtime is among the worst times of the day for me. If that little red-headed girl is looking at me with this
stupid bag over my head she must think I'm the biggest fool alive. But, if she isn't looking at me, then maybe I
could take it off quickly and she'd never notice it. On the other hand...I can't tell if she's looking, until I take it
off! Then again, if I never take it off I'll never have to know if she was looking or not. On the other's
very hard to breathe in here.

(he removes his sack)

Whew! She's not looking at me! I wonder why she never looks at me? Oh well, another lunch hour over
with...only 2, 863 to go!

Youre A Good Man, Charlie Brown by Clark Gesner

Male, Comedy
SNOOPY AS THE RED BARON (on top of doghouse, speaking over music)
Here's the World One I flying ace high over France in his Sopwith Camel, searching for the infamous Red
Baron! I must bring him down! Suddenly, anti-aircraft fire, 'archie' we used to called it, begins to burst
beneath my plane. The Red Baron has spotted me. Nyahh, Nyahh, Nyahh! You can't hit me! (aside) Actually,
tough flying aces never say 'Nyahh, Nyahh, Nyahh'. I just, ah...Drat this fog! It's bad enough having to fight the
Red Baron without having to fly in weather like this! All right, Red Baron! Where are you? You can't hide for
ever! Ah, the sun has broken through...I can see the woods of Montsec below...and what's that? It's a Fokker
triplane! Ha! I've got you this time, Red Baron

(SFX: machine gun fire)

Aaugh! He's diving down out of the sun! He's tricked me again! I've got to run! Come on Sopwith Camel, let's
go! Go, Camel, go! I can't shake him! He's riddling my plane with bullets!

(SFX: machine gun fire)

Curse you, Red Baron! Curse you and your kind! Curse the evil that causes all this unhappiness!

(SFX: plane engine sputtering towards silence)

Here's the World War I flying ace back at the aerodrome in France, he is exhausted and yet he does not sleep,
for one thought continues to burn in his mind...Someday, someday I'll get you, Red Baron!

Youre A Good Man, Charlie Brown by Clark Gesner

Female, Comedy
Do you know what I intend? I intend to be a queen. When I grow up Im going to be the biggest queen there
ever was, and Ill live in a big palace and when I go out in my coach, all the people will wave and I will shout at
them, the summertime I will go to my summer palace and Ill wear my crown in swimming and
everything, and all the people will cheer and I will shout at them... What do you mean I cant be queen? Nobody
should be kept from being a queen if she wants to be one. Its usually just a matter of knowing the right
people.. ..well.... if I cant be a queen, then Ill be very rich then I will buy myself a queendom. Yes, I will buy
myself a queendom and then Ill kick out the old queen and take over the whole operation myself. I will be head

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie Macdonald

Female, Comedy
CONSTANCE (talking to the audience)
Boy, Shakespeare really watered her down, eh?...
I wish I were more like Desdemona.
Next to her Im just a little wimp.
A rodent. Road-kill.
Furry tragedy all squashed and steaming on the 401
with Michelin stamped all over me. Its true:
peopleve always made a fool of me
without my even knowing. Gullible.
Thats me. Old Connie. Good sport. Big joke. Ha.
Just like that time at recess in grade five:
a gang of bully girls comes up to me.
Their arms are linked, theyre chanting as they march,
Hey. Hey. Get outta my way!
I just got back from the I.G.A.!
Im terrified. They pin me down,
and force me to eat a dog tongue sandwich.
I now know it was only ham...
O, what would Desdemona do to Claude,
Had she the motive and the cue for passion
that I have?
She would drown all Queens with blood,
and cleave Claude Nights two typing fingers from
his guilty hands. Shed wrap them in a box
of choclates and present them to Ramona.
Shed kill him in cold blood and in blank verse,
then smear the ivied walls in scarlet letters spelling thief!
To think, I helped him use me: a gull, a stooge,
a swine adorned with mine own pearls,
a sous chef, nay! A scullry maid that slaved
to heat hells kitchen with the baking stench of forty
thousand scalding humble pies. O Vengence!

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Female, Drama
LAURA (In this monologue Laura is talking to her mother, Amanda Wingfield on why no boy would ever be
interested in her affection.)
No, Mom, please! I have to say this. I cant go outside these walls. Theres just too much pain! I can feel
everyone staring at mestaring at this. (She points to the braced leg.) The noise it makes, its just so
loud! Thats why I dropped out of high school! I felt everyones eyes staring at me, heard all the giggles they
tried to suppress as I clomped and limped down the hall. Especially when I would enter the choir room! Jim
would never want to be around me again. Sure, we talked sometimes, but he wouldnt want to be around me
any more than those few occasionsnot around the limping girl who makes such a racket! Nobody would want
to be near me. So I tuned out from the rest of the world before it could cause me any more pain than I have
already suffered. And it seems that whatever crippled my leg

(Amanda opens her mouth as if about to interject.)

yes, Mom, you might as well admit that Im crippled!has crippled the rest of my being throughout time. It
seems I just got worse and worse at school. And then at business college, in that confined typing room, that
quick clacking of keyboards surrounded me as I stumbled and fat-fingered all the letters. It felt as if the
professor was breathing down my neck, silently mocking me as I continued to fail. Until finally, all that
pressure poured out of meand into a toilet.
Mom, secluded from the world in this home listening to phonograph records and dusting my glass collection
this is where I belong! I fail everywhere else in the outside world. Here, theres nothing to fail at! Ill never
succeed at finding a husband or a job, so I might as well give up trying now and just be content in my bubble
with at least having no additional failure for the rest of my life! I cant see Jim! (Tears are welling in her eyes.)
It would only result in the ultimate failurerejection from the only person I have ever loved! Mom, I cant! Just
have dinner without me. Please, Mom.

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

Male, Drama
TOM (Tom is an aspiring writer. Here he explains to his unimpressed mother why he wants to be a writer.)
What do you think Im at? Arent I supposed to have any patience to reach the end of, Mother? You think Im
crazy about the warehouse? You think Im in love with the Continental Shoemakers? You think I want to spend
fifty-five years down there in that celotex interior? With flourescent tubes? Look! Id rather somebody picked up
a crowbar and battered out my brains than go back mornings. But I go. For sixty five dollars a month I give up
all that I dream of doing and being ever! And you say self- selfs all I ever think of. Why listen, if self is what I
thought of Mother, Id be where he is, GONE! Im going to the movies! Im going to opium dens, yes, opium
dens, Mother. Ive joined the Hogan Gang, Im a hired assassin, I carry a tommy gun in a violin case. I run a
string of cat houses in the Valley. They call me Killer, Killer Wingfield. Im leading a double life: a simple,
honest warehouse worker by day, by night, a dynamic czar of the underworld, Mother. On occasion they call me
El Diablo. Oh I could tell you many things to make you sleepless. My enemies plan to dynamite this place.
Theyre going to blow us all sky high some night. Ill be glad, very happy, and so will you! Youll go up, up on a
broomstick, over Blue Mountain with seventeen gentleman callers. You ugly, babbling old witch....
Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw
Female, Drama

Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw

Female, Drama
JOAN (Joan is on trial for Hereshy and in this monologue is facing her accusers.)
Yes, they told me you were fools and that I was not to listen to your fine words nor trust to your charity. You
promised me my life but you lied. You think that life is nothing but not being stone dead. It is not the bread and
water I fear: bread has no sorrow for me, and water no affliction. But to shut me from the light of the sky, and
the sight of the fields and flowers, to chain my feet so that I can never again ride with the soldiers nor climb
the hills; to make me breathe foul damp darkness, and keep me from everything that brings me back to the
love of God when your wickedness and foolishness tempt me to hate Him. All this is worse than the furnace in
the Bible that was heated seven times. I could do without my warhorse, I could drag about in a skirt. I could let
the banners and the trumpets and the knights and soldiers pass me and leave me behind as they leave the
other women, if only I could still hear the wind in the trees, the larks in the sunshine, the young lambs crying
through the healthy frost, and the blessed blessed church bells that send my angel voices floating to me on the
wind. But without these things I cannot live; and by your wanting to take them away from me, or from any
human creature, I know that your counsel is of the devil, and that mine is of God.