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University of Hartford

Volume 33, Issue 22

The Informer April 15, 2010

INSIDE A Tale of Two Coaches

Rizzotti Leibovitz
To Deliver Resigns
Speech As Men’’s
By Sarah Wilson
Hartford baseball took one game Informer Staff Writer
against UMBC, but lost three.
For more on the games, turn to If there’’s one thing Jennifer Riz-
page 16. zotti, the keynote address speaker By Zach Wallens
at this year’’s commencement, can Sports Editor
take pride in, it’’s her success.
News As the University of Hartford’’s Men’’s basketball coach Dan
own women’’s basketball coach, Riz- Leibovitz abruptly announced
zotti is known for her past excellence his resignation Tuesday night,
as one of UConn’’s most praised ending a four-year tenure at Hart-
basketball players, and leading our ford that included guiding the
own team to the best it has ever been. school to its rst-ever America
Traditionally, the keynote speaker East title game appearance in
at commencement is given an honor- 2008.
ary degree, which isn’’t supposed to Leibovitz, 36, had four years
be given to a member of the Uni- DAVID HITCHINGS/SOURCE: HARTFORDHAWKS.COM remaining on his contract, which
versity’’s faculty or staff, making it was extended after the school-
a bit unorthodox to select a member character and accomplishments, As women’’s basketball coach, she record 18 wins two years ago.
The Freshman Success Center of the school’’s athletic department. despite having graduated only 14 has an even greater presence in the His departure leaves the univer-
is getting a new name for itself. However, this year administration years ago, and being younger than community this year after leading sity in search of its 10th men’’s
To nd out what it will become in decided to omit the rule in favor most speakers featured in the past. the team to more victories than basketball coach.
the fall, turn to page 2. of Rizzotti’’s exceptional public In the most recent commence- ever before. ““They really exceeded ““I was very fortunate to be
speaking skills, and admirable ments, LEGO President Peter Eio expectations this year and this is the there for four years,”” Leibovitz
personality. and ESPN reporter Bob Ley were rst year in Hartford history they said Wednesday night. ““It was
Entertainment ““It was worth making an exception chosen to speak, who are no doubt were ever ranked in the top 25,”” a privilege and I wish them the
because Jen is a wonderful speaker successful, but not necessarily well she proudly admitted. best in the future.””
and will say things the graduates and known and close to our community. ““They accomplished a lot of ““Dan Leibovitz is the  rst
their families will appreciate,”” said However, Rizzotti proves to be things and they did it with class and coach in program history to bring
President Walter Harrison. suitable for this year because ““most integrity, and that’’s really all I ask us to a conference championship
Harrison also noted that the choice students know who she is, but not them for,”” she said, though it was game (2007-08),”” Director of
to recruit her for the keynote ad- many have ever heard her speak,””
dress was attributed to her superb according to Harrison. See ““Rizzotti,”” Page 3 See ““Leibovitz,”” Page 14

Hartt performed ““The Importance

Wyman Elected ’’10-’’11 SGA President
of Being Earnest.”” Is Oscar By Danielle Huppke tion between the two this year and
Wilde’’s play fully realized? See Copy Chief that is something he is willing to
our review on Page 8. work on.
Following a three-day-long vot- Maria Arroyo won the spot of
ing process all around campus, the Academic Vice President over
Opinions votes have been counted and Matt Matt Wolmer. As the Academic
Wyman was elected as the Student Vice President-elect, Arroyo is
Government Association’’s Presi- planning on helping to build a
dent for the next academic year. stronger relationship between
Wyman, who is currently the professors and students.
Academic Vice President, has Jessica Powers, Ben Accardo
many plans in store for the future of and Zachary Dryden all ran in
the university. He plans on work- uncontested races for their posi-
ing to improve textbook prices as tions. Powers will be Finance Vice
well as looking at possibilities for President, Ben Accardo will be
outdoor basketball courts. Student Affairs Vice President and
Are men afraid of women in As for the trial library program Dryden will be the Vice President
power, like in the case of Sandra that has been a big initiative of the of Public Relations.
Bullock? For one writer’’s opin- current executive board, Wyman Regarding the election, current
ion, turn to page 7. plans on moving forward with the Public Relations VP, Matt Cooke
project and nding funds to keep said, ““Elections turned out really
it moving in the right direction. well, and we had a lot of student
““The library is one of the biggest turn out. It was a great turnout
BY THE concerns that we should address,””
said Wyman of his plans.
between GSU, Commons and
Hawk’’s Nest, a lot of people went

NUMBERS His opponent Kayla Cloutier

said, ““Matt Wyman is very moti-
out to get their voice heard and they
did. And next year we now have
vated and qualied. I think he’’ll a very capable E-board.””
do a great job leading the student The students that have been

7 body.””
Max Accardo beat out incumbent
Darren Deoraj for the Executive
Vice Presidency. One of Max Ac-
cardo’’s ideas brought forth was
elected will be holding office
for the entirety of the 2010-2011
academic year.
In each of their respective po-
sitions this group seems to have
days until Spring Fling to ““strengthen relationships with many initiatives planned out which
ofcially kicks off. See clubs and Student Government,”” include lowering textbook prices,
next week’’s issue for he said. keeping up with the extended
Accardo said he believes that library hours and improving the
a full schedule of the there wasn’’t enough communica- campus overall.
Candidates Winning Uncontested Races:
Jessica Powers, Ben Accardo, Zachary Dryden
page 2 the informer news april 15, 2010

Senior Plaques Moved to GSU

By Karen Arakelian
Special to the Informer

The Senior Signature plaques,

an ongoing tradition for the uni-
versity, are going to get a new
home in the hallway by the mail
room by the end of the year.
The university uses these
plaques to commemorate each
graduating class. In doing so,
they will nally be displayed
on the walls of Gengras Student
The Senior Signature plaques
stem as far back as the Class
of 2000.
In the upcoming weeks while
in GSU, students will begin to
see the plaques being placed,
though there is not a set date for
Kristen Sadowski, the assis- Above is pictured the class of 2008 Senior Signature plaque.
tant director of Annual Giving The plaques will now be on display in the mail room hallway.
at the university, said, ““After
much deliberation, [we decided] This program is also a way nior Night, being a tribute to each
GSU was the perfect space for for students to acknowledge the senior who took part in the Senior
the plaques,”” and is happy they importance of giving back to the Signature Program.
found a home. university and know that without Walter Harrison, president of the
In years past, the plaques have making a gift these plaques would university and a signicant role
been stored with the Ofce of cease to exist. model among the student body,
Annual Giving. Sadowski also coordinates and toasts the seniors and congratulates
Each year seniors have the oversees the entire Senior Signature them for all of their efforts during
SUZIE HUNTER opportunity to give back. By Program, and she is pleased with their time at the University.

Freshmen Success
making a gift of $20 with a com- the move. Sadowski said, ““This is The assistance of Kristy Severi-
mitment of $25 for the next two what annual giving is about.”” no, the director of student centers,
years, they will have their names Those who have given and those Jennifer Keyo, Director of Annual
put on a special plaque. who plan on being a part of this Giving, Sadowski and many others

Center Changes Name

The plaques, a symbol of giv- program will now have the opportu- have all made it possible for these
ing, are about 18 inches high and nity to see their name rsthand and plaques to be a visible part of the
constructed out of clear acrylic know they played an active part in university.
with a red background and this new school tradition. Every student has something to

to Help More Students white lettering displaying each

student’’s name who participates.
The Senior Signature Program
was established to help promote
Another part of this program and
most recent tradition has been Senior
Week, a collaborative effort with
the Ofce of Annual Giving and the
be thankful for, whether they have
made lasting friendships, are grate-
ful to a certain professor, or just had
an overall enjoyable experience at
By Sarah Wilson With this alliance, the two orga- donating back among the student Student Government Association. the university. The Senior Signa-
Informer Staff Writer nizations plan to co-coordinate a body, specifically the latest This tradition is a three-day series ture plaques are a tangible showing
new tutoring program which any graduating class of seniors. of events, with the rst night, Se- of that appreciation.
In its rst year alone, the Fresh- student can take advantage of.
man Success Center served an Nussbaum, condent in the future
outstanding 3,000 students, which success and benet this program
is exactly why this summer it will will have, said ““SGA and I will
go through the transformation have a really good relationship,
to become the ““Student Success making it work successfully.””
Center.”” The center will continue, as it has
In the two years the Freshman in the past, working closely with
Success Center has been in opera- Residential Life as well.
tion, it has had steadily increasing It is with this relationship that
business consisting of rst-year they have been able to provide
students, their professors and other special deals to freshmen for
students who return after getting discounted off campus events in-
help in years past. cluding trips to cities, the Hartford
With consistent walk-ins, e-mails Stag, and even amusement parks,
and phone calls, the center felt it all events that will no longer be
was time to expand its services to exclusive only to freshmen.
the entirety of the university. ““We want to help promote any
““It’’s clear that business is good,”” positive experiences on or off
said Irwin Nussbaum, the director campus,”” said Nussbaum.
of the Freshman Success Center. By continuing these positive
Students other than freshmen experiences for not just students,
are continuously returning seeking but faculty as well, the Student
help and answers to their questions Success Center strives to develop
because they do not know where and keep a respectable name for
else on campus to turn. However, itself.
starting next year, those students Recently, an e-mail was sent to
will have a legitimate place to go. all rst-year students asking them
““We really want to be a one-stop who at Hartford had a positive ef-
shop for all students no matter fect on them during their rst year.
what their question is; we want After sorting through the re-
to be supportive and help,”” said sponses, the center plans on
Nussbaum. sending out thank you notes to all
The Student Success Center those who have helped facilitate
aims at helping students who have incoming students’’ experiences,
any type of question or concern. spreading good feelings across
They cater to everything from campus.
questions like, ““how do I change The title on the banner for the
majors?”” to providing discount center will be changed to the
movie tickets and arranging trips ““Student Success Center”” right
to Boston or New York. after commencement so it will
In order to further implement be ready for the May and June
these changes and assist all stu- orientation sessions.
dents of the university, the Student So to all returning students,
Success Center will be working make sure you take advantage of
even more closely with the Student what the center has to offer in your
Government Association. coming years at Hartford.
the informer news april 15, 2010 page 3

University is Changing Policies for AlcoholEdu

By Keith Rugar
Informer Staff Writer

A change in the university’’s Al-

coholEdu program hopes to gather
better information in regards to
students’’ prior drinking habits in
order to build a greater awareness
of underage drinking on campus.
““AlcoholEdu is a national al-
cohol prevention program geared
towards rst year students to as-
sess high-risk behaviors involved
with alcohol,”” said Patricia
McKenna-Grant, the director of
the Connections Health Education
and Wellness Center.
AlcoholEdu is a program that
gages students’’ experience with
alcohol and teaches them about
alcohol-related issues, such as
how it affects the body and issues
such as vandalism, violence and
sexual assault.
The current program has been
in effect on campus for seven
years and has been a requirement
for freshmen students after they
arrive on campus.
As part of post-matriculation,
““Students, in the past, would take
part one and 30 days after classes
start they would take part two,””
McKenna-Grant said.
Now students will take the test
as a part of pre-matriculation.
““They will take part one over the
summer before classes start and COURTESY OF WEB.NCJU.EDU
part two two weeks after classes Alcohol EDU has been a requirement for the past seven years; now students will complete it before arriving at the university.
start,”” said McKenna-Grant.
The change in the way the behavior or not,”” she said. University of Hartford students program is now used by more than The Connections Health and
program is conducted is meant The test is conducted online and are moving along the same trends 500 campuses and has reached Wellness Center tries to provide
to give the Connections Health will be offered starting in July. as the national data. more than 2 million college-age students with as much informa-
Education and Wellness Center ““We nd that students respond ““We know that students engage students. tion as they can on moderation
better data on students’’ behavior better to something when it’’s on- in high-risk binge drinking and Understanding that students will and ways that they can take care
related to alcohol. line, and we get results quicker,”” that they’’re drinking in their resi- drink once they are on campus, the of themselves and their friends if
Unable to gauge students’’ prior McKenna-Grant said. dential setting,”” McKenna said. Connections Health and Wellness they are into a bad situation.
alcohol habits in the past with Students who do not complete ““We try to target behaviors like Center tries to promote the well- ““It is all about prevention and
habits gained once they are on the rst part of the AlcoholEdu binge drinking games and how ness of the whole student. care so they can have the tools
campus, McKenna-Grant hopes program before arriving for the fast people drink. They are very ““We focus on the betterment of they need to make good choices,””
that the change will allow them fall semester will face a penalty dangerous behaviors,”” she said. the mind, body and spirt……not in she said.
to learn about student drinking from the university. The AlcoholEdu program was terms of a religious perspective For more information about the
frequency rates and how old they ““It will be some sort of a hous- started in 1999 by Brandon Bust- but in terms of your own spiritual AlcoholEdu program students and
were when they started drinking. ing component but we’’re not sure eed the founder of Outside the sense, to recognize behaviors that faculty can go to the Connections
““The data will be specic as what right now,”” she said. Classroom, as a way to promote are not good health habits such Health & Wellness Center Web
to whether being on campus has Results form the current Al- alcohol prevention. as binge drinking and drinking site at
affected their substance abuse coholEdu program show that According to its Web site, the games,”” McKenna-Grant said. ness/ or call 860-768-4077.

Rizzotti Chosen to Speak at 2010 Commencement

Continued from page 1 lead future members of the working
world into achievement.
her guidance that led them in the Rizotti attributes her success to
right direction. having a passion for what she does,
As a graduate that has been playing and having focused on what she
under Rizzotti’’s coaching for four was best at.
years, senior basketball player Erica Realizing that everybody is differ-
Beverly knows rst hand that she will ent, she stresses that success doesn’’t
deliver a speech that students can not come easy and determination is
only relate to, but learn from. essential.
““She has a lot of advice from ““Everybody is unique in their own
her past experiences that will help way and you have to give yourself an
the graduates succeed in life,”” said opportunity to show that,”” she said.
Beverly. Being in a job market now that is
Recent experiences such as being much more demanding and competi-
chair of the United Way Community tive than when Rizzotti graduated is
Campaign, spokesperson for the No always a problem at the back of any
Child Left Inside initiative, as well college student’’s mind, especially
as honorary chair of the University’’s when on the verge of being thrust
National Kidney Foundation Walk, out into the real world.
make Rizzotti a quality, local role Knowing this, Rizzotti gives the
model for all those graduating this advice to ““sell your strengths.””
year. Like her, nd what you excel in, COURTESY OF HARTFORDHAWKS.COM
She also makes it clear that in- something you love, and run with it. Jennifer Rizzotti, who has coached the women’’s basketball team for the past 11 seasons,
volvement in organizations such as Kacey Pratt, senior forward said,
will be the keynote speaker for the university’’s 2010 commencement ceremonies on May 16.
these is so important because ““it’’s ““It’’s exciting that the graduating class
not just about what you do, but how will get to experience some of what same way she did all year for the 14 the Women’’s Basketball program. I ment are all qualities that have led
you represent yourself,”” an idea she the women’’s basketball players have of us girls.”” think she is a wonderful candidate to Jennifer Rizzotti to victory, and ones
plans on focusing on during her experienced for the last four years. Beverly, who was injured dur- deliver the Commencement Speech that are sure to get the ball rolling for
speech, and one that all graduating [Rizzott] is a great motivational ing the Hawks’’ run to the NCAA because she has a lot of advice from this year’’s graduates as well.
students can take away with them speaker and I have no doubt in my Tournament, said of Rizzotti, ““I her past experiences that will help the Informer staff writer Jessica Rut-
for years onward. mind that she will inspire and make think Coach Rizzotti giving the graduates to succeed in life.”” ledge provided additional reporting
This attitude is what will inevitably the class of 2010 want to succeed the speech is a great honor for her and Passion, enthusiasm and commit- to this article.
page 4 the informer news april 15, 2010

Take Back the Night Promotes

Public Safety
Empowerment in Community
Blotter By Marissa Pollina
Informer Staff Writer

““Every two minutes someone

is sexually assaulted,”” according
Monday 04-05-10 to Karen Schermerhorn, Ofce
and Program Coordinator in the
Connections Health Education
Vandalism Village Apartments and Wellness Center, in response
1. Vandalism Village Apts. #6 to the Take Back the Night event.
Take Back the Night was held to
Domestic Disturbance Village Apts. #7 recognize victims of sexual assault
Vandalism Village Apts. #7 or domestic violence.
Vandalism/Motor Vehicle Parking Lot - N It was a way for the University
Alcohol Offense B Complex of Hartford community to come to-
gether to share previous episodes
2. Disorderly Conduct B Complex or drown out the past with a walk
Drug Offense B Complex from the University Commons to
Gengras Student Union.
Thursday, April 8 at 6:30 p.m.,
students and faculty gathered
Tuesday 04-06-10 together in front of the Commons
awaiting the walk to reconcile the
memories of loved ones and their
Vandalism/Motor Vehicle Campus Road x own experiences.
Village Apts. #5 For the actual walk, everyone
Vandalism/Motor Vehicle Village Apts. #5 East had grabbed an umbrella that had
pictures and sayings on them from
Parking the Umbrellas for Peace program
3. Vandalism Village Apts. #1 sponsored earlier in the week by COURTESY OF MALA MATACIN
Women for Change. Take Back the Night is a national organization founded in 2001,
Vandalism/Motor Vehicle Parking Lot - G ““Love, peace,”” ““Just say NO!,”” and different universities and organizations hold similar events
““NO means NO,”” were some of every year. This year Hartford’’s was on Thursday, April 8.
the sayings on the umbrellas. Oth-
ers were portrayed with owers, everyone who spoke about their to be sexually assaulted.
Wednesday 04-07-10 hearts and designs. experiences that night. Furthermore, one out of six
On the walk, rocks were handed ““It is not something you can be women are attempted or success-
Vandalism/Motor Vehicle Parking Lot - G out to each participant. They silent about. Let it out,”” Schermer- fully raped.
Vandalism/Motor Vehicle Village Apts. #4/5 would then throw the rock into horn said. The hope for this night was to
the river. The rock symbolized the As each speaker told their per- make students more aware of do-
Parking remembrance of someone who was sonal story about sexual assault, mestic violence and sexual assault
Vandalism B Complex involved with domestic violence the students and faculty gave a so the community as a whole can
or sexual assault. warm applause for their bravery try to prevent it.
Though many people were on and heroism. Ashley Marotte, freshman, ex-
the walk, it was mandatory that it Though the crowd was mostly plained, ““This is for a great cause,
Thursday 04-08-10 was a silent walk to also remember women, men also took part in Take it brings awareness to the topic.
those who were sexually assaulted Back the Night. It is so prevalent in our society.””
or experienced domestic violence. Schermerhorn stated, ““It’’s great ““This is a great event to promote
Vandalism A Complex After the walk the participants to see men here, we need men to the awareness of sexual assault,””
Vandalism C Complex met in Gengras to hear the stories help eradicate [sexual assault].”” said Steph DiIorio, junior.
of survivors of sexual assault. Everyone needs to ““power their For more information or wanting
It also gave a chance for the voice”” it makes it a ““symbol for to seek help about these topics,
students to feel they were in a strength and hope,”” explained there are anonymous hotlines,
Saturday 04-10-10 comfortable environment to ex- Schermerhorn. such as the National Sexual As-
press their stories whether it was In addition to the walk for Take sault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE.
of themselves, friends or even Back the Night, Schermerhorn Students or faculty with questions
4. Safety Violation Village Apts. #5 family members. stated some facts about sexual can call or contact Schermerhorn
Trespassing North University Some stories were detailed, assault: nine out of 10 people who from the Connections Health
Entrance while others were shortened. Brav- are raped are female, and college Education and Wellness Center at
ery was the theme of the night for women are four times more likely
Alcohol Offense B Complex
Vandalism Village Apts. #5
Vandalism/Motor Vehicle University Commons
Vandalism/Motor Vehicle Village Apts. East
Parking 4

Sunday 04-11-10 6
5. Trespassing C Complex 1
Drug Offense Village Apts. #6
6. Larceny Regents Park

In the April 8, 2010 issue of the Informer there
was some wrong information printed. In the

article, ““Community Day Brings Families to

University,”” we incorrectly said that the name of
vice president of Student Affairs Lee Peters’’ band 3
was Back in Time. The name of his band is The
New Band! We regret this error.
Page 5 the informer news april 15, 2010
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The Informer

Page 6
Opinions April 15, 2010

Same Number, More Coverage World Remembers Poland’’s

Is the world really going to end?Are
all the recently publicized earthquakes Knowledge
tention. Newspapers and television
stations all extensively covered President, Forgets The Rest
a glimpse of what is to come in 2012? these tragedies, especially Haiti.
Talks, A plane crash in Russia on
Many individuals are speculating on Some of it was to show the
the number of earthquakes that have Wisdom devastation and some was garner Saturday has nearly crippled
Listens Poland. I Believe
taken place since the beginning of monetary and physical support
the year, starting with Haiti. But for the people of Haiti. But with The country’’s president, Lech in
what people don’’t seem to know is this coverage comes an increased Kaczynski, his family and doz- Peace
that the amount of earthquakes that Melissa O’’Brien •• Editor-in-Chief awareness of earthquakes that are ens of Polish dignitaries died in
are happening around the world is happening everywhere. Now more the crash. The country, as well
not unusual. Twitter: @MelissacOBrien time is devoted to covering these as Poles around the world, has
The earth and the tectonic are earthquakes, when in the past years been in mourning since. Alexandria Hubbard •• News Editor
always shifting and with those shifts to the current date. Overall the number they haven’’t been covered as much. This has been detrimental to
come earthquakes. When I was talking of signicant earthquakes that happen This increased coverage gives the Poland as a whole, politically Twitter: @AlexHubbard
to a staff member a couple of weeks each year is about the same number. public a false sense of the number and socially. President Barack
ago we were discussing whether or Twenty-four signicant earthquakes of earthquakes that actually occur. Obama will be traveling to ultimately horrifying it is that the
not we should be covering them and have happened this year to date, which It makes it seem like the number Poland this weekend for the president died in the crash. Any
upon further research we found that comparing to the last three years there of earthquakes has increased to president and his wife’’s funeral. country who faced such a tragedy
this was not abnormal at all. is not a real deviation in numbers. abnormally high number when this According to a statement would be set back innitely and
Looking at the United States Geo- These numbers happened in 2008 and is not the case. from the White House, ““The would very obviously be in a state
logical Survey Web site you can see 2009, so why in 2010 are we hearing The earthquakes are just oc- president will travel to Krakow of mourning.
the recorded signicant earthquakes about all of them? curring in more populated areas to express the depth of our con- There is a sense of loss in the
that have happened in the years past. It can be summed up in one word, rather than remote areas. I think it dolences to an important and country, especially when such high
In 2009, there are 20 signicant Haiti. The earthquake that hit Haiti is just important for people when trusted ally, and our support for gures of power have lost their
earthquakes to this date. In 2008, was devastating to the population. listening, watching or reading the the Polish people, on behalf of lives. It’’s hard to imagine how the
there were 18 signicant earthquakes. Also the earthquake in Chile caused news that you need to be aware and the American people.”” country will come back from this
There were 12 in 2003, 11 in 2006 and massive destruction. These horrible informed before jumping to conclu- It is a huge tragedy. But, any time soon.
eight in 2007. But that is only looking events brought in a lot of media at- sions about the media coverage. throughout all of this media It’’s also an eerie story, if you
coverage, I feel as though

START Treaty Is Not A Start

know any information about the
people have forgotten that 95 location where the plane crashed.
other people, besides Kaczyn- The plane was heading to the
ski, died in the crash as well. Katyn Forest where Kaczyinski
Maybe I’’m overreacting, or would honor the 22,000 Polish
Late last week, Russia and the world without nuclear weapons. maybe I’’m not reading the right prisoners of war who were killed
United States came to an agreement Tech. While Russia has lost much of its news sources, but I have seen by the Soviet Union’’s army during
and signed a treaty that would mean power since its days as the Soviet little information regarding the the Cold War.
It’’s my other victims on the plane.
the reduction of each international Union, they still have some pull in The plane crashed in the middle
superpower’’s nuclear arms. real European countries. And Obama In some ways, it seems like of the woods, where it is believed
Presidents Barack Obama and name. should be using the power he wields the media thinks one death is thousands of these POWs were
Dimitry Medvedev signed the as one of the most powerful world more important than another. murdered.
treaty on April 8, meaning a few leaders to drag other heads of state There are approximately 90 It is horrifying really; there’’s
things for diplomatic relations Jeremy Stanley •• Managing Editor along with him. other families who have lost really no other way to put it. Kac-
between the countries and their He can do it as much as any a brother, a sister, a mother, a zyinski was going to demand to
allies and enemies. Twitter: @JeremyDStanley competent president we’’ve had in father, a son or a daughter. know the truth about those exact
The treaty agreed on by the two the past. These people were part of murders. He was going to bring
governments would mean that now will have gotten rid of some He’’s great at explaining and dis- someone’’s life, and I can barely justice to those murdered so many
both nation’’s stockpiles would get weapons, but still has enough to tilling complex issues that he could nd any information on any years ago. He was a great man, and
reduced to 1,500 nuclear warheads. kill every living human being on be able to sell this idea not only to of them. it is unfair that he died in the crash.
While the two may call the this planet, isn’’t enough. Congress--who will vote to ratify The most information I could But this media coverage seems
START Treaty a ““strategic arms Where’’s the progress in that? this treaty--but to the rest of the nd on them was this descrip- to degrade the others’’ deaths in a
reduction”” initiative, this is hardly I’’m not against approaching com- world. This should be a signalling tion from the Associated Press: way. They are 95 nameless souls,
reduction to respectable levels; the plex issues with incrementalism, point to the rest of the world, saying ““On board were the national taken away from this life.
amount of nukes the countries are because it is a bad idea to leap to everyone that nuclear weapons bank president, deputy foreign No life is more important than
reducing to is still enough to cause into a situation that might not be are a dangerous threat and we need minister, army chaplain, head another, but it’’s hard sometimes
Mutually Assured Destruction two benecial for either country. to get rid of them. of the National Security Ofce, to remember that these people
times over. No, incrementalism isn’’t bad. With the new START treaty, I deputy parliament speaker, were there too when all you see in
The concept of strategic arms What’’s bad is how much of this feel like it’’s less of a START and Olympic Committee head, civil the news is information about the
reduction is very idealistic, indeed, feels less than a leap, less than more like a PRE-GAME for the mo- rights commissioner and at least president. No doubt, he was a great
but the execution of this concept is a skip, less than a hop, less than ment when many of the nations of two presidential aides and three man who deserves to be mourned,
awed. Yes, it’’s nice to get these a step, less than a baby step and the world get on board and realize lawmakers, the Polish foreign but there are still others.
things in writing, but to say that more like a crawl. the existential threat these leaders ministry said. Kaczyinski’’s So let us, as a whole, remember
a government seven years from A very slow, crawl towards a possess and are able to prevent. wife, Maria, also died.”” the 95 other people aboard that
I understand to the deepest ight, and let us preserve their
While the Informer stands by its columnists and supports their right to free extent how sad, untimely and memory in Poland’’s time of need.
speech, please note that the columnists’ opinions are in no way representative of
the opinions of the Informer or of the University of Hartford. Find the Informer on Twitter @UHaInformer

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the informer opinions april 15, 2010 page 7

Are Successful Women Intimidating Men?

By Danielle Huppke the lm industry’’s highest honors.
Copy Chief Take Martha Stewart for example,
the woman is a mega-mogul; she
After winning an Oscar for Best has enough money to x the national
Actress, Sandra Bullock seemed to decit and yet she was divorced by
have everything she ever wanted. her husband of 28 years during the
She had a blossoming career, rise of her empire.
a husband to come home to and I know what you’’re thinking, of
the respect of lm critics across course Martha Stewart would be
the industry. With the world at her divorced, but the fact of the matter is
feet it was almost inevitable that that her marriage started going down
one aspect of her life would come the drain as soon as her company
crashing to pieces. Rumors started started taking off.
swirling of her husband, Jesse Let’’s take a look at the most
James, having an extramarital affair inuential woman in the world cur-
with Michelle ““Bombshell”” McGee, rently, Oprah Winfrey. She has been
a tattoo model. engaged to her longtime boyfriend
James aired his dirty laundry and for 14 years but why haven’’t they
confessed to Bullock and the world taken the plunge, is he nervous that
that the rumor was indeed true. he’’s going to be the one cooking the
He then followed Tiger Wood’’s bacon instead of bringing it home,
infamous footsteps right into sex or have they just not had a chance to
therapy. set the date? Whichever one it is, it
Throughout the history of the still leaves Oprah as the boss and him
Oscars many women have won best bringing up the rear.
actress yet lost their signicant oth- Through these examples it’’s clear
ers as quickly as they could say ““I’’d to see that these extremely successful
like to thank the Academy.”” women are having a terrible time at
Hilary Swank, Kate Winslet and keeping their partners happy while
Reese Witherspoon, among many they’’re achieving career greatness.
others, have all been subjects of These women have everything to
this unkind curse of the Oscars, make a partner happy but their signi- COURTESY OF ALTFG.COM
yet this leads me to believe that cant others just must feel inadequate Sandra Bullock and Jesse James before the news of his extramarital affairs were leaked.
this unfortunate legacy isn’’t only in comparison.
a standard of the Oscars but many This is a horrendous thought, men lated. Do we still live in a time when For now I would like to think that of providing for a family as they are,
other professions as well. being frightened of powerful women. the man needs to be the provider these men are just intimidated by and they shouldn’’t be intimidated.
I question if men are intimidated It seems like the most ridiculous senti- and if he isn’’t then he feels useless? the spotlight that surrounds these As for any successful woman plan-
by the successes of their partners, ment but when it comes down to it, the We’’ve moved far beyond the moguls and actresses that I have ning on marrying a man who seems as
this is the only way I could rational- trend provides substantial evidence. 1930s, but it sure doesn’’t look named, yet I question how long it though he’’s frightened by her power,
ize a reason for any man leaving When a woman reaches the peak as though men are realizing the will take for these men to deate she should probably remember to
these gorgeous and intelligent of her career before her husband, potential benets from having ex- their enormous egos and accept the have him sign a prenuptial agreement
women after having won one of many times he starts to feel emascu- ceptionally afuent wives. fact that women are just as capable before anyone says ““I do.””

For Twitter, Great Week, No Fail Whale in Sight

By Jeremy Stanley
Managing Editor

It’’s pretty great that long after we

stopped caring about when Twit-
ter would attain its almighty holy
grail--the business model--and
only cared about its usefulness that
Twitter unveiled its plan to make
money off of the service.
The company is calling its new
business model, unveiled Tuesday,
““Promoted Tweets.”” This new
business model will not hinder
day-to-day usage of the company’’s
product and it will make it eco-
nomically viable.
In its initial conception, Promot-
ed Tweets won’’t show up on the
homepage of the Web site when a
user logs into the service, instead, if
a user searches for something--for
example, ““Starbucks coffee””-- the
top result won’’t be a recent tweet
about that subject, instead it could
be an advertisement placed by a
company. Marked underneath the
advertising tweet are the words
““Promoted Tweet.””
There are so many ways that Biz
Stone and the rest of the Twitter
team could have gotten this com-
pletely wrong.
From just putting random banner COURTESY OF TWITTER.COM
ads into the stream of tweets, to
making ads look like tweets from Twitter introduced “Promoted Tweets” this week, allowing advertisers to get their message out to potential customers.
random users on the service, it
could have been disastrous from It’’s that smart, targeted approach This caps off a pretty amaz- awareness of the Twitter user. It like Echofon, Twitterric and oth-
the start. is what will make Twitter the ing positive news week for the understands the user’’s tendency to ers that it only made sense to quell
Instead, Twitter has approached buckets of cash that it so dearly company, as it announced earlier update their Twitter accounts from user confusion by offering an ““of-
the advertising situation with a needed months ago, according this week that it bought Loren a mobile device, like an iPhone. cial”” application. Twitter has also
lot of meta-cognition in regards to blogs who were very wrong. Brichter’’s atebits, an iPhone and By offering that application, made a similar move with RIM’’s
to usability of the Web site. They Twitter raised a lot of capital from Macintosh development com- named quite ofcially, ““Twitter BlackBerry, offering a ““Twitter
thought of how everyone con- investors and was able to subside pany that made Tweetie for those for iPhone,”” the company will be for BlackBerry”” application for
sumes advertising. In a search on just that support. platforms. Now, Tweetie will be able to offer a consistent product the device.
engine, whatever someone types This opportunity will give them called ““Twitter for iPhone”” and it instead of a huge market for ap- All in all, Twitter has gone from a
in the search bar makes that person the opportunity to break ties with will also be offered for free. plications. company that looked from the outside
part of a fraction of an advertiser’’s investors and let themselves stand The acquisition signals an- There are so many applications as directionless, to one that seems
market, instantly. mostly on their own. other great shift in the company’’s for updating Twitter on the iPhone, poised to stick around for a long time.
The Informer

Page 8
Entertainment April 15, 2010

Hartt’’s ‘‘Earnest’’ Earns Community’’s Praise

By Andy Swetz tion of if his parents were living
Informer Staff Writer or not, Lady Bracknell dismisses
the subject and disapproves of a
Displaying an impressive per- man without relatives.
formance while preserving the Staying true to the script, the en-
satire of the playwright’’s original tire cast displayed great attempts
intentions, the Hartt School met at becoming their respective char-
the match of Oscar Wilde’’s ““The acters and delivering a genuine
Importance of Being Earnest”” this performance.
past weekend. With the ending of the rst act,
A personal experience for the audience seemed to be thor-
theatergoers, the stage in the oughly enjoying the craft of these
Roberts Theater blended into the talented Hartt students, pouring
audience’’s realm and made the themselves into the nal product
performance a memorable one. of a show.
A show that thrives on word play Much like Act I, Acts II and III
and a unique satire of Victorian delivered equally as well captur-
England, the actor’’s dedication ing the attention of the audience
to getting into character and with a complex script and play
maintaining perfection was well on words.
pursued. As the remainder of the play
What I really enjoyed about the took place at Worthing’’s country
opening sequence of the play was estate, where Algernon pursues
the cast’’s ability to balance their Cecily, the niece of Earnest.
roles while feeding the audience’’s Eventually confessing to their
hunger for entertainment. desired women concerning their
Taking place in 1890s England, alter egos, Jack and Algernon
the play begins in the home of gain the sympathy of Cecily and
Algernon Moncrieff, the witty and Gwendolen.
sarcastic aristocrat who is easily Soon after Jack discovers that he
bored of his relatives. is in fact the brother of Algernon
Algernon (Alec Shamas) is soon COURTESY MATT MCMATH lling the void of confusion that
greeted by his good friend Ernst has plagued and hindered his mar-
Worthing (Salvatore Mitsou). Hartt School students Sal Mitsou and April Glick shine in ““The Importance of Being Earnest.”” riage to Gwendolen.
The two friends dive into con- Similarly Algernon tells of his false posal, the only thing standing Recieving the audience’’s ap- Leaving the controversy over
versation while Algernon brings identity named Bunbury, whom between the couple is Gwendo- proval, the actors maintained a what name Worthing should take,
up the question of what the in- he uses as an excuse to escape the len’’s mother, Lady Bracknell. strong connection through clever his problem is short lived when he
scription in Worthing’’s claimed realms of his family dinners. Confessing herself, Gwendolen humor. discovers that his father’’s name
cigarette case stands for. In his pursuit to get to the point reveals that one of the main rea- Played brilliantly by Abby Gers- was Ernst.
Earning the audience’’s praise of his visit Jack confesses that he sons she agrees to the proposal huny, Lady Bracknell furiously Ending the confusion over
was the character’’s passion as is there to propose to Algernon’’s is because of the fact that she questions Ernst about his past in identity the show ends with Er-
Ernst expressed that he is ““Jack in cousin Gwendolen (April Glick). believes Ernst is the most perfect order to judge him for approval or nest voicing his realization of the
the country and Ernest in the city.”” Equally excited about the pro- name for a man. not. Passing all but the nal ques- ““Importance of Being Earnest.””

Andy’’s Indie Artist Spotlight:

Guster’’s Reverb Catches On
By Andy Swetz
TBS: Conan O’’Brien announced his move
to TBS starting in the fall. TBS can now be
Informer Staff Writer upgraded from ““sometimes funny”” to ““very
For a band that’’s been around funny.””
for quite a while, the caliber of
musicianship and lyricism that SNL: Instead of using late night to promote
initially attracted fans has remained
constant fueling the drive of a great his music career, Justin Bieber spent time
sound. promoting his Twitter page, telling us ““I just
Guster, a quartet of gentlemen
from Boston, Mass., is celebrat- want more followers.””
ing their 19th year of existence by
continuing to make an impact on
the world both musically and in the
Multitasking: Apple announced this week
environmental sense. that the iPhone will be able to multitask
Although the group has currently this summer, a mundane feature that other
been on hiatus from the studio, rid-
ing a four year gap since their latest phones have run for years.
2006 release ““Ganging Up On The
Sun,”” Guster has denitely been
hard at work on the touring front. Glee: Returning this week, the cast of Glee
Marking a huge year for not only educated America that ““Dolphins are just
their own touring staff, but those gay sharks.””
of major music headliners, 2004 COURTESY OF BURLINGTONFREEPRESS.COM
saw the birth of Reverb, a company
This fall Guster is set to release their rst new album since 2006.
dedicated to minimizing major Greek Weak: Known on campus as douche
tour’’s environmental impacts. stop. Recently touring across the makes the most of their tours.
Founded by Guster guitarist country continuing the 2007 Crocs’’ As an active band that has always week, students were treated to drunken
Adam Gardener and his wife Next Step Campus Tour’’s message seemed to maintain their composure idiots in places outside the village lawn for a
Lauren Sullivan, the company’’s of lessening environmental impact, while experimentally expanding
services have grown exponentially Guster’’s strides always bring them their horizons, Guster has headed
spreading since its debut. Adapted back to their music. back to the studio in anticipation
by artists such as Jack Johnson, With their 2009 college campus of their newest release. Playoffs: With the NBA and NHL playoffs
John Mayer and The Dave Mat- tour behind them, Guster still main- Rumored to be out by September
thews Band, Reverb’’s approach tains their message of promoting of this year, I foresee great things to starting this week, networks are expecting
to a no environmental impact tour going green and staying aware of come from a band that is more than record low ratings for America’’s least favor-
seems to be catching on. individual impact. By getting their qualied instrumentally to produce
While working with Reverb, audiences involved and making brand new material while sticking ite sports.
Guster still manages to tour non- resources available to them, Guster to their distinct sound. HARRIS DECKER, DAVID HITCHINGS, JEREMY STANLEY AND ANDY SWETZ
the informer entertainment april 15, 2010 page 9

‘‘Congratulations’’ To MGMT On A Successful Follow-Up

By Alyssa Marino listeners and radio stations to play tune’’s danceable ambience. slow-moving tune maintains a However, later in the song, subtle
Informer Staff Writer the songs that jump out at them.”” Bare-bones guitar riffs ac- calm, peaceful vibe throughout, pizzicato strings and tranquil, hum-
However, the duo released the song company the sweet falsetto of complimented by soaring Beatles- ming synth lines bring the tune to
Brooklyn-based duo, MGMT, ““Flash Delirium”” as somewhat of a VanWyngarden to begin ““Some- esque harmonies. a tranquil end.
released their second studio al- ““taster”” for the new album. Through one’’s Missing.”” Again, the duo MGMT pays homage to British The album ends with the title
bum on April 13. The record, a free digital download and a sci- utilizes the synthesized organ musician, composer, producer track, a dynamic peaceful ‘‘60s-in-
entitled ““Congratulations,”” was ence ction, cinematic music video, sound to give the song an old school Brian Eno in the aptly-titled ““Brian fused serenade. ““Congratulations””
described by NME as a collection ““Flash Delirium”” has served to vibe. With soulful beats and power- Eno.”” With powerful chords and moves with delightful ease and
of ““frenetic, brief psych nuggets,”” conjure a great deal of interest for ful electric guitar chords, the tune fervid vocals, the thick beats of grace, emitting the feel of a
““echo-drenched mini epic tenden- the new record. erupts into funky, ‘‘60s swagger. the tune are undeniably infectious. Woodstock-era ballad. Over the
cies”” and ““classic MGMT.”” The album opens with the pal- ““Flash Delirium”” opens with a In the catchy chorus, the duo sing, chill strains of acoustic guitar, Van-
Lead members Ben Goldwasser pable drum beats of ““It’’s Working.”” mysterious, rumbling bass line that ““We’’re always one step behind Wyngarden croons, ““As strange as
and Andrew VanWyngarden have The surf-rock style guitar lines erupts into a thumping, rhythmic him. He’’s Brian Eno.”” Hailed as a it seems, I’’d rather dissolve than
been working together on their syn- work to accent the soaring vocals chaos. Amidst the duo’’s building principal pioneer of ambient music, have you ignore me.””
thesized, electro and psychedelic of Goldwasser and VanWyngarden. harmonies, smooth synth lines kick it only seems tting for Eno to re- MGMT’’s newest creation is an
rock sound since 2002. ““Congratu- Dreamy harmonies erupt amidst a the chorus into high gear. Eerie am- ceive a nod from Goldwasser and absolute knockout. For an avid fan
lations”” serves as a testament to the whirlwind of dramatic instrumen- bient noise underscores passionate VanWyngarden in this brilliantly of their rst album, it is a delight
pair’’s constant growth and musical tals to give the record a solid start. vocal lines and anthemic chanting. adventurous, toe-tapping number. to hear the leaps and bounds that
evolution. With ““Song for Dan Treacy,”” More airy snyth melodies usher With a lengthy instrumental the pair are taking in their musical
In an NPR article, Goldwasser MGMT pays tribute to British in ““I Found a Whistle.”” The pair’’s intro, ““Lady Dada’’s Nightmare”” expansion. MGMT have not only
and VanWyngarden described psychedelic-pop singer/songwriter silky vocals and imaginative lyrics experiments with synth melodies maintained a level of their original
““Congratulations”” as a ““no singles”” Dan Treacy of Television Personali- are certainly the highlight of the and environmental noise. The sound in this album, they have
album. The article continues to ties. An overall ““busy”” song, the song, as the song builds up to a song plays on to become a bit further developed their style into
explain, ““They will not release or track features trippy synth, ‘‘60s slow, beat-heavy end. disarming as the listener is greeted the exhilarating release. Old and
promote any one song from the psychedelic style organ sounds ““Siberian Breaks”” opens with a with ambient voices screaming new fans alike will undoubtedly
record. Instead, they encourage both and bright chimes to highlight the mellow acoustic guitar line. The bloody murder through thick static. be thrilled with ““Congratulations.””

Fey, Carell Fall Short As ‘‘Date Night’’ Takes Box Ofce

By Andy Swetz
Informer Staff Writer

Although the trailer and hype

behind ““Date Night”” had potential
and allowed for a promising movie,
I tried to go into the afternoon show-
ing with an unbiased opinion of what
I was to see.
Despite the fact that I did enjoy
this lm’’s quirky humor, it was quite
apparent that the farfetched plot line
and ridiculous attempt at poking fun
at mainstream America was just too
much to handle.
Depicting a typical American
family from New Jersey, tax lawyer
Phil Foster (Steve Carell) and real
estate agent Claire Foster (Tina Fey)
are caught in the tangles of routine
while their predictable marriage
lacks variety and avor. COURTESY OF COLLIDER.COM
When Friday evening, date night, The cast of ““Date Night”” came up short on the big screen despite the high caliber of talent that included Mark Wahlberg.
rolls around and the couple is catch-
ing their breath from the stresses of ticipated attempts at humor. That assuage my overall opinion of the tively falling short with the nature the story, ““Date Night”” didn’’t quite
the work week and parenthood, they is Steve Carell’’s forte, I must admit movie. Although Mark Wahlberg of the lm, my overall expectations meet the hype of what it appeared
nd themselves with just enough that I laughed multiple times during was given a few funny lines, his may have been too high. Perhaps to be.
energy to make it to their favorite the duration of the movie. total performance came up short the balance of talent on the cast Although I did enjoy parts of this
local steak house for potato skins As the plot thickened and the trou- of the actor’’s typical roles. was offset by the mediocre script movies attempt at altering the mind-
and salmon. ble on the Fosters’’ plate mounted, Along with Wahlberg are William resulting in a below average pro- set of a married couple, the level of
Amusing themselves by reading secondary characters, played by Fichtner, Jimmi Simpson, James duction. talent and potential this movie had
other couples’’ body language and pretty big names, didn’’t seem to Franco and Mila Kunis. Collec- On with the humor and off with at its disposal still disappointed.
creating ctional back stories as they
rummage through a typical conver-

sation about work and the kids, the
Fosters clearly lack spontaneity.
With the news of the Fosters’’ close
friends’’ divorce, they immediately THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22 • 3 - 7 PM
try to shock life back into their
marriage by taking a stab at going ADANTI STUDENT CENTER
beyond their ordinary plans for date SOUTHERN CONNECTICUT STATE UNIVERSITY
night and they hit New York City.
Lying their way into a reservation • Meet graduate faculty from more than
for a no show couple, the Fosters 40 areas of study.
enjoy a classy meal in Manhattan’’s
hippest new restaurant, Claw.
• Learn about master’s, doctoral, and sixth year
A great opening sequence, it was professional diploma programs,
at this point that I still had hopes for many offered with Connecticut teacher
a more well played out transition certification.
and introduction to the date night • Find out about financial aid and career
dilemma. However, what followed services.
and cut my hopes short was a drastic
overly emphasized turn of events.
The simple mistake of the wrong
identities saw the Fosters in a bind in
a semi comical life or death scenario.
Bizarre in nature, the protagonists
act quickly on their feet to escape SCHOOL OF
the custody of two thugs who claim G RA D UAT E STUDIES
they’’ve stolen a ash drive contain-
ing vital information from them. To register for the open house, call 800-448-0661 / 203-392-5240 or visit
Interjected between critical points
in the storyline, that helped shake S C H O O L S O F B U S I N E S S · E D U C AT I O N · H E A LT H & H U M A N S E RV I C E S
and instill some satisfaction in me, A RT S & S C I E N C E S · C O M M U N I C AT I O N , I N F O R M AT I O N & L I B R A RY S C I E N C E
were short yet impactful unan-
page 10 the informer entertainment april 15, 2010

Depp, Burton Round Out Lame Duck Hollywood Cast


Harris Decker
Entertainment Editor
Twitter: @truthaboutmusic

For longer than I care to recall, Tim

Burton and Johnny Depp have been
deemed the best at what they do.
Depp is a master of the screen,
playing legendary roles such as
Edward Scissorhands and Captain
Jack Sparrow.
Burton is viewed as a directing
god in Hollywood. Beginning with
““Beetle Juice”” in 1988, he has be-
come a master of all things dark and
twisted in the lm industry.
The question (and problem) I have
surrounding the pair is; are they any
good together?
Over the past 22 years, Depp and
Burton have worked on seven mov-
ies together, ““Edward Scissorhands””
(’’90), ““Ed Wood”” (’’94), ““Sleepy
Hallow”” (’’99), ““Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory”” (’’05), ““Corpse
Bride”” (’’05), ““Sweeney Todd: The
Demon Barber of Fleet Street”” (’’07) COURTESY OF COLLIDER.COM
and ““Alice in Wonderland”” (’’10). Depp and Burton have made seven movies together, with declining ratings since their debut in 1990s ““Edward Scissorhands.””
Despite large production budgets,
huge publicity and tons of hype, disaster and Depp was right at the Most people know Depp from his tend to gravitate towards was in their this pair chooses to go next.
these movies were not actually center of the sinking ship. work outside of the Burton realm. remake of ““Sweeney Todd.”” With so many actors out there
that good. Looking back, the only movie His best performances have come in This movie became an instant cult for Burton to work with, my hope
Despite the box ofce success, that the pair worked on that was a the ““Pirates of the Carribean”” series classic, taking a bloody musical is that these two put their love for
critics and fans alike often trashed huge success was ““Edward Scis- and in his early work in movies such and adding more blood, more gore each other on hold and go their
the movies. sorhands.”” as ““Finding Neverland”” and ““Blow.”” and more sadism, the very ideals separate ways.
This entire thought, questioning That critically acclaimed movie Burton has done his very best missing from Burton’’s other work A lack of originality in their
Burton’’s greatness and Depp’’s came at the very beginning. Since work without the help of Depp, with Depp. projects has led them to become
success came after seeing the then, this pair of icons has made producing ““Nightmare Before It also helped that Depp stepped the modern day lame ducks in Hol-
pair’’s remake of Disney’’s ““Alice movies that are boring, carrying a Christmas”” in ’’93. out and sang his own part on the lywood, producing movies that are
in Wonderland.”” lack of the dark ominous feel Burton The only time this pair broke free movies soundtrack. huge at the box ofce, but overrated
Overall, the movie was a sheer should be known for. from the generic, boring scripts they It will be interesting to see where and eventually forgotten about.

Apple’’s Jobs In Danger Of Re-Living ‘‘1984’’


The face of Apple, Steve Jobs, is gradually becoming more and more like the ““1984”” image he vowed to protect the personal computing world from.

By David Hitchings was leaps and bounds better and other than America’’s identity crises. powerful iPad and iPhone releases. argue that sub-standard develop-
Art Director simpler than Microsoft’’s competing The root cause of this is in Steve During last week’’s release of the ers produce sub-standard apps.
products. It was so simple a child Jobs’’ (pretentious asshole that he is) iPhone 4.0 Software Development Opening the development of ap-
In the classic and historic Apple could use it. belief that he has complete control Kit (SDK) a clause in the terms plications to multiple code sources
Super Bowl advertisement, a wom- But this is where the wagon broke over the future of the Internet and of service stated that no outside would only increase the quantity
en runs down an isle of transxed loose of the tractor. Something the players in it. computer programming language and possible quality of competing
people, throwing a sledge hammer snapped inside ““the great”” Steve When Apple released the original could develop for the iPhone App apps. Of course Apple already has
into the face of a ““1984”” style big Jobs’’ brain. Instead of developing iPhone three years ago, they left out Store. this locked down. Its app store in
brother. technology that surpasses that of a very specic player in the Web. What this meant was that an unparalleled, inconsistent and
Symbolizing a break from the any of his competitors he focused Adobe, whose Flash Player technol- Adobe’’s new Flash CS5, (released ambiguous screening process so
computer technology that had on brewing, and I’’m quoting straight ogy is installed on over 85 percent this past Monday), which had an whatever they say goes.
dominated in years before, Apple from the ““1984”” ad, a ““garden of of computers around the world, iPhone app builder included would In recent years, Apple has
has since come to embody the Big pure ideology.”” found out that this very same Flash not be able to submit applications pushed Adobe out of the online
Brother they destroyed in 1984. Apple has become less about Player would not be allowed to dis- to the Apple App Store. This is a streaming video market. And, as
It all started off alright. The the technology it offers than the play on the iPhone’’s Safari browser. particularly large blow to one of of this week, out of the applica-
original Macintosh computer and social stratus it portrays. You have To me this was a strictly statistical the biggest new features for Adobe tion and advertising markets with
all the hardware and software in- a MacBook Pro? Good for you. move. At the time Flash Player was Creative Suite 5. the launch of iAd. So I ask you
novations that followed were a step Do you feel good because it’’s a slightly buggy for mobile browsing Steve Jobs countered the up- Steve Jobs, what part of this is
in the right direction for computer good machine or because when and probably wouldn’’t have run roar with a quick e-mail to a key in competitive spirit? From this
technology. When the iPod came you open it up in class your apple well on the iPhone’’s particularly opponent, ““Intermediate layers angle, it’’s your face I see on that
along the world rejoiced, Apple had logo glows out reinforcing the fact weak processor. between the platform and the cinema style projection, and I’’m
perfected the pocket-sized music that you’’re cool enough to own an Earlier this year Apple contin- developer ultimately produces with whoever’’s swinging the
player that could hold your entire Apple product? ued to block Flash Player with the sub-standard apps and hinders the sledgehammer.
music collection. Apple’’s OS X This anger stems from something release of its substantially more progress of the platform.”” I would Simply put, Apple is evil.
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Summer Music Festivals Feature Wide Array Of Artists

By Sarah Wilson regarded performers. Last year the sun Pickups are all scheduled to
Informer Staff Writer legendary jam-band Phish stole play, along with lesser known, but
the main stage, while in years past equally talented bands such as Ra
No school, the beach and sun- all-around favorites such as Pearl Ra Riot, La Roux and Steel Train.
shine, these are the things we all Jam and the Police. You can even get a few laughs in
live for during the summer, but This year, The Dave Matthews between bands with performances
four months of pure relaxation Band will be headlining the fes- by College Humor Live, as well
wouldn’’t be complete for any tival, and while not many people as comedian Bo Burnham, and
college student without attending dislike DMB, it’’s not such a Cartoon Network’’s Tim and Eric.
at least one annual summer music catch since they tour the country For all-around entertainment in
festival. annually. New Jersey’’s picturesque Liberty
Between Bonnaroo, Lollapaloo- Luckily, other bands like She State Park, All Points West is for
za and All Points West there are and Him or Regina Spektor, and you.
plenty of opportunities to get your even Jay-Z to stir up the atmo- If neither Bonnaroo or All Points
ll of three days of large crowds, sphere a little bit will be there to West seem to suit you this year, COURTESY OF COPPELLSTUDENTMEDIA.COM
sweat and dirt, all well worth it for make it all worthwhile. there’’s always the Windy City’’s
an equal amount of jam-worthy But if Manchester, Tennessee own Lollapalooza, where August
live tunes. is a little too far to travel for you, 6 through 8 a mix of some of this
Despite the notion from many think about heading North to All year’’s most popular music will
Bonnaroo loyalists that the lineup Points West in New Jersey. For be featured.
this year is not up to par, there a little variety of good music in MGMT is busy this season,
are still plenty of bands worth several genres, a three-day pass to having a large presence at all
seeing. Groups that have blown this event might be for you. Head- three festivals and will be joined
up in popularity this year such as lining bands range from Jay-Z on by Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, The
Phoenix and Kings of Leon will July 31st to Tool the following day, Strokes and Phoenix at Lolla-
be performing, along with a few ending with MGMT and Coldplay palooza 2010.
others that have gained a follow- to sum things up. So as a music-hungry broke
ing like the Avett Brothers, Neon Also oating in between the college student, if a two-hundred-
Indian and Local Natives. headliners is a plethora of indie, something dollar three-day pass COURTESY OF BLOG.NEWSOK.COM
However, in years past the alternative and pop entertainers. isn’’t too pricey for you, don’’t miss
festival has been notorious for Vampire Weekend, The Fleet out, no one wants to go through Vampire Weekend and The Dave Matthews Band highlight this
recruiting some of the most highly Foxes, The Ting Tings and Silver- the summer in silence. summer’’s festival curcuit at venues all over the United States.

Conan To Bring ‘‘Very Funny’’ Personality to Cable

By Erica Clayton
Senior Copy Chief

Conan O’’Brien’’s triumphant

return to late night was announced
on Monday as TBS declared a deal
with the beloved comedian. Since
O’’Brien’’s departure from NBC
there had been rumors that he would
be signing on with Fox for a show,
the likes of which were similar to
his last late-night endeavor.
Now he will be competing with
other 11 p.m. bigwigs like Jon
The deal came about swiftly while
O’’Brien was caught up in stalled
negotiations with the Fox network.
The new show will bump George
Lopez’’s show to midnight, a tune
that mimics the reason behind
O’’Brien being knocked off NBC,
but Lopez made it clear that he
wanted the change to happen and
that nobody was stepping on his –– or
his show’’s –– toes.
Lopez told, ““I can’’t
think of anything better than doing
my show with Conan as my lead-in.
It’’s the beginning of a new era in COURTESY OF BLOGS.PIONEERLOCAL.COM
late-night comedy.””
The show will be L.A.-based Enduring several moves over the past year, late night talk show host Conan O’’Brien recently struck a deal with network TBS.
(O’’Brien refuses to move his in time slots pushed Jay Leno back commodate the new show. If the the beginning of its run. premier to be just as extravagant
kids again) and looks to be long- into the 11:35 p.m. spot, knocking deal had been signed, O’’Brien’’s The late-night entertainment as his last show’’s nale.
term. The show is yet-to-be-titled his show back past midnight. His show would only be on about 60 world is anxiously awaiting Viewers should expect to see
and will air Mondays through departure triggered an outburst percent of Fox afliate stations for O’’Brien’’s return, and expects the O’’Brien’’s new show this fall.
Thursdays.O’’Brien is currently on from fans about the treatment of
a U.S. comedy tour but has a long- such a popular and influential
standing history with his comedic comedian.
affairs. In the limbo between his leave
He began writing and performing from NBC and the announcement
in his youth and attended Harvard, of his show with TBS, O’’Brien has
where he earned a history degree kept fans on their toes with daily
and wrote for the Harvard Lampoon. updates on his Twitter account (@
After graduation, O’’Brien went ConanOBrien) and his current U.S.
on to become a writer for several tour, the ““Legally Prohibited From
television shows, including HBO’’s Being Funny on Television”” tour.
““Not Necessarily the News,”” NBC’’s O’’Brien says, ““In three months
““Saturday Night Live,”” and Fox’’s I’’ve gone from network television
““The Simpsons.”” to Twitter to performing live in
After winning an Emmy for his theatres, and now I’’m headed to
writing stints, O’’Brien began host- basic cable. My plan is working
ing his own late-night show, ““Late perfectly.””The deal with Fox fell
Night with Conan O’’Brien,”” in through mainly due to negotiations
1993, which ran for 16 years before with afliates. Many afliates have
he dropped it for ““The Tonight their own broadcasts during the
Show.”” 11 p.m. slot O’’Brien was seeking,
O’’Brien left ““The Tonight and would have to modify current
Show,”” last winter after a disruption syndication deals in order to ac-
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Help Wanted Help Wanted

Help Wanted Entertainment

Center for Community Service
Writers Wanted Need Community Service?
Ginza Japanese
Cuisine is currently We are currently seeking students who are interested in volunteering.
Love movies, music, Various skills are required.
seeking part-time and television or games?
full-time assistance. Maybe writing for the
For more information Informer would be the
please contact Alex at: perfect match. It is a For the contact information of any of these opportunities and more,
fantastic way to get please visit the Center for Community Service, Gengras Student Union,
(860) 242-8289 involved. The Informer room 209. The phone number to the Center is ext. 5409
is looking for entertain-
ment writers to cover
Live Band Wanted stories about the lat-
est movies, television informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
Ginza Japanese Cuisine shows and music informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
is currently looking for a
local band to perform at
events. No experience
is required and training
Place a
informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds

classied ad
its restaurant.
informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
is hosted throughout the
Contact Alex for more year. If interested please informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds

starting at only 5 bucks!

information at: contact the Entertain- informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
ment Editor: informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
(860) 242-8289
informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
Harris Decker
Call 860.768.4723
informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
News Writers entertainmenteditor@ informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
Get your Message Read!
informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
Interested in current 860-768-5723 informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
events in politics, world informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds informer classieds
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How about University Sports Writers
events or programs? If so Wanted
then consider writing for
the student newspaper! Looking to get in-
It is a fun and exciting volved? Want to write
experience that allows for The Informer? The
regular students to get in- Informer is currently This week on STN Channel 2:
volved. Prior experience looking for sports writ-
is a plus, but not a decid- ers to cover Hartford
ing factor. Training will Hawks sporting events.
be sponsored throughout No experience required
the year for Informer staff as training will be hosted
writers. throughout the year. STN goes live at 8 p.m. this Saturday.
If interested please
If interested please contact the Sports Edi- Check out coverage of Community Day and more.
contact the News Editor: tor:

Alex Hubbard Zach Wallens

newseditor@ sportseditor@

860-768-5723 860-768-5723 Watch the Impact We Make!

Upcoming Events
April 17, 2010
Community Day
Check out the various activities the University has planned!
Interested in News?
Like watching Television? April 22 - 24, 2010
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Opinion: Mets Need to Make Early Changes

By Harris Decker
Entertainment Editor

As bad as things are for the New

York Mets right now, things could
be much worse.
For the rst time in a year, Jose
Reyes is on the eld, hopefully
playing alongside David Wright for
the remainder of the season. Led
by ace Johan Santana, the pitching
staff showed potential in their rst
run through the rotation as Jonathan
Niese, Oliver Perez and Mike Pel-
frey all showed some life.
Without Carlos Beltran, the Mets
starting lineup is weakened in the
power department. The addition of
Jason Bay has helped, but the key
to the success of this team comes in
the hitting of line drives, and less y
ball outs. Over the rst homestand,
there seemed to be a huge amount
of y outs and far fewer lineouts
and ground-ball outs.
This is a trend that must change
if the Mets intend to compete in
2010. They must train themselves
to hit ground balls and line drives
and stop trying to drive the ball out
of Citi Field. It seems that the hitters AP
that were hitting line drives were Starting pitcher John Maine is one of many Mets already off to a poor start this season. The Mets are 2-6 on the year.
able to eventually hit big home runs.
There are players out there who terested in Gary Matthews Jr. (who Young could be traded this season. Daniel Murphy’’s return? I under- two home runs over the teams rst
the Mets can obtain who can help has struggled to say the least as a Although he is injury prone, Young stand the team’’s fear of having to ve games.
them win this season, and the rst Met), Omar Minaya could trade has a much higher upside and could demote Davis once Murphy comes Another change the Mets need to
players on the list have to be pitchers. Matthews and Bobby Parnell for likely be had for the same price as back from the disabled list, but my change is the culture of their older
With the emergence of Aroldis Aaron Harang, taking on his large Harang. question is why would they? players.
Chapman in Cincinnati, the Reds contract. With that move, Fernando Ike Davis remains a small mystery Murphy is a capable rst basemen, Getting Carlos Delgado, Pedro
will most likely have to clear one Martinez could be promoted to the for me. I understand that they want but if Davis is the future as an or- Martinez and Billy Wagner out of
of their pitchers spots soon to make majors to help ll in until Beltran Davis to remain at AAA Buffalo for ganization, he should be playing New York was a start, but now play-
room for the rookie’’s promotion returns. as long as possible so that when he every day. This entire argument isn’’t ers like Fernando Tatis are clogging
from Triple-A. A team that I would rather trade is promoted he’’ll be here to stay. helped by Davis’’ blistering hitting the Mets arteries. They need to get
Using the preconceived notion with would be the San Diego Padres. The trouble I have with this is why in Buffalo where he is currently younger and support the incredible
that the Reds were at one time in- The Padres have stated that Chris are they leaving the door open for hitting .375 with three doubles and base of talent in the majors right now.

Hartford Hawks Weekend Howie’’s Helpers Needed!

Home Schedule We are looking for 200 students to act as Howie’’s Helpers this
coming fall.

Saturday: Men’’s and Wom- Howie’’s Helpers are some of the rst students that our fresh-
men meet upon arrival and they play a vital role in the residence
en’’s Tennis vs. Stony Brook hall move-in process.

@ 1 p.m. Compensation includes:

•• The ability to move in early on Wednesday, Aug. 25th .
Lacrosse vs. Vermont @ •• All meals while in training and while helping with move-in start-
1 p.m. ing with breakfast on Thursday.
•• T-shirt (which must be worn during your shifts)
Baseball vs. Albany @ •• $25.00 towards your University club or organization per Howie
Helper selected.
1:30 p.m. (Some moderate to heavy lifting will be required during the move-in pro-
cess, keep this in mind when signing up.)

Sunday: Baseball vs. Alba- If you are interested in being a

Howie’’s Helper, sign-ups begin
ny @ 1 p.m. April 19th 2010. Please send an
email to with
subject line being Howie Helper. Your
email must include your name, student ID
Monday: Men’’s Tennis vs. number, t-shirt size (100% cotton, pre-shrunk)
Marist @ 4 p.m. and your cell phone number. If you are
representing a University club, organization or
team please provide the name of your club or
organization in which you will be representing.
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Leibovitz Leaves Hartford After 4 Years as Coach

Continued from page 1 ““It’’s hard on us that he is leav-
ing. As a player, you expect to
Athletics Patricia H. Meiser said play for the same coach for four
Tuesday night. ““He has recruited years. We just have to work hard
good student-athletes who have in our last year to reach our goals.
brought integrity to our program. I understand his decision and why
We certainly wish him well in his he made it, so I wish him the best
future endeavors.”” of luck.””
Leibovitz, who came to Hartford Although no ofcial announce-
following 10 years at Temple ment has been made, ESPN
as John Chaney’’s assistant, led reported Tuesday night that Lei-
Hartford to 31 wins in his rst two bovitz expects to become Jerome
seasons, but has amassed only 15 Allen’’s top assistant at the Uni-
wins since. versity of Pennsylvania, where
Leibovitz met with his team Leibovitz played from 1993-1996
Tuesday to inform them of his with Allen. When asked about the
decision, a decision he said was report, Leibovitz declined to com-
difcult while also adding that he ment on his future plans.
was just honest with the players, While the team struggled to an
although he didn’’t expect them all 8-22 this past season, the admin-
to completely understand. istration was overall content with
With their head coach gone and the program’’s direction.
a cloud of uncertainty surround- ““Dan Leibovitz is a superb indi-
ing the program, current players vidual,”” said University President
learned of the sudden decision late Walter Harrison. ““I deeply ap-
Tuesday and although surprised, preciate all he has done for the
had nothing but praise for their university and for our students
former coach. and fans for the past four years.””
““We had some good moments,”” ““I was surprised to learn he was
said junior guard and co-captain leaving, but these things happen,””
Joe Zeglinski. ““Making it to the Harrison added.
America East Championship Game The university’’s athletic depart-
was exciting. I’’ll never forget that ment will now begin a nationwide
year that we had, but we weren’’t Dan Leibovitz led Hartford to the school’’s rst-ever conference championship game appearance. search for the team’’s next head
able to be consistent with our play coach, its fth since moving to
the last two years. We were all All-Conference as a sophomore 16.5 points per game. respects his coach’’s choice. Division I in 1984.
surprised, but we wish Coach the before redshirting in 2009 after Junior point guard Andrew Tor- ““We had such a successful season ““We have immediately begun the
best of luck.”” tearing a ligament in his ankle. res, who Leibovitz recruited all the in my freshman year, we thought search for our new head coach, and I
Zeglinski, one of Leibovitz’’s Zeglinski holds the school’’s all- way from Puerto Rico, acknowl- that things would take off from am extremely condent that we will
rst recruits, ourished in the time 3-point record and led the edged the unexpected decision is there, but they haven’’t worked out nd a great new leader for our men’’s
coach’’s system, earning rst-team Hawks in scoring this season with difcult on the players, but also that way yet,”” Torres said. basketball team,”” Harrison said.

Jets Continue to Add Talent with Character Issues


Zach Wallens •• Sports Editor
Twitter: @ZachWallens

If you put enough flammable

objects in one room together,
they will eventually explode, and
based on the recent roster moves
of the New York Jets, it wouldn’’t
be shocking to see their locker
room self destruct.
The Jets acquired troubled
Steelers wide receiver Santonio
Holmes Sunday for a fifth-round
pick in the upcoming draft. Hol-
mes had a career-high 79 catches
and 1,248 yards last season,
but quickly fell out of favor in
Pittsburgh after numerous off-
field issues.
In 2008 Holmes was arrested
for marijuana possession and
suspended for one game by the
Steelers. In March Holmes was
accused of throwing a glass at a AP
women in an Orlando nightclub, Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes will be ghting for catches in the Jets new offense in 2010, an offense that also added LT.
but criminal charges in the case
have not been filed. After the women, in five different states. after establishing himself as one of a wild ride next season, and the for more passes their way, espe-
trade to New York was finalized, Cromartie has all the physical the most talented past catchers in fact that Edwards and Holmes are cially in a now-stacked offense
the league announced Holmes talent in the world, but his ques- the NFL, went down hill fast as he both free agents after this year, like the Jets.
is suspended for the first four tionable work ethic and off-field found trouble on and off the field. only adds to the speculation that New York also has reliable-
games of the 2010 season for issues caused his trade to the Edwards was traded from Cleve- these moves could blow up in the receiver Jerricho Cotchery, tight
violating the league’’s substance Jets, the same team that defeated land to New York days after Jets’’ face. end Dustin Keller and newly
abuse policy. his San Diego squad in the AFC allegedly getting in a fight with one Holmes, 26, and Edwards, 27, signed LaDainian Tomlinson for
While just adding Holmes to the Divisional round. The Jets re- of Lebron James’’ friends. Edwards are both desperate for their next second-year quarterback Mark
roster would not be a big issue, portedly forwarded Cromartie also had an issue with dropping contract and both believe they are Sanchez to throw to. This year
adding him to a team that just $500,000 to clear up his child passes in his final year and a half No. 1 receiver material. Publicly will no doubt be interesting in the
traded for Antonio Cromartie, support problems. in Cleveland. they will each say the right things, Big Apple, so much so that HBO
who although he has not actually Adding to the fire is the Jets With all these larger-than-life but you have the believe it will be series Hard Knocks had already
broken any laws, has fathered major midseason acquisition last personalities and questionable difficult to make them buy into the announced it would follow the
seven children with six different season, Braylon Edwards, who characters, the Jets may be in for team concept when each is fighting Jets this upcoming season.
the informer sports april 15, 2010 page 15

Hawks Shatter Three School Records at UMass

By Jesse Ott
Informer Staff Writer

Freshman Britney Lawson proved

yet again that breaking Hartford’’s
record for the hammer throw is only
a temporary accomplishment at the
Umass Invitational Saturday.
Lawson was one of three Hartford
track and eld athletes who surpassed
previous school records at the meet.
Her performance at the University
of Massachusetts marked the third
consecutive time in the outdoor sea-
son that Lawson has set the school
standard for the Hammer throw. Her
hurl of 46.17 was .11 meters longer
than her previous stat. The freshman
was credited fourth place in the event.
Another record-breaker on the day
for the women was Caitlyn Haus-
wirth. The pole-vault specialist was
able to improve her personal, and
school record by six centimeters.
She cleared the height of 3.05 meters
which was the fth highest amongst
the competitors.
Unlike Lawson and Hauswirth who
ended up enhancing their previous ac-
colades, Jonas Hampton conquered a
record that he didn’’t already possess.
Greg Bate owned the original record
for the 10,000-meter run, and after
25 laps and 15 years, Hampton took
it down with a time of 32:34:47. The
junior exceeded Bates’’ run time by Junior Jonas Hampton broke the 15-year-old school record in the 10,000-meter run, nishing in sixth place.
a margin of around 16 seconds and
earned sixth place in the event. was in the 400-meter hurdles. She once again in the 4x400-meter isher of the two; he ran valiantly place standing at the invitational.
Another true freshman, Priscilla crossed the line third with a time of relay. The squad’’s collective but wound up with a second place Although Hartford was not able
Appiagyei, captured the highest 1:04:97. The reliable senior also time of 3:22:10 was around honor with Albany’’s Jonathan to tally up enough points on
standing among the women’’s squad nished fourth in the 100-meter three seconds short of stealing Santana edging him at the line by a the afternoon, to be placed high
with a second place performance. hurdles, recording a time of 15.58 rst place from top nishing measly .52 seconds. Lane nished among the rest of the schools, the
In the 400-meter dash she came just seconds. Albany. Anderson Emerole and right behind his teammate, claim- team had great performances both
short of crossing the line a head of the One set of events that Hartford’’s Warren Lane also found success ing third place in the event with a individually and as a team which
pack, with Sherez Mohamed, of Al- track team has been consistent in in their individual events at the time of 50.09. they could take away from the day.
bany edging the nish by a mere .13 during both the indoor and regular Umass Invitational. The men’’s track and eld team The squad’’s next challenge
seconds. Also on the track, Kaycee season has been the relay races. Two Hawks clustered the top collected 27 points which placed will be on Saturday, April 17th,
Martinez had another strong outing The team, consisting of Anderson standings in the 400-meter run, them ninth out of eleven schools, where the Hawks will compete
on the day, ourishing in several Emerole, Eric Ciccone, Mike Anderson Emerole and Warren and the women gathered 44.50, at the Holy Cross Invitational in
hurdle events. Her best performance Dupaul and Warren Lane, thrived Lane. Emerole was the rst n- resulting in an eighth out of nine Worcester Mass.

Lacrosse Falters Again 7XEVX2I\X*EPP[MXLQSVI

in Fourth Quarter

Aiden Genik scored a hat trick but Hartford couldn’’t pull off a win.
By Jessica Rutledge scored only ve minutes into the
Informer Staff Writer third quarter, but Hartford’’s Mi-
chael Cudmore quickly redeemed
The Hawks put up a good ght on the Hawks with a goal. The teams

Tuesday, but the nine goals scored continued to banter back and forth,
were not enough to edge out the each team scoring four goals in the
Faireld lacrosse team. third period. But the Hawks were
Hartford fell behind 1-0 in the still trailing by one point.
rst period, and they were unable Faireld’’s offense scored ve

to derail the scoring momentum of goals within the rst 10 minutes of
their opponents. the fourth quarter. But the Hawks
The Hawks were in trouble, hav- were not discouraged, as Aiden
ing accumulated a two-point decit
by the start of the second period.
Genik, Carter Bender and Justin
Bearse rallied back with four goals
But the aggressive offensive effort to remain in the game. ®
of Rory Nunamacher, who scored a
goal assisted by Michael Cudmore,
Despite their efforts, the Hawks
were unable to catch up and ulti-
were able to put the Hawks onto the mately fell to Faireld 12-9.
scoreboard and back into the game. Hartford will return to action on Tunxis Community College, 271 Scott Swamp Road, Farmington, CT 06032
The opportunity for a win was with- Saturday, April 17, at home against
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in the reach of the Hawks. Faireld the University of Vermont.
The Informer

Volume 33, Issue 22

Sports April 15, 2010

Hawks Struggle to 1-3 Weekend Against UMBC

By Keith Arsenault
Informer Staff Writer

A wild pitch and a misplayed line

drive proved to be the difference in
the Hawks’’ loss to UMBC Saturday.
The Hawks opened up America
East play at Fiondella Field, host-
ing the Retrievers for a four-game
weekend set. They did not get out
to a good start, losing 6-4 in the
conference opener.
The crucial Hawk miscues came
in the top of the sixth inning, lead-
ing to two Retriever runs, breaking
a 4-4 tie going into the inning.
The rst came with one out and
Brian Klukowicz on rst for the
Retrievers. At the plate, Casey Me-
dairy showed bunt, trying to move
the runner into scoring position.
However, Klukowicz made it to
second on a wild pitch by Hartford
starter Steve Sobicinski, without
sacricing an out. No longer bun-
ting, Medairy drew a walk.
The next batter, Aaron Brill,
reached base on a elder’’s choice
after grounding to third. The Hawks
got Medairy at second for the second
out of the inning, but could not turn
the double play.
Without the wild pitch, Medairy
likely would have sacriced for the
second out of the inning. The Brill
grounder would have provided the
third out, and Rick Phillips would
have led of the top of the seventh.
Instead, with two outs and runners ADAM MANISON
on the corners, Phillips hit a line The Hawks defeated UMBC 10-2 on Sunday but failed to win another game, including losses in extra innings and a one-run loss.
drive to center eld. Hawks’’ center
elder Andrew Siano misjudged the the third inning. Retrievers 10-2 on Sunday. complete game performance. Sunday, the Hawks again gave
ight of the ball and let it get all The loss was the start of a long The Hawks were led by the heart While the Hawks did grab the one up a lead. The Hawks led, 4-1, into
the way to the wall. Both runners and difficult weekend for the of their order. Mike Amendola, Andy win, the three losses were difcult the fth inning. In that frame, they
scored and Phillips reached third Hawks. The Hawks took just one Drexel and Mike Aldrich combined to stomach. allowed four runs on three hits,
on the error. of four against the Retrievers over to bat 5-for-10 with seven runs batted Saturday’’s night cap went 12 in- leading to a 5-4 loss to nish the
Neither of the runs was earned, the course of two double-headers. in, two home runs, two doubles, two nings. However, with three errors weekend.
but they were back-breaking. The lone win of the weekend walks and four runs scored. in the top of the twelfth, the Hawks The Hawks (6-18, 1-3 AE) will
The Hawks could not score in came in a game on Sunday. The On the mound, Mike Thatcher scat- lost, 14-9. The Hawks gave away a resume conference play Saturday
either of the next two frames. Hawks put together a solid of- tered seven hits and six walks to allow 7-3 lead in the ninth due in part to afternoon when they host the
Each totaled scored four runs in fensive performance to beat the just one earned run in a seven-inning two errors in the inning. Albany Great Danes.

Rizzotti to Coach 2010 Under-18 National Team

By Cedric Quackenbush see that in her and respect it.”” just 50.4 points per game. Hartford
Informer Staff Writer Rizzotti, a nalist for the Kay Yow senior Diana Delva nished second
Coach of the Year Award this season, in the nation in eld-goal percentage
Passionate, exciting and relatable will be assisted on the sidelines by and won the America East Player of
are all words used by Hartford point Florida State head coach Sue Sem- the Year award. Senior Erica Beverly
guard Jackie Smith to describe her rau and Central Florida head coach took home the conference’’s Defen-
head coach Jen Rizzotti. Rizzotti will Joi Williams. Trials will be held by sive Player of the Year award.
have the opportunity to showcase her USA Basketball June 8-11 and only Hartford earned the school rst-
coaching skills on the highest stage this 18-year olds or younger are eligible. ever at-large NCAA tournament
summer after she was named the head The nalized roster will continue to bid, losing to LSU in the rst round
coach of the 2010 USA U18 National train until the competition begins. despite being a No. 10 seed.
Team. Her team will compete in the USA was placed in Group B which ““She really understands her
FIBA America’’s U18 Championship also consists of Argentina, Brazil players and what motivates them,””
June 23-27 at the U.S. Olympic Train- and Puerto Rico. USA will begin its said junior guard Mary Silvia.
ing Center in Colorado Springs. quest for a gold medal when it takes ““She’’s always thinking of ways
Rizzotti previously served as an as- on Argentina on June 23. to make us better and trying new
sistant coach under Doug Bruno for the Rizzotti’’s Hawks are coming off things and I’’m sure she will nd
2006 team which won a gold medal. one of the most successful seasons some things in this experience
““I am honored to be chosen as the in school history. The Hawks set a that she will want to try with us.””
head coach for this year’’s U18 National school record with a 20 game win-
team. I had a wonderful experience as ning streak that started in December
an assistant coach under Doug Bruno and included a perfect 16-0 record in
and was able to grasp what it really the America East regular season. The
meant to represent your country while Hawks claimed their fourth regular
coaching these outstanding student- season championship while Rizzotti
athletes,”” Rizzotti said in a statement earned her third America East Coach
released on last of the Year award.
week. Along the way the Hawks earned
““Her reliability and character are their rst national ranking in school
what really sets her apart from other history in January and got ranked as
coaches,”” said Smith who started all 32 high as No. 19 in the ESPN/USA
games for Rizzotti’’s 27-5 Hawks this Today Coaches’’ poll and No. 21 in
season. ““She’’s very honest and pushes the AP poll on March 8.They nished
everyone to their fullest potential and I ADAM MANISON with the third highest scoring defense
think the players at that level will really Jen Rizzotti led Hartford to its rst NCAA at-large bid this season. in the nation, holding opponents to