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1.Keep custody of barangay funds and properties.
2.Disburse funds in accordane with the financial procedures provided in the local
Government Code;
3.Certify as the availability of funds whenever necessary.
4.Plan and attend to the rural postal circuit within his jurisdiction;and
5.Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may
be prescribed by law or ordinance.
1.To be custodian of all records of the Barangay Council and Barangay Assembly.
2.To keep minutes of all meetings of the Barangay Council and Barangay Assembly.
3.To record the proceeding of Barangay Council and the Barangay Assembly
4.To prepare separate list of the members of the Barangay Assembly and the
registered voters of the barrio and to have the same posted in conspicuous places
within the barrio.
5.To prepare all necessary election forms such as certificate of
candidacy,ballots,certificate of election returns,record of challenges and such other
forms necessary in the conduct of barrio election or plebiscite.
1.To be custodian or barrio property and barrio funds not deposited with the
municipal treasurer.
2.To collect and receive taxes ,fees ,conributions,monies ,materials,and all other
resources accuring to the barrio treasury,for which he shallissue official receipts.
3.To disburse funds in accordance with the financial procedures provided in his Act. ;
4.To render a public accounting within one month after the end of each fiscal year of
all barrio funds and property and which had been under his custody.
5.To certify to the availability of funds whenever necessary.



A Barangay Kagawad is a Philippine government official of barangays

(counties),the most basic political unit in the country. A barangay kagawad is
elected together with the Punong Barangay(Barangay Captain). Also known
as Barangay Councilors,their responsibilities include partaking in various
barangay activities and barangay law and order throughout the vicinity.
Each barangay consists of seven kagawads. They are stratified according to
the number of votes they receive in the elections. Republic Act
7160,approved 10 October 1991,set the term of the office of barangay
officials and members of the Sangguniang Kabataan to three years;RA
8524,approved 14 February 1998,amended RA 7160,extending the term of
the office to five years

1.Promote peace and order.

2.Formulate measures to eradicate drug addiction.
3.Maintain barangay-owned properties and infrastructures.
4.Maintain cleanliness and beautification of the community.
5.Promote the well being youths and human rights.
A kagawad helps enforce all local policies,projects,programs and procedures
within the barangay.The contribute in devising a provision for the betterment
and development of their area and the towns people.Their responsibilities
include eliminating any illegal transactions such as drugs and drug
addiction,preserving all infrastructure and properties ,conserving
cleanliness,encouraging the welfare of the youth and ensuring peace and
order within the community.