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Study of Markesh in Kundli

Markesh Yog in Horoscope

Markesh yog is created when the position of planets is so formed in the kundli(horoscope) that it posseses the
power of deadly troubles or can result in death. Exalted lords of the 2nd and 7th house and debilitated
Ascendant create this yoga in a kundli. Markesha yoga may increase a state of ill-being due to affliction or
misfortune in ones life.
Dwitiyesh and Saptamesh Dashas are also known to impose Markesh Yoga. In this period one has to bear
intense unhappiness and sufferings. In some cases it may cause death of a person. In Marrakesh yog or Marak
period (killing period), accidental, un-natural and abnormal deaths are caused to the highest degree, especially
when the sufficient and effective remedy is not performed.
Generally a person passes through a bad phase to a greatest possible degree, extent or intensity in life span once,
twice or may be thrice according to his planetary positions forming a markesha yoga which generates to much
negativity which dangers his real longevity.
According to astrology there are times in an individual's life, when social, financial and physical instance of
misfortune called 'Markesh Yog' are formed. This yog can turn upside down eg a richest person to poor(raja ko
rank) and healthy and physically sound person to diseased or physically unsound. This dosha can also lead to
many incurable diseases or accidents making a person crippled or otherwise physically handicapped.

Markesh Dosha Nivaran Puja

Vamtantra suggests to each and every person going through markesh yog to go for markesh dosh nivaran puja
in advance after detailed analysis of horoscope. This puja acts as a perfect cure and remedy to nullify the
negative planetary position so that their is no chance of harm due to this deadly dosha.

Markesh Dosha Remedy

Mahamrityunjaya anusthan and daan- This is believed to be one of the most powerful yagya mentioned in
Rig Veda & Shiv Puraan which has the power to remove markesh dosh and bring life back even when a person
is close to death. Mahamrityunjaya Anusthan and Daan is a long procession of maarkesh dosh nivaran puja

conducted by a group of Priests/Pandits perform this 125000 Jaap for 11 days to complete and then Havan or
Homam take place on the last day.
Expenses for mahamrityunjaya anusthan and daan is Rs 51000(fifty one thousand only) which includes
Shri shiv & parvati, nandi and naag poojanam, pranprathista, shodashopachar or sixteen step puja ceremony
poojanam, namavali, laghu mahamrityunjaya mantrajapa, purnahut, homam and visarjan. Apart from these we
also conduct mahamrityunjaya yantra poojanam and any other specific tantrik pooja as per the requirement.
Extra charge of Rs 5000 (five thousand only) if pooja's are performed at 12 jyotirlings.

Markesh dosh nivaran Aghor Tantric Anusthan

Extensive prayer is offered to request earnestly lord shiva and goddess parvati to seek their blessings.
Consecrated chants of Lord shiva and parvati alongwith aghor tantra mantra are done which is a part of Shiv
Purana and aghor tantra rituals. Vamtantra conducts tantrik anusthan of Lord shiva and parvati by aghor tantra
rituals for immediate and effective results. Vamtantra prepares aghor raksha kavach after tantrik anusthan to
nulify maarkesh dosh by which individuals are protected from family disputes, depression, disaster. Persons get
protected from bankrupted business, health deterioration, mental impairment, untimely death. Vamtantra aghor
raksha kavach eradicates all ill-effects of Black magic, Evil spells, Curses, Ghosts and Spirits. It cures one from
the evil effects of past attacks and protects one from all future attacks and maran prayog.
Expenses for Markesh dosh nivaran Aghor Tantrik Anusthan is Rs 25000(twenty five thousand only)
which includes aghor vidhi puja of Shri shiv & parvati, nandi and naag poojan, pranprathista, namavali, vrihad
shiv aghor mantrajapa, purnahut, homam and visarjan. Apart from these we also conduct aghor suraksha yantra
poojanam and any other specific tantrik pooja as per the requirement.

(Main Malefic Yog)

Notes Taken From Astro Uncle - Pawan Sinha's Shows

August 15, 2013

Markesh - a period of bad times

Markesh is a bad period when you go through accidents or very rough times. This time is pre-determined as per
the position of planets in your birth chart and its signs can also be seen on your palm. Learn how to recognize
and apply remedies for this dreadful period.

Please remember that the remedies for Markesh need to be done with great devotion for them to be applicable.
Also, it's best to do these remedies before the Markesh period otherwise the remedies may not be possible once
the Markesh has become strong on you.
Whenever, you are under the 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, or 11th house's planet(s) influence, it brings about a period of
Markesh. You should do these remedies even if you are not going through bad times at the moment.
Some of the effects of Markesh:
- it can give you an illness, which won't be easily cured
- if you do get over an illness, it will be after a lot of problems - money-wise, health-wise, time-wise, effectind
mind and boy
- it can cause accidents - not just car accidents, but any kind of accidents.
- you can also go through a great blow to your reputation or character
- it can keep you away from your true friends and relatives
- it can give you a loss in business from which you can't recover
- it gives problems in jobs and people won't support you
- your creativity and talents will disappear or you aren't able to use them
- your willpower/confidence will decrease
- you can take some wrong decisions with which you cause harm to yourself.
Symptoms on Your Hand:
If on your life line, you have a mole developing (if you've also had one, then don't worry - the mole has to be
new), then it shows lowering of life force. You should do remedies when the mole is still light.
If the life line is getting cut, then start doing remedies for the planet which will rule in that period of your life
If the line is getting broken, or there is a big net, or if there's a star getting built on it or if you have many lines
on it, then you need to worship your isht or you will get into a situation which will be as bad as death.
If you have red moles developing on the life line, then you need to pay special attention to your health and
If your life line is getting too thick or dark, this shows Markesh and shows weakness of the life force.
If the life line is chain like, this is also not good - it shows some bad effect on your health. So take immediate
medical advice if there are any issues.
If a small line from Venus cuts across your life line, it shows you have to do a lot of efforts to improve your life
source and live a disciplined life.
If a line from lower part of Moon cuts across the life line, then it shows possible problems related to phlegm,
accidents, cells, lungs, or you can take some bad decision in your work that will be bad for your business and
relationships. Do remedies for Moon in time.
If any line from Mars, goes across the life line, it shows problems related to bones and blood. Also, there may
be problems due to friends.
If there's a mole on the mount of Saturn, it means you need to learn about setbacks in life and how to recover
from them. Start praying to Hanuman.
If on the Mount of moon, you have a mole or star from where you have a line going through past the life line,
you need to get your birth chart checked and get started on the Markesh related remedies.

Brain line:
If you brain line is breaking, it shows problem related to brain or some loss due to bad decision making. You
should take minerals and start meditating to get rid of stress. If a star or mole on the brain line, then you need to
start doing "maha mrityunjaya" chant to avoid any problems or weakness.
Thumb: If the thumb starts to bend towards the palm. Example, when you talk, the thumb is leaning on the palm
instead of standing up by itself. It shows your willpower is dwindling. You can't understand things, are getting
depressive, eyes are becoming weak, and your dependence on others may be increasing.
A broken heart line is also not a good sign of if a big line from it crosses and cuts the life line then that is also
not a good sign.

Give yourself to your isht and tell them that you don't want anything from them and that you will only do what
they ask of you.
Never celebrate your birthday when going through Markesh. Just do Rudra-abhishek and offer salted food
If your child is born in Markesh, then offer salted food - not sweets after the child is born. This shouldn't be done
by the parents or grandparents, others can do it if they want to. Also, don't celebrate an occasion that is to do
with the child's birth for a year. When the state of full Markesh is reached, you should donate 1.25kg of coal of
Saturdays for 11 days.
Don't keep trash in the house as it effects the elders.
First chappati in the home should be left for the cow.
If your mouth is drying too much, start offering water to the Sun and doing "aditya hridya stora paath" 3 times a
Donate wheat for sure on the day of the planet that Markesh results from. Do this on Sunday if the Markesh is
due to Sun; on Monday if from Moon or Ketu, on Tuesday if from Mars, on Wednesday if from Mercury, on
Thursday if from Jupiter, on Friday if from Venus, on Saturday if from Shani or Rahu.
Donate shoes as soon as you can.
If there are quarrels in the home, then put mustard oil on the chappati that you give to cow.
Stop eating bananas and donate them instead.
Before Markesh comes, get rid of your greed and ego.
Wear "Arjun tree's bark" in a white thread around your neck on a Sunday.
Reduce your salt intake - especially if it's from Shani or Sun.

Do remedies for the Markesh planet in the following way depending on the planet responsible.
1. If Markesh from Sun - start donating Shani related items; don't take anything for free from anyone; donate
coconut oil and almonds to a religious place; do Shani mantra; take care of your elder brother and a black cow;
offer water to Sun; you have to care for father or people who are like your father; don't stay in a home where the
entrance is in the South.
2. If Markesh from Moon - do serious meditation for Shivji; establish a "paara" or a silver Shivlingi in the home
and offer them water, honey and milk; do the mantra "om shreem shrom soumaya namaha" as much as
possible; donate water; don't waste water
3. If Markesh from Mars - take blessings from a widowed woman; wear silver in your neck

4. If Markesh from Mercury - take ghee + khaand + honey in an earthen pot and bury it somewhere every
Wednesday until you have Markesh or bury some red things (clothes, red lentils) in a cemetery
5. If Markesh from Jupiter - donate yellow rice to temple every Thursday and donate white rice to temple every
6. If Markesh from Venus - take a copper coin or blue flowers and throw into flowing river for 43 days - do this
remedy if there's a problem with some disease; never pay for someone's bail (from jail; or swear by someone
(sougand in Hindi); don't commit to anything on anyone's behalf
7. If Markesh from Saturn - never put oil on your forehead; do a tilak of milk or yoghurt; don't touch the soles
of your feet with the floor while taking a shower;
8. If Markesh from Rahu - if it's in your 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 11th, or 12th house, then make sure you throw 4
coconuts in flowing water when you're going under the Rahu period (dasha); eat food in the place its made;
don't think too much; don't be stubborn; don't get angry
9. If Markesh from Ketu - do saffron tilak regularly; throw a tiny bit of turmeric in water everyday
Markesh does not effect you: if you have a box/square on your life line which contains a mole or if you have a
Mars line along with the life line
A few Moon sign specific remedies if you're going through the Markesh period:
Aries - stay away from red colored clothes, donate coconuts for 5 Tuesdays
Taurus - be aware of fire and chemicals and on Saturdays, throw wooden coal in flowing water in the evening.
Gemini - do chant of "om rudraay namaha" until Markesh lasts, donate black clothes to some worker/very poor
person for 5 Tuesdays; don't drive late at night (especially for women)
Cancer - donate white or red clothes to 5 workers on a Tuesday and start praying regularly
Leo - give water to Sun; make some wheat flour dough and put some mustard oil on them and feed them to a
cow until your Markesh is running
Virgo - then give food to 5 leprosy patients in the name of your isht for 5 Saturdays regularly; donate green
clothes for 43 days/or 43 Wednesdays to girl children - it can even be some hankerchief, shawl, anything green.
Libra - donate wheat on Fridays until the Markesh is gone
Scorpio - be careful of fire and chemicals; donate bricks to some worker or to some ashram; do Hanuman
Baahuk paath everyday
Saggitarius - donate some iron sometimes; donate some expensive clothes (what you consider expensive) at
least once - you can also gift it to someone; donate some some black dal (urad)
Capricorn - donate to leprosy patients as much as you can; drink water while driving; donate black clothes

Aquarius - always donate things for Shani; do chants of "om namaha shivay" as much as you can; donating
rudraaksh beads (has to be original) is also beneficial for you
Pisces - do chants of "om rudraaya namaha"; offer coconut to Shivji for 5 Saturdays; don't wear red or black
Some general observations of bad times for the general public:
Sometimes, the sky turns very red in the evenings and it stays this way for a few days, then become alert. It
shows a sign of big fire, vehicular accidents, or some big violence.
If birds are making noise at night and leaving the area, it shows an upcoming natural disaster.
If the animals that live underground are coming out and running away, this also shows some great disaster.
If the dog is very anxious for a few days at then, then do rudra-abhishek.
If the dogs in your neighborhood are fighting a lot and cry, it shows some big problems for that area, start
praying to God.
If the birds disappear from the sky, this is also bad.
If the ocean is becoming restless, then it shows some typhoon may be coming.
If ants are queuing up with food on them and disappear suddenly then it shows excess rain.
If there are 5 Saturdays in a Moon-month, then it shows great ups and downs in the share market, especially
when Mercury is retrograde (vakri).

Upayas to avoid Markesh Chandra Sekhar Sahal

Dear Chandra Shekhar ji,
Word like 'Markesh' or 'Kalsarp yog' are scaring all right, but they
are nothing to get afraid of or get depressed about.
In your case Mars is placed in the kendra to Saturn [ saturn moves
to the 7th house after bhav spashtha] . The antardasha of a planet
placed in the kendra of the dasha lord is never bad. Therefore for
you Sat/mars starting June 15, 2008 will not be bad. I ssure you
that it will not harm you.because none of these two planets is

associated with 6th or the 8th house.

However, you can start reciting 'mahamrityunjaya' mantra. The name
of this mantra agai is slightly scaring but it is a mantra of Lord
Shiv who is known as 'mahamrityunjaya'.
Therefore just relax and take it easy. I assure you that nothing
untoward will happen.
God bless you.

chandrasekhar sahal
<chandrasekharsahal wrote:
> Dear Priyajee,
> Grateful to you for helping all out.
> My Saturn-Mars dasa begins on June 11, 2008.
> My lagna is Libra and lord of 2nd and 7th is Mars who is in Lagna, the house governing body..
> It appears that there is danger to the physical self. Is there a possibility to survive the sub-period of Mars of 13 months.
> I appreciate and understand that you do not read into future. However, you could consider this as special case since
the question involved here is of life and death.
> In case you feel that the death could not be avoided at any cost, then please suggest me the timing of my going out of
this world.
> Further, Jupiter is with Ketu in the 12th house - Virgo. What is the probability of attaining Moksha, if at all.
> Best Regards
> Chandra Sekhar Sahal

Expert Advice on Markesh Yog

by desharma 04 Feb 2012 18:34

Hello To All Expert

I am seeking your expert advice for my family member horoscope.We were told by some astrologer about Markesh Yog
and which will end the life of the respective person by or before Nov 2012.
Kindly advice with your best knowledge about the same ..the details of the individual is given below
Birth Place :- dholbaha (22 Km near to Hoshiarpur(Punjab))
Birth Time :- 07:53pm
Birth Date :- 16.11.1940
If this the true then kindly do provide the solution advice to overcome from here.
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Re: Expert Advice on Markesh Yog

by verma.astrologer 05 Feb 2012 08:36
I have minutely studied the horoscope and felt that you need not to be worried because MAKESH dasha at present is not
effective till June 2013. I suggest to wear Emerald PANNA in gold in ring finger for whole of life. No other stone is
required to be adopted.Apart from this
One of the best possible solution is to do the RUDRAABHISHAKH and mangle ka donation of all sort of red materials.

For any further quarry you may contact me by email or forum.

Best Wishes,
SK Verma
Mobile no :09814070254
Ph no :0175-2302236
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