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6 August 2007, 1:44 PM

A revolution is taking place, a yogic revolution through a television

channel, ASTHA, which is said to be viewed by 15 crores (15,00,00,000) in
India. The most talked 0f yogi in India these days is Swami Ramdeo of
Kankhal (near Hardwar) who is the most successful architect of this yogic
revolution through which many have benefitted, many of those suffering from diseases of
various types.
I believe in the great efficacy and benefits of yoga, asanas and pranayam. At the
age of eleven in 1942 when I had become very weak after a double attack of
typhoid, I was taken to a yogi who taught me some asanas and in fifteen days I
had regained my health, without any tonic, and played games with the same
energy as I had been before falling sick.
At the age of forty three when I had no ailment, I attended a fifteen day course of a Yogi in
Patna, Bihar, doing all the eighty four pawan mukhta asana and experienced that my
body had become totally clean from within and and I had the feeling of being always fresh
and energetic. But some of my friends suffering from some ailments were cured.
In the year 2000 when I fell sick had heavy diabetese (read about it in the letters) and soon
after was not even able to walk, a yogi did teach me some asans but my body had become
weak that I could not do it. I did Vishnu Sahastranaam regularly and some exercises and
slowly recovered when no doctor had any prescription for me and had written me off.
In 2004 , the ASTHA television channel in India started showing regularly twice a day
the yoga programme of Swami Ramdeo which I too started seeing on the advice of some
people. I saw it, didprayanama and asanas as directed by him and have benefitted
immensely, like so many others.
I wrote about it in the JYOTISH LIST. Here are those letters. It is all based on the first
hand experiences of my friends and also mine.

From: "knrao"
Date: Sat Jun19 ,2004 7:08 a.m
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 1
A yogi in India whom doctors may not accept is making big waves. Now read on.
Better than any shantis, the best one that are working now in some families in northern
India are the excellent yogic lessons, mixed with ayurvedic or, call it, simple herbal
prescriptions of Swami Ramdeo, that have been working almost like miracles.
Is a revolution taking place in India in reviving yoga on such a mass scale which is
stupendous ?
Almost every third man who comes to meet me talks of the miracles of the cures he
prescribes and demonstrates in his most popular television programmes.

The programme is broadcast regularly by the ASTHA television channel. He is clear in his
mission, aim and objective. What is available for the poor in India, he asks and makes his
lessons available to them. He is on a great mission. In his camps while in the front row
there are the paid participants, he allows the poor who cannot pay also to join it free.
I will narrate the first hand experiences of some people known to me intimately.
From: "knrao" <k_n_rao@...>
Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 7:10 am
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 2
Mrs. A.Y. who has been coming to me with her husband and children for nearly twenty two
years for Vishnu Sahastranam recitation and knows so many stotras by heart told me the
other day about the benefits of Swami Ramdeos yoga lessons.
She is an insulin dependent patient of diabetes and has to take it twice a day in large doses.
Besides, she had difficulty in walking. She started doing the yoga lessons through the
television channels. Now she has reduced the intake of insulin considerably in terms of units
and is able to walk more than five kilometers at a stretch.
Is doing yoga properly and combining with recitation of OM etc. as Swamiji does, with a
sprinkling of spiritual lessons shanti or not ?
From: "knrao" <k_n_rao@..>
Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 7:49 am
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 3
A neighbour of Mrs.A.Y. is very fat and did not know how to reduce her bulk and weight. It
was a great source of tension for her. She did theasanas shown on the television and took
ashwagandha leaves as instructed. She has reduced her weight by forty pounds and has
been maintaining that for many months now. ( Do not ask me whatashwagandha
leaves are. I do not know.)
Such cures working like miracles and reducing mental and physical tension is
the shanti one searches.

From: "knrao" <k_n_rao@...>

Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 7:13 am

Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 4

Another friend, a male, told me that his wife who could not walk and had come to my house
climbing three stairs since there is no elevator here, did the yoga lessons of Swami Ramdeo
and all the pain in her legs has vanished and she now walks normally.
Swami Ramdeo demonstrates all these in his lessons through
someasanas and pranayama in which Bhasrika has a privotal place.
From: Praveen Kumar <chunnu2001@v...>
Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 1:25 am
Subject: [jyotish-list] Re: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo's Mission 4
Respected Sir,
Yes sir, Swamiji's yogic instructions are really good. If I am not wrong, it is KapalBhati pranayam which has a pivotol role.
Praveen Kumar (Mumbai)
From: knrao <k_n_rao@com>
Subject: Re: [jyotish-list] Re: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo's Mission 4
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 23:24:07 IST
I have only put on record what I have heard. May be after somedays we also hear criticism
of all this.
From: "knrao" <k_n_rao@...>
Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 7:15 am
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 5
People suffering from back pain, spinal trouble, and mental depression have felt and
said that mentally, physically, emotionally and now, spiritually, they have improved.
They say in one voice that Swami is the greatest missionary now in India, doing free service
for humanity.
The beauty of it is that all his teachings are spiritual not merely the physical exercise, which
people talking about yoga, reduce yoga into these days.
From: "knrao" <k_n_rao@...>
Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 7:16 am
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 6

Nishiji came on 17 Dec. 2004 and told me of the aunt of the boy she has employed. This
aunt of his, a woman living in Vasant Kunj, Delhi, had a very severe diabetes and gangrene
in the legs which was spreading. Two fingers of her leg had to be amputated and doctors
said that it could lead to dangerous
spreading of it.
The woman went just for three days to attend a camp in April 2004, to Hardwar of Swami
Ramdeo where she was taught some asanas andpranayama and given some herbs. There
has been a total reversal and there no are symptoms of gangrene even. Doctors proved
wrong totally. Miracle of yoga is what one had heard of but one is seeing them, and so
openly all around.
From: knrao <k_n_rao@>
Subject:[jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 7
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 14:00:46 IST
I have been recording such events all my life because of which I could write so
many books without missing facts. In the case of Swami Ramdeo it is easier to collect the
events because it has now become an every day story.
And these people coming to me and telling about it are looking so healthy , so cheerful and
so infectious in their enthusiasm to recommend the lessons of Swami Ramdeo all free to
everyone. These are true and verifiable stories of inner transformation which shanti should
From: "knrao" <k_n_rao@r...>
Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 8:20 am
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 8
If you come to Delhi or India and you find people folding their palms, joining them
and rubbing the fingers of both hands against each other do not be surprised.
It has now become a recognised cure for falling hair, dandruff etc. It also prevents
hair turning grey or if they have become grey, the further growth will be black, not
grey. It is what many have told me.
Do it for five minutes at least. The more the better. That is what Swami Ramdeo tells in his
televised programmes.
From: "knrao" <k_n_rao@...>
Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 8:22 am
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 9

You may ask me what are my own personal experiences. Well for three days, I have been
keeping a carpet before my television and as soonSwami Ramdeos programme begins, I
spread it , lie down on it and do all those yogic exercises particularly those which are good
for diabetes and pain in legs.
The result, I have been feeling very energetic and my sleep is deeper now. There
is no pain in my legs. I will get my diabetes checked after a week to give to this
remedy a reasonable trial.
From: "knrao" <k_n_rao@...>
Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 8:56 am
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 10
Swami Ramdeo says , I am told though I have not heard it myself in these three days, that
allopathic medicines are poisonous and multi-nationals have a vested interest in a nation
of patients. He seems to be saying that with a real fire of conviction as I can see and notice.
I learn that he himself had suffered at one stage in his life. What happened is not known to
me. But I can collect the story. Someone says it was paralysis while others say it was a
stroke. After that his search for yoga cure and herbs became intense.
Now he wants to share it free with poor people and with a price with the affluent. His
ashram manufactures some of these herbal medicines which are available for purchase I
learn. That they are manufactured is clear from the television programme.
I heard him say in one programme that he was telling the ingredients for such
medicines so that people could prepare them in their houses as the ashram may
not have adequate quantities of such medicines. Also that he had no intention of
making money. If he had any intention, he says, he could become a billionaire
There is an e-mail address also of his ashram

From: "knrao" <k_n_rao@r...>

Date: Sat Jun 19, 2004 8:57 am
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 11
Ramdeo left his parental house at the age of fourteen and is from Haryana. He does not
want to become a guru and has no disciples. In one talk of his I heard him talk of those
gurus and mahatmas who fell down in some weaker moments.
He then quotes from Patanjali shkolas which he must have memorised at some stage in
his life along with the Gita. Then he teaches his yoga lessons. Healthy living,

healthy thinking is what he encourages and preaches. It has been happening on a mass
scale now though for the first fifteen years as a yoga teacher he was confined to a small
ashram where people went to get cured free of cost.
His reputation spread slowly. Some non-resident Indian was taken there by a rich Indian
who had benefitted from Swami Ramdeos yoga lessons.
The non-resident India also benefitted and then asked Swami Ramdeo why should, what he
preaches and teaches, not reach masses. How ? The question was posed and the solution
was to get it shown through theASTHA channel. This is the story I have heard.
It is so heartening to see such quick transformation in so many so fast.
Is it not difficult to believe it ? But it is there for you to verify. Just as I was writing this
came RS who helps me with my computer and my publications. He told me that he and his
father had benefitted so much from these television programmes of Swami Ramdeo. His
father with his constant ailments has been improving fast.
I heard Swami Ramdeo repeat what we all know but he puts it pithily thus: there must
be Samaya (time) Sankalpa (resolution) and then comes Siddhi (fulfilment) of the
intended goals of yoga. And he clarifies, it does not demand more time than half an hour
per day.
From: knrao <k_n_rao@com>
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeos Mission 12
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 23:51:53 IST
In the television programme between 8/30 and 9/30 at night today there was a feedback
also of the reduction of weight of those attending the camp.
The feedback was something like this.

One male 111 to 92

64 to 63 in one day
135 to 129 (age 20) in a week
118 to 112 in four days.
Those who reduced six, seven or eight were too many.

An interesting fact that came out today was that at least 6,00,00,000people watch it on
television everyday. Out of these how many unknown Indians would have reduced their
weight is not known. But Swmi Ramedo says how much burden of how many in India got
reduced cannot be estimated.
I have not worked on horoscopes of people who have reduced weight. Has anyone done it
astrologically or physically ?

Friday, June 4, 2004,

Chandigarh, India

Swami says he has cure for all ailments

Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service
Tips for a healthy yogic existence
Drink one or two glasses of water early in the morning.
Do not have water while eating or immediately after eating.
Avoid fried food, cola drinks and other concentrates.
Try and always remain happy.
Do pranayam in the correct way everyday.
Panchkula, June 3
Swami Ram Dev does not preach the principles of sat, chit and anand, but thousands of
people are flocking to him, seeking treatment for all kinds of diseases. Parkinsons
disease, obesity or blocked arteries he claims to have an ayurvedic cure for all
I am an upcharak and not a dharam shikshak. I learnt yoga and ayurveda
through years of research in the Himalayas. I am putting my skills as an ayurvedic
pracharak to use by helping out those suffering from diseases, he says. His
ayurvedic medicines are being sold at rates much lower than in the market. At
least 15,000 persons from different regions are attending his camp here.
High-profile politicians, bureaucrats and serving and retired members of the judiciary are
visiting Amravati Enclave here for a special session with him. Other than giving a discourse
on a healthy lifestyle, Swami Ram Dev demonstrates yogic kriyas in the mornings. His
teams of eight vaids have set up office in Sector 4 here, besides one at Amravati Enclave,
where patients are examined.
Says his personal assistant Yashwant Bansal, Over 500 persons come to Amravati Enclave
in the evening every day.
Swami Ram Dev says he is dedicated to the promotion of yoga and ayurveda. He
says, These ancient sciences are millions of years old. Though people have lost
touch with these and moved to allopathy, these ancient sciences help to cure,
while allopathy only suppresses the disease.
Substantiating his claim, he narrates cases of his patients who have been cured.
Lambasting allopathy, he says this Western science has failed to find cure for joint
problems and spinal problems. They recommend operations while I say these can be
cured with ayurvedic methods. These operations only make the problem dormant for some
time, he claims.
The benefits of yoga remained hidden because people began propagating only
aasanas as yoga prachar. The way to perform pranayam was wrong and yoga
came to be connected only with ascetics, he says.

Yoga gaining popularity

Arvind Katyal
Chandigarh, June 3
Yoga is now seemed to be accepted by a majority of people. One could feel the difference
with the presence of more than 10,000 persons at the ongoing yoga camp being conducted
by Swami Ram Dev. Various institutions like the Art of Living, the Bhartiya Yog
Sansthan, schools and private yoga trainers have been demonstrating yoga to people.
Jaspal Singh, who came specially from Jagraon in Punjab to attend the 10-day camp, said in
their village homes, lifestyles had changed under the influence of the westernisation. He
said he had attended earlier camp in Ludhiana in April last and since then was doing all
kriyas, be it pranayam or other asanas.
Dr Rajpal Gulati, who have come from Patiala to attend the camp, said after watching the
Swami on TV for the past four months, he had been regulary doing the kapal bhati and
few other asanas. Dr Gulati said he had tried many allopathic medicines for his cough and
bronchitis problem but always it had aggravated. Now with the pranayam, he was feeling
the improvement gradually.
Ms Sudesh Kumari of Chandigarh who has hydrated cysts in liver, said the regular practice
of pranayam had improved her digestion. She is now aged 70 years. She learnt pranayam
lessons from episodes on the Astha channel. She said the yoga was good for people of all
Monika, a housewife from Chandigarh, said the best part of Yoga teaching by Swami
Ramdev was that one starts getting up early in the morning, avoiding junk food, including
non vegetarian.
Thursday, June 3, 2004, Chandigarh, India
Swami Ram Devs yoga camp begins
Our Correspondent
Panchkula, June 2
Swami Ram Devji of yoga fame of Kankhal, Hardwar, demonstrated various asanas and the
pranayam kriya at an eight-day-long yoga camp which began at the Sector 5 ground here
Interested people from all sections of society started collecting inside a vast pandal put up
on the HUDA ground from 3.30 am onwards. The camp that began at 5 am continued till
7.15 am. It was well-attended.
Earlier, Mr B.K. Roy, Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, formally
inaugurated the camp by lighting a lamp. He also presented a bouquet to the Swami. He
also participated in the yoga session.
On the first day of the camp today, the Swami asked people to lay emphasis on practising
pranayam (breathing exercises which can cure any kind of ailment). He stressed on kapal
bhati and another kriya anulom and vilom, a breathing exercise done through the

A number of bureaucrats from Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh besides politicians and
judges and top-level police officers also participated in the camp. In April, a similar camp
was held at Ludhiana. It is being held for the first time in Panchkula.
Though there was a lot of enthusiasm among the people in the morning, things went awry
because of a virtual traffic jam near the venue. Few traffic policepersons could be seen
before the starting of the camp and they, too, appeared only when the camp began.
Compared to the VIPs, for ordinary people, it was a hard task to get entry to the camp.
They had to pay Rs 250 to Rs 500 per ticket for different sections.
From : 108 knrao <>
Reply-To :
Sent : Wednesday, June 23, 2004 4:35:30 PM
To :
Subject:[jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo Again 1
Let me narrate my history of diabetes.
1) When it was detected in 2000 it was, after fasting, 428 and after breakfast (called pp)
586. It was shocking as I had continued to work inspite of all this without feeling its physical
effects except that I felt sleepy often.
2) To cut a long story short I was on insulin for ten days after which I refused to take insulin
but through some walking exercise and medicine brought it down to 150 fasting and 200
after breakfast (pp) ofcourse with regular tablet in the morning and the evening.
3) Then with medicines both times it got stabilised at 110 before breakfast and 150 pp.
4) I have been taking the medicine as usual but doing the pranayama prescribed by Swami
Ramdeo. Today I took the blood test before breakfast and it was 69. I immediately took
some sugar. PP is 109.
Diabetes had affected me in many ways including my gait when I could not walk. Now after
the asanas he teaches, I am able to walk steadily. I walked, climbing down and up three
flight of stairs to see how much I could walk in a normal way. I did it with much ease than
ever in the last four years and walked more steadily.
As far as diabetes is concerned, it fantantastically under control.
23 June 2004
From : knrao <>
Reply-To :
Sent : Thursday, June 24, 2004 7:45:14 PM
To :
Subject [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo again 2
Today when I heard Swami Ramdeo, he was mostly prescribing medicines for different
diseases. He started by saying that he would present before his audience a miraculous. He
referred to a patient ofcancer whom doctors had given only seventy two hours more. His
name disclosed was Hari Krishna Shastri perhaps. He said that in two famous cancer
institutes he was tested and no hope held out. He was given only seventy two hours of life.

He then came to the ashram of Swami Ram Deo was given a medicine which he took for
two days, felt better and found his tumour diminishing in size. After a month it had become
tiny. He now could do the pranayama prescribed by Swami Ramdeo. He did it regularly. He
has no trace of cancer left now.
Then he went to one of those institutes and got himself examined.The doctors could not
believe it and instead of giving him a medical report said that they would study it.
From: knrao <k_n_rao@com>
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo: the other view 1
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 23:51:07 IST
I have been watching the television programmes of Swami Ramdeo and his claimed cures
of diabetes. It is what some others too have told me. In my own case, there has been
some difference. But then I always wait for a period, sometimes, sufficiently long to see if it
can be accepted finally. I will be able to give my well formulated opinion after many
A very brilliant doctor told me that if doing asanas and pranayama a diabetic patient is
reducing the calories in his body and also controlling his diet, what he is doing is effectively
what doctors prescribe.
It is not a cure of diabetes but control only, he says. It appeals to me. Then I will have to
examine the horoscopes of the people claiming to have been cured if there is some
astrological explanation also clearly or not.
From : knrao <k_n_rao@com>
Reply-To :
Sent : Saturday, June 26, 2004 12:02:36 AM
To :
Subject : [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo: the other view 2
The doctor friend I referred to has given the instance of another yogi who was very much
talked of in India in the eighties of the last century and whose television shows in those
days, when we had no private television channels, were also popular. That yogi was famous
for what he called cure of diabetes and blood pressure through his yoga.
But privately, this doctor friend treated him for diabetes and blood pressure is what I know
and had known for nearly a decade till he died.
What about those who are claiming that they have been cured I asked the doctor and he
explained it.

From: knrao <k_n_rao@com>

Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo: the other view 3
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 00:11:07 IST
Two things happen in this claimed yogic cure, explained the doctor. The first was leaving
their sedentary lives Indian middle classes and upper classes are known for, they have been
doing some exercises, whether it is physical or yogic. That is good for health.
The second factor is that even in the case of doctors, when a patient has faith in a doctor
twenty five percent cure is fast and is psychomatic. In the case of a yogi also the
psychosomatic cure can be fast but not the physical part of it as , he says, diabetes and
blood pressure are incurable.
It would be an interesting astrological study. Was the dasha, whatever level you use,
favourable when the patient felt cured and less favourable when it relapsed or earlier,
occured ?
Yes, that is a balanced attitude neither to accept it blindly nor reject it outright.
From : knrao <k_n_rao@com>
Reply-To :
Sent : Saturday, June 26, 2004 12:05:08 AM
To :
Subject : [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo: the other view 4
Yes, so many of us have witnessed in our lives saints curing some diseases with their
spiritual powers. But such cases are rarest and happen only when the saint decides to do it.
This is the case of spiritual power when the blessings etc. of the saint work. He even
touches the patient. Here something like pranic healing comes into play.
From: knrao <k_n_rao@om>
Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo: the other view 5
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 00:29:13 IST
What about those claims of people who have talked of their heart blockages being removed
avoiding heart surgery or those whose cancer is said to be cured.
The best test is to see their medical reports before they started their yoga lessons and then
examine them again after they claim that they have been cured.
Yoga is always excellent.It cannot fail totally is well known. But yoga curing heart ailments
avoiding angioplasty, or even open heart surgery is unknown so far. It appears to be a very
tall claim. So it is in the case of cancer. Wait, watch, verify the truth before accepting it or
rejecting is the correct line.

From: knrao <k_n_rao@com>

Subject: [jyotish-list] Swami Ramdeo: the other view 6
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 02:39:18 IST
An ayurvedic doctor whom we call vaidya in India objected to the ayurvedic
prescriptions of Swami Ramdeo saying that they were not strictly ayurvedic.Could
they be new formulations with some herbs added and some of the accepted
ayurvedic ingredients taken out ? So there is some opposition in some quarters
but none dare come out openly as the success rate, or the claimed success rate of
cures of Swamideo are said to be high or supposed to be high.
But are ayurvedic doctors able to cure some of these diseases without combining yoga ?
What is curing, or at any rate, giving some relief--is is the medicine or the yoga or both or
one of them only ?
Someone will find out an answer I hope. But at the moment almost every third person who
comes to me talks of Swami Ramdeo and his cures. He is a big crowd puller, the biggest
perhaps in India at the moment.
Soon I will ask my friends to work on the horoscopes of some people known to us claiming
of being cured. May be we will find an answer there.

About Swami Ramdeo

Swami Ramedo is from yaduvamsha (meaning that he is a Yadav) belonging to The village
is Said Alipur The village is Said Alipur the sub-tehsil Nangal of Mahendragarh in Haryana
(From Yadav Jyoti May 2004 in Hindi page18) Swami Ramdeo is the disciple of Sri Baldeoji
Maharaj of Gurukul Kalva. Taking brahmacharya , he took initiation into sanyas from Sri
Shankardevji Maharaj on the banks of the Bhagirati.
After spending many years in he Himalayas and deep studies in scriptures he taught
Astadhyayi, Mahabhasyha and Darshanopnishad in Gurukulas.
Later, with his intimate friends, Acharya Shri Karmaveerji Maharaj and the great
Ayurvedacharya and researcher Sri Bala Krishna, he founded in 1995 Divya Yoga Mandir in
Kankhal. Here he started teaching Yoga, spiritual lessons.
Combining the Vedic with modern, he has been running a Gurukul in Kishangarh, Ghaseda
in Haryana.
He lives only on fruits.
( From the back cover of the book
PRANAYAM RAHASYA by Swami Ramdeo.)
Editor, Journal of Astrology,

An excellent yoga teacher of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi and two out of his three

daughters, who all are yoga experts came to meet me today and I discussed with them
about the television programmes of Swami Ramdeo. These daughters have won many
prizes in yoga competetions and run their classes regularly.
They said that doing yoga under real guidance for modern age as is being done in Santa
Cruz in Bombay was the right approach. They pointed out some flaws in the lessons of
Swami Ramdeo and told of the complications some of these television lessons have been
creating. The father who is an excellent yogi corrected me and told me how exactly Kapal
Bhati pranayam is to be done. Then his daughter told me how she has helped people control
their diabetes through yoga.
In the meantime, the following news item which appeared in the Times of India also speaks
of this.
SUNDAY, JULY 11, 2004
There's a sting in yoga tale
JALANDHAR: This is going retro with a vengeance. The centuriesold science of yoga is now a
fad storming the living rooms of a TV-ensnared India. To ape is human and that's just how
the portly, the sick and the plain inspired are beguiled by the miracles promised by the idiot
box yogis.
Suresh Vij saw an asana on TV. It looked good and promised more. "My knees used to pain.
The TV yogi promised relief and I practised it many months. The pain got severe. I had to
take to allopathy and even accupressure, but my condition only deteriorated."
Kanta Sharma from Central Town picked up a purported yogic cure for diabetes from TV.
The asana involved forward-bending. She was already a slip-disc patient and her condition
worsened. Parminder saw pranayam (yogic breathing exercises) on TV and followed suit.
Soon he developed hypertension and regular headache. It turned out that his sinuses were
already blocked and the pranayam he copied was dangerous for him.
According to professionals clinical application of various asanas of yoga requires a careful
screening of the person and then individual treatment. Pranayam, for example, is being
wrongly prescribed as a miracle cure for all ills. The professional advice is that there are
different types of pranayam depending on individual needs.
Gurbachan Singh, who has been teaching clinical yoga since 1978 is quite cynical about the
new-age gurus. "Most of these people have picked up their skills from Divine Life yoga
centres and have then begun to act as teachers themselves," he laughs. "Many come to us
for cures and then pretend to be experts."
Therefore get checked by some yoga expert how these varieties of prayanam and asanas
are to be done not to develop complications is their advice.
Editor, Journal of Astrology,