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Palembang 7 March 2005

Advantages of slickline perforation vs electric line perforation:

Environment friendly:
Standard braided electric line uses oil grease injection to seal the pressure , this oil
grease could drip easily from the cable into the platform and to the sea.
Slickline pressure equipment needs only stuffing box.
We able to use existing slickline unit on the platform
Could handle higher wellhead pressure. Typical slickline cable diam 0.092 .
electric line diam 0.22. The upward pressure acting upon the cable due to the
pressure is only 20% from the e-line.
No radio silence needed.
Less crew : We need only the existing slickline crew and one specialist for the
slickline perforation.
Disadvantages of slickline perforation:
Depth accuracy is only - + 2.0 feet instead of 0.1 foot in electric line.
On every set up, we need to run separate correlation run before the perfo run.
The needs for magnetic cable marking preclude using H2S proof stainless steel cable.
Principle of operation of slickline perforation:
We run downhole tool that consist of dummy gun,CCL,pressure,temp sensor and
memory recorder
This downhole memory recorder is recording the data versus time.
On surface we record depth, tension, versus time.
Just before we pull out, we apply magnetic mark on the cable.
When the tool is on surface, we download the data from the downhole memory
recorder and also from the surface recorder.
By combining these data, we able to get CCL vs depth log. .
Correlate this data to our reference log, we able to correct the depth of the magnetic
Next we run the perfo run. This consist of combine trigger unit (CTU) and the gun
In this CTU we have timer,accelerometer,temp,pressure sensor and the trigger unit to
send current to the detonator.
After we make the magnetic depth mark correction we proceed to the shooting depth
and wait there until it fires.
The combination setting of timer,accelerometer,temp,press will prevent firing the gun
at the wrong time or at the grossly wrong place.

Availability of Equipment:
Slickline unit.
Normally client request the manufacturing date, and the require safety standard that
fit to their platform.
Downhole equipment & surface equipment associated with the slickline perforation:
Surfing in the internet looking for slickline perforation services/suppliers, from
around 20 firms,we end up only to one company who able to provide this slickline
perforation with accuracy of -+ 2 feet. The coy is EXPRO.
This is an oil service firm who provides services in well testing ,drill stem test
,slickline, well completion etc.
Website :
Branch office in Indonesia:
P.T. Expro Indonesia
16th fl. Menara Kadin Indonesia
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Block X-5, kav 2-3
Jakarta Selatan 12950
Tel 021-57903641