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A cure to Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a very common disease among the population of

our country. This is a disease, which if not paid attention to can
take the life of your loved ones. The initial symptoms are usually
intense coughing with occasional blood in the sputum and low
grade fever. These symptoms should not be ignored and one
should consult a TB super specialist as soon as possible.

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Lungs are the organs that are most affected by the infectious
disease of Tuberculosis. The causative agent of this disease is
Mycobacterium Tuberculi. A person can be affected by this
disease in case he is in contact with a person suffering from this
disease. The ones with a good immune power tend to be carriers
for the bacteria and transfer it to others who have a weaker
immune system. They themselves are not affected by the disease
but are carriers of it. There are various other risk factors that this
disease brings along with it. Some of the ones are the rise in the
blood sugar level and some types of cancers and even HIV. Some
of the most prominent symptoms of this disease are chronic
cough with blood stained sputum, fever, weight loss and profuse
sweating at night.

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In case you or any of your known complain of these symptoms

immediately refer that person to a TB super specialist. This
disease a e of t o ki ds o e late t a d o e a ti e. The late t
one does not spread through the spit of the infected person while
the active one is contagious. It spreads through the cough,
sputu , spit a d air droplets fro the i fe ted perso s outh.
Active infection occurs more often in people with HIV/AIDS and in
those who smoke. Diagnosis of active TB is based on chest X-rays,
as well as microscopic examination and culture of body fluids.
Diagnosis of latent TB relies on the tuberculin skin test or blood
tests. Prevention of TB involves screening those at high risk, early
detection and treatment of cases, and vaccination with the
bacillus Calmette-Gurin vaccine.

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At Apple Pulmonology and Sleep centre, we help you fight with

this disease by making sure that the patient is provided with
medication from the best TB super specialists in and around Pune.
The most common treatment that is given to patients suffering
from tuberculosis is doses of antibiotics which can be
administered for a extended period of time usually ranging from
six to nine months. There are various factors upon which the type
of antibiotic to be administered and the period for which they are
to be given. The factors are your age, total health condition, type
of TB you are affected with, etc. Based upon these factors, the TB
super specialists decide the medicine to be given to the patient.

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It is an advice from TB super specialists to complete the course of

the tuberculosis medication or else this disease may prove to be
fatal. The patient usually starts to feel better within two three
weeks of the treatment but it is advisable to continue and
complete the course of the antibiotic. This is because there are
still bacteria that are alive in your system and can cause the
disease again if the medication is left incomplete.

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