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Discourse Observation Analysis Notes

Assignment One

Maria Elena Santiago, 2016, p. 1

Assignment One
Saturday, February 13, 2016
Living a Healthy Lifestyle


Relevant Background Information: Practicing a healthy lifestyle doesnt only involve one
component but two, which are having a fitness routine and eating healthy food. The purpose of
this observation is to look at the different routines these individuals practice regarding healthy
living. I will be conducting 3 observations of 3 different individuals (1 female, 2 males) who
regularly exercise 3-5 times a week and have good eating habits. Do consider that each one of
them have are of different ages, gender, height, weight, body types, Body Mass Index (BMI) and
fitness goals. In connection to their fitness goals, one of them is concerned with weight loss,
another one with weight maintenance and the other one with muscle toning. These exercise
observations will be varied because some might be more inclined towards a cardiovascular
exercise or to weight lifting.The workouts will be in various locations such as the Miltimore
Wallis Athletic Center and in a fitness facility. Their meals before the workouts will also be
Participant 1
Name: Carmela R.
Gender: Female
Age: 25 years old
Weight: 121.5 lbs
Height: 411 ft
BMI: 24.54 (Normal Weight)
Fitness goal: Weight loss
CR is a registered Physical Therapist in a skilled nursing home facility in South Carolina.
She works from 8am-4:30 pm. Her work consists of performing exercises with patients
from the geriatric population which consists of gait training, balance exercises,
strengthening exercises and other therapeutic activities. She spends 80% of her time at
work standing, walking and lifting. Due to her work, she does her aerobic exercise at the
later time of the day between 5:45pm-6:30pm.
Lunch- 1 plate of whole grain pasta with salmon pomodoro, 1 orange, water
Snack- handful of unsalted cashew nuts, water
After the workout:
Dinner- 1 cup of steamed broccoli, 3 matchbox-sized pcs. of fried tofu, 1 cup of Chinese
Vermicelli noodle soup, water
Discourse Observation Analysis Notes

Maria Elena Santiago, 2016, p. 2

Commented [1]: I think it would be better if you

elaborate this section more. This way, readers will
know more brief information about your topic. What
does healthy lifestyle mean? How do you consider a
certain lifestyle healthy?

Commented [2]: I agree with Ranz in that this section

should be elaborated. All the ideas are there however it
would be better to include more information. For
example, what is considered "good eating habits"? I
like how the three people you're focusing on have
different goals and those goals can be relevant for
most people!

Assignment One

Participant 2
Name: Payton B.
Gender: Male
Age: 22 years old
Weight: 185 lbs.
Height: 63
BMI: 23.1 (normal weight)
Fitness goal: muscle toning
Payton B. is a full time Engineering major student of UNC Charlotte. He works out every
other day, achieving a total of 4 workout days a week. He prefers to do whole body
Breakfast- green smoothie (made of protein powder, spinach, avocado, green apples and
coconut milk)
Participant 3
Name: Mark M.
Gender: Male
Age: 22 years old
Weight: 171 lbs
Height: 5 11
BMI: 23.8 (normal weight)
Fitness goal: muscle toning
Mark is a full time Criminal Justice major student of UNC Charlotte. He does his
workout 6 days a week. He puts variety in his workout. He sometimes run and other
times do weights training.
Lunch: broccoli ( c), carrots ( c), 1 chicken breast, 1 tbsp gravy, mashed potatoes (
c), beans ( c), water
Participant 4 (Observer)
Name: Elena S.
Gender: Female
Age: 22 years old
Weight: 106 lbs
Height: 4 10
BMI: 22.15 (normal weight)
Fitness goal: weight maintenance

Discourse Observation Analysis Notes

Assignment One

Maria Elena Santiago, 2016, p. 3

Elena S. is a full time Special Education major student of UNC Charlotte. She exercises
3-4 times a week and mostly does running. Aside from running, she also incorporates
Artifacts: These are concepts that are significant to the topic of living a healthy lifestyle.
Body Mass Index (BMI)- According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,
BMI refers to the weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters. BMI is
somehow used as a screening tool of a persons body fats or of the health itself. This tool
has the following weight status categories: below 18.5 (underweight), 18.5-24.9 (normal
or healthy weight), 25.0-29.9 (overweight) and 30.0 or more (obese).
Food Pyramid- the Food Pyramid serves as a guide on what to eat each day. According to
the USDA, it emphasizes foods from the five major food groups: grains, fruits,
vegetables, meat and dairy products. No food group is more important than the others- to
achieve good health, all are needed.
Observation 1:
3 minutes: Participant 1 begins her workout with a little bit of stretching, starting from her arms,
shoulders, knees and ankles. She then sets up the treadmill--the program in the weight loss
category, 30 minutes and inclination of 4. She uses the Smartphone app Couch to 5K as a
running guide.
26 minutes: She started the workout with 5 minutes of brisk walking. After which she starts
running according to her pace for 1.5 minutes and then followed by brisk walking for 1.5
minutes. She does this run-walk interval for 14 times (21 minutes). The inclination remained at
level 4 during the entire workout and she adjusted her speed accordingly. She also took a 1
minute break during the half time to drink water.
5 minutes: After the run-walk intervals, she ended the workout with 5 minutes of brisk walking
Observation 2:
Participant 2 exercised for 45 minutes. He started his workout with a warm up of his arms,
shoulders, knees and ankles (2 minutes). The weights and the repetitions are listed below. It was
observed that there was an increase of weights but the number of repetition remained the same.
He used the Smartphone app Jefit as a guide for the workout.
Barbell Weights
135 lbs- 10 reps
185 lbs- 10 reps
225 lbs- 5 reps
245 lbs- 5 reps
Discourse Observation Analysis Notes
Assignment One

Maria Elena Santiago, 2016, p. 4

Commented [3]: I like that you put detailed information

about the participants like personal information.
However, I feel that most participants lack background
and meal information compared to participant 1. Maybe
you can put more information about participants 2,3
and 4. This way, their information would be more
balanced and doesn't feel one sided or some sort.
Commented [4]: I like the artifacts you used for your
topic because they help the reader understand it
further. The Body Max Index is relevant for the topic
and the people you are using for examples. The food
pyramid emphasizes which foods are important, the
only thing I would change is to use specific examples of

Calf Raises
170 lbs- 20 reps
210 lbs- 20 reps
250 lbs- 20 reps
305 lbs- 20 reps
Leg Curls
110 lbs- 10 reps
160 lbs- 10 reps
200 lbs- 10 reps
345 lbs- 10 reps
Leg Press
170 lbs- 10 reps
205 lbs- 10 reps
275 lbs- 10 reps
Barbell Lunges
65 lbs- 30 lunges
Declined Crunches-50 reps
Observation 3:
The exercise of Participant 3 lasted for 45 minutes. He started his workout with the usual warm
up of his arms, knees and ankles (2 minutes). Listed below are the weights and the number of
repetitions observed during his full body workout. Similar to Participant 2, he also used the
Smartphone app Jefit as a guide for the workout.
Barbell Weights
135 lbs- 10 reps
185 lbs- 10 reps
225 lbs- 5 reps
245 lbs- 5 reps
Calf Raises
150 lbs- 25 reps
180 lbs- 20 reps
210 lbs- 20 reps
250 lbs- 20 reps
305 lbs- 20 reps

Discourse Observation Analysis Notes

Assignment One

Leg Extensions
110 lbs- 10 reps
135 lbs- 20 reps

Maria Elena Santiago, 2016, p. 5

200 lbs- 10 reps

245 lbs- 10 reps
Leg Press
170 lbs- 10 reps
205 lbs- 10 reps
275 lbs- 10 reps
290 lbs- 10 reps
Barbell Lunges
105 lbs- 30 reps
Declined Crunches- 50 reps
II. The Interview
For this interview, I got in touch with a physical therapist, Carmela Roxas, RPT. She currently
works in a nursing home facility in South Carolina. She has experience in giving therapeutic
exercises to children with special needs, geriatric population and also athletes. She also has
previous experience in creating and supervising training/fitness plans for the purpose of weight
loss or muscle strengthening.
1. What is the first essential thing that people need to know about weight loss or switching
to a healthier lifestyle?
First of all, never skip meals particularly breakfast. We all know that breakfast is
the most important meal of the day and that is true. Breakfast will give you the most
energy that you need for the day and if you skip breakfast or any meal, your brain will
give a signal to your body that you need to eat more since you didnt eat a meal
beforehand. This is called compensating. It can lead to overeating and craving for highcalorie foods.
2. How long is the recommended daily physical activity for a young adult who wants to lose
For the purpose of weight loss, I usually recommended to do a 60-minute exercise
ranging from a moderate to a vigorous physical activity for 5 days a week. It can vary
from jogging, running, weight training or sports like basketball and swimming. Even just
brisk walking for 30 minutes a day is beneficial too.
3. How often is the recommended daily physical activity for a young adult who wants to
lose weight?
Since the goal is about weight loss, try doing it in a gradual manner most
especially for those who have overweight/obesity issues. First, try to do it for 4 times a
week, then increase it
Discourse Observation Analysis Notes
Assignment One

Maria Elena Santiago, 2016, p. 6

to 5-6 times a week. Always have a rest day, so that your body has a time to patch
everything up.

Commented [5]: I love how detailed the weights and

repetitions are listed. It would be better if you put a little
information about Jefit. What does it specifically do? I
heard it's better for android users and if you can
elaborate what does each exercise do to your body
(e.g. barbell weights is good for your..., enhances...,
raising weights for each reps will... etc). I'm not a
fitness enthusiast so I'm not really sure what does each
exercise to do human body.
Commented [6]: I like how you chose to interview a
physical therapist for this section. The questions you
used are great and informative and focus on both
aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The only thing I would
say is getting feedback from a nutritionist would have
helped your project as well.

4. Do you believe in fad diets? Why or why not?

Both professionally and personally, I do not believe and recommend fad diets
simply because these will not work and are not a healthy way of losing weight. These fad
diets will only achieve short-term benefits and not the long-term advantages of having
healthy eating habits and an exercise routine. These quick fixes usually make you lose
weight and then when you are no longer continuing the diet, your lost weight instantly
goes back. Weight loss should be viewed with health in mind and not starving yourself.
5. What is the concept behind the idea of cheat meal?
Cheat meal is having a meal a week to eat a craving or food that is less than healthy than
what you usually ate during the other days of the week. It should be a meal to be enjoyed and not
to feel guilty about. Although you are supposed to indulge in this meal, it needs to be done in
III. Analyze
As an analysis of all the data that I have collected, I came up with 5 rules and conventions about
having a healthy lifestyle. First of all, healthy lifestyle is achieved when there is both discipline
in a persons food choices, meaning incorporating fruits, vegetables, healthy fat and whole grains
in the diet; and also having a work out plan and sticking to it. The two are related and together
create a better lifestyle change. Second, in order to maintain ones weight or lose some of it, it is
very important that early on during the fitness plan to stay away from unhealthy food such as fast
food since these are high in calories but may have a low nutritional value. Third, it is essential to
stick to the fitness plan and do it. Although one might argue that going to the gym can be
repetitive, there are other exercises such as sports (basketball, swimming, soccer, etc.) or
running. Being consistent with the plan can help you become more motivated as soon as you see
the results of your hard work. Fourth, a rest day is vital so that after a rigorous exercise, your
body can recover from it. Lastly is to have a cheat meal a week. Having a cheat meal gives you
the chance to enjoy the food that are not as healthy as the ones you ate during that week. This
serves as a reward to be enjoyed for sticking with your fitness plan and healthy eating habits.
Having a healthy lifestyle is a combination of both eating nutritious food and exercise.
I observed with the 3 participants that fitness can be achieved through a variety of
activities like running or weights training.
The participants I observed used smartphone apps in tracking their fitness goals.
Search terms:
How to eat healthier
Effects of exercise
Variety in fitness activities
Effectivity of fitness apps
Discourse Observation Analysis Notes
Assignment One

IV. Chart

Maria Elena Santiago, 2016, p. 7

Commented [7]: I love the tone of this section

because it really feels like Carmela is an authority. The
way the Q&A is presented is great and she answered
these questions perfectly. I can say I learned a lot on
this section. Maybe just explain briefly on your question
about what is fad diet because it is still not clear to me
as a reader.
Commented [8]: I especially like this question because
it gives a positive alternative to *always* eating healthy.
I'm glad you incorporated this question in the interview
to get a professional's opinion. The physical therapist
talks about what it is and also emphasizes the need for
"moderation" which I like.

Commented [9]: I really love how you listed it from left

to right. It shows that you're clearly informed about your
topic. I also like how you put other options for
exercises. This section is very informative and

Search Terms

Sources I Can Access Based on These Search Terms

How to eat healthier

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Effects of exercise

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V. Propose
Through the years, developing a healthy lifestyle has become a major subject of not only in the
medical field, but also in social media. A lot of diets come out here and there, hence, promising
astonishing improvements in health and weight loss primarily. But as I got into the interview,
these are not as effective as what most people think. As far as having a healthy lifestyle is the
persons goal, physical exercise and eating healthy food is still the best choice. That means
having a balanced diet and exercising 3-5 times a week. There is no such thing as quick fixes or
shortcuts when it comes to switching to a healthier lifestyle. It must be done with consistency,
awareness of what you eat/do and discipline.

Commented [10]: This section is great, it is relevant to

your topic and relevant to society today. You do a great
job of furthering your primary research and coming to a
conclusion of what you want to focus on. The propose
ties everything together and helps the reader
understand your point.