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For Students (Design Category)

1. Eligibility:
a. Eligible participants should be a student in the Department of Civil Engineering or the Department
of Architecture, in a recognized College situated within the State of West Bengal.
b. The student should presently be studying in the 3rd, 4th or 5th Year of his/her course. S/he must
be of good academic standing, i.e. should be presently enrolled in the College as a regular full-time
bonafide student.
c. Fresh graduates of Civil Engineering or Architecture (from Colleges situated in West Bengal) are also
eligible for participation, provided they have graduated not before Jan 2014. Their Design entries
MUST be their academic work completed in College, and NOT professional work they have undertaken after academics. These entries MUST provide a bonafide certificate from Competent Authority
of their College (along with the main submission) to ratify that the submitted work has been completed while in College as part of his/her academics.
d. Students should submit as an entry any design project or assignment that has been completed as
part of his/her academic curriculum in the 3rd, 4th or 5th Year. Final Year Design Dissertations and
Design Thesis work may be submitted.
e. The Design entry may be a Project or Assignment undertaken as part of Architectural Design or
other Allied Designs (viz. Structural; Landscape; Environmental; Building Technology; Building Services;
Urban Design; Urban or Regional Planning). However some fields of Allied Designs are not eligible for
entry (viz. Visual Design, Graphic Design; Product Design; Interior Design).
f. A student may participate as an individual or as a group (not exceeding 4 students).
g. Each student participant may submit up to 3 entries in this Category, either as an individual or as a
group. For each Design project submitted, a separate entry form needs to be filled.
2. Submission Formats & Regulations
a. The submission format & package should strictly conform to the following norms:
b. Mandatory component:
The submission entry will consist of hard copy drawings sheets of size A-1, and the total number of
sheets should NOT exceed 4 (four). However, if A-2 sheets are used, then total number of sheets
should NOT exceed 8 (eight).
Soft copy of the same sheets must be submitted in a Compact Disc. Please do not submit pen-drives.
The soft copy may also be uploaded on the website.
c. Optional Component:
The said drawing sheets should preferably be mounted on light-weight rigid panels while submitting.
An audio-visual (AV) or film showing a walk-through of the design (running time NOT exceeding 3:00
minutes) may be submitted in a CD or DVD along with the package. This AV file may also be uploaded
on the website, provided its size does NOT exceed 400 MB.
d. The primary language of communication in the project entries will be English
e. Content of Submission:
The submission entry should consist of: The master plan, the floor plans, sections, elevations and
details of the design. Annotated diagrams, other creative representation of the design, as well as
artists views and 3-D perspective drawings are encouraged.

A short-write up should be included within the drawing sheets to explain the context of the design.
This should briefly touch upon all aspects of pre-design Analysis, namely, the Client requirements, the
Area Programming, the Design methodology, Site Analysis, Design Concept, Final Design Synthesis,
Materials & finishes, Building services design (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire-fighting, IT), use of
innovative detailing & technology, etc.
Additional insights on design-build related aspects, viz. Construction methods, Innovative details,
Construction schedules, Project management strategies, Integrated Building Management Systems,
Facilities Management, Operation & Maintenance issues, etc. may be highlighted.
f. Important: The student participant must ensure that his/her identity (or the name of the College)
should NOT be displayed or revealed in any way in the submission package. The Jury should be in
complete anonymity about the Name & College of the Student. Non-conformance of this rule may
lead to disqualification of the entry.
3. Other Regulations:
a. The student may be required to submit proof of work being original and bonafide. In such case, the
Principal or Faculty Adviser, or such competent authority from the College, may need to ratify that the
submitted project is a bona fide work of the student.
b. All eligibility criteria must be fulfilled. Non-compliance may lead to disqualification
c. There is no Participation Fee.
d. Application forms can be downloaded online from the website:
e. Alternately, application forms can be obtained via email by sending request at:
f. Hard copy submissions (mandatory) should be sent (via registered post or by a reputed courier) to
the following address: