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Hi friends,

Hope u are doing well. I want to share my first interview feeling with U.
Tuesday 21st 2014 Jan I got call from Polaris in Pune.
In that day I had screening of telephonic round.After that They asked me for F2F
In WEDNES Day 22nd 2014 jan,
At 3:30,
Interview is F2F,
Interviewer: Hi
I:Take U r Seat
Me:I waited for more than 1 hour.Can I Have water Pls
I:Yaa Sure,
Me:Taken.Shall we Start.
I:Yaa,Can u tell me about Ur self briefly,
Me:I have IT Exp 3.3 and relevant Qlikview 2.1 Remaining on dotnet.Bla Bla about 3
lines about project like it is manufacturing Domain and we do reports based on their
business like cureent stock ,actual and projected like that then roles lik QVD,Chart
objects,Set NAalysis Bala bla
Completed in 3 to 5 minutes I hope,
Int:Do u know BO,
Int:Some other toll Bi he told I said no:
Int:how good u are in Sql writing queries like medium complex and complex
Me:I said ok.But initially I worked as aa developetr that I knoe but right now I have
worked with Qlikview Much.Even we used Sqlserver is our Dsts Source.

In:He asked to write 3 queries like counting nof rows in sql and queries on joins etc
Me: I whave written 2 one query is not.
I:Clearly I want how much rate ur self in Sql out of 10
Me:I said right now only 6.if I work for 2 -3 months then it will be increased.
Int:we have a requirement if the Qlikview project is completed then u have to work
with tools likwe BO.Do u have interest
ME:OK.Am interested.
Int:what is QVD
Me:Qlikview data source and uses I told 25 to 30 Qvds we used in our project I done
the getting the dats from sql loading I stored into Qvds. Bla bla
I:tell me charts worked with,
Me:line,bar,combo,gauge,pie etc
Int:worked with Combo right,why u go to combo u can go for two line charts right?
Me:Better visiblility and like two dimensions like grouped stacked dimensions baar is
much visibility and better representation than line I said
Int:I have graph changing period of time which chart suits.
Me:Line always line will be better for period of change, time variant
Int:how u explain to client which chart is suitable to then.
ME: I said we get from client side.So generally we do according to them
Int:if client does not know technical things then
Me:area wise sales Pie Chart for one dimension it is better and if multiple dim pie is
not suggestable and time variant like line etc blab la I chat
Int: I have three Dim then which u prefer
Me:Scatter chart he asked to explain I explained in paper
Inte:do u know performance tuning
Me:Qlikview optimization or sql
Int: sql

Me:sql I am not sure generally for Db side we ask and get it we want ato reduce the
And this I applied in working in dot net blab la reducing joins index blab la etc we
can if we know else better if dont know dont touch.
Int:I want dynically change of colors how u can do
Int:expression where
Me:expression->+ make it and backgroubd color in transperemt mode the writet
Pick(match(country,india,USA,Australis)red(),blue(0,green()) like it givwe better
than nested if I said he asked get this from me.I explained piepoput option like our
Sir Expalined.
Int:ok good
Int:timevariant charts worked
Me:yes I explained current year previous year bar chart
Int: particular range
Me: do u want last 10 months data(god grasce sir explained this n class given
example scenario)
Int:Yes I want solution for that
ME:set analysi
Int:how?whwere u can range u menstioned
Me:>= and <= and lik set analysis on month explain like max value is current
month by using today() function and min value is current month-9 like tc I explained
with mouth this time
Int:will be interested if other tooll is given or only qlikview.
Me:yes being a contactro this is ggood opputunity to work an this is permanent
position and I have not worked traditional bi tools and qlikview is not upto the mark
for financial domain so my future this things considering I dont want to loose this
Inteviwer:Nice Mahesh u wait outaside sayali will let u know .

Me: I have got cleared this round she told but for clinemanger round she is busy in
call iwaited half an hour but finally they told they qwill arrange tlelphonic the I left
for the day
This my first Qlikview interview Exp:
Latter I add some points once I returned to Hyderabad