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Cloud Service Brief

dinCloud Hosted
Virtual Servers
Migrate to a virtual data center and say
good-bye to technology obsolescence


Reduce Costs
Eliminate the need to continuously
buy new hardware.
Reduce administrative overhead
related to maintaining your IT
Take Control of Your
Cloud Environment
Instantly configure your virtual
data center, adjust resources up
or down, and directly control
servers using the dinManage
online application.
Accelerate Time to Market
Deploy new applications and
test and development sites
on demand.
Keep Your Data Secure
Be confident your data is secure
with dinClouds multilayered
physical, network, desktop,
server, and storage security.

The Challenge
The pace of business is moving faster
than ever. At the same time, IT must
manage an explosion of data with even
fewer resources. Companies need to
be able to move fast to seize new
opportunities, respond to competitive
pressures, and meet evolving customer
requirements. IT can make or break
a companys ability to react to these
competitive pressures and take advantage
of business opportunities. Flexibility is
critical. Unfortunately, traditional siloed
infrastructures greatly limit business agility
because of aging equipment and the time
to deploy new applications or upgrades.
This lack of flexibility is forcing companies
of all sizes to look for cost-effective
ways to implement a more flexible
IT infrastructure.
The Cloud Service
dinCloud Hosted Virtual Servers (dinServer)
offers the flexible infrastructure you need
without the upfront capital expense.
You get a virtual private data center
that includes your own firewall, private
virtual servers, private virtual network,
and private storage powered by
NetAppall at the economy of
scale that only the cloud can offer.

To ease migration to the cloud, dinCloud

establishes and provisions the servers
and infrastructure for you. dinCloud can
also help with setup and configuration of
your environment and, if needed, leverage
partners to deploy specialized applications. Once your cloud environment
is established, you take full control of
your servers using the dinManage online
application. With dinManage, you can
adjust resources (memory, CPU, and
storage) or even deprovision servers.
You always have direct access to
your servers.
With dinCloud, you dont need to worry
about performance or availability. dinCloud
has optimized its connectivity, including
InfiniBand (owned by Intel) data center
fabric, for 40Gbps performance and low
latency. dinClouds 99.999% guaranteed
uptime helps make sure your data and
applications are available whenever and
wherever needed.
Reduce Costs
With dinServer, you pay per month for
only the resources you use. Support and
maintenance are handled by dinCloud
and built into your monthly service cost.
For more cost savings, dinCloud offers
a unique usage modelthere are no data

Figure 1) dinManage is an automated, easy-to-use online provisioning tool that lets

you take control of the cloud with just a few simple mouse clicks.

transfer fees or hidden charges. You

can say goodbye to the recurring capital
expenditures and administrative expenses
of maintaining an in-house infrastructure
while gaining the modern, flexible infrastructure you need for your business
to succeed. And, to support the growing
requirements of customers, dinCloud
continuously innovates new cloud
services. With dinCloud on your
side, you no longer have to worry
about or pay for technology or
service obsolescence.
Take Control of Your
Cloud Environment
Unlike other service providers, dinCloud
hands over control of the cloud environmentincluding desktops, servers,
storage, and network security resources.
dinClouds unique dinManage online
application enables you to take control of
the cloud by securely configuring your
virtual data centers. This automated,
easy-to-use provisioning system lets
you instantly spin up or spin down servers
and modify configurations, including
memory, storage, and CPUsjust a
few clicks of the mouse are all it takes.
Reporting and analytics capabilities

give CIOs and IT managers a view

of their infrastructure and their users,
so they can better understand system
performance, software license usage
(compliance), and user productivity.
You get the tools you need to improve
your business, increase your bottom line,
and become more competitive. dinClouds
online application supports public, private,
and hybrid clouds (using APIs).

to instantly respond to competitive

pressures and get products to market
faster. Whether you need new applications
rapidly enabled or a temporary test and
development site, speed to market is
essential. With dinManage, the online
provisioning application, you can instantly
spin up new servers. If you need more
memory, you simply click to instantly
upgrade the environment.

Accelerate Time to Market

Typically, a request for a new application
starts with an analysis of the type of
hardware required to run the application.
This is followed by a requisition, request
for bids, and order for the equipment.
If you are lucky, all of the components
will be available. But too often, there
is a special order cable, back order on
networking gear, or some other constraint
that makes the delivery painfully delayed.
Once the equipment arrives, you have
to set aside time to install, configure,
test, and finally deploy the software.

Keep Your Data Secure

Unlike most cloud service providers,
which take a multi-tenant approach,
dinCloud takes a multicustomer
approach to its infrastructure. This
philosophy makes sure each customer
has an isolated and encapsulated environment. dinCloud is attentive to security,
making it easy for you to meet even the
strictest security, compliance, business
continuity, and disaster recovery requirements. From physical security to network,
server, desktop, and storage security,
businesses of all sizes can rely on
dinCloud to keep their data safe.

dinCloud understands that to stay

competitive today, your organization
must respond quickly to constantly
evolving business requirements.
dinServer offers the agility you need

Multiple layers of physical security,

including 24x7x365 security guards;
biometric hand scanning; and separation
of access to servers, storage, and


networking, are in place at all dinCloud

data centers. Once inside the data center,
each cabinet has a special digital lock
with its own code. All access has audit
logs and complies with SSAE16 SOC-1
Type II standards. AES 256-bit encryption
is used for all remote access. Virtual
dedicated appliances help eliminate
interconnection between customers.
dinCloud offers antivirus, spam, malware,
and IPS controls to further protect
your data.
Related Services
Hosted Virtual Desktop
dinCloud provides rapid migration to
the cloud through business provisioning
of cloud-hosted virtual desktops (HVDs)
and the associated data center infrastructure to support them, including
servers, storage, applications,
and networking.
From client-based software such
as Microsoft Project to server-based
software such as VMware Zimbra,
dinClouds dinMarket application hosting

dincloud Products
and Technologies

NetApp Products
and Technologies

Third-Party Products
and Technologies


FAS3000 and 6000 series

storage systems

Microsoft Windows
Server 2008






Trend Micro


Xsigo Systems

CIFS, iSCSI, and

NFS protocols


marketplace has you covered. dinCloud

can also host your specialized software
for line of business, including Sage
software. For faster performance,
you can jointly install applications on
dinHVD and dinServer.
Backup and Recovery
dinCloud Backup and Recovery with
NetApp storage at the foundation
makes implementing a comprehensive
disaster recovery solution affordable and
painless. Subscription-based, flat-rate
pricing is predictable, with no long-term
commitment or hidden fees. Choose
from a range of services (dinBackup,
dinSync, and dinHA) using dinClouds
next-generation data protection
About dinCloud
dinCloud is a cloud transformation
company that helps organizations rapidly
migrate to the cloud through Business
Provisioning. Each private virtual datacenter provides hosted virtual desktops,

hosted virtual servers, and cloud backup

and recovery services, all of which are
controlled by the customer through a
Web-based application. dinCloud provides
subscription-based services tailored to
fit a range of business models resulting
in reduced costs and enhanced security,
control, and productivity. dinCloud is
headquartered in Los Angeles.
Visit to learn more.
dinCloud is a member of the NetApp
Partner Program for Service Providers.
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NetApp creates innovative storage
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accelerate business breakthroughs.
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