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Suzuki Alto

The Suzuki Alto is a 5-door, subcompact hatchback, with a front-engine, front-wheel-drive (FF)
layout. The deluxe model has a curb weight of 760 kg, which is 10 kg heavier than the standard
model. Both models have dimensions of 3495 mm in length, 1495 mm in width, and 1455 mm
in height (Suzuki Alto (1), 2011).
The Alto has a 3-cylinder,796-cc engine with 4 valves per cylinder and multi-point fuel injection.
The engine is linked to a 5-speed transmission, and can generate 47 hp at 6200 rpm.
Acceleration and top-speed have been reported at 0-100 kph @ 20 sec. and 137 kph,
respectively. Mileage has been reported at 25 km per liter on the highway. (Suzuki Alto (2),
The Alto has seating capacity for 5 passengers. It has a fully-inflated spare tire and its trunk has
dimensions of 105 cm in width, 37 cm in length (from front to back) and 34 cm in height. Its
trunk volume can be expanded by means of a 50/50-split fold-down rear seat; folding it down
increases the length to 105 cm.
Other standard equipment include an air conditioner/heater, AM/FM radio with CD player, and a
front console with cup holders. It is also equipped with power steering, which is provided by an
electric device designed by Suzuki. The headlamps can also be adjusted to compensate for the
cars weight.
The Suzuki Alto sold in the Philippines is manufactured by Maruti Suzuki, a car manufacturer in
India which is partially owned by Suzuki Motor Corp. of Japan. Maruti Suzuki manufactures the
current model of the Alto for the Indian market and for export to various countries in Asia and
Europe (Maruti Suzuki, 2011).

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The Suzuki Alto: The Best Car for Starter Families

Ever wonder what would be the perfect car for starter families? Sure, an SUV is handy, but its
also expensive, and starter families usually have one or two breadwinners who are starting at
the bottom of the salary scale (that is, for technical/managerial personnel). Not only is an SUV
unaffordable to buy, its typical mileage of 8 km per liter would burn a hole in many middlemiddle-class families pockets.
This is where the Suzuki Alto comes in. Yes, it is small, but can accommodate the entire
household of a typical starter familyhubby, wife, one or two small children, and even the yaya.
Trunk space is a bit cramped, but can accommodate a folded stroller and the bag for babys
things. Lose the stroller and the bags for a weekend at Subic or Baguio (yes, it can make it up
to Baguio!) can all fit.
Plus, its good-looking: none of the cartoonish, bug-eyed styling that other manufacturers give
their subcompact models.
But the quality that makes it perfect for starter families is its price: down payment and monthly
amortization are less than what a unit at one of Villars subdivisions would cost. Plus the
mileage is awesome: 13 km per liter in the city with the aircon on, up to 15 without, and up to
25 km per liter on the highway. These qualities are what make the Alto perfect for a family that
is just starting to save up on other, important things in life: a larger house, maybe, or
educational plans for the two babies.
Plus, its rugged and durable. Its designed by Suzuki and made by Maruti Suzuki of India.
Google Maruti Alto and you find pictures of fully-laden Altos making it up the Himalayas. Its
actually Indias best-selling car (its sold over a million units there) and is exported to various
European countries, like Belgium, where it has 40% of the market share, and the Netherlands,
where it has captured 33% of the market.
Thats the Suzuki Alto: a tiny car with a big heart.

Adventures with the Alto

I took delivery of the Alto on a rainy August afternoon. But rainy is an understatement. It was
one of those days when the heavens opened up and rained heavily all day. Driving it home to
Cavite, my wife and I were stuck in a gargantuan traffic jamapparently, parts of Aguinaldo
Highway, starting in Bacoor, were flooded. As the dealer had given us a full tank of gas, idling in
traffic with the aircon on was no source of worry, but we eventually saw no point and, like the
cars and trucks around us, switched the engine off.
We had to spend the night in the car, parked at a gas station in Longos, which is where the
Coastal Road ends and Aguinaldo Highway begins. My wife had no trouble falling asleep in the
car, but I found it too cramped for comfort. I mustve had only a few minutes of sleep before
waking up to find it was morning the next day and the cars that had parked around us had
started moving.
We thought that the floods had subsided. We were wrong. It was still around mid-wheel in
Bacoor, and other cars still parked by the roadside, not wanting to attempt it. But we got stuck
in a flow of traffic in the middle of the road and pulling over wouldve meant going through the
deepest part of the flooded road, where only trucks and busses could pass.
Our hearts were at our throats while our brand-new sloshed through the flood. Would our
brand-new car stall? Eventually, we got to SM Bacoor, where the road isnt flooded, and we
breathed a huge sigh of relief. Our little Alto passed its first, big test. It got through a flooded
Many times since then Ive gone through the same experience. Wading though floods that
would cause other vehicles to stall, the Alto would somehow make it through.