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Seven Reasons Why Dr. KA Paul, World's Most

Popular Evangelist Is Backing Donald Trump
for America's President
PRESS RELEASE - FEB 26, 2016 14:32 EST

World's Most Popular Evangelist Kilari Anand Paul (Dr. KA Paul) today endorsed
businessman Donald Trump for President and calls on national leaders, 100 Senators, 435
Representatives and 50 Governors, and the 90 Million Evangelical Christians, and 465
thousand church leaders in America to show they love America and get behind Donald
Trump. KA Paul believes that Hillary Clinton will be a disaster for the country and urges
Americans to support Mr. Trump.
Kilari Anand Paul, considered America's most Popular Evangelist, endorsed Donald Trump in a
statement today.
I have carefully studied the candidates in this all-important presidential primary season, and
have come to the following conclusion:
1. Donald Trump will sincerely try to make America great again. And it is high time
America start winning again as he says.
2. Trump is the only candidate that can not be controlled or bought by what is commonly
known as the establishment (powerful interest groups and their hand-picked
politicians) because he is not doing it for the money but he is doing it for right reasons;
he truly loves his country and sees life as we know it disappearing. I personally know
many wealthy Americans for over 27 years, and many of them have donated millions to
my charitable works around the world, but they like control. Donald Trump will not be
controlled by special interests.
3. I have known Donald for the past 13 years and can tell you he is a strong and committed
leader. President Obama has demonstrated himself a weak leader who garners little
fear or respect worldwide. Yes, I supported him and campaigned for him in 2008,
because he stood against the Iraq war, heeding my call like Dennis Kucinich and
precious few others. At this crucial time the United States needs incredibly strong
leadership to win escalating wars and to defeat terrorism.
4. Trump is a visionary. He was against Iraq war from the beginning. Myself and my team
worked incessantly to stop the Iraq war as I informed a then-powerful group of
supporters on January 23rd 2003 at my East Coast Summit supported by Governor Mike
Huckabee, Senator John Thune, Susan Terrell, Nelson Bunker Hunt (then Vice President
of my humanitarian organization), businessmen John & Joe Gregory and about 50 others
influencers. As I predicted, the Iraq war cost the American taxpayer over $2 trillion
dollars, killed at least 2 million people (tragically, mostly innocents), created millions of
refugees, and unnecessarily cultivated more terrorist than the world has ever seen
before. This arbitrary and unnecessary war killed and maimed thousands of U.S.
solders and the U.S. lost enormous credibility in the region and around the world. This

created an ongoing disaster on the world stage. The Bible says that due to a lack of
vision people perish. I say all of this based my 18-month peace negotiations between
the George Bush team and Saddam Hussein negotiations that would have successfully
deposed Hussein without firing a single shot, which the White House knew. Given the
vision and thoughtfulness of Mr. Trump, the world would have looked much different
today had he been in the White House.
5. Few can argue that Donald Trump is not gifted at creating jobs, and is therefore quite
justified in saying that he would be the best job creating president that God ever
made. Millions of Americans need jobs and he knows how to do it hes not an
ideologue or an academic, hes a financial genius who employs many people. If any of
the candidates can fix the debt problem and care for the economy, Trump is the one to
do it, and far better than all of the other candidates put together.
6. Even though he may not always appear to be, Donald is a people person who genuinely
loves the public. He has proven so in taking care of thousands of staff and and
otherwise providing for the poor. He may not be your typical religious person, but
contrary to The Popes assessment, he is a born again believer and loves Jesus.
7. Increasingly so in his season of life, hes a family man who loves his wife and his
remarkable children who are each extraordinary people. I was with his wife Melania and
daughter Ivanka on January 14th of this year and told both of them that nothing would
stop him because God is with hi; and that includes The Pope! He was married three
times and divorced, but this is sadly true of many top Christian preachers these days
and it does not seem to disqualify them (this level of marital instability seems to have
become common in the US but not in my native country India youll hear me speak
more of this in the coming years). This said, he has raised two great sons. I first met Don
Jr. at Rita Cosby's birthday party in New York 12 years ago, then met him again last
moth. Hes a caring, compassionate and intelligent young man as is his brother Eric.
Building a strong family says so much and is a mark of true success.
There are many other reasons why I am supporting Trump but primarily because he has the
moxie to stop Hilary Clinton from becoming the president. Im sorry to say this as I do not like
to speak ill of others, but she is a liar, not at all trust worthy, and seeking the highest office in
the land for all of the wrong reasons. I have personal experience with Hillary during my
personal peace mission to Libya in 2011. Im speaking the truth when I say she is the main
reason for ISIS in Libya and the tragic death of Ambassador Stevens, a friend, and those who
tried to defend him.
Dr. Kilari Anand Paul, as advisor to presidents and world leaders, is calling on the 50
governors of the U.S. states, all 100 Senators, and 435 Representatives to get together behind
Donald Trump. Of the 585 top leaders in the United States, only one governor, Chris Christie,
and one Representative, New Yorks Chris Collins have publicly backed Mr. Trump. If you love
America, everyone must get behind Donald Trump right now.
Donald Trump is the man for America at this time.
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