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Depa rtment of Justice

FederalBureau of ln\ estigation

Washington, D.C.2053t


This is in response to your Freedom of nformation/Pfivacy Acts (FO PA) request.

We have located approximately 269 pages which are potentially responslve,to your request.
Pursuant 10 the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) regulations, 28 C.F.R. SS 16.11 and 16.49, there is a
duplication fee often cents per page. The firsi 1OO pages will be provided to yorJ free ofcharge. lfall ofthe
pages that are potentiaJly responsive to your request are released, you will owe $16.90 in duplication fees.
Although no payment needs to be made at this tirne, you must noiify us in wriiing within 60 days frorn the
date of this letter of your willingness to pay. P ease remember that this s only an estimate, and if some of
the pages are withheld in full pursuant to FOlA./Privacy Act exemptions of are, determined to not be
responsive to your request, ihe actual charges could be less.

You may wani to considei reducing the scope of your request. This wouid allowyou to loweryour
seafch and duplicaiion costs and hasten the. receipt of your information. The FBI uses a three-queue
system as a way to fajrly assign and process new requesis. The placemeni of a request in one of the ihree
queues deperds o'r the lotal numbe ofpagesresponstvetotfatreouest- 500 oages or less /srrall
queue), 501 pages to 2500 pages (medium queue), or more lhan 2500 pages (iarge queue). The small
queue has the fastest raie of processing. To accelerate the processjng of your request, you may wish to
consider feducjng the scope ofyourrequest sothat it will fall within one oF the smaller queues. Pleaselel
us know in writing if you are interested in discussing the possibility of reducing the scope of your request, as
well as your willingness lo pay the esiirnated search and duplication costs indicaied in the above ,

paragraph. Your written response should provide a telephone number where you can be reached between
ihe hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p rn., EST, jJ one is available. Please send this response to:

Work Process Unit

Record Inforrnation/Disserninaiion Segticn
Records Management Division
Federal Bureau of lnvesiigaiion
170 N.4arcel Drive
\Mnchester, VA 226A2

You may also fax your response io the following number: (540) 868-4996, Attenlion: Work
Process Unjt. lf you fail to noiify !s of your willingness io pay Iand/orl we do noi hear ffom you regarding
your willingness to reduce the scope of your requesi within 30 days frorn the date of this letter, your request
wlll be closed. You must include the FOIPA Request Number in any communication regarding this matter.

Enclosed for your information is a copy of the FBI File Fact Sheet.

Very truly yours,

David N4. Hardy

Section Chief,
Dissern;nation Section
Enclosure Records Management Division