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Specification of 4G LTE WIFI Router

Model No.


Cellular Parameters






LTE-TDD Quad-band Band 38/39/40/41;

LTE-FDD Dual-band Band 1/3;
TD-SCDMA Dual-band Band 34/39;
Standards and frequency
UMTS Single band Band 1;
EVDO Single band 800MHz;
CDMA1x Single band 800MHz;
GSM Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900;
LET FDD:DL 100Mbps/UL 50Mbps
DC_HSPA+:DL 42Mb/s
HSPA+:DL 28Mb/s

HSDPA: DL 14.4Mb/s
HSUPA+:DL 5.76Mb/s
WCDMA CS:UL 64kbps/DL 64kbps
WCDMA PS:UL384kbps/DL384kbps

Transmit power


Receiver sensitivity


Function support

Support data, voice, SMS and fax

WIFI Parameters


WIFI module

WIFI module chip-embedded, high integration, good stability

WIFI standard

Support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Wifi band :2.4GHZ,5GHz
2.4GHz channel:1-13
2.4GHz wireless mode:11b/g/n only11bg mixed11bgn mixed(Def)
2.4GHz speed:300Mbps(Max)
5GHz channel : 149,153,157161,165
5GHz wireless mode:11a/n only11an mixed(Def)
5GHz speed:1300Mbps(Max)
Support wifi on and off
Support SSID broadcast on and off

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Xiamen Caimore Communication Technology Co.,Ltd

2 F, 37#, Wanghai Road, Software Park 2, Xiamen,China (361009)


Supports WAP encryption, built-in WAP and WAP 2.0, Built-in 64-bit and 128bit WEP encryption, Support WEP encryption, built-in 802.11I 4.0 WEP (128bit and 64-bit) TKIP, AES and CCMP and other hardware security engine

AP mode

Support AP mode, Bridge and Reapter

Transmission distance

Outdoor non-stop, outdoor coverage up to 150 meters

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Xiamen Caimore Communication Technology Co.,Ltd

2 F, 37#, Wanghai Road, Software Park 2, Xiamen,China (361009)

Hardware system




CPU clock speed 1.4GHz , Deputy frequency 733GHz . Dual-core . Industrial

high-performance embedded processingARM9, , with 16KB Dcache, highspeed cache data speed up data access , with 16KB Icache, high-speed
instruction cache, enhanced instruction processing speed .


CPU with MMU memory management unit, can prevent memory overflow


4Gbits There are enough memory to store programs and data


8Gbit a enough cache to improve system operation speed

Operating System


Operating System

Using LINUX2.6 operating system with memory management unit and realtime feature, upgrades is very fast and system is stable;

Interface Type:


WAN port

1 10/100/1000M WAN port ,Support Auto MDI/MDIX ,PPPOE

Ethernet port

Four 10/100/1000M LAN port, Support Auto MDI/MDIX; With built-in 1.5KV
magnetic isolation protection
1 RS485 interface 1 or RS232 serial port (support RS422/TTL)
Data bit: 7,8 bit

Serial port

Stop bits: 1, 2-bit

Parity: no parity, odd parity, even parity, SPACE and MARK parity
Serial speed: 300bps ~ 115200bps
Flow Control: None

TF card

2 TF card(Support 256 Max)

USB interface

one USB interface, USB2.0, HOST interface, speed at 12Mbps

Indicator LED

POWER , SYS , 4G/3G network 1 signal strength light , 4G/3G network 2

signal strength light , 4G/3G online 1 , 4G/3G online 2

Antenna Interface

Standard SMA female interface, 50 ohm; optional 3M/5M/10M/15M

antenna extension cable, to meet different requirement

UIM interface

1.8V/3V/5V standard putter user card interface, built-in 15KV ESD


Voice Interface

Standard headset interface (requires software)

Power Interface

Standard 4-pin vehicle 5569 power

RESET button

Reset button to restore factory settings

Alarm input port

4G/3G sim card slot

Support Dual SIM single standby

Power supply
Supply voltage

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Wide voltage design, DC 5V to the DC32V power supply directly to the
device; and built-in power supply over-voltage protection and reverse current


Xiamen Caimore Communication Technology Co.,Ltd

2 F, 37#, Wanghai Road, Software Park 2, Xiamen,China (361009)

Standard power supply

Communication Current
Standby current

Average communication current : 390mA @ +9 VDC;
Communicating instantaneous peak current: 1.0A @ +9 VDC
Standby average current: <56mA @ +9 VDC

Physical features:



Metal housing, anti-radiation, anti-interference; lightning protection

design;protection rating IP30; particularly suit for harsh industrial control

Other parameters:


Operating Temperature

-25C ~+65C

Extended operating

-35 C~+75C

Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity

95%(No condensation)

1. Support WIFI (802.11 a/b/g/n) function and 4G/3G wireless network, the system loaded wide area
network communication VPN tunnel, WIFI LAN transmission security authentication and other security
features, to achieve seamless connectivity between wireless LAN and wireless WAN, and also provide
users with high-speed, secure, reliable mobile broadband services.
2.Support the function of Internet cache; save data flow, reduce load and save cost.
3.Support remote back-stage management, advertisement push, remote upgrade and configuration.
4. Support the function of network behavior management that is stipulated mandatorily by state.
5. Support dual TF card: the device adopts dual TF card design, and maximum capacity 128G can store
thousands of advertising data or movie files.
6. Provides a standard WAN, supports PPPOE, can directly connect to ADSL equipment and other
leased line.
7.Support wireless video monitoring and dynamic image transmission
8. Support local multimedia.

9. Supports Ethernet data communication and port forwarding, also supports serial port TCP / UDP transparent data transmiss
10. Support GPS/Beidou system (Optional)
11. Support 3 channel analog input with photoelectric isolation; it can detect vehicle fault or apply to
vehicle alarm. (Optional, Customized)
12. Support 3 channel control output; it can control vehicle flameout, etc. (Optional, Customized)
13. Support VPN tunnel, including PPTP, MPPE, L2TP, GRE and IPSEC

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Xiamen Caimore Communication Technology Co.,Ltd

2 F, 37#, Wanghai Road, Software Park 2, Xiamen,China (361009)

14. Intelligent anti-dropped, support online testing, online maintenance, automatic redial, and router is
always on-line.
15. Support IPTABLES firewall, packet filtering.
16. Support regular on-line offline functionality, can set the device on-line and offline in a certain period of
17. Support multiple protocols: TCP / IP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, OICQ, TELNET, FTP, etc.
18. Support static routing.
19. Support DHCP / DHCPD functionality.
20. Support NAT port mapping function, such as SNAT, DNAT.
21. Support DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server): support ORAY, 88IP, and DYNDNS domain name
service provider
22. Support DMZ
23. Support the APN / VPDN network
24. Convenient WEB configuration, support Remote WEB Management.
25. Support WEB configurations save and restore to achieve the rapid deployment parameters backup
batch ofTelnet
26. Support
management, user-friendly console shell interactive environment
27. Support multiple terminals sharing router ppp wan.
28. Support multiple wireless dial-up mode: automatically assigned, specify the IP, specify local and
remote IP.
29. Support as a PPP server, multiple authentication methods, and support mutual authentication
30. Easy to use COM and SYSLOG System diagnostics, debugging
31. Support Serial port local software upgrades
32. Supports TFTP remote software upgrade
33. Support real-time clock
34. Support both LINUX and WINDOWS operating systems
35. Support bandwidth control , Domain filtering
36.Support SNMP platform management
37.Support wifidog authentication,like:qq,wechat,SMS,one-key log in etc.
38.Support local SD card story for video view
39.Support Local portal advertisement
40.Support QoS
41.Support wifi Detection
42.Support SD card remote update
43.Support bandwidth management,uplink and downlink limit,total traffic control,

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