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Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

,I/ashingtah, D.C. 205 3 5

Aprl 15,2410


This is in response to your Freedorn of nformation/Privacy Acts (FOIPA) request.

We have located approximately{}^ages which are potentrally responsive to your request.

Pursuant to the U.S. Department of Justrcd(DOJ) regulations, 28 C.F.R. SS 16.11 and 16.49, there is a
duplication fee often cents perpage. The flrst'100 pageswill be provided to you free of charge. In .
accordance with the DOJ regulatjons, the FBI notifies .equeste.s when anticipated fees exceed $25. lEall
of the pages that are poientially responsive to your request are released. you wrlJ owe $2+.,30 irTlT
fees. Although no payment needs to be made al ihjs time, you must noiify us in wriling within 3odays from
the daie of this letter of your willingness to pay. Please remember that this is only an estimate, and if some
of the pages are withheld in full pursuant to FOllJPrivacy Act exemption(s) or are, delermined to not be
'esponsive to your request. the actual charges could be less.

You may want to considef reducing the scope of your request This would.allow you lo iower your
seafch and duplicaiion costs and hasten the receipi ofyour informaiion. The FBI uses a three-queue
system as a way to fairJy assign and process new requests. The placement of a request in on e of the th ree
queues depends on the total number of pages responsive to that requesl - 500 pages of less (small
queue), 501 pages to 2500 pages (mediurn queue), or more than 2500 pages (large queue). The small
queue has the fastest rate of processing. To accelerate the processing ofyourrequest; youmaywishto
consider reducing the scope of your .eques't so that i1 will fall within one oF the smaller queues. Please lel
us know in writing jf you are inierested in discussing the possibility of reduciog the scope of your request, as
well as your willingness to pay the estimated search and duplication costs indicated in the above
paragraph. Your written response should provide a telephone number where you can be .eached between
the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.n'r., EST, if one is avajlable. Please send this response to:

Work Process Unit

Record Information/Dissemination Section
Records l\4anagemeni Division
Federai Bureau of Investigation
170 l\y'arcel Drive :_
Wnchester, VA 226a2

You may also fax your response to the following nurnber: (540) 868-4936, Attention: Work
Process Unit. If you fail to notify us of your willingness to pay [and/or] we do not hear from you regarding
your willingness to reduce the scope of your request within 30 days from the date of this leitef, your feqLrest
will be closed. You rnust include the FOIPA Request Numbef in any communication fegarding this matter.

Enclosed 'o' your rfo'.rafon sa coo) o' tFe FBI tr le cact Sf eer.

Very truly youfs,

David Nl. Hafdy

Section Chief,
Disse rn i nalion Section
Records Management Divrsion