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+971-563377516 or +971-507775428
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Career Objective
To obtain a challenging position in a leading Utility/Oil and Gas/ Information & Communication Technology
(ICT) or EPC Major, that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and flexible, through
which I can increase my knowledge and expertise and use it for generating business that will benefit to
Organization and gain satisfaction thereof.

Professional Synopsis
An Experienced Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer with 6.8 years of experience in E2E Project
Implementation, Operations & Maintenance, Network Management and Relationship Management in the Utility
and Telecom Sector.
Specialized in Projects, Design, and Maintenance of the Telecom technologies such as Fiber Optic
(MPLS-TP, IP, SDH, PDH), Electromagnetic waves (typical VHF, UHF, and Microwaves) and in very rare
occasions Copper wire in Utility /GSM/ Oil & Gas Industries.
Demonstrated communication and relationship management skills coupled with excellent analytical /
mathematical abilities.

Area of Exposure

Transmission Network Design and Implementation Multi Service Access Nodes for MPLSTP, SDH/PDH, UHF/VHF Radio, Microwave Radio.

Layer 2, 3 Layer Switches, Terminal server Engineering.

SCADA RTUs, IP Camera, VoIP Telephone Engineering and Integration.

Pre-sales, Project Management and Product Support

Career Contour
1. IDS DMCC, Dubai (United Arab Emirates). (IDS GmbH Group)

: Head of Telecommunication- Sr. Engineer


Overall Activities

Currently steering all the Telecommunication network projects within the organization.
Telecom and SCADA projects Tender Review and Optimized Bidding according to the market

Project Management, E2E design, Implementation Planning, Budget, Manpower Resource

Utilization, Subcontractor Coordination.
Submission and Review with Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) for assignment of
frequencies Spectrum and investigations related to radio frequency.
Engineering of Capacity Handling in Transmission Path (Hardware and Configuration, Capacity,
Frequency Plan and Channels Antennas size, heights, Modulation. Availability calculation with
respect to ITU rec.
Connectivity Plan (Assign ports, paths, circuits or bandwidth).
Implementation Planning (Budget, Manpower, Resources, Sub contractors Co-ordination and
Design & Configure NMS (SNMP Protocol).
Site Acceptance Test with Client.
Conducting the Training for Client.
Designing and Implementation of Optical /
Electrical Network Element such as Fiber Optical
Multiplexer, Access Nodes. (WDM, TDM: SDH, PDH, MPLS-TP, GPON, E1.).
Design, Planning and implementation of Point to point /point multi point UHF, VHF Link, Microwave
Implementation of SDH access nodes, SDH protections scheme (1+1 SNCP, MS-SP Rings) in
multi-vendor platform.
Low-level Integration of PDH Interfaces with SDH systems (Voice, data etc.).
Integration of PA (Public Address), CCTV Systems to existing SDH network.
Analysis of Network Topology, Paths, Existing systems.
Troubleshooting the SDH systems & alarms.
NMS Configuration, SNMP MIB and software activations.
Integration of SDH systems with radio elements in Network.

Experienced Vendor
Multi-service access- ABB Fox, Orion, Ericsson SPO.
Radio System- 4RF Aprisa, Racom, NEC.
SCADA RTU- ABB 560, IDS 750.
L2/L3 Switches- Siemens Ruggedcom, MOXA, Cisco.
VoIP System- Alcatel.


Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (ETISALAT), United Arab Emirates.


: Associate Engineer-Link / Transmission system.

(MAY 2013 FEB 2015)

Expertise Supervision & Operations of Various Telecom systems and services in the area of GSM
Transport Networks such as Fiber | MUX, Ethernet | Microwave | Copper Media (HDSL&SHDSL),
PDMUX for Mobile Base stations (2G/3G/LTE), BSC, Wimax.

Integration of BTS (Base stations) with BSC/MSC via Transmission Networks using E1, Ethernet,
Fiber Optical SFP, S/HDSL Copper Interfaces.

SDH Ring Implementation & Troubleshooting.

Meet quality and performance KPI in accordance with ETISALAT Standard.

Operations of Optical Fiber Systems such as Optical Terminals Power measurements, Testing FDH,
GPON ONT Transmission Network Modules such as Huawei Metro1000, Lucent Technology
Metropolis., ZHON.

Microwave Transmission Systems Implementation & Troubleshooting in different vendor NEC

iPasoLink, Neo, ISR Intracom, Ericsson mini link Microwave units.

Implementation of Mobile Telecom Transport Networks in Oil Field such as ZADCO, ADMA OPCO,
ADCO, and PETROFAC with required safety measures.

Following all HSE standards and procedures with international standards.

3. Nokia Siemens Networks India (Pvt) Ltd.

Designation : Telecom Implementation Engineer (Transmission Networks)
(NOV 2011 APRIL 2013)
Engineer for the Operation & Maintenance of Nokia Transmission equipment from FIU, FXC, Metro
Hub, SDH systems, and Base station controller.
Implementation of SDH Protection Schemes.
Overall experience in Huawei transmission equipment RTN600 and 900 series.
Implementation of Microwave and Fiber cable systems.
Implementation of Outdoor/Indoor FDH, Splitters, ONT, ODF, Patch cord.
Experience in implementing protection such as SNCP and MS-SP Ring in SDH and Ethernet ring.
Experience in Implementation of Packet over Abis (PoAbis) Using MPLS Technology through
HUAWEI RTN 910 Packet Radio.
Part of Client review meeting to meet Customer requirements and also Network issues.
Good knowledge in WCDMA Network architecture and wireless fundamentals.
Wireless products software upgrade, hardware expansion or other related changes
Provide technical support and service to customer
Diagnosing the operation, maintenance and clearing technical faults in RNC, BSC, NodeB,
& MW equipment (on-site or remotely).

4. Airon Technical solutions india Pvt. Ltd


Transmission Engineer

(AUG 2009 OCT 2011).

Operation and Maintenance of Nokia Microwave systems such as FIU , Metro Hub and Huawei RTN
Transmission Equipments
Analysis and maintenance SDH Protection rings.
Microwave LOS and Frequency Optimization.
Optical Fiber Power testing and patch cord connectivity checking.
Familiar with BIRD & ANRISTU site master Tester for VSWR Measurement
Expert in Microwave POP system commissioning.
Familiar with Microwave of 0.6m, 1.2m & 1.8m Microwave antennas.
Identify opportunities to further strengthen the relationship with the client, and act as the facilitator to
the provision of additional services.

Awards & Certification

Certified IDS Gmbh-ACOS 750 - Engineer for implementing IDS RTUs in DEWA Dubai, UAE Water
SCADA Networks.

PTID Certified from En-Group International.

Outstanding Performer award Nokia Siemens Networks GMNI Project for Telecom Radio Station
Deployment, Kerala, India.

Millimeter wave certified from Bridge Wave systems US.

Trained in Cyber ++, IP MPLS.

Radio & SDH technology- Training from Etisalat Academy UAE.

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Government

Engineering College Wayanad, Kannur University, Kerala, India.

Personal Profile

Thanseerahammed Ootikkal





Marital Status


Passport No

K 3043532

Current Location

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Languages Known

English, Arabic, Urdu, Malayalam.

I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct to best of my knowledge and belief. I bear the
responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars.

Thanseer ahammed Ootikkal