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General information:
A mass shooting according to the FBI is a shooting
where: FOUR or more shot and/or killed in a single event
[incident], at the same general time and location, not
including the shooter. Up to 3rd of December 2015 there
have been at least 353 mass shootings (more than the days in
the year) with 462 people killed and 1314 wounded. Out of
these victims, 1 in 3 was a child and in around 45% of the
shootings, the shooter committed suicide. 62 of the shootings
took place at schools. An average shooter is a white male with
the average age of 35 years.
The history of mass shootings:
The first recorded mass shooting dates back to April 10 th
1891 when an elderly man shot at children playing in front of
the school in Newburgh, NY.
Some of the worst mass shootings in the history of the USA
1984: San Ysidro McDonalds Massacre (21 killed |19
1986: Postal Service Shooting (15 killed)
1991: Lubys Massacre (22 killed|20 wounded)
1999: Columbine (13 killed|24 wounded)
2007: VA Tech Massacre (32 killed|17 wounded)
2009: Binghamton Shootings (13 killed|4 wounded)
2009: Fort Hood Massacre (13 killed|32 wounded)
2012: Aurora Theater Shooting (12 killed|58
2012: Newtown Shooting (27 killed|1 wounded)
2015: Charleston S.C. (9 killed)
2015: San Bernandino (14 killed|21 wounded)

Some of the causes are:
domestic violence: 60% of the cases
mental health issues
guns: high capacity magazines or assault weapons
caused 47% more deaths
desire for fame
video games

Possible solutions
reducing the threat of mass shootings: restriction of
assault weapons, improving mental health facilities,
keeping fire-arms at safe locations, mandatory 28-day
wait for purchasing weapons
equiping people to defend themselves: posting more
guards in public places, allowing citizens to carry
concealed fire-arms, teaching students and teachers
best ways to hide in case of an attack, arming
teachers and school administrators
rooting out violence in society: reducing coverage of
mass shootings (no fame or notoriety guaranteed),
centering social services around violence prevention,
restricting depiction of violence in mass media
Gun control
President Obama attempted to overhaul US gun law in
2013 by introducing Assault Weapons Ban which was designed
to reduce the likelihood of mass shootings but it was rejected by
the senate. One of the milder propositions is a stricter
background check for all handgun sales which is already in use
in Oregon, California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey,

Connecticut, Massachusetts and Hawaii where there are 52%

fewer mass shootings.
On 5th of January 2016, Obama unveiled another proposal
for lowering gun-related crimes and mass shootings which
includes stricter background checks and greater education and
enforcement efforts of existing laws at state level.