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The Newsletter for the State of New Jersey

Soror Mary B. Wright,

March 2016

Volume 6, Issue 7

International President

Message from the State Director

Zeta Operations - Risky Business

Soror Janet Y. Bivins, Esq.,

Atlantic Regional Director

Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq.,

New Jersey State Director

Building on the Principles of Zeta
While Blazing New Paths!
Inside this issue:

State Conference Info.

Parliamentary Corner

March For Babies

Z-HOPE - Say Cheese

Legacy News

Webinar Series


Youth Corner


NJ Chapters


Support Sister Events


Key Dates


reetings Sorors and Amicae! I hope that everyone had a

wonderful February! Thanks to all that supported Epsilon Xi Zeta and Rho Tau Zeta chapters Finer Womanhood
luncheons. In March, please support Zeta Delta Zeta, Eta
Omicron Zeta, Gamma Omicron Zeta and Gamma Nu Zeta
Chapters I look forward to seeing you. We are quickly approaching our last State Webinar and the State Conference.
Please review the entire newsletter for all March deadlines.
Over the last few months, Ive had to pleasure of presenting
Risk Management workshops and webinars to many Sorors. Risk Management is a
key function of any organization and as members we must work to mitigate the risk
of negative impacts to our operations, image and finances. Vendors are often a
highlight of our chapter and State events; however, we must ensure that our vendors
sell items that comply with our vendor guidelines. Please review Z-Lessons for a
reminder of the guidelines applicable to vendors that sell items with Zetas letters,
marks, logos and insignia. Protecting our brand is part of Risk Management.
Please contact to me to learn more about other risk mitigation processes, including
insurance and safety tips.
Read, learn, share and enjoy!

S t a t e o f N ew J e r s ey

Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq.

New Jersey State Director
325 East Jimmie Leeds Road
Suite 7 PMB 144
Galloway, NJ 08205
Phone: (609) 748-1470

Monthly Embellishment & Training for
the Sorors of New Jersey

March 2016

Building on the Principles of Zeta

While Blazing New Paths!

In December, I was pleased to introduce Pamela Felder of AAXZ Chapter as NJs Vendor Coordinator. As
you plan for your upcoming events, please be reminded of the vendor guidelines. Please contact Soror Felder
with questions at Please also review Zetas Visual Identity Guidelines!
All Sorors are responsible for protecting Zetas image and visual identity!

Standard Vendor Guidelines

1. A vendor is any person or business that is authorized (licensed) to sell items bearing the trademarks of
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.
2. There are three types of standard Vendor Licenses available:
a. Certified National Vendor License
b. Centennial License for Zeta Members and Non-Zeta Members (Http://
c. Shield License
Please refer inquiries regarding vendor levels to Rebecca Jackson, Office Manager, at 202 387-3103
3. When submitting an application for vending, all vendors must attach a copy of the appropriate license. Do
not process applications if a Vendor License is not provided.
4. The entire vendor fee is required prior to the event.
5. When vending, all licenses must be visibly displayed at each vendors table at all times.
6. While preference will be given to licensed vendors, a vending spot will not be held until payment, a copy
of the vendors license, and completed application is submitted.
A Cease and Desist Letter will be sent to each vendor that fails to comply with the national guidelines.
All chapters must ensure compliance with the vendor guidelines.

Page 4

The Zeta Call

State Leadership Conference Reminders

Scholarships are
Due by March
at the Conferen
apeck with your ch
See pa
r details.
ter president fo

ill close on the

date b
ever is soonh
is re

March 22nd

Regular regist

pril 1st
March 23rd A

s for
Nomination form
Executive Board
positions are ava
Due by March 17
ria J. Wilkerson
Contact Soror Glo
NJ State Nominat
ore information.
Chairperson for m

Digital ads are re
from all chapters
Due by March 28
other Greek
Soliciting ads from
oups or individual
organizations, gr
is encouraged.

Volume 6, Issue 7

Page 5

Parliamentary Corner
Who is Entitled to be Heard and When?
Any form of discussion on the merits of a motion is referred to as debate. Generally, you may not make a motion or
speak in debate unless you obtain the floor, by being recognized by the chair. (See the situations where you may speak
without recognition being required). You may not stand (waiting to be recognized) until after the current speaker has
yielded the floor.
When a motion is pending (during a debate), the sequence of events is as follows:
The current speaker ceases his/her debate and yields the floor.
Other speakers promptly stand and state "Mr./Ms. Chair".
The chair recognizes the speaker who is entitled to speak next, based
on the following general rules.
The first person who stood up AFTER the speaker yielded
the floor.
The maker of the motion, if he has not spoken yet.
Whoever has not spoken on this motion, this day.
The person presenting an opposing opinion to the last speaker. The chair must allow the floor to alternate between opposing views.
If the chair fails to follow these rules, any member may raise a 'Point
of Order' or' Appeal from the Decision of the Chair.'
When a motion is NOT pending, any of the following sequences apply:
Member A has been assigned to make a motion. Member A is entitled to speak next.
Member B lays a motion on the table. Member B is entitled to speak next in order to take the motion
from the Table.
Member C moved to suspend the Orders of the Day in order to enable a certain motion be made.
Member C is entitled to speak next and make that certain motion.
Member D urges the defeat of a motion so as to offer an alternate motion. Member D is entitled to
speak next and make that alternate motion.
Member E states he/she wishes to reconsider the vote on a motion. Member E is entitled to speak next.
Adapted from Survival Tips on Roberts Rules of Order:

The National Constitution and Bylaws Committee is working to ensure that the proposed amendments to our governing
documents are considered at the 2016 Grand Boul. There are two methods for financial chapters and National Standing
Committees to submit proposed amendments.
1. The first, and recommended method, is to complete the online Form A, included in this electronic packet. Electronic
submissions must be completed by 11:59 pm EST on Saturday, March 26, 2016.
2. The second method: Chapters without internet access will receive a PDF fillable Form B, Paper forms must be
postmarked by Saturday, March 26, 2016. These forms must be mailed to:

Check w re information

Soror Rebecca Jackson, National Office Manager

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated
1734 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20009

Check w re information
for m

Page 6

The Zeta Call

National Initiative - March For Babies

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and March of Dimes are
giving babies a fighting chance!
The reasons we walk:
In the United States, 1 in 9 babies is born prematurely.
Premature birth is the #1 cause of death in newborns.
Premature birth is the leading cause of lasting childhood disabilities
such as learning, vision and lung problems.
We give hope to the more than half a million babies born to soon
each year.
Zetas impact:
Since 2010, we have raised more than $1.5 million dollars for
March of Dimes.
Our 2015 campaign raised $441,569.00 and we WON the Alpha-Zeta Challenge.
More than 100 stork nests which serve 5,700 women and 1,100 partners, hosted 1,550 classes and distributed
$330,000 incentives.
Reached 101, 282 people in 407 places of worship in 2015 and a global impact of more than 407,000 over the
past four years.
2016 March for Babies campaign: Fighting for babies:
The Sororitys national goal is to increase our fundraising efforts to $460,000.00. The State of NJs challenge for each
chapter family is $1,000.00. Chapter reporting forms are due to NJ State Initiative Coordinator- Soror Sarecia Johnson- by May 15, 2016. For 2016 Alpha-Zeta Challenge, the final reporting
date to the local March of Dimes office is June 25, 2016.
Challenge ZFB:
Wraparound Fundraisers: Recognize all Zeta chapters & auxiliaries who raise funds for M4B by host-

ing events in addition to the walk. Email flyer, 1-4 photos and brief description to by June 5, 2016.
Social Media Campaign: Post photos of your team at the walk and wraparound events with the
hashtag #ZPhiBM4B2016
Team Baby Ambassador: Choose a baby ambassador and share their story to inspire others.
Regional/National Recognition Awards Program: Top fundraising teams will be recognized at Boul
and Regional Conferences.
We also have team t-shirts for Zetas, Amicae and the youth groups. Place T-shirts orders with The Exclusive

Touch, LLC (M4B Coordinators- please refer to the 2016 toolkit for details).
We encourage chapters to register online for fundraising and reporting:

are encouraged to register using the parent team name of Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority, Inc.
Graduate chapter: Zeta Phi Beta- Chapter name
Undergraduate chapter: Zeta Phi Beta- Chapter name-College/University
Auxiliaries: Zeta Phi Beta- Zeta (Amicae, Archonettes, Amicettes or Pearlettes) of city name


Page 7

Volume 6, Issue

National Initiative - March For Babies contd

Z-HOPE for Allwalk or run for a Z-HOPE Cause chapters are able to attain Z-HOPE points via M4B.

(M4B Coordinators- please refer to the 2016 toolkit for details).

Minimum of 4 Zeta, Amicae or youth are required to participate in the walk.
Minimum amount must be raised according to chapter size.
Activities must be verified by State Z-HOPE Coordinator. To receive Z-Points, upon completion of the
project, request a letter or report on letterhead from the Director of the local MOD office detailing the
amount raised and number of paid walkers. Attached a copy of the organization letter to the Z-HOPE
Chapter summary form, and complete the basic information on the form.
Please refer to the 2016 M4B Toolkit for additional information. As we continue to partnership with the March of
Dimes; let us continue to keep fighting for babies. #ZPhiBM4B2016


April 24, 2016

Hudson County - Jersey City, NJ, Jersey Shore - Asbury Park, NJ,
South Jersey Shore - Ocean City, NJ

May 1, 2016

Bergen County - Mahwah, NJ, Camden County - Voorhees, NJ

Essex County - Bloomfield, NJ, Gloucester County - Glassboro, NJ, Mercer County West Windsor, NJ, Middlesex County - Piscataway, NJ, Morris County - Madison, NJ,
Passaic County - Wayne, NJ

g{x Vxx|t T{z fv{t{|

The Centennial Committee is offering scholarships. Please check out the
link below for more information. The Deadline is March 1, 2016. It
would nice to see someone from our state obtain the scholarship via the
official 2020 website.
Jorelle S. Green
NJ Coordinator, Special Projects/ Centennial Representative

Page 8

The Zeta Call

NJ State Leadership - Z-HOPE Initiative

The Z-HOPE Initiative for the 2016 New Jersey State Conference is
Say Cheese - A Healthy Smile for Seniors. We will collect oral
care toiletries for seniors that include but are not limited to: toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, denture fixative, denture
cleaner, etc. Please be mindful when purchasing products that they
are for seniors so try to get items that are gentle (such as soft or medium toothbrushes, toothpaste that is not extreme whitening, etc.)
The items will be donated to the Burlington County Aging and Disability Resource Center. The resource center services seniors 60+
years of age at 4 local senior centers and home-bound seniors
throughout Burlington County. The resource center is very excited about partnering with us for this initiative so lets
show them we mean business when it comes to community service especially since it is one of our founding principles!
Our goal is 2,000 items and the point scale for this initiative is as follows:
Graduate Chapters and Amicae Auxiliaries
25 items = 25 points
50 items = 50 points
75 items = 75 points
100 items = 100 points

UG Chapters and Youth Auxiliaries

20 items = 25 points
40 items = 50 points
60 items = 75 points
80 items = 100 points

*Please note, if you have large items in multi packs such as toothbrushes or toothpaste then each item in the multi pack
counts as 1 item. However, multiple small items in a pack, such as floss picks, count as 1 item. Also, please count
your items in advance and report them by category such as the number of toothbrushes, number of toothpaste tubes,
number of floss packs, etc.
Please use the National Z-HOPE Reporting Form for this initiative and use the code S2S13 for Seniors/Spirit (Meeting
the Basic Needs). We will have reporting forms on site as well.
The collection times will be on Friday, April 22, 2016 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm and Saturday, April 23, 2016 from
7:00am to 8:00am only. Please advise your chapter family of this initiative and if you have any concerns, please do not
hesitate to contact us.
Thank you in advance for donating towards this cause, and as always #BeFiner.
Sorors Tetterton, Stansbury and Boston
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
State of New Jersey
New Jersey State Z-HOPE and Elder Care Coordinators

Volume 6, Issue 7

Page 9

NJ State Leadership - Legacy News by Pauline E. Gibson, NJ Legacy and Dove Coor.

Last month we told you to Get Ready!!!!! Get Ready!!!!! Get Ready!!!!!
And today we are GEARING UP to join hundreds at the Grand Boul in Florida as we get inducted as

Charters of the National Faithful & Goings Legacy Club

Who is Eligible: Legacies by birth, adoption, step mother/children/sister, and in-laws.

Who is not eligible: Fraternity brothers or Amicae.
Can you include Triumphant Soror as part of your legacy family yes you can
Please join our leading lady of New Jersey, our own,
Soror Gina Merritt-Epps, Esq. New Jersey State Director,
Mu Eta Spring 1987 (Aunt)
Soror Danielle Epps, Zeta Lambda Fall 2003 (Niece)
Both are now members of Xi Tau Zeta Chapter in Atlantic City
EMAIL: Soror Gibson at

The State Directors Legacy Story

Many Sorors know that although Soror Danielle Epps is the State Directors niece by marriage, she is more like a daughter to her. Until the recent clarification of the legacy rules,
because there was no blood relationship, Danielle was not considered as Ginas legacy.
Our State Director was thrilled to learn on the Legacy webinar that a niece by marriage
is a legacy!! They look forward to being charter members in the Legacy Club.

Page 10

The Zeta Call

Page 11

Volume 6, Issue 7

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

State Youth STEM Video Contest Deadline April 1, 2016

Archonette: Construct-I-Can
Construct-I-Can is an engineering design exercise in which teams build structures from food cans and boxes. The exercise
provides the youth with a hands-on exercise in engineering technology, the teamwork typical of the field, and the creativity
necessary for good design and effective problem solving. The Youth will video tape their project.

Amicette: Edible Car Contest

Participants will have fun employing the engineering design cycle to build an edible car. The Youth will have the opportunity
to hone their communication and teamwork skills. After constructing their edible car, they will race the cars down a ramp
and video tape their project. In conclusion, they will reflect upon the iterative nature of the design process and propose ways
to improve the car design through best practices.

Pearlette: Paper Bridge Structure Engineering Challenge

A bridge must support its own weight (the dead load) as well as the weight of anything placed on it, like the matchbox car
(the live load). Your paper bridge must be a (minimum of two feet, no more than three feet). The sides of your bridge will
rest on two books and cannot be taped or attached to the books or the table.

Good luck on your creativity!!!

SAVE THE DATE: NJ State Youth Conference June 25, 2016

College of New Jersey

Page 12

The Zeta Call

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

On January 18, 2015, Gamma Nu Zeta Youth participated in MLK
DAY OF SERVICE at Rutgers University, Camden Campus. We
attended the charge from Senator Norcross and Council at large Arthur
OG Barcley. The Youth went on a tour of the Salvation Army,
KROC Center in Camden and prepared meals and fed the homeless at
the Camden Transportation Center.

Service continues in Burlington County

Kudos to ZDZ
The young ladies met at Folwell Elementary and participated in a toy drive donation. They also
created beautiful and inspirational cards for the sick and shut in of Virtua Memorial Hospital.

Page 13

Volume 6, Issue 7

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

Wear RED
Selina Justice

Chi Rho Zeta Archonettes attended

Founders Day Service at Christ Care Unit
Missionary Baptist Church
Archonettes raised $300.00 with their cup cake
fundraiser and donated $100.00 to CCU's Youth

XPZ & ZDZ Archonettes along with KUS, Sigma Beta Club, had a great
time on their College Tour.
XPZ Archonettes posing for a Picture, looking great!

Page 14

Zeta Call

Z-E-T-A (Zealous Engaged Talented Awesome) Youth Corner

GNZ Archonettes
Dinner & A Play
Sisterly Social
GNZ Archonette, Alexandria Burton
played a Chimney Sweeper and was
a stage crew member for Pemberton
High School Mary Poppins Play.

We are so proud of you!!!

Zeta Delta Zetas Black History Month Celebration

ZDZ & GNZ Pearlettes

Enjoying A Bit of Culture
Performance was awesome and the Pearlettes enjoyed
the Arts & Crafts

Page 15

Volume 6, Issue 7

NJ Chapters Working
The Sorors of Omicron Omicron Zeta Chapter posed
with their bottles of water as they voted to send
money to Flint for water. As part of the Regional
Z-HOPE project to help Flint Michigan, the Zetas and
Amicae donated $500.00.

Contributions to Black History Month

Omicron Omicron Zeta Chapter in partnership with the Woodbury Library
sponsored a Black History Month Reading Contest. Residents selected
books from the librarys collection of books written by or about African
Americans. They read the book, completed the form for the
book and drop it in the appropriate box. On February 29th winners were selected and awarded gift certificates in four categories by Soror Vanessa Hamilton,
Basileus and Jean Wipf, Library Director. In addition to the reading contest the chapter created
a book display in the library for the month of February. This year the theme was Working to
Form a More Perfect Union: African Americans in Public Service and Government.

Getting Ready for the March for Babies

The Zetas and Amicae of Omicron Omicron Zeta Chapter attended the Kick off Dinner for the MOD March for
Babies on Thursday, February 11th at Aulettos Caterers in Almonesson. This year, as in the past, the chapter will
be a checkpoint sponsor. Last years donation made the chapter the highest organizational team in Gloucester
County. The Event Chair, Soror Michelle Baynes stated that
the chapter of Zetas, Amicae, Archonettes, Amicettes, family
and friends is looking to surpass last years donation. The
Gloucester County March for Babies is Sunday, May 1st at
Rowan University in Glassboro.
Soror Stephanie Hawkins, Amica Doris Still-Moore, Soror Madeleine
Leach, Soror Yolanda Jenkins, Amica Lorraine Wallace, Soror
Vanessa Hamilton, Soror Irene Richardson, Soror Myra Bryant-Woods,
Soror Tuwanda Anderson, Amica Raemona ONeal, Amica Yolanda
Still, Amica Pauline King and Soror Michelle Baynes-Event Chair

Page 16

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working contd

Chi Rho Zeta went RED on supporting the
American Heart Association. Soror Yolina
Owens, Chi Rho Zeta Social
Chair, lead the way!

Chi Rho Zeta wants to

Welcome Home three
Reclaimed Sorors:

Soror Leslie Adam

Soror Sara Guy
Soror Victoria Hosendorf

On behalf of Soror Cherie McCann, President of Chi Rho Zeta Chapter and the chapter Sorors, we take our hats off to
Soror Makeesa Johnson, Chi Rho Zeta's Elder Care Chair, who works so diligently to make sure that we take care of
the seniors in our community. On January 29th Chi Rho Zeta provided dinner and Bingo to the seniors at CCU and on
January 30th we hosted House Hold Items Bingo at Senior Care.

Page 17

Volume 6, Issue 7

NJ Chapters Working contd

Reclaiming as a Dove
Patricia K. Thomas became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Phi Chapter
on December 10, 1960 at Virginia State College (now Virginia State University), Petersburg, Virginia. After graduating and then relocating, she did not
become affiliated with another chapter. Last year a fellow Divine Nine Member emailed her the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority interest flyer for a new Chapter in
Monmouth County, NJ.
Now 50 plus years later, she is a Reclaimed Charter member of the Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta Chapter. Also, she was first surprised and then elated to learn
that she is a Zeta Dove. Longevity has its privileges and because of her years
as a Soror, she is a member of that elite group. Her joy is again carrying out
the goals and objectives of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority and being involved in its
activities. She is the Soror who has the title of Miss in front of her first
name. Most of her chapter Sorors could be her daughters or granddaughters
and for this reason she is always treated with extra care respect, with Sorors
making extra efforts to keep Miss Pat included and informed. Additionally,
she enjoys having that sisterly bonding, sharing experiences and offering advice when asked. While she appreciates the other community service organizations for women in which she has been and is still involved, the strong bond is not there. Its A Zeta Thing!

Soror Yvette Ridley, Third Anti Basileus of Rho Tau Zeta chapter visited the YCS Fort Lee Education Center where
Soror Kiana Lawhorn of Eta Omicron Zeta chapter is Assistant Principal. During her visit she had the pleasure of leading a discussion with the young female students about the importance of furthering their education, setting goals and
making sound choices. Members of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. spoke with the young men. The YCS Fort Lee Education Center was Adopted by Rho Tau Zeta at the beginning of the 2015/2016 sorority year.

Page 18

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working - contd

On February 6th, members of Gamma Nu
Zeta Chapter spread Valentine's Day cheer to
the seniors of Cooper River West in
Pennsauken. The residents really enjoyed
their treats, cards and flowers.

Gamma Nu Zeta Chapter donated 60+

handmade crocheted and knit hats to the
American Heart Association for their Lil
Hats Big Hearts Campaign!

On February 5th, our chapter went Red for

#GoRedforWomen to spread awareness about
Heart Disease in women, of all ages.

Our chapter enjoyed our sisterly social as we attended our Painting with a Twist event, painting
our lovely "Zeta Lady"! All of our pictures came
out great and we had a good time.

Page 19

Volume 6, Issue 7

NJ Chapters Working - contd

Soror Mildred Kroung of Xi Iota raised

$194.64 for Flint, Michigan!!!

would like to invite you to
2 of our upcoming events:
Get Fit with Soror Anowa
Adjah on Saturday, March
12, 2016 and our Tricky
Tray on Saturday,
April 2, 2016.

Omega Mu Zeta Chapter participated in the American

Heart Association's #GoRed campaign at their February 5,
2016 chapter meeting. Chapter members wore red in support of awareness concerning heart disease in women. The
chapter served snacks of various fruits and water to promote heart healthy eating habits.

Omega Mu Zeta implemented the principles of Service and Sisterhood by donating $399 to Zeta Beta
Zeta Chapter in Flint, Michigan. This donation provided a pallet of bottled water to the citizens of Flint, Michigan who are experiencing a contaminated water crisis.

Page 20

Zeta Call

NJ Chapters Working - contd

GOZ Raising Awareness with Wig Donations

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States, other
than skin cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung
cancer. A breast cancer diagnosis can be very shocking for young women (those under 40).The treatment itself can also take a toll on ones self esteem and physical appearance. On January 22, 2016 the ladies of Gamma Omicron Zeta Essex County
chapter collected and donated a total of 14 new wigs to the American Cancer Society
located in North Brunswick, NJ. These wigs were donated to help women that are
experiencing hair loss due to illness and cancer treatment. The American Cancer
Society distributes the wigs to areas in need.



Celebrates Their Annual Black History Program
On Saturday, February 6th Zeta Delta Zeta Chapter Held its annual Black History Program at the Willingboro Public
Library. There was a standing room only crowd. Author Cynthia Stephanie Stokes introduced all to her novel, Restoration Love, Lies and Faith. The Guiding Lights Gospel Quintet took the audience on a tour of our musical
history with their melodious harmonies. Finally, we visited the Mother Land with the Universal African Dance and
Drum Ensemble. We clapped, moved to the beat, and were riveted by spoken word. Truly our minds, bodies and souls
were touched. What a great way to start Black History Month!

Page 21

Volume 6, Issue 7

NJ Chapters Working - contd

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, the Sorors of Zeta

Phi Beta Sorority, Epsilon Xi Zeta Chapter celebrated his birthday
and legacy on January 18, 2016. We along with our Sigma brothers
of Lambda Lambda Sigma Chapter, our Archonettes, Pearlettes,
Amicettes and family members volunteered our services to Rivera
Middle School, Trenton, NJ. We prepared Birthdays in a Bag,
for students whose families cannot afford to provide a traditional
birthday celebration for their childs birthday. We assembled over
75 bags that contained candles, noise makers, hats, birthday cards,
cake mix & frosting to be distributed. We also painted hallway
trim, cleared debris & trash around the school building while at the
same time providing community awareness of this special day!

Eta Omicron Zeta Chapters Charlene Bathelus was invited

to be a panelist at the NYS Association of Black and Puerto
Rican Legislators 45th Annual Legislative Conference on
February 13th. At the conference Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,
Inc. - New York State hosted Get Engaged: Strategies For
Empowering People of Color In The Electoral Process.
Soror Bathelus was joined by NYSD Shanell Robinson
Soror Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Bro. Daryl Towns,
Soror Councilwoman Valerie Cartright and Soror NYS ZHope Coordinator Sophia K-Franklin. We are sure she represented NJ well.

Page 22

Support Sister Events

Zeta Call

Volume 6, Issue 7

Page 23

Page 24

The Zeta Call




Zeta Delta Zeta

March 5 - 11 am

The Merion, Cinnaminson, NJ

Eta Omicron Zeta

March 12 - 12 pm

Woodbridge Renaissance

Gamma Omicron Zeta

March 19 - 9 am

Zeta Fit Club A Three Part Series

Sojourner Truth Middle School

Gamma Nu Zeta

March 19 12 pm

Paris Caterers at the Palace

Blackwood, NJ

Xi Tau Zeta

April 8 - 8 pm

Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino

Atlantic City, NJ

Chi Rho Zeta

April 9 - 11:30 am

Paris Caterers, Berlin, NJ

Sigma Zeta Zeta

April 9 - 7pm

The San Carlo

Lyndhurst, NJ

Omicron Omicron Zeta

April 16

Aulettos Caterers
Deptford, NJ

Rho Rho Zeta

May 7 - 9:30 am

Scarpinitos Catering
Bridgeton, NJ

Omega Mu Zeta

May 21 - 12 pm

Ocean Place Resorts & Spa,

Long Branch, NJ

Alpha Alpha Chi Zeta

June 3 - 8pm

Double Tree Hotel

Tinton Falls, NJ

- 11am

Key Dates and Deadlines

Scholarship Applications
Reclamation Report Deadline
Elected Officer Nominations
State Conference Registration
State Conference Ads
State Webinar
STEM Contest Submissions Due
Necrology Report
HOZ State Conference Webinar
State Conference
March for Babies
NJ Youth Conference
Boule (Orlando Hilton, Orlando, Florida)

3/22 regular
3/23-4/1 late
4/22 and 23
7/6 10