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Tips for Job Posting

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First, Check Your Job Ads. . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Timing is Everything . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Use Video . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Be Realistic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15
The Ideal Job Posting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

ob posting can be a hassle. You know the kind

of person you want at your company and what you

want them to do. You have a picture in your minds
eye, and its perfect. But when you sit down to
write out the responsibilities, requirements, and
qualifications for the job, something happens:
suddenly, the job ad youve written doesnt feel like
a proper representation of the job youre hiring for.
In todays competitive job market, all employers and
recruiters are clamoring for the best talent for
their organizations - but are finding trouble
communicating to these candidates. They need to
show talented individuals that they are the company
of their dreams, but are limited to do so through job
postings. How can companies express themselves
and draw top talent in through job descriptions?
Its plain and simple - they must get creative, get
to the point and use these tips.

2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

First, Check Your Job Ads

based on Need More Applications? Check Your Job Advertisements by Kerry Pivovar

Choose Your Words Carefully

Having trouble getting that many candidates to apply

Dont add fluff where it is not needed. Be personal.

for open roles at your company? The job itself may

Dont write like a computer. Give real examples of

not be the problem; rather, the requirements and job

the specific things a person would do in the role

description may be driving candidates away. Framing

on a daily basis.

n average, 118 people apply for any given job.

the job in a way that is relatable, realistic, and true to

your company can turn a vacant position into a

Careful on the Job Reqs

position worth clamoring for.

There is no such thing as a perfect candidate. If you

are having trouble getting people to apply for an open

You Have a Brand Responsibility

job, try changing the requirements into preferences

A job description is a reflection of your companys

instead. Both women and men admit to not

employer brand. If a job advertisement is bland,

applying to jobs when they feel they dont meet the

uniform, and uses the same buzzwords over and

requirements. Women apply for jobs only when they

over, then candidates wont think much of the role it

feel 100 percent qualified, while men are willing to

advertises or the company advertising the role. If the

apply when they feel they meet 60 percent of the

posting is creative, personal, and honest, candidates

qualifications. The lesson is that everyone seems to

will see your employer brand in a more positive light

be taking job requirements too seriously.

and be more drawn to apply for the role.

2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

Perhaps we can learn from Facebook. According to

Otherwise, you may turn away the candidate who

Facebook executive Serkan Piantino, the tech giant

would have fit perfectly in the role.

takes a fairly lax approach to job requirements.

Piantino told a writer at Quartz that, even though

Craft the Content

many ads for jobs at Facebook say they

Candidates only spend about 50 seconds looking at

require a B.A. or M.A., the company aims to be

job ads they will ultimately pass over; they spend

pretty agnostic to the

another 22 seconds reading

things that dont matter.

the ones they actually plan

Things like somebodys

to apply for. You have

prior background,

got to jam-pack as much

whether they went to a

oomph as possible into

top [computer science]

your job descriptions in

program or never

order to make an impact

graduated high school,

on candidates.

if theyre a good fit for

Facebook, we just try to

If the average U.S. adult

focus on that.

reads at the ninth grade

level, then why are job descriptions often written

If a requirement isnt truly required just preferred

like mechanics manuals? Ditch the jargon and get

then let people know that in the job description.

to the meat of the message.

2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

Dare to Be Different

ad by appealing to the personal and human

Ultimately, job descriptions should tell candidates

sides of applicants. Dont write for the perfect

what they need to know in a language they can

candidate: write for someone who can learn

understand. You have to show your audience who

and grow into who you need for that role. Be

you are as a company in the shortest amount of

real, honest, and open to achieve the best

time possible. Attract more candidates to each job

conversion rates on each job posting.

2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

Timing is Everything
based on And the Best Time to Post a Job Is... by Kazim Ladimeji

ecruiters spend a lot of time and money on the preparation of

job advertisements and the subsequent proactive marketing of their

vacancies by posting on job boards and by sharing on
social networks. Most of the timeits a leap of
faithin that we check the site has a big enough
audience, then we post, we share, we tweet, we like
and we hope, yes we hope that the applicants come
rolling in. And many times they do, and at other
times the response falls below our expectations.
Of course there can be many reasons for a poor job
advert response rate, e.g unattractive position, poorly
constructed job advert, high demand/low supply, etc.
It will, of course, take trial and error to find out which
particular factor is limiting the effectiveness of your job
advert.One area that can often be overlooked during job marketing campaign is
the fact that certain job sites yield better response rates on certain days of the

2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

week or year, or certain hours of the day. One way

posted through its system over an approximate

that recruiters may be able to maximize response rate

3-month period. They counted the number of

is by posting/sharing their advert at the most optimal

candidates who viewed ads and the number

time of day when candidates are most likely to be

who actually applied and found that 17.5

present and responsive.

percent of candidate activity took place on

Monday; 17.8 percent on Tuesday; 18.1 percent

To help any recruiters or employers who wish to

on Wednesday; with only 16.8 percent of

experiment with posting ads at optimal posting times

candidate activity occurring on Thursday; and

to see if it will increase their response rates, I have

just 12.3 percent of candidate activity occurring

compiled data from various credible sources, which

on Friday.

shows when job sites appear to be most responsive.

The peak job searching time was between 11
Early in the Week (Avoid Friday at All Costs)

am-1 pm and 4-5pm, and the advice from

According to research from eQuest, a global jobs

eQuest, (which I am inclined to agree with

distributor that manages jobs postings for

based on their data), is to post job adverts

employers,Wednesday is the day of the week when

early in the week for maximum effect.

job hunters are most active and responsive to job



Ad Posting: A survey by Yesmail looked at ad

I admit that its an older survey, but it was quite

effectiveness on Facebook and found that

a thorough study that looked at 1 million jobs

campaigns deployed on Tuesdays, Fridays

2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

general and not specific to job postings but still

shows the relative responsiveness of Facebook
users to shared links based on day and time of
day. In their study, the Mashable folks found
that links posted between 1pm and 4pm EST
get the most responses with Wednesday at 3pm
ET being the best time to post on Facebook all
week. So, theres another vote for Wednesday
reinforcing the eQuest findings that Wednesday
may be the hottest day of the week for job ad

and Saturdays had most audience engagement.

I have to be a little wary of the relevance of this


study because it is not looking at job adverts

The research has found that links that are

only, but any advertising campaign. Still, it

posted early in the week between 1pm and 3pm

reinforces the findings of equest in terms of

EST will get the most clicks and users should

Tuesday being a potentially very responsive day

avoid tweeting links after 8pm or 3pm on a

for posting job adverts.

Friday. Once again, this reinforces the eQuest

findings that Friday is a bad day to post job ad-

Link Sharing

verts and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are

Once again, this research reported by Mashable,

prime time for job advert responsiveness.

and prepared by Link tracking service, is


2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

For those of you who like to engage with your
potential candidate market through blog postings,
it seems there is an optimal time for posting blogs,
according to 2010 research by Dan Zarella. He
found that re-tweet activity tended to peak around
4pm EST, which implies this might be the best time
to tweet a recruiter blog post for maximum reach.
He also found that retweet activity peaked on a
Friday. He analyzed nearly 100 million tweets, and
in aggregate concluded that Friday at 4pm is the
most retweetable time on the week, and which I
infer, as the best time for you to place your
recruiter blog posts.
He also looked at Facebook and found that articles
that are published on Facebook on weekends are
shared much more than those published in the week.
This means that, sadly for you recruiters, you need to
drop the surfboard and start posting your recruiter
blog articles to Facebook on the weekend, that is if
you are to get maximum responsiveness.


2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

Use Video
based on How to Sell Your Job Ad with Video by Suriel Vasquez

Fifty-three percent of respondents to a recent

Video Job Ads Capture Your Company Better

survey from OfficeTeam and the International

Accuracy is one of the most important aspects of

Association of Administrative Professionals say

a job description, and its also one of the most

having an accurate job description is important,

common challenges companies run into when

and 55 percent say they do something outside

recruiting talent. Twenty-four percent of marketing

the confines of the description for the job for

and advertising executives say that describing the

which they were hired.

actual duties of a job is one of the biggest problems

in creating a job description. Another 24 percent

It may not be that what you, as an employer, are

say they have issues identifying which skills are

putting in your job ad is inaccurate, per se its

absolutely required to perform the job and which

more that the description just doesnt feel right.

skills are simply nice to have. Twenty-eight percent

The ad tells readers about all of the basic tasks

say that its also difficult to properly convey the

of the job, but it doesnt capture what the job

necessary interpersonal skills one would need to

is like on a day-to-day basis, and it doesnt

perform the job well.

capture the company culture. If you want to

punch up your job ad, consider making your job

A well-crafted video description fixes many of these

description a better reflection of what you want

problems. You want to capture someones attention

by adding video.


2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

with your description: applicants spend an

average of 50 seconds on a job ad, and 72
seconds if theyre actually interested in applying.
Most job descriptions are bland and nothing to
write home about, but they dont have to be.
Just take a look at this job ad for a hiring manager
at NPR. It certainly got people talking.
Instead of writing up a list of what you want from
a worker, use a video interview to get more eyes
on the job. Interview your employees about what
they do at their jobs, what a day is like at your
company, and the kinds of projects theyve
worked on in the past. Chances are that all these

Your Job Is a Product Sell It!

descriptions straight from your real workers on

Video job ads are the future, no doubt about it: people

top of a lively rundown of the jobs duties will

are 78 percent more likely to check out a job if theres

give potential candidates a better idea of what

a video description for it. In getting more people to

theyll be doing at your company. Moreover,

look at the job, you have to think of your job as a

making your workers a part of the description

product youre selling. The more people see it, the

will give candidates a better idea of what the

more likely they are to buy it. Not only will more eyes

culture of your company is like.

see your job, people will also think better of your brand


2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

if theres a video to see: 52 percent of survey

If you think of your job ad as a product youre

respondents say theyre more confident in a

trying to sell, these stats should tell you something:

product after watching a video on it; 65 percent

video is fundamental to building your brand, and

of them will visit a website for a product theyve

if your jobs are your brand, that means its vital

seen in a video; and 43 percent are more likely

that you get a video description for your job

to pick the product with the higher video quality.

up pronto.


2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

Be Realistic
based on How Unrealistic Job Description Build a Phantom Workforce by Fernando Ramirez

Why are organizations and candidates having such a difficult time trying to find the right fit during the
hiring process? Does it have to do with how candidates are interviewed? Or does it begin the moment
organizations publish their job postings? Perhaps organizations and candidates are just not seeing
eye-to-eye when it comes to credentials.
Apparently, only 17 percent of job seekers have the skills and traits that hiring managers seek. And 58
percent of job seekers believe they should rely on their own job experience during their job search. This
disparity presents a difficult challenge when it comes to finding talent. If job descriptions are
written with the intentions of hiring qualified talent then why are there such high employee
turnover rates? The goal is to build highly creative and collaborative
cultures, not phantom workforces. The idea is to attract
and bring in qualified candidates into an
organization. Job descriptions should match
organizational needs, not create a disparity with
employees of what their expectations were.
Lets take a look at these three techniques for
rejuvenating job descriptions.


2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

To Keep Job Descriptions Realistic: Be Specific

Remember, disengaged employees and

Kate Matsudaira, former CTO and founder of

employee turnover are very real. Candidates

Popforms, believes that for every one job

shouldnt be reading job descriptions that make

description candidates read, they read and

them instantly cringe because of the context

encounter 10 awful ones. Communicating

involved. According to a study by Robert Half,

organizational needs instead of desires in job

36 percent of 1,400 executives surveyed claimed

descriptions can be difficult. According to

that the leading factor behind a failed hire is

research, 40 percent of employees believe job

because of poor skills matching. The second

expectations are unrealistic. Perhaps because

leading factor behind failed hires is because of

job descriptions do not accurately specify the

unclear performance objectives at 30 percent.

expectations and responsibilities that will be

Writing transparent job descriptions may not

placed on new hires. Ultimately, 43 percent of

eliminate failed hiring, but it can help set the

employees leave because of heavy workloads

tone for realistic job expectations that

and 20 percent leave because of not being

employers are failing to communicate.

the right fit for the job. Keep job descriptions

specific and accurate to give candidates the

To Keep Job Descriptions Realistic: Be Fun

best possible understanding of what their

According to Kate Matsudaira, Sharing details lets

daily responsibilities will be.

candidates begin to know your company, which

makes them care about working for you.

To Keep Job Descriptions Realistic: Be Honest

There is great, but simple logic behind Kates

There needs to be written truth in what youre

statement. The more candidates know about

saying throughout your entire job description.

an organization, the more intrigue they will


2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

develop, and the more invested they will start

mention to candidates how fun your workplace

to become. Job descriptions give employers

culture is, if it is at all. Be creative during this

a chance to display effective employer

process and dont be afraid to use a little humor

branding. As Kate mentioned in her article,

as shown in some of these great job description

Every time you write a posting, imagine you

examples. Remember to create a sense of what

are the candidate reading it. Dont forget to

your organization entails.


2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

The Ideal Job Posting

The ideal job description should be written by

pursue them. When job descriptions are not

someone or a group of people that understand

specific, honest, and fun, then they start to

what they truly need versus want from a new

narrow down the possibility of finding candidates

employee. Some would probably argue that job

that excel at displaying passion, creativity, and

descriptions shouldnt welcome every applicant

excitement for learning.

in the door, but Walt Disney once said, All our

Job descriptions have to give candidates a brief

dreams can come true, if we have the courage to

and quick glimpse of what your organization is

and what its about, so be transparent with
candidates. Show them who you truly are as a
team and be realistic about your expectations.
These job seekers have gone through a ton of
applications and postings in their lives, and they
know when what theyre seeing is genuine. Its
time to get creative with our job postings so we
can build awesome places to work while attracting
the best additions to our workforces like a magnet!


2015 | Attract Applicants Like a Magnet

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