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Public Communication majors only.

MAY 23 JUNE 17

Tuesday/Thursday 9am-12:45pm

Instructor: Professor Petrillo

Tel. 802.656.0646
Office hours: by appointment. 004B Morrill Hall
1 credit computer based studio course covering the fundamentals of visual composition and current digital production/design software.
1. Develop understanding and skills for composing effective visual communication.
2. Learn basic features of contemporary computer graphics software.
It will be important to be on time and attend regularly so you will not miss material or opportunities to complete work.
You will get the most out of class if you are prepared. Keep up with assigned readings and use class time well.
It is the students responsibility to keep track of any content missed during any absences and to work on projects outside of class in the lab.
I will post information to the class via email or blackboard. Students are required to check UVM email regularly.
Athletes with away days in their competition schedules are responsible for making up work in time for portfolio submission.
Religious Holidays: Students have the right to practice the religion of their choice. Faculty must permit students who miss work for the purpose of
religious observance to make up this work. Please let me know within the first week.

REQUIRED Textbook:
Basics of Design by Lisa Graham, Second Edition. Purchase this at the UVM bookstore or online as soon as possible.
Please note it will be useful to retain this text for reference throughout your PCOM major course sequence.
There will be at least one copy of the textbook available at the Bailey Howe Library reserve desk.
Flash drive storage device required, unlined sketchbook for developing ideas/designs and making notes.
Doing assigned readings will be important for understanding the material as well as the goals of assigned projects.
Music with earphones is allowed only when open lab work is underway, as long as it does not disturb others.
Working in and outside of class on projects is expected. Please be patient in lab as I go around to review work individually.
Please turn personal electronic devices/cell phones off/on vibrate when class is in session unless it is a work period.
Leave the classroom for any phone related communication or group conversation unrelated to class thank you.
***No emailing, unrelated surfing on the internet or other work should be done during class.
***Please observe respectfully: NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED IN CLASS accidents can destroy equipment for all.
Remember to log off when leaving and clean up around your work unit.
Remember to bring/take your Flashdrive with you and always backup your files. Save to the desktop first.
If you leave your flashdrive by accident in the classroom, check in the office on the right as you enter the lab area.
Having your work stored in just one place is an unnecessary risk, and will not be accepted as a reason for failure to produce or submit
finished work in on time.
Check the classroom schedule online ( and realize that not all labs on campus have the same
software. Always save files to the lab version we will be working in: CS6
Grading is based on one portfolio of work.
You can revise any project up until the submission of the portfolio on the due date.
Grading system: The academic honesty policy as outlined in the Cats Tale is in effect for all assignments and exams.
Scale: A+=100
A=94-98 A-=90-93 B+=87-89 B=84-86 B-=80-83
C+=77-79 C=74-76 C-=70-73 D+=67-69 D=64-66 D-=60-63
Effort is always integral to the process; it does not guarantee success.

W1 5/24/5.26

SUMMER 2016 Course Schedule

*subject to change/modified if necessary
Introduction and review of chapter 1: design process overview, analysis of provided work
Project 1 assigned: 7 designs/analysis of provided work
Introduction to Illustrator/exercises
Project 2 assigned: logo design
Assigned reading: chapter 1-3 Develop logo ideas/sketches, research/gather imagery
Review of Chapter 2/3: Emphasis/Contrast, analysis of provided work
Introduction to Illustrator/exercises, logo COLOR considerations
Project 2 work: logo design bring sketches, image files in graphix
Assigned reading: chapter 4-5

W2 5.31/6.2

Review of Chapter 4/5: Balance/Alignment, analysis of provided work
Project 2 work: logo design
Project 3 assigned: black and white/grayscale ad design
Assigned reading: chapter 6-7 Develop ad sketches, research/gather imagery
Review of Chapter 6/7 Repetition and rhythm/ Flow and eye movement, analysis of provided work
Project 3 work: ad design bring sketches, image files in graphix
Assigned reading: chapter 8/9

W3 6.7/6.9

Review of chapter 8/9 cropping photos/color
Introduction to Photoshop, exercises
Project 3 work: ad design
Project 4 assigned: postcard design
Assigned reading: chapter 10-11 Develop postcard sketches, research/gather imagery
Review of Chapter 10/11: color, Typography basics
Project 4 work, postcard design bring sketches, image files in graphix
Project 5 assigned: Brochure design Develop dummy sketch, research/gather imagery

W4 6.14/6.16

Introduction to InDesign set up of brochure
Project 5 work: brochure design bring dummy sketch, image files in graphix
Review of PDF/printing process
Project 6 work: brochure design
final portfolio preparation

Final Portfolio Due at noon, Friday 6.17 Place final files in your GRAPHIX folder, labeled and organized in a labeled final portfolio folder
PORTFOLIO Grading percentages indicated for each project
___ Project 1: design analysis, 7 PDF files in total (100 base/ averaged) 20 %
___ Project 2: Logo design color and grayscale 20 %
___ Project 3: 4 x5 grayscale ad 20 %
___ Project 4: 4 x 6 Color Postcard, 20 %
___ Project 5: Promotional Color Brochure, 3 fold vertical design 20 %
I will plan to be available in the lab outside of class this may vary each week.