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One species is not ideal for humanity

China number one in production , America number 2. Of all the nations

Beer is good for a funtime and contributions

Hard liquor is like moonshine

Tea takes a lot less water (seemed like very little comparatively, not sure)

Takes a lot of cotton to make a t shirt

One apple is 18 gallons of water
It takes 3,170 gallons to make one pound of chocolate
One slice of bread is 11 gallons to make
It takes 660 to make a burger/big mac

86% of corn (in America?) comes from America (the Midwest)

Need high quality water (for that/it, unsure of what)

Uses half the amount of water (Do get rid of the dirt I believe, not definite)
One chocolate bar takes 300 gallons to make
Most water used for rice, wheat, corn, potatoes and one other (looked like another

30 plants provide 95% of human nutrition

8 suplly 75% of human nutrition

7,000,000,000 acres of grazing areas for cows

We are not consuming it directly (the cows/pork(?))

We dont know the grain fed to the cows/livestock

They arent lying but they arent telling the entire truth (livestock grain producers)

Another picture of the staple crops with potatoes taken of

Meats are something richer nations consume unlike North Korea

102,000,000,000 mllions of pigs

16.7 tons of manure from pig farming
Iowa has lots of pigs
Staph is prevalent on pig farms
We have huge breeding grounds for pigs
Can somehow led to permutations or even death

315,000,000 Americans in united states

40 billion tons of waste each year
Cleaned through purification in many if not all of the nations
These animals produce 1.8 (?) trillion pounds of manure
A lot of pig farms in ohio. Not vilifying farmers its just a fact
Data came from multiple sources (looked like 8+, not sure)

Imperiled Cheseapake( spelling?) Bay

Used to be 200 independent plants (for chicken?) Lots of vertical integration has
Capitalism in general stimulates efficiency and size. More leads to more
(Guy said something diferent I messed with his translation. I believe he said
something unconfident about big is better without explaining)

Everyone wins (if we know resources all go back to stopping waste)

Where you had 50,000 chickens we know have half a million or more

What to do with all the manure? 1.5 billion pounds a year. More manure than New
York, Atlanta, Washington and another (not sure)
Estimates, localized, what are you going to do?
Blurry picture of chicken waste, causes for property, watershed health. Depends on
where you live. Big issues for North Carolina, Ohio, etc.
Missed what the first word was, it sounded mumbled to me. But he said it caused all
of the waste if not most of it (again unsure of the whole sentence).
We dont target farmers. Big problem in US, producing a lot of livestock
Picture of an Algae boom from NASA from a satellite form tax dollars. Picture of Lake
Erie algae bloom
All the green is cyno(?) bacteria
Extremely toxic for humans
Seems to be concentrated here (was blurry about it)
Very zoomed out view of Farmlands.
Very very zoomed out. Now being zoomed in.
Lots of trees here. These trees have roots, its not going to go anywhere. Not going
to contribute to algae blooms. Some guy (missed the same, sounded political like a
senator,unsure) wants more of these trees (as bufers) to stop algae blooms

The bacteria is bad for everyone involved

The problem is too much manure. Too many animals apparently now
Robert Kennedy JR. (President John Kennedys (senior? unsure) nephew
Nothing as bad as these factory farm situations
Problem of whos responsible for all the manure
Legally perdue is not responsible for that waste, up to local farmers.
They are not taking responsibility for waste in their profit seeking (unsure of exact
term/words), pushing the responsibility onto farmers


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