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you can’t help but have noticed your new homepage, the Bath college Staff portal but have you had time to explore yet? Everything you need to keep up to date with college goings-on can be found there.

the green tabs across the top

take you

quickly to the college’s various sites; Moodle, mail, the college website and the student intranet.

On the right hand side you have got important resources including the college phone book, jobs bulletin, college calendar, celcat and most importantly Egg Sucking!!! there is also a link to the principal’s Blog.

the main body of the page is given up to announcements and college news. verica Mazakovska updates this regularly.

at the moment i am staring at a reminder that there is a college open evening coming up but recent announcements have included news of student successes and information about collaborative projects with other colleges.

to catch up on recent announcements you need to click on announcements in green to go to the news archive.

if you need cake or a kitten, check the Sales and Wants board. Just below this is the Events section with useful reminders of parent’s Evenings, prize Givings and parties.

the left hand side has the kind of content that you used to access in shared folders or public folders. Each curriculum area has their own folder and the college’s most important forms and documents can also be located here.



need to

make an announcement to

everyone just contact verica and she will get

it on to the staff portal.

ilt tip OF thE WEEk Why not spruce up your Moodle and add a bit of
ilt tip OF thE WEEk
Why not spruce up your Moodle and
add a bit of bling to show off on the
Open Evening?
polish it up a bit and get it looking smart
and shiny. use the add label function to
add pictures and animations.
as well as livening up your page for
visitors it will also provide landmarks
for your students, making it easier for
them to locate material, for example
the performing arts students can easily
locate their alice Website production
Forum on Moodle because it is next to
the white rabbit.
If your Moodle is filling up with long
lists of links and documents it might
be worth while
breaking it
some smart images
One very smart looking egg.
5 S U E SI ; 0 5 / 1 1 / 0 8 I L

0 5 / 1 1 / 0 8





this fabulous website allows students and teachers to quickly produce and publish their own cartoons and
this fabulous website allows students and teachers to quickly produce
and publish their own cartoons and electronic comic books. it is easy to
use and a lot of fun. you only need to register your email address and
away you go. have a look at what other students have produced; french
work of genius, produced in ten minutes of messing.
projects, history books, science comics
fabulous. See below my own
rESOurcES rOundup
0 5 / 1 1 / 0 8 ; 5 S U E SI this fabulous

EGG h E ad

academic and provocative theories and debates on the subject of ilt

games is one of participation and taking part. the games industry might therefore bring to the current educational debate its expertise in making content accessible and lively while motivating players to continue to overcome complex and

difficult challenges.

Serious Games

“Serious Games” is a term used to describe computer and video games developed for a purpose other than pure entertainment, for example, in the military, health, social policy and education. the apply Serious Games event (10 July 2008) was intended to explore the state of the debate in this area, as well as to showcase some recent developments.

there was also a strong dose of marketing and business speak, though this probably shouldn’t be seen as surprising given that video games are a major corporate phenomenon produced and sold in a multi billion dollar international industry. and this is my point: if we are truly serious about “serious games” then we have to be very serious indeed about the role of this industry in debates about our health, lifestyles, social policies and education. Opening the conference, prof. richard Bartle claimed that “the army plays games, and not for fun reasons.” Quite. So if games are to be played in schools, what might be the reasons?

lord david puttnam (chairman of Futurelab amongst other things) provided the main keynote. Suggesting that video games seem to many children to be “an antidote to school,” he argued that public policy makers and the games industry need to be involved in a dialogue with educators. Whereas, according to lord puttnam, many children experience school as a process of “being done to,” their experience of playing

through playing games, he claimed, players may be able to develop a more subjective view of events and issues, to develop their personal understandings and empathy as well as to experience alternative worlds or versions of the real world that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

lord puttnam’s particular interest is in how climate change can be tackled, and

he sees games as having a role here. how might serious games illustrate and allow players to explore the effects of climate change? One response was provided by Gobion rowlands of red redemption, who make “socially conscious games,” in the shape of the free game “climate challenge” (winner of the 2008 European Green it award). the game allows players to control the future of the planet by taking on the role of Eu president for a year, and it uses accurate data provided by the intergovernmental panel on climate change (ipcc). With over 2 million users to date, this is an example of a serious game that remains entertaining. in rowlands’ words, “fun does not have to be vacuous.”


0 5 / 1 1 / 0 8 ; 5 S U E SI this fabulous
0 5 / 1 1 / 0 8 ; 5 S U E SI this fabulous