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ADA cellworks
“louder than words”

Sharat Chandra
President & COO
GTL International Limited
Subscriber Expectations
– Guaranteed bandwidth
– Analog T1, E1 extensions
– Burstable bandwidth
– Bandwidth on demand

– Mobility within a large area ( >100 Km)
– Cost effective ease of use
– Should work with any IP network

– Protection against Bandwidth hogs
– Safeguard against theft of service and
Denial of Service attacks
Challenges – New Applications

Untraditional new market segments; Tremendous need to have high level of

Operator Needs, Expectations
Operator Needs & Expectations

 Expand personal broadband services to areas compliance

where 3G is not available

 Reduce cost/bit/Hz over the access network

Capacity Infrastructure
Optimization Cost
 Enhance Fixed broadband offerings with

Personal Broadband services

 Improved economics for “Hot Zone” services

Modem Cost Spectral Proper
 Fixed mobile convergence Efficiency Efficiency Transport

Focus on Marketing and meeting subscriber needs

Operator Opportunities

 Ideal for new entrants

 Ideal alternative to existing legacy fixed networks
 Ideal for remote areas
 Straight forward implementation
 IP Based multi-purpose platforms
 Significantly faster than HSDPA -WiMAX Forum
 OFDM for higher bandwidth efficiency
 Equipment available in 2.3-2.7, 3.4-6 & 5.8
GHz -WiMAX Forum
 The Mobility promise
Operator Challenges

• Cost effective supply of adequate bandwidth for

multimedia capabilities, especially on the last mile
Maximize the ROI • Overcome the complexity of the current global

• High-speeds but in smaller cell size only

• Significant number of BS to achieve mobility

• Customers with legacy equipment (e.g. analogue

PBX) require special solutions
• Manage the diversity of technologies & end-user
devices and:
– transport services seamlessly across multiple
technologies & environments
– deliver common end-user experience on all devices -
Phone, PC/Laptop or PDA
– from companies who are partners; not contractors for
integration, optimization & O&M
WiMAX Challenges

Economies of Scale v/s Mobile technologies

– 2.5G/3G subs will increase from 1.4 Bn to 2 Bn (from 2004 2008)
– Creates massive economies of scale for 3G technologies; cedes them dominance

Operators’ Incentive To Deploy WiMAX BTS Unclear

– Scalability
– Base station economics
– Compatibility and interoperability with infrastructure
– Client device costs
– Time scale for commercial availability

Regulatory Support
– Typically treat mobile & fixed networks in separate manner
– Have limited mobile technologies to specific bands,
– a major issue for WiMAX as it evolves towards 802.16e and supports Mobility
– Some countries treat 3.5Ghz for fixed allocation only; limiting 802.16e opportunities
Key Drivers –
All Mobile Broadband Networks

Opportunity for bundling with other services 67%

Reducing Operational Costs 67%

Introduce New Application & Services 56%


Extension of Access Services 56%

Competition 50%

Ratified Standards 50%

Consolidated the number of Networks 39%

Legacy voice equipment obsolescence 33%

New Handsets 17%

Source: Infonetics Research

Adoption of Applications, Management of Ecosystem and Flexible Business Models

Focus is on Asia
Internet Users by Regions Broadband Penetration by 2015
India 11 %
Malaysia 50 %
China 40 %
Australia 80 %
Hong Kong 85 %
Taiwan 90 %
Japan 90 %
Singapore 90 %
Korea 90 %
Source: eTForecasts Source: Media Partners Asia

By 2013 Asia Will…

• Account for more than half of all mobile WiMax 16e subs

• Support more than 40 million Mobile WiMax subscribers

• WiMax market will generate $23 billion globally & will reach more than 80 mil Subs
Source: Juniper Research
WiMAX Deployment in Asia
as of Oct 10th 2007

S. Korea
Afghanistan China


Thailand Philippines

Sri Lanka

Case Studies

• Reliance: Implementation of WiMAX

services with Telsima equipment

• VSNL: Implementation of WiMAX

services Telsima equipment

• VSNL: O&M Support services for VSNL

WiMAX Network

• Packet One, Malaysia WiMAX

consultancy services

• Alcatel Lucent, Malaysia WiMAX

engineering services

Product Trainings to enhance specific skill sets

Need for Sophisticated Testing Tools
Time & Cost Optimization
Effective resource modelling & scheduling
Lack of stability of system software
Too many upgrades needed up to when the system goes ‘live’
Move towards open standard & complete interoperability

ADA cellworks
“louder than words”

WiMax- A Thrust area

© Copyrights Reserved, ADA Cellworks 2007

Service Portfolio & Coverage

 Radio & Transmission Planning

 Network Optimization, benchmarking, network audit

 Recruiting services & provision of manpower

 Technical training

 In-building Design and Project Management

 Wireless Software Development

 Planning & Operations support for MSC, OSS, CS / PS Core

 Services offered in GSM, EDGE, UMTS/3G, WiMAX, Tetra

 Knowledge of local Players for supplementary and complementary support roles



USA Office
India Taiwan

Dubai Philippines
Malaysia HQ


New Zealand
Existing branch office
Planned branch office
Growth – A business imperative
WiMAX Centre of Excellence

Engineering Implementation Managed Network Academy &

Services Services Operations Test Lab

Optimal, scalable, Control Costs, High network World class training,

secure end to end Accelerate availability through testing &
engineering solution Revenue proven processes; certification facility

To be the best-in-class, professionally managed Services organization delivering Cost - competitive
End to End Systems Integration Services including Managed Services support for
Wireless Broadband operators globally
Academy & Test lab

Academy &
Test Lab

World-class training facility that would include theory and practical
training for engineers from equipment vendors and service
• Classroom Training
• Certification
• Technical Equipment know-how
• Discussion Forum
World class training,
testing & • Library / Data Bank
certification facility
• Online resources
Academy & Test lab

Academy &
Test Lab
Test Lab
The Lab would be used by the numerous application and device
developers for various tests that include:
• Interoperability testing
• Load testing
• Hands on Exp. in Lab, Trials & Demos
• Simulations
• WiMAX Certifications for application etc.

Equipped with the following systems among other tools and

test facilities:
• WiMax CPEs
World class training, • ASN
testing &
certification facility • CSN (AAA, DNS, DHCP and NTP servers)
In Conclusion

ADA cellworks
“louder than words”
India’s largest Network Services provider to the world

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