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Twilio-XCally Interconnection Guide

The following Interconnection Guide provides you with a step-by-step configuration to use XCally
Call Center with Twilio Trunks:

1. Access your Twilio account and order the Inbound DID number you want to associate with the
SIP Trunk

2. Locate the Twilio section Elastic SIP Trunk and select the tab Configure, then click on Create
SIP Trunk

Give a name to the new SIP Trunk and Save

3. Edit the created SIP Trunk and fill in the:
3.1 Termination: create your own Twilio Termination SIP URI (in our example

3.2 Click on to + Create IP Access Control List section to enable only the IP address of your
XCALLY server for security reason (in our example

3.3 Click on to the + Create Credential List link and insert the user and password you want to
use for this SIP Trunk autentication (in our example user=training1 and pwd=93fn4irFKEL!iv)

3.4 SAVE the Termination section configuration

3.5 Select the Origination tab and create your Origination URI (We suggest you to fill it with:

3.6 Select the Numbers Tab and ADD the number you have bought in order to associate the
number to the created Trunk and SAVE

3.7 IMPORTANT: For inbound call being properly routed to your XCALLY server, you need to
Whitelist the Twilio IP address, so to accept VoIP traffic from the Twilio servers:
Check your Firewall and XCALLY server iptables to accept those IP address requests!
4. Login inside your XCALLY administrator web interface

4.1 Locate the section Trunks and CREATE a Trunk (click on New Trunk)

4.2 Fill in the name you want and:

Password: the password you have set previously inside your Twilio Trunk
defaultuser: the username you have set previously inside your Twilio Trunk
4.3 EDIT the created trunk and be sure inside the General Tab you have Insecure = port invite

4.4 Locate the trunk Advanced Tab and fill in:
fromdomain: YOUR TWILIO TERMINATION URI (in our case
fromuser: your complete phone number (in our case +3902947568)

Outbound call setup:

4.5 Locate the Section Dialplan -> Outbound and ADD a new route like +.

4.6 EDIT the created route and go inside the Routes Tab you find inside.
Click on New Route to SET the TWILIO Trunk in order to route such outbound calls

You should now be able to place an outbound call using any XCALLY Agent, dialing the
international number from the XCALLY phone bar or your agent SIP phone (i.e. +13837834635)

Inbound call setup:

4.7 Locate the section Dialplan -> Inbound -> External and ADD your Twilio DID.
Important: the DID must be what you have set inside the Twilio Originating URI. For example
lets say you have set sip:02947568@, then you must create
the DID=02947568 inside the XCALLY inbound external section:

4.8 EDIT the DID you have just created and select the applications you would like the inbound
call to be routed (i.e. an IVR, a Queue, etc)

Here it is an example where we route the inbound calls inside the Order Queue from Monday to
Friday 9 AM 9 PM and we route the call to an after hour message all the other times

You should now be able to place and receive inbound phone call using the Twilio Elastic SIP
Trunk, managing your customer care routing inside the powerful XCALLY environment.


Optional: TLS encrypted TRUNKS
In case you have enabled the Twilio TLS for encryption (please check your Twilio Trunk settings)
you can do the same on to the XCALLY Trunk
A. Be sure you enable the TLS on Twilio:

B. Set the Advanced section parameters according to the following values:


Change the above two parameters ONLY if in case you enable the TLS on Twilio