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Curriculum Vitae

Joyce LeCompte-Mastenbrook
Department of Anthropology
University of Washington
Box 353100; Seattle, WA 98195
jklm < at >uw < dot > edu
http://jklmastenbrook < dot > net

Cross-cultural collaboration, Cultural landscapes, Ethnobotany, Ethnoecology,
Ethnohistory, Historical ecology, Historical trauma & healing, Indigenous fire
ecologies, Indigenous food sovereignty movements, Indigenous rights, North
American Pacific Northwest.
Environmental anthropology, Ethnobotany, Ethnoecology, Historical ecology,
Multispecies ethnography, Politics of nature & natural resources management,
Research methods.


University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Department of Anthropology
Environmental Anthropology Program



University of Washington
Anthropology with distinction (Magna cum laude)


University of Washington
Teaching Assistant, Department of Anthropology
(7 courses spanning cultural, linguistic & environmental anthropology, &


University of Washington
Sessional Anthropology Instructor
Introduction to Environmental Anthropology


Northwest Indian College

Adjunct Anthropology Instructor
Northwest Coast Anthropology

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Antioch University
Adjunct Environmental Studies Instructor
Biocultural diversity


University of Washington
Teaching Assistant, Department of Biology
Plant Identification and Classification

Dissertation Research
Lecompte, Joyce (2015) Restoring Coast Salish Foods and Landscapes: A More-than-Human
Politics of Place, History and Becoming. Phd Thesis. Seattle, University of Washington.
Refereed Publications
Poe, Melissa, Joyce LeCompte, Rebecca McLain, Patrick Hurley (2014) Urban Foraging
and Relational Ecologies of Belonging. Special Issue, Social and Cultural Geography: HumanPlant Geographies. 15(8) 901-919.
McLain, Rebecca, Melissa Poe, Patrick Hurley, Joyce LeCompte-Mastenbrook, Marla
Emery (2012) Producing Edible Landscapes in Seattles Urban Forest. Urban Forestry and
Urban Greening.
Works in Progress
LeCompte, Joyce Restoration and risk: Federal-tribal collaboration and the
(non)reintroduction of anthropogenic fire in Coast Salish territories of Washington State.
Fire Ecology and Environmental Change. Cynthia Fowler, ed. University of Utah (2016) (in
LeCompte, Joyce (in prep) Its almost a spiritual thing and quite hard to explain: seasonal
ritual, identity and recreational berry harvesting in the Pacific Northwest. (in prep)
LeCompte, Joyce (in prep) Cultural ecosystems, biocultural diversity, and Native
American health in Puget Sound Coast Salish territory. (in prep)
Technical Reports
Lecompte, Joyce (2015) Contemporary Recreational Harvest of Mountain Huckleberry.
In Distribution and Recreational Harvest of Mountain Huckleberry swda in the Mount BakerSnoqualmie National Forest. Libby Halpin-Nelson, ed. Marysville, WA: Tulalip Tribes.
Martin, Laura, Joyce LeCompte-Mastenbrook, Warren King-George and Tracy Fuentes
(2008) Management Plan for the Enhancement of Big Huckleberry (Vaccinium
membranaceum) in the Government Meadows area of the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National
Forest. Mountlake Terrace, WA: USDA Forest Service.

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Society of Ethnobiology: Barbara Lawrence Award for best graduate student paper


Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Seattle WA: Burke Museum
Archaeological Collections Research Fellowship ($5,800)


National Science Foundation: Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant



Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest: Research Travel Grant ($1,500)


University of Washington Department of Anthropology: James Fellowship



University of Washington Canadian Studies Center: Foreign Language and Area

Studies (FLAS) Fellow (Musqueam Salish, University of British Columbia) (tuition
waiver and stipend) (2008-10)


Community Forestry and Environmental Research Partnership (CFERP): Predissertation fellowship ($2,500)


University of Washington Department of Anthropology: Summer pilot research

award ($705)


National Science Foundation: Multinational Collaborations on Challenges to the

Environment, IGERT Fellow (tuition waiver and stipend) (2006-09)

Conference Sessions Organized

Talking past one another? The place of ethnobiology in the multi-species turn.
Society of Ethnobiology Annual Meetings, University of Arizona, Tucson.


Re-encountering Agency in the Anthropocene Garden: Multispecies Ethnography

and the Ethnobiological Heritage of Contemporary Theories. Society of
Ethnobiology Annual Meetings. UC Santa Barbara (2015).

Conference Presentations

Material-semiotics: Towards a post-colonial historical ecology. New

International Community for Historical Ecology (NICHE) meeting, Simon Fraser
University, Vancouver BC.


Historical Ecologies of swtixwtd in the Duwamish-Green-White River of

Washington State. Society of Ethnobiology Annual Meetings, Traditional
Ecological Knowledge session, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara CA.

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Urban Foraging and the Relational Ecologies of Belonging. (May 2015) Society of
Ethnobiology Annual Meetings, Re-encountering Agency in the Anthropocene
Garden session, Santa Barbara, CA.


Biosemiotics and Ethnoecology: Prospective Synergies and Ethical Potentialities.

Conference presentation, Society of Ethnobiology Annual Meetings, New
Directions in Ethnobiology session, Cherokee, NC.


Restoration and Risk: Federal-tribal collaborations and the reintroduction of

anthropogenic fire in Coast Salish territories of Washington State. Invited
Conference Presentation: Society of Ethnobiology Annual Meetings, Fire Ecology
and Ethnobiology session, University of North Texas.


Risk and Relational Ecologies in the Historic Food System of Puget Salish
Territory. Northwest Anthropological Association annual meetings, Portland, OR


Looking backward while moving forward: reconstructing and revitalizing the

historical significance of montane habitats in Puget Salish Territory. Conference
Presentation: Society of Ethnobiology Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.


Biocultural Diversity: The Relationship Between Cultural Complexity and

Ecological Diversity on the Northwest Coast of North America. Conference
Presentation, Conserving Plant Biodiversity in a Changing World: A View from
NW North America. UW Botanic Gardens, Seattle WA.


Wilderness in Mind: Rethinking Categories of Nature and Culture for the Benefit
of People, Plants and the Land. Workshop presentation, Sustaining our culture:
Management and access to traditional plants on public lands. Hibulb Cultural
Center, Tulalip, WA.


Ethnoecological histories of huckleberries and their habitats in the central Cascade

mountains of Washington State. Sto:lo People of the River Conference,
Chilliwack, BC.


Urban foraging and gleaning as a place-making practice amongst newly arrived

Seattleites. Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meetings, Seattle, WA


An ethnohistory of big huckleberry habitat in the central Cascade Mountains of

Washington State. Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meetings, Seattle,

Professional Service
Board member at-large: Society of Ethnobiology (2016-2018).
Committee member: Graduate student representative, ad hoc hiring committee for Dr.
Radhika Govindrajan, University of Washington Department of Anthropology (2015).
Co-Facilitator: Interrupting Bias in the Faculty Search Process search committee
workshops, UW Department of Anthropology (2014-15).
Co-organizer: Teaching Race in the Classroom workshop. University of Washington
Department of Anthropology (2014).
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Committee member: Diversity Committee, University of Washington Department of

Anthropology (2013-15).
Advisor: The UW Farm: A Guide to the Community Zine. Nina Arlein: Comparative
History of Ideas undergraduate thesis. University of Washington (2010-11).
Co-organizer: Traditional Foods Summit. Society for Applied Anthropology Meetings,
Seattle WA (2010-11)
Human Ecology (2016 present).
Journal of Ethnobiology (2014 present).
The Human Ecology Review (2013-14).
Reviewer: Natural and Cultural History of Beargrass. US Forest Service General Technical
Report 864. PNW Research Station, Portland, OR (2012).
Community Service
Council member: Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Resource Advisory Council, Mt.
Baker District special forest products and labor representative. United States Department
of Agriculture (2015-present)
Community Leadership Team: National REACH Coalition Community Transformation
Grant. Muckleshoot Indian Tribe (2012-13)
Steering committee: Our Food is our Medicine conference, Northwest Indian College
Institute of Indigenous Foods and Traditions. Islandwood, Bainbridge Island, WA (2012)
Board Member: Vice-president, Seattle School of Aikido (non-profit) (2011 present)
Steering committee: Sustaining our culture: Management and access to traditional plants
on public lands conference. Tulalip Tribes, Tulalip, WA (2011)
Tutor: First-year Musqueam language, University of British Columbia (2009-10)
Committee member: Cedar-Huckleberry Technical Committee. Tulalip Indian Tribes
and Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (2008-10).
Co-organizer: Pacific Northwest Huckleberry Summit, Pack Forest, Eatonville, WA
Volunteer coordinator: Bernie Whitebear Daybreak Star Garden, Daybreak Star Indian
Cultural Center, Discovery Park, Seattle, WA (2003-2012)
American Anthropological Association (Anthropology & Environment section)
Society for Applied Anthropology
Society of Ethnobiology

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